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What kind of question(s) do you have?
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Are your shoes authentic?
How long have you been in business?
How do I know that you’re legit and the shoes are authentic?
Where are you located?
Can you reserve a shoe for me until I can pay for it?
Do you have any stores or locations?
I live in the Los Angeles area. Can I pick up my shoes or drop off a return?
Can I get a catalog?
How can I get my order shipped to a different address than my billing address?
How do I send a gift?
Your policy states that first time orders must be shipped to the billing address. What do I do if my billing address is a PO Box?
Your website won’t let me choose the size I need. It’s not on the drop-down list.
What is going on with my order? How can I find out?
I saw my order status is “On Hold, ” what does that mean and what should I do?
Can you ship to an international destination?
How long does it take to get to my house?
The shoe I want says “out of stock, ” can you tell me when you’ll be getting more?
I don’t see the size I need or the shoe I want. Do you have it or can you get it?
When will you be getting the shoe that is going to be released soon?
I ordered a pair of shoes, but they started to fall apart after I wore them a few times. What do I do?
What’s your return policy?
I want to return shoes. How do I do that?
How do I make an exchange?
When should I expect to receive refund?
Yes. All of our items are 100% authentic and come with their original box. does not sell fakes, variants, or b-grades.
has been in business since 2012.
is a member of our local Los Angeles chapter of the Better Business Bureau. We’ve been rated an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau and we participate in their BBB Online Reliability program, which means that we have not only agreed to practice business by the standards of the BBB, but we have also agreed to abide by additional standards set in place for Internet merchants.
Additionally, our company has been mentioned numerous times on the sneaker fan forum,, and passed their “legit checks” on a regular basis.
is based in the Los Angeles metro area of California.
No, all of our merchandise is sold on a first come, first served basis. We cannot reserve shoes without payment.
No. is strictly an Internet retailer and we do not have any retail outlets or locations.
No. At this time, does not offer local pickup or return drop-off service.
does not publish a mail-order catalog because the inventory changes too frequently. is updated daily with size and style information and new products and sizes are posted as soon as they are available. We encourage you to check the website for the products you need.
We strongly recommend and prefer that first time customers send their order to the billing address on file with the card account. We may require you to do so in order to comply with our fraud prevention standards. Orders can sometimes be shipped to a different address, however, we still require the correct, matching address for your credit card in addition to the shipping information. If you need to make arrangements for shipping to a different address, please call 1-866-339-7463 during normal business hours to speak with a representative.
We do prefer to send first-time orders to the cardholder at the billing address in order to ensure you receive your order, however, to make arrangements for shipping, please call 1-866-339-7463 during our normal business hours to speak with a representative. We strongly recommend that you call in order to avoid any processing delays.
Some carriers we use cannot deliver to a PO box. If your billing address is a PO Box, please provide your street address as the shipping address and the PO Box as your billing address. We must still have the correct billing address in order to process the credit card. If you would like your order shipped to your PO box, please call Customer Service more information about shipping options.
is designed to show only available sizes on the product page. If a size is not listed, then it is sold out and we do not expect or, do not know if we can restock it. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope that you will continue to check for the size you need.
