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WindowsGUI Clientshadowsocks-win: GitHubShadowsocks-Qt5: GitHubOutline WindowsGitHubDirect DownloadCommand-line Clientpip install shadowsocks Mac OS XGUI ClientShadowsocksX-NG: GitHubOutline macOSGitHubApp StoreCommand-line Clientbrew install shadowsocks-libevcpan Net::Shadowsocks LinuxGUI ClientShadowsocks-Qt5: GitHubOutline LinuxGitHubDirect DownloadCommand-line Clientapt-get install shadowsocks-libevcpan Net::Shadowsocks Androidshadowsocks-android:Google Play (beta)Outline AndroidGitHubPlay StoreDirect Download iOSMobileShadowSocks:Big BossOutline iOSGitHubApp Store OpenWRTshadowsocks-libevopkg install shadowsocks-libevshadowsocks-libev-polarsslopkg install shadowsocks-libev-polarsslNext StepReady to use? Just navigate to Quick plan to deploy your own server? See a Minute? Take one minute to complete a survey about shadowsocks user base. It’s totally anonymous and no login required.
Releases · shadowsocks/shadowsocks-windows - GitHub

Releases · shadowsocks/shadowsocks-windows – GitHub

Release Notes
For many of us, 2020 has been a difficult year. As we pass the end of 2020, many things are still not over yet. But we should all be ready for the opportunities and new challenges 2021 is about to present to us. We are releasing this new version on the first day of 2021. And we wish you a happy new year!
Security update: Yes, we have finally removed support for all stream ciphers, almost 4 years after the proposal of Shadowsocks AEAD. Stay safe!
Prepare to say goodbye to legacy links! When importing servers from pre-SIP002 legacy ss links, we will show a warning message to remind you to update your ss links. The easiest way to update is to use the server sharing feature.
‍ Changes
Security: remove infrastructure of stream ciphers (#3048)
Show warning message when importing from deprecated legacy ss links.
Other minor bug fixes and improvements
Known Issues
All clear.
Fixes and improvements
PAC: Add option for custom sha256sum URL of custom geosite source. #3024 fixed in #3026.
The target framework has been updated from Framework 4. 7. 2 to 4. 8.
PAC: Add option for custom sha256sum URL of custom geosite source (#3026)
Update to Framework 4. 8
If you encounter any issues, please refer to 如果遇到任何问题,请首先参考
File Info
MD5: 3469205FB8FB8C28D45A2C61A1740F22
SHA-1: 8511264C74168A43569DE0EB4FE48A9F0A699027
SHA-256: 6E2028EB0BC06325C6101C497832E66A95CE482B1771455BC7A873EF22291C65
SHA-512: 5DC8EF2D22E3771ACBB9E5E0EF4F3206A49C27AC96B620B7FE4D8928A00D7E82C4E0CF272D62657E2921F009CA7E498655969D6101B25F44A7E27E7E3DD7B6A2
PAC: private hostnames and IP ranges are now connected to directly by default (#3002).
Auto Startup: new mechanisms have been introduced to eliminate and prevent duplicate startup registry entries (#3011).
SIP003: we have fixed a regression introduced in 4. 3. 0. 0 that might cause plugins to stop working (#3013).
PAC: direct connection for private IP ranges by @studentmain (#3008)
Remove duplicate startup entries (#3012)
MD5: B93124FE301E269E46AE3228D7D97018
SHA-1: 211157657AAA469DE6C81D7A77C56E22AB80C76A
SHA-256: BA5E8AC5FC350CEF4640480E48932359266BFF6A2A85FFF3A9163DC07E5A310B
SHA-512: 9BBA39E3D94A6C88599647CD64A3CFC929EE8A9E6639C76DDCF654971653CE1DC8C7B7A5111C16B5229003C9DB08ACFE687C9F5AD8B95328C76A2A44625F4D93
PAC: We have fixed the issue where certain rules unexpectedly matched more domains than it’s supposed to match (#2998).
Update checks on program startup no longer produces a pop-up.
Checking pre-release checks in the menu would work on the current run now.
Cleanup: The poorly maintained statistics strategy, along with its long broken GUI, has been removed. The QR code scanning logic has been separated from MenuViewController.
Update (#2999)
Separate QR code scanning from MenuViewController (#2995)
Remove statistics strategy (#2994)
MD5: 5020E5B73D824C4E28FF0FB5D211F1CB
SHA-1: 875D756678A29AE860B5477F62FB40C2BF80AA2D
SHA-256: 0EAA8E2763861316FDB41BA45636DBB78C1593714A0ED480573FF7EFC5B34B7A
SHA-512: 71F099DDEA112AACEC0BB236AFCBDF6699D293DE982067DC5DBA7B06A5DC078AD6AE1E8F93B9E5D80FCD5639E7D0735EFC157E6D5A13DFB6281F588C8BF1C22D
