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Yify Alternatives: 8 Best YTS Alternatives To Use In 2021

Yify Alternatives: 8 Best YTS Alternatives To Use In 2021

Torrent sites have always faced scrutiny from law enforcement agencies owing to their notoriety for allowing users to download copyrighted content. This is the reason why some of the best torrent sites like Pirate Bay, Extratorrent, and Kickass torrent have been blocked in several countries. Another torrent site that has faced the brunt of the laws is Yify movies or YTS. Yify movies is one of the best torrent sites as it’s regarded as one of the popular sources in the peer-to-peer sharing community.
If you reside in a country where Yify or YTS does not work, here is a list of YTS alternatives you can always use to download torrent files. These Yify alternatives also have a wide selection of torrent files to download, and most of the alternative sites mentioned here work in most countries.
Disclaimer: The torrent sites mentioned ahead are just for an informational purpose. We don’t support using them to download copyright-protected content.
8 Best Yify Alternatives 2021: Best Torrent Sites
1. The Pirate Bay – Best Yify Movies alternative
The Pirate Bay is one of the most popular torrent sites in the world. Recently, we heard the news that The Pirate Bay is back online and will be accessible via its original domain – TPB is a rather renowned torrent site amongst torrent enthusiasts owing to the large variety of torrents you can download from here and its decluttered user interface. Using this YTS alternative, you can download torrents for movies, software, tv-series, music, and more.
2. 1337x – Top Yify Movies clone site
If you want to download torrents for movies, apps, and software using torrent and Yify movies isn’t working, 1337x is your next best option. The torrent site has an impressive visual appeal as everything starting from the index page to search results, is neatly designed. 1337x caters to a large audience of torrent enthusiasts owing to the categorization of torrents. You can browse through movies, television, games, music, applications, anime, and more. Besides, there is a trending section at this YTS torrent alternative that offers all the popular and trending torrents without having to go through the trouble of searching them manually.
3. Kickass Torrents – A popular YTS alternative
Kickass Torrents needs no introduction as the torrent website is quite popular on the internet. Emerging as one of the best torrent sites of 2021, Kickass torrent has the potential to serve as the perfect Yify alternative for those who cannot access YTS due to any reason. While the original Kickass torrent site shut down long ago, several mirror sites have appeared on the internet. The mirror domain carries basically the same user interface and layout of options. You can find the torrent catalog, most popular torrents, and Top torrents section at the top. These are complemented by a tag cloud that tells you about the common searches on the website.
4. Extratorrent – Alternative for all torrent needs
Extratorrent was one of the most popular torrent sites until it was shut down in 2017 like other torrent wites. Ever since Extratorrent faced the brunt of officials and law enforcement agencies, several mirror sites of Extratorrent have appeared. You can also use Extratorrent proxy sites if the torrent site is not accessible in your region. Extratorrent caters to a wide audience by offering a large number of torrent files and thus it could be a YTS alternative you can use.
5. Rarbg – Perfect Yify Movies alternative
Despite being riddled with advertisements and pop-ups, Rarbg has retained its position as one of the world’s best-known torrent sites. If Yify movies isn’t working for you due to any reason, you can always go to Rarbg for downloading torrents. It has a healthy collection of torrents with ample of seeders. Rarbg is quite popular amongst those who look forward to downloading movies using torrent sites as this YTS alternative features trailers of the latest movies along with a dedicated section to download movies using torrent.
6. Lime Torrents – A torrent site like Yify movies
Lime Torrents has time and again appeared in the list of best torrent sites. The torrent website has received a positive response from users, as you can find almost any torrent file on this website. Lime Torrent is one of the best YTS alternatives that you can use to download torrent files if Yify movies is not working. Lime Torrent’s website is updated regularly, making it one of the preferred destinations for torrent lovers. Torrent files hosted here have a healthy number of seeders and leechers.
7. Zooqle – Preferred Yify Alternative
Zooqle is the last torrent site appearing on our list of best Yify alternatives. It is a new name in the torrent niche that’s cementing its position by increasing the number of torrent files available to download for users. Zooqle also has different categories, including apps, games, movies, music, and software that you can use to get torrents easily. Zooqle has a dedicated section for the most seeded torrents, which is an interesting section that I would like to see on other torrent sites as well.
8. EZTV – A Decade-Old YTS Alternative
EZTV was established in 2005 and after a glorious life of 10 years, it was shut down in 2015 after its servers were taken into control by “EZCLOUD LIMITED”. In the past, EZTV has faced several stability issues and was down for a long period of time. Thankfully, this Yify alternative is now up and running and can be used by users to download torrent files. One of the downsides of EZTV is that it is plagued with advertisements that could annoy you.
YTS Alternatives 2021: Use Proxy Torrent Sites
If Yify movies is not working in your region and your ISP has blocked access to any of the torrent sites enlisted above, these proxies and mirror sites have got your back. You can use these proxy sites as Yify alternatives if the need arises.
Yify ProxyThe Pirate Bay ProxyKickass Torrent ProxyExtratorrent ProxyRarbg Proxy1337x Proxy
Yify Movies Alternatives: FAQs
1. What is Yify? Yify Torrents or YTS (Yify Torrents Solutions) is a well-known torrent site that offers a large selection of torrent files and magnet links.
2. What happened to Yify? The original Yify website was forced to shut down after the owner faced charges for illegal distribution of copyrighted content. Since then, several Yify alternatives and mirror sites have emerged with a similar user interface to service users. 3. Does Yify still work? The original Yify site was shut down back in 2015 but you can still access Yify mirror sites and YTS alternatives we have mentioned above. 4. Why is Yify movies not working? If Yify movies is not working for you, there are chances that the website has been blocked by your ISP. In that case, you can use Yify movie alternatives or other torrent sites to download movies via torrent.
YTS: The Official Home of YIFY Movies Torrent Download