There are a few ways to check the shipping status of your order. When your order is processed and shipped we will send a Shipping Confirmation e-mail followed by a Shipping Update e-mail both in which you can reference your order details and tracking number. If you have not received an e-mail within 2 days of your order being placed, or if there is any delays with your order, you can call Customer Service at 1-866-339-7463 during our normal business hours by phone, we recommend you check your e-mail spam inbox as well.
If your order status remains listed as “On Hold” for more than 1 business day or you receive an email or telephone call requesting further information, please call Customer Service immediately. “On Hold” status for more than one business day generally indicates there is a problem with your order or your credit card.
can ship to any of the international locations listed on our International Shipping page. You may find this list located at If your country is not on this list, we apologize, but we cannot ship to your location. Additionally, we are unable to ship to an international address for orders placed within the U. S. Please see our International Frequently Asked Questions for more information.
For U. customers, ground shipping takes 3 to 7 days. All orders are shipped from our warehouse in California and the average delivery time to the East Coast is approximately one week. For customers outside the U. S., delivery time varies depending on your location and shipping method, but most packages arrive in approximately 7-10 days. For more information on shipping, please see our shipping information page located at Please note: Estimated shipping times begin after the order leaves our warehouse. These estimated times are not guaranteed and do not include our standard processing time or any delays that may result from a problem with the order, weather, security, or carrier delays.
The sneaker I want says “out of stock, ” can you tell me when you’ll be getting more?
No. We are unable to predict if we can or will be able to obtain more of any item. Major sneaker brands have limited manufacturing runs, and often additional inventory is not available.
No, we’re sorry. As previously stated, due to limited manufacturing runs, once an item is sold out, it is extremely difficult to obtain more inventory. All available sizes are posted to the product page and updated on a daily basis.
When will you be getting the sneaker that is going to be released soon?
While orders are placed in advance of release dates, does not have any control over what our suppliers will order and then make available to us. For this reason, we cannot provide any advance inventory information. is updated daily with the latest information about available sizes and styles, and new items are posted as soon as they are received.
Within 30 days on your order date, you may contact Customer Service at 1-866-339-7463 for a defective product return authorization code. This code allows you to return the shoes, but does not guarantee acceptance of the return or a refund. Outside of the 30 days, damage is considered normal wear and tear.
Our full return policy is located at. Please read this page before calling about a return. accepts returns for up to 30 days from the delivery date. Please read our full return policy and contact Customer Service for a return authorization code prior to returning the merchandise.
Please read our full return policy located at and contact Customer Service for a return authorization number prior to returning the merchandise. Please pack sneakers, shoebox, and all accessories in original shipping box with your completed return form.
Please note that we WILL NOT accept returns where the shoebox has been taped and used as a shipping box. DO NOT USE THE SHOEBOX AS THE SHIPPING BOX. ALWAYS BOX THE RETURN IN THE ORIGINAL SHIPPING BOX.
Exchanges are treated as new orders with You may place a new order for the desired item at the same time you receive a return authorization or you may wait until your return is received and a refund is issued before placing a new order. Please ask a Customer Representative about your options.
Returns are processed within 14 business days of receiving the return. Once receives your return, we will process it and apply any applicable refund. Please allow 2-5 days for the money to post to your account.
Sneakerheads, Not Hypebeasts: Defining a Sneaker-Driven Sub ...

