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Buy Residential IPs Proxies Located In USA | GeoSurf

Buy Residential IPs Proxies Located In USA | GeoSurf

United States
There are currently
37, 487
Residential Proxy IPs in
Residential IPs In The USA
With Geosurf’s Residential IP
proxy network, you can pass as a real user, stay anonymous, and avoid being
detected or blocked while carrying out your web operations, such as web scraping, price monitoring, social
listening, and other tasks.
Our Residential Proxy Gateway allows you to access an extensive pool of thousands of IP addresses in the
USA. Log into your GeoSurf Residential IPs
and select your preferred country from the list.
Not only you can choose a country, but a specific city, too. Our USA Proxy Network gives you access to
Residential IPs based in different cities. Whether you need IPs in New York, Denver, or Miami, we’ve got you
Switch Your IP At Every Request
With GeoSurf’s USA Proxy Network, you can rotate between different Residential IP addresses. When needed,
you can use a new IP address for every new request you send. Our pool of 2 million IPs gives you boundless
options, so that you won’t look suspicious and you’ll never be detected or blocked.
Set A Timer: Sticky IPs
With Sticky IP by GeoSurf, you can maintain the same IP address throughout the duration of a task. Select
the preferred location and the rotation time corresponding to the time you need to complete your task – for
instance, 1 minute, 10 minutes, or 30 minutes – until your IP address will change. By using Sticky IPs, you
can maximize your success rate and get the job done much faster.
Change Your Location While In The United States
If you are in the USA and need to access content that is not available in your region, you can change your
location and choose to use an IP address based in a different country.
Click here
for detailed documentation and API example, log in to your dashboard
to see the full list of
the available countries.
How To Make Sure You're Using A Legitimate Proxy Provider And Not ...

How To Make Sure You’re Using A Legitimate Proxy Provider And Not …

The 72 million+ IP addresses that make up our global proxy networks all belong to fully opted-in users, though not all proxy providers can say the same
When you use a residential-based proxy service, make sure your proxy provider is acting ethically and legally, and that their infrastructure can handle the scale you require. Otherwise, it may harm your business and cause more harm than good. You wouldn’t risk using non-licensed software, so avoid cutting corners when choosing a proxy service. Here are the six factors to identify an ethical partner.
Our IP proxy network is built from millions of unique IP addresses from users who have willingly opted-in to the service in return for ad-free applications or free software. Some proxy providers do not get consent from their peers to share their idle resources, and users are unaware they are being used as proxies. There’s no pop-up screen to announce it, no consent and no option to opt-out, and this constitutes virus-like behavior. Check the following to make sure your proxy provider is doing things right:
End users (peers) have given their consent
Informed consent is the only legal way for a proxy provider to obtain residential and/or mobile IP addresses for the purposes of website testing, ad verification and anything else you use a proxy network for. Your proxy provider’s network should only encompass actively and willingly opted-in peers.
Opted-in users know exactly what their IP address is being used for, and how their device is being used. The proxy provider has asked for their permission to use their IP, and they have knowingly agreed to join the proxy network.
We acquire our peers for our residential and mobile IP networks through the Bright SDK. Our SDK is integrated into apps by their owners as an extra way of monetizing their users. Users are presented with the option to opt-in to our network and become a peer in exchange for better user experience (ads-free app) or free access to paid services.
The proxy provider is GDPR compliant
GDPR is the EU’s data protection regulatory framework, and compliance is essential to staying on the right side of the law. In short, it refers to data protection, privacy, and transfer, both within the EU and outside of it.
Any proxy provider, and its customers, should understand the importance of giving users greater control over their privacy and data. Privacy practices should comply with data protection laws like the GDPR, and industry best practices.
We ensure our GDPR compliance by obtaining full consent from our peers to use their IP address and treating this personal data according to the GDPR guidelines. Other than IP addresses, we do not collect any personally identifiable information from our peers at any point.
The proxy provider provides real benefits for peers
A legitimate proxy provider will incentivize app users to join its network in some way. This might be an ad-free version of an app, accessing paid features or subscriptions for free or some other value-added compensation.
As a result, app owners can provide better user experiences at the same time as generating extra revenue from their users. We have found that 80% of app users would prefer to be part of our IP proxy network to watching ads or paying for subscriptions. We also see a 10 to 15% increase in the time spent in an app with users that have opted into our network.
In return for joining our network, our peers can enjoy an improved experience with the removal of ads or free usage of an app. Plus our SDK is so lightweight, it won’t affect the size of the app.
Peers can opt-out at any time
Giving peers the option to opt-out whenever they want should be part of every ethical proxy provider’s service, but unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. If a proxy provider is failing to ask users to opt-in, they probably won’t be giving them the opportunity to opt-out either.
App users might decide for whatever reason that they don’t want to be part of an IP proxy network anymore, and they are happy to revert back to the non-ad-free version of an app, for example.
We are committed to being an ethical and safe provider, so all peers who share their IP address with our residential and mobile networks have the option to opt-out at any time.
Traffic is only routed through peers’ devices when they’re idle
Using an end user’s device to route traffic when they are actively using it could slow it down and impede on their user experience.
A legitimate proxy provider will not use its peers’ devices and IP addresses unless they are idle at the time, to make sure the user experience is unimpacted while they use their device.
Once an app user has agreed to share their device resources and become a peer on our IP networks, our infrastructure ensures traffic is only routed through the device under strict conditions. These include the device being idle and having sufficient battery power or connected to a power source, and usually, but not always, connected to WiFi.
The proxy provider uses super proxies
Super proxies allow for the fastest data collection possible, by acting as load-balancing servers and being placed in close proximity to our peers in all geolocations. They enable us to route terabytes of traffic to exit nodes around the world, helping us – and you as our customer – carry out reliable, scalable web data extraction and aggregation operations.
They also act as a security measure. Accessing our rotating residential and mobile IP networks require User compliance evaluation, and super proxies help manage traffic coming in and ensure that it is compliant with our Terms of Service. They also strip any identifying information from requests to target websites made through our network, so they are not traceable back to the super proxy or you.
Our super proxy infrastructure consists of more than 2, 600 servers stationed close to our peers worldwide, and 1, 400+ servers in the US alone.
If you use any residential proxy service other than ours, make sure the service does not include servers and/or residential proxy nodes located in the United States which infringe on any of our patents.
Want to find out how an ethical proxy provider works in practice?
Hayley Pearce | Content Writer
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Top 5 Residential Proxy Providers | by Assender Ben