YTS: The Official Home of YIFY Movies Torrent Download

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Top 10 YIFY Unblocked Torrents Mirror Sites and YTS ...

Top 10 YIFY Unblocked Torrents Mirror Sites and YTS …

Regular YIFY users may make use of mirror sites to easily access torrents of their favorite movies or other forms of entertainment. There may be some people who are unfamiliar with what YIFY is and what it offers. Here’s what you need to know to help you get started with YIFY.
What is YIFY?
Screenshot From YIFY, also known as YTS (YIFY Torrents Solution), is an online-based platform group notable for its peer-to-peer distribution of movie torrents. It provides an extensive collection of movies at absolutely no cost through a sharing module known as BitTorrent.
One prominent characteristic that differentiates YTS YIFY from other torrent sites is its file sizes. Notably, YIFY movies came in high definition (HD) quality at small file sizes. YIFY started re-encoding its movie contents in a way that takes up very minimal storage space without compromising quality.
Where Is YIFY Now?
In 2015, the original YIFY website was shut down. This was due to a lawsuit filed by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). As per Endgadget, the multi-million lawsuit was settled out of court. Nevertheless, YIFY’s termination became one of the biggest shutdowns from a piracy giant. Following the shutdown, similar YIFY proxy websites began to surface. They offered YIFY download and YTS proxy download options for torrents. Reportedly, bringing these mirror sites to light was exactly what the MPAA wanted, as it would allow them to unearth even more movie pirates online.
Is YIFY Safe?
Anyone opting for any YIFY or YTS proxy site should be ready security-wise, as there are risks of malware and ransomware that may come with the hosted files. That said, there is no denying the quality of movies that are available on YIFY or YTS proxy sites. A YIFY download – or a download from a YTS proxy server – can be safe, but it must be said that it is not without its own risks — especially considering the fact that YIFY mirror sites are not legal. Ultimately, downloading YIFY torrents is an act of piracy, so proceed with your downloads at your own risk.
How to Use YIFY or YTS Proxy Sites Anonymously
It can sometimes be risky downloading YIFY torrents when your IP address (Internet Protocol) is out in the open. This goes for any torrent website, whether you’re downloading from YIFY or a YTS unblocked site. It is can be significantly riskier when you do not have a proper security system in place.
To stay on the safe side, here are some tips on how to use YIFY and YTS proxy sites anonymously:
1. Acquire a Torrent-Safe Virtual Private Network (VPN)
This should be your first step when you want to kickstart your torrent activities. Having a high-quality VPN can ensure that your connection is safe. This is because VPNs essentially provide you with a private network from a public internet connection. This is an efficient YTS unblock option that allows many users to access YIFY YTS proxy servers with ease.
Below are some recommended VPNs worth checking out to better access YTS proxy sites:
Torrent Safely
Torrent Anonymously
Access Blocked Torrent Websites
2. Check Your VPN Settings
After acquiring a VPN, you must check its settings to make sure that your privacy is sufficient. Check your VPN for the following privacy settings:
Encryption: Some VPNs come with functions that allow you to manually select your VPN protocol and encryption. VPNs with the AES 256-bit encryption module do this job better. Additionally, you may want to stay away from the PPTP encryption module. This module is an older encryption protocol that is more likely to expose you to security risks.
Leak Protection: If your VPN has a provision for, then enable the IP/IPv6 leak protection and DNS leak protection. This prevents your device from disclosing your actual location and circumventing your VPN connection.
Kill Switch: In VPNs, this function ensures that your data is hidden from other YIFY torrents users, even though there may be an immediate drop in your network connection.
3. Connect to a VPN Server
Check for a VPN server and create a connection with it. Depending on your provider, this step may slightly differ. If there is a provision in your VPN that permits for peer-to-peer sharing of files, then you can already begin after you’ve connected to a server. If you want a YIFY download speed that is higher, then we suggest connecting to a VPN server that is close to you.
What Are The Best Unblocked YIFY Mirror Sites?
Now that you have a basic grasp on what YIFY is and how you can safely download torrents, you’re now going to want actual access to YIFY. Or, at the very least, access to some mirror or proxy YIFY sites. Here are some YIFY servers and YTS movies proxy options you can try out that work just as well as the original YIFY or YTS site:
The Best YIFY or YTS Alternatives
In case YIFY, YTS proxy sites, or any of its mirror sites are giving you any difficulty, there are several other torrent sites that are great alternatives worth considering. Here are some YIFY alternatives you can check out if you’re on the hunt for quality torrents or other titles found on YIFY movies.
