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Unblock site: – Site2Unblock

Is blocked in your school, in your country or in your computer? This web proxy
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#2 Modify DNS servers
You may try to change the original DNS servers in your network adapter. To do this, open the
“Network and Sharing Center”, right-click with the mouse on the active Internet connection and select “Properties”, then select
“Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)”, click on “Properties”, enable the option “Use the following DNS server
addresses”, now type 8. 8. 8 in “Preferred DNS server” editbox, and 8. 4. 4 in “Alternate DNS server” editbox, finally
click on “OK” button. Read more on using Google Public DNS.
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Is possible that in some cases you cannot access because a web toolbar or a spyware has modified your
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again the website to see if it works fine. Generally the proxy settings are located in the web browser’s options page
under the section “Advanced” -> “Network” or “Connections” -> “LAN Settings”. Make sure to enable the option
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Some websites may ban the IP address of some popular web proxies, so in this case you just need to change the
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Veoh High Quality Streaming Proxy - Nearly Working - KODI ...

Veoh High Quality Streaming Proxy – Nearly Working – KODI …

Posts: 347
Joined: Jul 2007
2008-05-07, 16:44
(This post was last modified: 2008-05-09, 17:56 by Unbehagen. )
Update: Please also have a look at the last post – there you can find a link to a current, working version!
because Stage6 has been shut down, I looked for other possibilities to get high quality streaming content. Turns out Veoh hosts high quality content, but only wants to give it to their VeohTV users. No, that’s not what we want.
What Veoh does is it divides the original avi, mov, etc… source into a lot of small files. Not I wrote a proxy that acts like a webserver. It listens for the requests and translates them to the small files veoh offers. It is possible to stream veoh’s high quality files with this. It works okay on my PC. When I try to run it on the beloved XBox, it just crashes after buffering because of memory issues. I tried a lot to cut down memory usage, yet still can’t get it to work. Could anyone help me with this? It would be so cool to finally have hq streaming back on the box without using another pc that acts as a proxy.
You can download the script (not a plugin yet! ) here:
To try it, you have to execute as a script. Then go to the movies section and play the playlist in the zip. It connects to the local webserver at
localhost:8081/v1650118XbD3cFmX. The file part of the URL is the veoh ID. You can easily get this from the url of veoh videos.
It is only a virtual file, internally the script puts together all the file parts. Please help me debugging! Thanks a lot!
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You may want to have a look at the ninja video helper. From ninja video.
I came across this when attempting a plugin for the site.
It`s made in java, decompile the files and look at the classes. They do exactly what you are doing now. Also nickspoon wrote a script that acts like veoh downloader sharp usingthe jsp files from veoh, and i was recreating the ninja video helper in python for the same purpose. May come in handy.
Looks like i`ll have to implement a lister class for my other problem then. No short answers, what`s the world coming to hehe.
Cheers Voinage.
(‘lister’, ‘listener’, above text)
Thanks for your tips, Voinage, very helpful!
I managed to get it to work properly. It can even stream videos now. It should work on the xbox as well. Does anyone want to try it?
Grab it here:
You are a star!
Abandoning my version. Integrating this into ninjavideo plugin and testing to capacity on veoh links in other plugins.
Cheers, Sir
It really eats the memory doesn`t it. It`s difficult to run it in the background while using plugins everything becomes very sluggish.
Other than the memory issue, it works very well.
It happily streams the ninja video content but after one movie you have to reset the xbox.
The main thing is that it works.
2008-05-10, 17:39
(This post was last modified: 2008-05-10, 18:11 by Unbehagen. )
I guess it would be possible to cut down on memory usage using regular expressions instead of xml parsing.. Any other ideas?
Righ now, I’m talking to the guys about making that source code their official software for Veoh content btw Just creating a windows version with installer and so on.
Update: Grab the first version of the installer here:
I guess it will be integrated into Joox pretty soon!
Re seems the way to go, a loss of 30mb when running is acceptable for a pc but on the trusty xbox it`s a nightmare. If it`s memory usage was minimalised and it had a dedicated server on, server off mechanism to be called from a plugin when a veoh link is ran it would happily be the companion of choice for plugin dev. I`ve been playing with it and trying to find the best way of adding it to the ninjavideo plugin.
btw if you ever get a moment within your busy sched could you possibly pm me and offer me some guidance regarding the base64 algo for surf the channel, i`ve looked at your plugin and have created a new one but i`m having trouble finding the right split and offset to get a working link. It`s driving me mad. I know it`s a big ask.
Thanks V
I understand th
Team-XBMC Developer
Posts: 3, 805
Joined: Mar 2004
Were are you storing these chunks of data? if in memory there is your issue. Write them to disk as soon as you get them and serve them from there.
I just finished optimizing VeohProxy for XBMC. I was able to run it and play a Veoh Video having 19MB of free memory left! Try it here: Use something like FoxyTunes to feed it with URLS.
So here is a new version. Now supporting Veoh, NinjaVideo and Streamplug files:
for Veoh:
for NinjaVideo:
Just copy the video download link and make XBMC play it (using foxyTunes for example)
for Streamplug:
+ base64-encoded url of the ogm-file. Here is an online encoder:
It has one problem though and I just can’t figure it out: If I play the file with mplayer, there are two possibilities what happens:
1) MPlayer doesn’t even bother trying to download the index chunk (which is near the end of the file). It somehow doesn’t recognize that it could seek within the file using -range-requests.
2) MPlayer tries to download the index chunk. Then it complains that it cannot allocate 200MB of memory and then continues to generate an index, for which it downloads the whole file which takes ages.
This is not the case on MPlayer on linux if I run the script locally or on the XBox. DVDPlayer also seems to work fine.
Elupus, the guys on IRC told me to talk to you about this problem. Maybe you can help? I included a test M3U file in the rar to make your testing easier. Why is ancient MPlayer still default on XBox? Shouldn’t this be changed now that DVDPlayer is really really ready? Is there some drawback to it on the XBox?
I’d really love to know if this is a bug in the proxy (maybe in the way range-requests are treated? ) or in MPlayer itself which I can’t imagine because it works on other servers. But it MAY be a problem with seeks in this old version.
Any help/testing would be REALLY appreciated!
Sorry for the dirty code but I really tried everything to make it work…
Here is a pastebin of my XBMC. I played the same movie (from the M3U) 4 times. Two times it didn’t want to seek and displayed the movie. The last two times, it tried to generate an index, which I cancelled:
i didn’t look at the code, but during seeks mplayer will have two sockets agains the server open at the same time. thus if you have some global state in your script, that might be getting messed up.
No, there’s no global state. It’s all done in the individual threads. One thing I can’t figure out: Should MPlayer normally seek right to the idx1 chunk after reading the first few bytes of the file? I found out that with the proxy, it seems to seek 1700 bytes before the idx1 char identifier. Is this right? If it is not, it’s probably a bug in the seek calculation.
Veoh firewall problem | Tom's Hardware Forum