Sneakerheads, Not Hypebeasts: Defining a Sneaker-Driven Sub …

Sneakers can be about style, history and even community. A new study reveals that for “Sneakerheads, ” sneakers are an important facet of their identities, particularly for African-American men who grew up in the 1970s and ’80s coveting sneakers popularized by hip-hop stars and basketball legends.
In the journal Fashion and Textiles, researchers report new insights into the motivations, brand preferences and identity considerations of Sneakerheads. The findings were drawn from interviews with 12 men in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States, many whom are African-American, and all whom self-identified as Sneakerheads. The findings help inform marketing efforts, and help fill a void in academic literature on the topic.
“As a researcher who looks at consumer behavior and trends that apply to my industry in fashion and apparel, any sort of trend that’s out there getting a lot of attention, I’m drawn to, ” said the study’s lead author Delisia Matthews, assistant professor of textile brand management and marketing at North Carolina State University’s Wilson College of Textiles. “I want to know the ‘why’ behind a trend. What’s motivating people to go after a particular trend? What are the drivers and the brand preferences? ”
In the article, researchers described the history of Sneakerhead sub-culture and defined what it means to be one: to have a strong interest in sneaker history, to seek out rare and exclusive sneaker collections and to admire, collect – and sometimes re-sell – sneakers.
Based on the interviews, three themes emerged about the motivations and preferences of Sneakerheads. The first theme, which the researchers called “Back in the Day, ” references the importance of history to Sneakerheads. Matthews said many Sneakerheads trace the origin of the movement to the 1970s and ’80s, when sneakers were popularized by basketball icon Michael Jordan, and also by hip-hop stars who were known not just for their unique rhythms, rhymes and lyrics, but also for their style or their “swag. ”
“I think one of the key pivotal groups that focused on sneakers would be Run-DMC, ” Matthews said. “One of the shoes they made popular were the Adidas Shell Toes. It was a staple, and they even made a song about it. People were paying attention not only to what was coming out of their mouths, but also what they were wearing. ”
The second theme, “All About the Jumpman, ” references the importance of Jordan and the release of the Nike Air Jordan Is in 1985. The logo is now the “Jumpman, ” and Matthews said the Nike Air Jordan Is are, “the gateway into being a Sneakerhead. ”
“When Michael Jordan came out with his shoes, because he was such a pivotal figure and his performance was like no other, people wanted to be like Mike, and wanted to wear his shoes, ” she said. “With his notoriety, and what he stood for in the African-American community in that time, people just wanted to have those shoes to emulate what he stood for, and his performance. A lot of my participants that we talked to, when we talked about the nostalgia piece – it related to Michael Jordan. ”
In addition to basketball shoes, there are some other athletic shoes that are noteworthy, such as the Adidas Ultraboost running shoe, as well as celebrity collaborations. Matthews said celebrity collaborations are especially important for many younger Sneakerheads.
They last theme, which Matthews said was the most surprising, was called “For Members Only. ” They found a common trend among study participants to feel a sense of community and also exclusivity in regard to Sneakerhead sub-culture. And while they felt connected to other Sneakerheads who understand and respect the history and culture of sneakers, they also expressed an “us versus them” attitude toward others they called “Hypebeasts. ” Hypebeasts were described as people who hop on sneaker trends or are just interested in the resale value of the shoes.
The researchers also found that for many Sneakerheads, sneakers are important to their social identities, which is the concept of being self-related to the groups they belong to. Matthews said sneakers are part of how Sneakerheads connect. They share norms, practices and even a vocabulary, such as the term “drops, ” which references the release date for a certain shoe, and “color way, ” which is the particular color scheme a shoe might come in.
“The lightbulb came on for me when one participant told me, when he goes to an event, he doesn’t make eye contact first, ” she said. “He makes shoe contact first, meaning: ‘I’m looking to see what kind of shoes you have, how you’re matching it. That lets me know you’re my kind of people. ’ It’s definitely a way that they connect, it’s a way that they are able to look to see if those people are part of their group memberships or not. ”
Matthews said the findings are important because they could help brands better understand and serve their consumers. They could also help to eliminate misconceptions about Sneakerheads, she said.
“Sometimes when we see trends, people make this huge assumption that these are people who can’t control their spending habits, or they’re being wasteful, ” she said. “But when you dig into it, it’s deeper than that. It has to do with identity, and nostalgia. I could be the voice of the consumer, and really advocate for them, and understand their motivations – getting past assumptions that people might make. ”
In future studies, Matthews plans to explore brand preferences and interests of female Sneakerheads, who are also an important market for brands to consider.
The study, “I wear, therefore I am: investigating sneakerhead culture, social identity, and brand preference among men, ” was published online in Fashion and Textiles Jan 5. In addition to Matthews, the other authors included Qiana Cryer-Coupet, an assistant professor of social work at NC State, and Nimet Degirmencioglu, a Ph. D. student in NC State’s Textile Technology Management program.
Note to editors: The abstract follows.
“I wear, therefore I am: investigating sneakerhead culture, social identity, and brand preference among men. ”
Published online Jan. 5 in Fashion and Textiles.
DOI: 10. 1186/s40691-020-00228-3
Authors: Delisia Matthews, Qiana Cryer-Coupet and Nimet Degirmencioglu
Abstract: While the popularity of athletic footwear or “sneakers” has been widely assessed within academic literature, few studies to date have examined the infuence of a specific sneaker subculture called “Sneakerheads”. Moreover, the brand preferences and brand identities that may exist within the Sneakerhead subculture have not been extensively examined. To address this gap in the research, semi-structured interviews were con- ducted with 12 male, self-identifed Sneakerheads. The main goal of the research was to explore the Sneakerhead culture, while gaining an understanding of brand preferences, practices, and group identity factors. The Social Identity Theory was employed as the theoretical framework for this research. Qualitative analysis of the interviews revealed the following three topical areas: (1) Back in the Day, (2) All About the Jumpman, and (3) For Members Only. Findings regarding the unique culture of Sneakerheads indicate a clear sense of group identity as it relates to motivations, behaviors, and brand identity within the Sneakerhead community. Moreover, the fndings of this study further define the lifestyle of a Sneakerhead and shed light on their unique behaviors and practices within the culture.
To read a Q&A with Matthews about Sneakerhead sub-culture, click here.
10 of the Biggest Celebrity Sneakerheads - Highsnobiety