1. The Pirate Bay
Screenshot From
Founded in 2003, The Pirate Bay offers a vast library of digital content ready for download via torrent. Sometimes abbreviated as simply “TPB, ” The Pirate Bay remains to be one of the top torrent choices for online users. Visitors can download and provide magnet links and torrent files, which aid in the peer-to-peer distribution of files among other current users.
Due to the nature of its business, The Pirate Bay has faced a number of shutdowns over its lifetime. However, it continues to operate via mirror sites. Much like YIFY, The Pirate Bay also has a number of mirror sites to choose from.
2. 1337X
Screenshot From A popular alternative to The Pirate Bay, 1337x has an impressive array of torrents up for download. It operates like a peer-to-peer community where some of the best torrent files for YIFY downloads– in case you’re in need of a YTS substitute — are shared.
Interestingly, 1337x cannot be accessed via Google search. This is because it is banned from Google search queries, as Feelgood Entertainment requested this block in 2015. To counter this block, 1337x switched to a new domain.
Another notable factor of 1337x is its popularity. Aside from being a potential replacement to The Pirate Bay in the wake of a potential shutdown, TorrentFreak claims that 1337x is the second most popular torrent site as of 2020. It shares its high placement with YIFY/YTS. Its fame with online users alone is telling enough of its reliability as a torrent source.
3. TorrentDownloads
Screenshot From TorrentDownloads is another reputable source for your torrent library. Similar to a lot of other torrenting sites, the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) of a number of countries do not allow access to this site. Nevertheless, TorrentDownloads is an excellent option to consider when you’re in need of some good torrents. The website offers a plethora of content up for download, ranging from movies, to music, to even softwares.
In addition to its vast collection of torrents, TorrentDownloads also provides other websites that users can visit for even more torrent resources. There’s a lot to unpack with TorrentDownloads, so it’s a great back-up to have in case your usual YIFY torrents are inaccessible.
Initially conceived as a BitTorrent tracker, RARBG is another website that offers torrent files and magnet links via peer-to-peer sharing with the use of the BitTorrent protocol. Notably, it does not allow users to upload their own torrents. However, this does not mean that its selection of torrent files is in any way lacking. In fact, RARBG has continuously appeared in TorrentFreak’s annual list of most popular torrent sites. On top of having a range of films, RARBG’s torrent files also include a selection of music, software, and even games.
5. LimeTorrents
Screenshot From Perhaps not as popular as other websites on this list, LimeTorrents is another formidable torrent website to have in your arsenal. Its growing popularity shows its potential as another alternative to access your favorite YTS movies, TV shows, music, and other digital media.
Much like other torrent websites, LimeTorrents can be accessed through a number of mirror sites. However, it may be blocked in some countries. In order to unblock LimeTorrents, it will be best to use a VPN service or mirror site alternative.
6. Torrentz2
Screenshot From Torrentz2 is the replacement of the initial, but now dysfunctional, Torrentz website. Its minimalist interface may come off as simple, but don’t let that deter you from its library of torrent files.
What makes Torrentz2 stand out from the rest is its heavy focus on music files. A large portion of its torrent library highlights search results for music download. With that said, Torrentz2 is a great go-to option for audiophiles on the hunt for some quality music.
7. KickAss Torrents
KickassTorrents — sometimes referred to as KAT — has a large database of torrent files and magnet links that offer a variety of media up for download. It remains one of the most popular torrent sites today, though it has used a number of different domains since its initial launch in 2008. Though 2016 saw the alleged arrest of the website’s owner, KickassTorrents continues to operate through a number of mirror sites, similar to YIFY. Former KickassTorrents/KAT staff and moderators continue to keep the website afloat by making use of different domains and mirrors.
Final Thoughts
Despite a number of shutdowns that the industry has faced over the years, it’s clear that torrenting is still here to stay. Whether you’re here for YIFY downloads, YIFY movies, or want to expand your selection of torrent websites, these YTS proxy sites are undeniably great resources to have when you want to access your favorite digital media.
It should be said that torrenting is still, at its core, an act of piracy. That said, we at CitizenSide do not condone nor promote piracy. Though there may be some benefits to torrenting, it also comes with its own risks. As such, always proceed with caution and practice safety when approaching certain activities on the internet.

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