Top 5 Residential Proxy Providers | by Assender Ben

Residential proxies are in the spotlight nowadays and this is so for a good reason. Either it is for account management, market research or purchasing limited-edition sneakers — data-center IP addresses might not be enough. Those are easily recognized by the majority of the big websites and access to gathering information is often denied. This is where residential IP comes in to save the day. The route goes through a real home and ISP, thus not only does it mask the IP address, but it also cloaks you and makes you seem like a regular network user. I have dived into the world of residential IP proxy providers in order to find the best services out there. Here is my list of top-notch providers for 2021 (New updates and changes in a list! ):1. service nicely surprised me and took the first place unexpectedly and still remains my personal recommendation for 2021. Not only it has over 40 million IP addresses that are going through real mobile and desktop proxy networks, but they also offer unlimited connections and threads on top of that. You can choose country-level targeting and decide between using a random proxy that rotates your IP address with every request or sticky proxy, which would change your IP after 10 to 30 min. What is also pretty impressive — a very advanced but easy to use Chrome extension and Proxy address pricing model is based on subscription with data consumption limits, it is simple to understand and easy to work with. If you use code SMARTPRO, you can get a 20% discount for your first purchase. 2. OxylabsOxylabs right now is one of the biggest suppliers of residential proxies, having more than 100M+ IP addresses all around the world. The proxy pool is more than impressive! With all of that residential and datacenter proxies, you can really improve various automatic business processes and reach every business goal. Their services are a bit pricey but nevertheless worthed every dollar considering how it can help you out. You can check more details about this provider on its website. 3. likely the leading proxy network out there with over 72 million IP addresses at the time. Considering the available numerous connections at the time — you get great speed compared to other services. The downside of the brand here is the price. The lowest subscription price per month is 500$, which might be too high for a single consumer. 4. mAnother great proxy that defies the odds of being banned. They do have around 70 thousand IP addresses, which is not as impressive as the other services in this list. However, their pricing plan and decent quality open up a window for a wide variety of users. You can get the proxy going by purchasing a subscription for a single port. This service would earn the first spot as the beginner proxy service provider. 5. majority of the provided IP addresses are from a data center with the addition of residential ones. The service seems to be more successful with the usage of big-scale procedures. The flexible sub-users management makes the NetNut service outstanding and different from the others. However, the higher ban rate knocks it down from the top of the list. The pricing plans and additional features earn it a spot in the top 2020 proxy providers Verification, Cyber Security, Price Comparison, Travel Fare, Search Engine Optimisation, Data Collection, Sales Intelligence — to name a few, all the mentioned activities can greatly benefit from the possibility of an open network. Whilst the data gathering is still being done with data-center IP proxies, there is no better time than stepping out of the tunnel vision and investing in a more successful proxy type — Residential IP.

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Are residential proxies legal?

Informed consent is the only legal way for a proxy provider to obtain residential and/or mobile IP addresses for the purposes of website testing, ad verification and anything else you use a proxy network for. Your proxy provider’s network should only encompass actively and willingly opted-in peers.Feb 20, 2020

What are the best residential proxies?

Top 5 Residential Proxy

What is US proxy server?

Proxy servers act as a firewall and web filter, provide shared network connections, and cache data to speed up common requests. A good proxy server keeps users and the internal network protected from the bad stuff that lives out in the wild internet.May 7, 2021

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