PAC: To better utilize the geosite database and adapt to the needs of our users, we added options for direct and proxied groups. They are currently only available for modifications in GUI with the feature fully supported is coming in v5.
Generation modes: whitelist mode and blacklist mode
When geositePreferDirect is false (default), PAC works in whitelist mode. Exception rules are generated from geositeDirectGroups. Unmatched domains goes through the proxy.
When geositePreferDirect is true, PAC works in blacklist mode. Blocking rules are generated from geositeProxiedGroups. Unmatched domains are connected to directly.
Domain groups: geositeDirectGroups and geositeProxiedGroups.
geositeDirectGroups is initialized with cn and geolocation-! [email protected]
geositeProxiedGroups is initialized with geolocation-! cn.
The new default values make sure that:
When in whitelist mode, Chinese domains, including non-Chinese companies’ Chinese CDNs, are connected to directly.
When in blacklist mode, only non-Chinese domains goes through the proxy. Chinese domains, as well as non-Chinese companies’ Chinese CDNs, are connected to directly.
WPF: This release includes a new update prompt window that shows release notes for you. We have also reimplemented ForwardProxyView, HotkeysView, OnlineConfigView in WPF. Your feedback is welcome on these new UIs.
We fixed an issue where in certain locales, the PAC generation crashes the application (#2986).
We have improved the stability by adding a validation of the geosite group configuration. Invalid settings will be automatically reset to default (and logged).
is now automatically regenerated on version updates. You can turn it off by changing regeneratePacOnUpdate to false.
Cleanup: Only one HttpClient instance is used throughout the lifecycle. along with many other unnecessary stuff has been removed. All dependencies have been updated to the latest versions.
Cleanup and update dependencies (#2983)
Geosite group validation + PAC regeneration on version update (#2988)
PAC: add options for direct and proxied groups (#2990)
Transition to WPF: ForwardProxyView + HotkeysView + OnlineConfigView + VersionUpdatePromptView (#2991)
If you encounter any issue, please refer to 如果遇到任何问题,请首先参考
MD5: B8A78DC56651BEF0A7BE228CE469106A
SHA-1: 1D4028B6E1C7C49D61F8B4BF834C8F6A57018075
SHA-256: 0472497B295C4466E58C2623F2F03281F4A8297696753DD18EFFE3A4D633E86E
SHA-512: 0154A548CD317252E7FF350CE2E0BB8BD85B25163B86FFB70CB605B211074438DE514A804D18A550225E066C6EA93702A81E457FEDDD8F2FE8B5CA33E53C37DB
SIP008 online configuration delivery allows clients to automatically fetch and update server configurations from the configured delivery URL. We implemented server groups to identify configuration sources. More grouping features are coming in v5.
PAC: Domain names with the cn attribute is now excluded from the proxied list. You might want to delete your existing to force a regeneration. Related issues: #2971, #2974, #2981.
User-Agent: Http requests for Geosite and SIP008 updates are now sent with a User-Agent string of ShadowsocksWindows/$version. You can change it in
WPF: We have begun the process of transition to WPF. This release includes infrastructure updates for future WPF controls and a new server sharing window rewritten using WPF.
SIP008 support (#2942)
Exclude @cn from PAC proxied list (#2982)
Transition to WPF: ReactiveUI and ServerSharingView (#2959)
User-Agent for OnlineConfigResolver and GeositeUpdater (#2978)
MD5: B38B8B5B0105C52EBA3A19AA7F53ECCD
SHA-1: 4915CDFB50C461C3DD0BE84A50DDE9C10477CD7D
SHA-256: 4A302071D7FC21367F31E0D9C5F77EF1EB41EC097EAEADB8D65472B6BE55AB99
SHA-512: 8BBF360C5AEAF67B7C4DCC602DDD0C93C9CD2BCDC9938760A2068B3555F42BCEF72135C8B1B97E72C85E0356A20B9274E1E74BD6FBB92F8BCCDAC96D49BB49C3
Update stActivity (#2858)
Add Franch translation (#2861)
New option for ss URL association (#2855)
Updated Korean Language (#2871)
Decouple statistic and TCPRelay (#2872)
Fix nLogConfig NullReferenceExceltion (#2887)
Use v2ray GeoSite to replace GFWList (#2875)
Optimize the updater and downloader (#2910)
Update SIP002 (#2904)
Update Japanese translations
Fix improperly parsed remark section (#2935)
If you encounter any issue, please refer to.
Info of
Does Windows 10 have built-in Shadowsocks VPN? How to use it

