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PROXY | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary

PROXY | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary

Examples of proxy
But length is a poor proxy for simplicity.
Previous studies, including those mentioned above, have had to rely on proxies to estimate body mass.
Where in the real world of any other form of government do we see proxies?
According to the company’s latest proxy, he holds a 3. 5% stake.
In the ensuing years, formal systems sprang up as proxies for the trust that citizens had lost in one another.
If such a construct simply serves as a proxy for a protected class, one may argue that existing civil rights statutes remain applicable.
That’s on top of $11 million in salary and bonus, the satellite radio company says in its annual proxy filing.
The regime ignored the results of the last ballot exercise in 1990 when its proxy party failed to win.
The other provision, called proxy voting, allows owners to designate another person to vote on their behalf.
Even with (a discretionary proxy), it’s better to have someone vote on their behalf than not at all.
Music competitions, like big sporting events, are often proxies for larger disputes or trends.
Electricity served as a proxy for freedom, for progress, for liberation from drudgery.
This is probably easier than dealing with proxies, but it can be a bit dodgy.
It’s possible that there was a time when enthusiastic engagement could act as a proxy and could stand in for viewership bigger than itself.
As a proxy for what friendship actually is and what makes it meaningful, it’s laughably simplistic.
These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.
Enter proxy server settings on Mac - Apple Support

Enter proxy server settings on Mac – Apple Support

Выберите версию:
При изменении этого элемента управления страница автоматически обновится
Если компьютер подключен к локальной сети, защищенной от Интернета брандмауэром, Вам может потребоваться указать настройки прокси-серверов или выбрать пассивный режим FTP (PASV) для доступа к некоторым веб-сайтам. Прокси-сервер — это компьютер в локальной сети, который выступает в качестве посредника между пользователем компьютера и Интернетом, обеспечивая безопасность сети, административный контроль и кэширование. Также можно установить обход настроек прокси для определенных компьютеров в Интернете (хостов) и сегментов Интернета (доменов), добавив адрес хоста или домена в поле «Не использовать прокси для следующих узлов и доменов». Используйте данную функцию, если Вы хотите убедиться в том, что Вы получаете информацию непосредственно с хоста или домена, а не информацию, которая находится в кэш-памяти прокси-сервера. Чтобы обойти один домен, введите доменное имя, например «». Чтобы обойти все веб-сайты домена, используйте знак звездочки перед доменным именем, например «*». Чтобы обойти определенную часть домена, укажите каждую часть, например «».
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What Is A Proxy Server? | PCMag

What Is A Proxy Server? | PCMag

A proxy server is a computer system or router that functions as a relay between client and server. It helps prevent an attacker from invading a private network and is one of several tools used to build a firewall.
The word proxy means “to act on behalf of another, ” and a proxy server acts on behalf of the user. All requests to the Internet go to the proxy server first, which evaluates the request and forwards it to the Internet. Likewise, responses come back to the proxy server and then to the user.
Proxy Servers Provide Anonymity
Like a virtual private network (VPN), a proxy server hides the user’s IP address when accessing the Internet. See VPN and TLS.
Address Translation and Caching
The proxy server is a dual-homed host with two network IP addresses. The address on the outbound side is the one the Internet sees. Proxies are often used in conjunction with network address translation (NAT), which hides the users’ IP addresses on the internal network. Proxy servers may also cache Web pages so that the next request for that page can be retrieved much faster. See NAT and proxy cache.
Other Proxies
Anonymous proxy servers let users surf the Web and keep their IP address private (see anonymous proxy). Although not specifically called proxies, Internet email (SMTP) and the Usenet new system (NNTP) are somewhat similar because messages are relayed from sender to recipient. See firewall.
Application Level and Circuit Level
“Application-level” proxies or “application-level gateways” are dedicated to specific content such as HTTP (Web) and FTP (file transfer). In contrast, a “circuit-level” proxy supports every application (see SOCKS).
Forward and Reverse Proxies
In this definition, the proxy servers are “forward proxies” that hide the details of the clients from the servers. However, proxies can also reside at the website to hide details from the clients (see reverse proxy).
A Proxy Server in a LAN
In this example, the proxy server functions as a firewall in the public side of a company network, which is called the “demilitarized zone” (see DMZ).

Frequently Asked Questions about what does proxy mean_

What is an example of a proxy?

A person empowered to act for another. Proxy is a stand-in for someone else, the authority to stand-in for or represent someone else, or a document giving permission for someone else to vote on your behalf. … An example of proxy is when you register to vote and have someone else actually cast your ballot.

What does it mean to give someone your proxy?

a written document that officially gives someone the authority to do something for another person, for example by voting at a meeting for them: A creditor may give a proxy to any person of full age requiring him or her to vote for or against any specified resolution.

What does proxy mean in WIFI settings?

A proxy server is a computer on a local network that acts as an intermediary between a single computer user and the internet so that the network can ensure security, administrative control, and caching service.

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