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Can I have more than one Internet browser installed?

Can I have more than one Internet browser installed?

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Yes, in fact, it is something we recommend. Many Microsoft Windows users are under the impression that they may only use Edge and Apple users, Safari. However, a browser is only a software program. Like other programs, you can have as many on your computer as you want and run them at the same time. Below is a listing of the top alternative browsers you may want to consider trying.
Alternative browsers include:
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Why should I run an alternative browser?
Often, an alternative browser may have something that is not available with the browser you are currently using. Many times, we hear from users who try a different browser. They say how nice the new browser looks, how much faster it is, or how many more options or add-ons are available.
For anyone who designs websites, having more than one browser is a must because the page you are designing may appear different or work in one but not another.
Is it safe to run multiple browsers at the same time?
Yes. All browsers act independently, allowing you to run multiple browsers at the same time.
Additional information
How to install or uninstall the Google Chrome browser.
How to install or uninstall the Mozilla Firefox browser.
How to install or uninstall the Opera browser.
See the browser definition for further information and related links.
Internet browser help and support.
How to Use Multiple Web Browsers at Once - ItStillWorks

How to Use Multiple Web Browsers at Once – ItStillWorks

i BartekSzewczyk/iStock/Getty Images Brand loyalty aside, there’s nothing stopping you from using several Web browsers on the same computer, even simultaneously. By running more than one browser, you can stay logged in to sites with multiple accounts — one account in each browser — check how your website works in different browsers, or take advantage of each program’s extensions and features. If you’re committed to a single brand of browser, you can run multiple instances of the program to use different accounts at the same time. Run Multiple BrowsersSeparate Web browsers do not interact or conflict with one another. If you want to run Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer simultaneously, you only need to install each browser on your computer and double-click the desktop icon for each in turn. When they are open, switch between the windows with the taskbar or the “Alt-Tab” shortcut. To show two windows side by side, press “Windows-Left” in one and “Windows-Right” in the other. In addition to providing support for multiple accounts on a single site, installing several browsers helps with compatibility: Some sites, especially old pages, only work correctly in Internet Explorer. Flash videos, meanwhile, usually require the installation of Adobe Flash Player, but Chrome can play these files without any extra software. For increased privacy, you could use a separate browser for sites such as Facebook or Google that are known for tracking browsing activity. Move Between BrowsersWhen using a second browser for privacy, it’s beneficial that the browsers on your computer don’t share your personal information with each other. For other purposes, however, you might want your bookmarks, cookies or history to transfer. Each browser can import this data from other browsers. In Firefox, press “Ctrl-Shift-B” and import data from the “Import and Backup” menu. In Chrome’s Settings window, click “Import Bookmarks and Settings. ” To move to Internet Explorer 9, 10 or 11, press “Alt-F” to open the File menu, choose “Import and Export” and pick “Import from another browser. ” These processes transfer your data one time — to access an always up-to-date bookmarks list across all browsers, try a Web bookmark service such as Xmarks, Delicious or Google Bookmarks. Multiple Profiles and SessionsTo run two separate copies of Chrome or Firefox at once, create a second account. In Chrome, press “Add New User” in the Settings. The upper-left corner of the window shows your account’s icon. Click it and pick another account to open a second window. To run a second copy of Firefox, press “Windows-R” and run the command ” -p -no-remote” without quotes to create a new profile or switch between profiles. The “-no-remote” command allows Firefox to load a profile in a second window without closing the first copy of the browser. Internet Explorer can not run two separate profiles at once, but IE can display a second window for using multiple website accounts simultaneously. Press “Alt-F” to open the File menu and click “New Session. ” Effects of Multiple ProfilesIn Firefox and Chrome, your profile contains almost every customization you make to the browser. Your history, bookmarks, extensions, toolbar layout, cookies and home page are all tied to your profile, so you need to set up these items separately in each profile. In Chrome, each profile can also have its own Google account. Profiles do not contain plug-ins such as Adobe Flash, which install to all profiles on your computer. Using two Windows accounts in Internet Explorer has a similar effect as profile switching in Firefox and Chrome, but there’s no way to run two accounts side by side. Instead, use a new session to open a second window that uses separate cookies, but otherwise shares the same user data as the main window. References Writer Bio Aaron Parson has been writing about electronics, software and games since 2006, contributing to several technology websites and working with NewsHour Productions. Parson holds a Bachelor of Arts from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Wash.
Should I be using multiple Web Browsers? - Assured ...

Should I be using multiple Web Browsers? – Assured …

It has been many years since we have talked about Netscape Navigator, the first popular web browser. This industry changing solution hit “end of life (EOL)” back in March 2008. Since then, various others have held the top spot within the industry.
It has now become very common for users to utilize multiple browsers. When we make this recommendation to our clients, many of our clients ask, why? Here are the reasons we give them:
You can store all of your favorite personal websites (bookmarks) in one browser and work websites in another browser. While we do not recommend visiting your personal websites during work hours, you may have the need when working late at the office or on weekends. Likewise, you can access your work websites when working from home.
We are finding that workers need to access multiple accounts at the same time. A sales manager may want to log into the CRM system as one of their reps who are on vacation, while also being logged in their manager account. You need to leverage separate browsers in order to do this.
Many web applications work better in one browser versus the other. In fact, when companies upgrade their solutions, they will sometimes release the upgrade at different times for the various browsers on the market. It has become very common that when a user calls the helpdesk with a web application issue, the first thing they are asked to do is log in to the same application via a different browser.
Once you get use to multiple browsers, it really helps you become more productive. This is especially true when you leverage multiple monitors.
Here is a quick summary of the browsers to choose from:
Research data shows that Google’s “Chrome” browser is currently the most used browser (and by a significant margin).
Windows PCs come with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) or, with Windows 10, their new “Edge” browser.
Mac computers come with Apple’s Safari browser, which is also very good and works in tandem with the other native Apple applications. Safari is not available on the Windows platform, so this browser could be limiting for users who might have a Mac at home but a Windows PC at work.
The other two alternatives are Firefox and Opera. Both of these solutions are “hardware independent. ” We find them to be the best options when you need a second or third web browser on your computer.
Since using the web is largely about “search”, Google’s Chrome browser is well designed to help you do just that. It’s also fast and secure. Chrome is also very good at handling the different types of streaming media, so whether you want to watch movies on Netflix or listen to music with Pandora, Chrome works well.
Whichever browser you decide to use, it’s worth taking the time to learn some of the key principles. For example, whenever you visit a website, the browser “window” is filled by that site’s content. It is possible to have multiple windows active in a browser (they are call “tabs”) but you can only view one at a time. Bookmarks are another very useful feature, letting you quickly get to websites that you have visited in the past and have “favorited”. Using a web browser like Chrome, it is also possible to download and install all sorts of useful ‘extensions”, such as “AdBlock Plus”, which stops those annoying pop-up adverts from appearing while you browse.
Browsers have become a critical ingredient of the computer. In fact, Google has built a whole computer operating system around their Chrome browser, which powers a growing range of devices known as “Chromebooks”. These are “computers” that are primarily designed to be used online, and instead of relying mainly upon applications running on the device (as PCs do), they mostly work with applications that are accessed and run online – in “the Cloud”. As we move toward an era of being “always connected”, this approach makes sense for an increasing number of people and reduces hardware cost.

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