Does Windows 10 have built-in Shadowsocks VPN? How to use it

Elena started writing professionally in 2010 and hasn’t stopped exploring the tech world since. With a firm grasp of software reviewing and content editing, she is always trying new things to improve her skill… Read more
Shadowsocks, VPN, and proxy servers play a key role in online privacy and digital security. And a lot of users are wondering if Windows 10 has built-in support for Shadowsocks out how to use Shadowsocks on Windows 10, with and without VPN. Discover the best VPN for Windows 10 that comes integrated with Shadowsocks learn more about Shadowsocks and proxies, join our Proxy Server our VPN Troubleshooting Hub for more practical guides about VPN.
Microsoft’s latest operating system has native support for VPN and proxy, but there are a few users wondering if Windows 10 has built-in Shadowsocks VPN. We’re here to clarify.
What is Shadowsocks and VPN?
There’s a misconception that Shadowsocks is a VPN service. It’s false. Shadowsocks is a secure SOCKS5 proxy server, making it different from a VPN.
Although the two share some traits, they use different technologies to hide your IP address, encrypt your traffic, and make you anonymous online.
Does Windows 10 have built-in Shadowsocks VPN?
No, Windows 10 doesn’t have support for Shadowsocks, although it comes with proxy and VPN native support.
If you want to use Shadowsocks on your Windows 10 PC, you can download and install the application directly to your PC. It’s free.
Otherwise, you can get a premium VPN service that allows you to use VPN and proxy together, including Shadowsocks.
How to use Shadowsocks on Windows 10
Visit the Shadowsocks downloads page.
Get the newest version for Windows 10.
Unpack the downloaded file and launch the EXE.
Specify the IP address, port, and password of the SOCKS5 proxy.
Click OK.
Right-click the Shadowsocks systray icon.
Select System Proxy > Global.
If you want to use the Shadowsocks client, you need to separately get hold of IP addresses, port numbers, and authentication modes compatible with SOCKS5.
The tool comes with a few security methods to encrypt your data, including 256-bit AES military-grade encryption. The best part of it is that it’s free, open-source, and compatible with multiple platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, and OpenWRT (router firmware).
How to use Shadowsocks and VPN on Windows 10
Get a PIA subscription plan.
Download and set up PIA for Windows 10.
Right-click the app’s systray icon and select Settings.
Go to the Proxy tab.
Select Shadowsocks, click Configure, and choose a location.
Exit the settings panel and left-click PIA’s systray icon.
Click the power button to connect to a VPN server.
If you want to use Shadowsocks and VPN at the same time, there’s no better way than turning to Private Internet Access. Made by Kape Technologies, it’s the best VPN for Windows 10.
The VPN changes your IP address and geolocation, encrypts your network traffic to block hackers, defends your router from cyber-criminals, unblocks streaming services like Netflix US, and helps you defeat government censorship.
Plus, PIA is one of the few VPNs with integrated Shadowsocks proxy, which you can use to redirect your VPN server to a second location. It’s similar to using double VPN or multi-hop VPN to stay connected to two VPN servers at once.
What else you should know about PIA:
+3, 300 VPN servers in 48 countries
10 simultaneous connections
No logs or leaks
24/7 live chat support
30-day money-back guarantee (no free trial)
Private Internet Access
Set up this app on your Windows 10 PC to use VPN and Shadowsocks at the same time.
To conclude, Windows 10 has an integrated VPN provider and proxy server, but it doesn’t have built-in Shadowsocks.
If you want to use the secure SOCKS5 proxy server, you can directly download and install the client on your Windows 10 PC at no cost.
But we suggest resorting to Private Internet Access because it lets you use a VPN and Shadowsocks at the same time.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Shadowsocks?
Shadowsocks is a SOCKS5 proxy server with security features like 256-bit AES encryption. It’s free and open-source.
Does Shadowsocks still work in China?
Yes, Shadowsocks still works in China. In fact, it’s one of the most popular Internet circumvention tools in China that can avoid geoblocks.
Is Shadowsocks a VPN?
No, Shadowsocks isn’t a VPN. They work in similar ways, but a VPN brings more features to the table.
How do I use Shadowsocks on PC?
If you want to use Shadowsocks on Windows 10 PC, you can either download and install the free client or get a premium VPN with integrated Shadowsocks support.

Frequently Asked Questions about shadowsocks windows client

How do you use Shadowsocks on Windows?

How to use Shadowsocks on Windows 10Visit the Shadowsocks downloads page.Get the newest version for Windows 10.Unpack the downloaded file and launch the EXE.Specify the IP address, port, and password of the SOCKS5 proxy.Click OK.Right-click the Shadowsocks systray icon.Select System Proxy > Global.Aug 19, 2020

How do you use Shadowsocks?

Set-up instructionsFrom the Play Store on your device, search for and install the Shadowsocks app (from TrueNight) or get the Shadowsocks FOSS app from F-Droid.Open the app once it has installed.Tap on the ☰ menu icon, then Settings.Tap on Service mode and select Proxy only.Tap on your device’s back button.More items…•May 15, 2021

How do I use Shadowsocks on Mac?

macOS – Setup ShadowSocks PrintDownload Shadowsocks for macOS from HERE.Extract the .ZIP file.Move the ShadowsocksX-NG to the applications folder.Go to your applications and launch Shadowssocks-NG. … Right click on the shadowsocks icon > servers > server preferences.Enter in the server name, port, password and a name.More items…

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