10 of the Biggest Celebrity Sneakerheads – Highsnobiety

One of the many perks that comes with being a celebrity is being able to afford pretty much anything you want. Over the last few years, with sneakers hitting the mainstream, it’s become somewhat of a “thing” for the rich and famous to be seen wearing the latest hyped collaboration or flexing their jaw-dropping collections on, there is an art to discerning what to cop and what to drop. The ability to buy expensive sneakers does not equate to having good taste. Nevertheless, there are some celebrity sneakerheads that stand out from the rest. Some, like DJ Khaled or Mark Wahlberg, have official ties to brands, while others (Lil Yachty and John Mayer come to mind), just love we’ve rounded up ten of the biggest sneakerheads. Note that we’re not dubbing these the most dedicated nor the best of all time, but each of these celebrities has an impressive arsenal we’d happily trade with any day of the KhaledDJ Khaled is rumored to have approximately 10, 000 pairs of sneakers, however, he’s currently not expanding his own collection, instead focusing on building the biggest sneaker collection in the world for his son, Asahd. In addition to his impressive collection, Khaled has officially collaborated with Jordan Brand — a sneakerhead’s dream — putting his own spin on the Air Jordan MayerJohn Mayer’s style has evolved considerably over the years, but one thing remains the same: his affinity for quality footwear. Whether he’s rocking a fresh pair of visvim boots, or the latest from his pal Jerry Lorenzo, the singer-songwriter always keeps his feet laced with some JennerKylie Jenner’s assortment of rare sneakers has been well documented by Highsnobiety. Previously signed to adidas, Jenner swapped the Three Stripes for a grail-worthy collection of Nike SB Dunks after her deal expired. Sneakers such as the Nike SB “What The” Dunks, MF DOOM x Nike SB Dunk High, and Colette x Air Jordan 1s, are just a few of the sneakers she’s been rocking recently. We already know she has a reliable Nike SB plug, but it doesn’t hurt when your baby daddy (Travis Scott, for those of you living under a rock) has a deal with Nike, YachtyLil Yachty is another celebrity known for his rare and expensive sneakers. His collection includes everything from never-before-seen promo kicks from Seinfeld and Scrubs, to Kanye’s “College Dropout” Bapestas and 1980s bootleg Air Force 1s that he paid $1, 000 to secure. Yachty recently showed off his sneaker closet to Complex, underlining his status as one of the biggest celebrity WahlbergNot many celebrities, let alone people, can claim that their sneaker collection is valued at over $100, 000 — Mark Wahlberg can, though. The movie star has also collaborated with Jordan Brand on a pair of Air Jordan 4s for his burger chain, Wahlburgers (see the photo above) TaylorTeyana Taylor tends to keep it comfy with her ‘fits, more times than not opting for a pair of fire sneakers as a complementary piece. She has also worked with adidas and Reebok on the launch of their sneakers, all while staying laced with the latest must-cops, no matter the brand. FleaFlea sometimes flies under the radar when it comes to famous sneakerheads, but the Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist stays on point. His style is over-the-top, with shoes to match. Flea can often be seen wearing colorful and outlandish designs, such as Jeremy Scott’s adidas Wings and his wife Melody Ehsani’s Air Jordan TimberlakeWhen you’re a superstar entertainer like Justin Timberlake, you sometimes find yourself blessed with sneakers the rest of the world is unable to get ahold of — like a pair of unreleased Jordans worth $15, 000. JT has a strong relationship with Jordan Brand and recently revealed he was in talks to create his own sneaker, after previously collaborating on the Air Jordan 3. While that has yet to come to fruition, Timberlake virtually always takes the stage with something noteworthy on his SudeikisYou may not be aware of Jason Sudeikis’ love for sneakers unless you regularly scour paparazzi photos or have seen the actor sitting courtside at an NBA game. Sudeikis also occasionally pairs sneakers with a suit on the red carpet, which garners a fair amount of attention from fashion purists. He has long been a fan of Jordans in particular, stating that Air Jordan 1s and 3s are his two favorite sneakers ElliottMissy Elliott is an OG in the sneaker game. An admitted collector of retros, her lineup is so expansive that she doesn’t just have a room dedicated to kicks, but instead an entire warehouse. Recently, she’s fallen in love with the Versace Chain Reaction, which she says she has every stay updated on everything happening in the sneaker world, follow @Highsnobietysneakers on Instagram, check our sneaker release date calendar, and subscribe to our sneaker chatbot on Facebook to receive lightning quick updates to your inbox.

Frequently Asked Questions about where is sneakerhead located

Where is Sneakerhead from?

Matthews said many Sneakerheads trace the origin of the movement to the 1970s and ’80s, when sneakers were popularized by basketball icon Michael Jordan, and also by hip-hop stars who were known not just for their unique rhythms, rhymes and lyrics, but also for their style or their “swag.”Feb 3, 2021

Who is the biggest Sneakerhead?

The 10 Biggest Celebrity SneakerheadsDJ Khaled. djkhaled. 26.1M followers. … John Mayer. johnmayer. 5.3M followers. … Kylie Jenner. kyliejenner. 272M followers. … Lil Yachty. qualitycontrolmusic. 1.7M followers. … Mark Wahlberg. solecollector. … Teyana Taylor. teyanataylor. … Justin Timberlake. justintimberlake. … Jason Sudeikis. complexsneakers.More items…•Jul 16, 2020

What makes a person a Sneakerhead?

Sneakerheads are defined as individuals who collect, trade, and/or admire sneakers. In addition, most are knowledgeable about the history of sneakers, and are passionate about the nostalgic factors the sneakers possess (Choi and Kim 2019; Powell 2014).Jan 5, 2021

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