Veoh firewall problem | Tom’s Hardware Forum

Veoh firewall problem | Tom’s Hardware Forum
Thread starter
Start date
May 22, 2011
May 21, 2011
18, 510
hi eveyone,
well first of all sorry for my english because im from france (i hope you can understand me)
as the topic says i cant use and watche veoh videos on my browser (google chrome) under window 7 64 bit due to a firewall problem (i guess)
i installed the veoh web player, then when i run veoh i cant see any videos and nothing show off “even the description and the comments are there” (i only see a white empty space)
here’s a picture:
so, i tried to check the support and i did as it’s mentioned: i opened the veoh web player icone then, menu, settings, internet settings, then test my connection!! so new internet tab appears and it’s written:
“Connection to Veoh Player was successful!
Click here to test Flash player is working correctly. ”
i click there and there is a video working normally so i close it and go again to veoh but ( the same problem is there!! i still cant see the video! so i get back to the veoh web player icone then, menu, settings, internet settings then “DETECT PROXY SETTINGS” and here a message appears:
” could not detect proxy settings, if you intetnet connection does not work you may have a firewall blocking the veoh application. otherwise you may need to contact your network administrator for help”
so i go to the windows firewall settings and verify that veoh is checked in then i try again but i still have the same message and the videos aren’t working:/
btw i’m using avira antivir as an antivirus!
thank you so much
Mar 25, 2011
2, 492
19, 960
Are you using any kind of JavaScript blocking software? Your connection is ok probably, Avira would more than likely not block anything.
Are you using a proxy at all? If not, detecting proxy settings does not apply to you.
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