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SEnuke TNG – Rank #1 With Todays Top Ranking Factors …

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SENuke X Review - ActiveGrowth

SENuke X Review – ActiveGrowth

[thrive_text_block color=’note’ headline=”]NOTE: In case you are finding this post now, be aware that link building tools like SENuke X have been rendered ineffective as a link building method. All the data and results in this review come from testing done long before Google “slapped” this type of SEO. While this review is positive, because the product worked wll at the time, it has now become obsolete. [/thrive_text_block]
SENuke was the grandaddy of all automated SEO and link-building programs and it defended it’s crown for a long time, despite many competing products popping up on the marketplace. Now, after countless months of delays, the successor to the throne is finally here.
Without further ado, here’s my SENuke X review.
Important Note:
This review has been updated to reflect changes made with recent updates to the SEnuke X software (SEnuke X 2. 0 and beyond).
SENuke X Overview
SENuke X
Areeb Bajwa, Joe Russell
Backlink Building Software
In a nutshell, SENuke X creates backlinks automatically by submitting articles to article directories, creating social bookmarks, submitting press releases, uploading videos to video-sharing sites and creating profiles on forums and web 2. 0 sites. This, in itself, is nothing groundbreaking, as there are quite a few programs that do something along those lines. The critical factors to whether it’s all it’s hyped up to be are:
What are the success rates like? (i. e. if the software attempts to build 100 links, how many actual links will I end up with? )
How many backlink sources can it submit to?
How automatic is it really?
In case you are wondering about the last question: All autmation software still needs some degree of “baby sitting”. Ideally, you can do all the work once, then have the software take care of the rest. In many cases, however, you need to frequently intervene to activate a next step or do some other manual task. One of the most promising features of SENuke X is that it’s supposed to be almost completely hands-off.
Some Numbers
First, let’s take a look at how many target URLs or backlink sources SENuke X comes with. SENuke X can automatically create and verify email accounts on Y! Mail, Hotmail and AOL Mail. These email accounts can then be used to create the various accounts that you’ll submit content and backlinks to. These are:
39 Web 2. 0/Free Blog Sites
86 Article Directories
25 Social Bookmarking Sites
29 Video Sites
5 RSS Directories
21 Press Release Sites
131 Non-Forum Profiles
430 Forum Profiles
This makes for a total of 766 different sites to potentially get backlinks from. In addition, it’s also possible to add your own custom lists of forum profile targets. While many submitters have larger target lists, what’s worth noting is that all of the sites SENuke X submits to have at least a PageRank of 1 on their homepage.
Using SENuke X
SENuke X comes with a very good wizard, that makes setting up a backlinks campaign a real breeze. Since a video says more than a million words (that’s a saying, right? ), here’s what I made for you:
(Video is expandable to full-screen mode)
Success Rates
An important factor with any kind of automatic submissions is the success rate (or failure rate, depending on whether you’re a glass-half-full or glass-half-empty type of person). In short: How many of the submissions actually work?
I’ve done a few hundred submissions and account creations with SENuke, so far and here are the numbers:
On the account creation, I saw an overall success rate of 86%. That is impressive.
On the submissions across several campaigns I’ve done, the success rate has been between 70% and 80%. This is a good success rate and it has a lot to do with the fact that SENuke X gets updated several times, most weeks. Sites where submissions fail consistently tend to get weeded out and new sites are added on a regular basis.
Overall, SENuke X has been working really well and I’ve been impressed with most of it. But of course, I also found some stuff to complain about during my testing.
During my initial test, the scheduler did not work the way it should. It seemed like it would just get stuck and manually starting certain task projects didn’t help, either. This issue was fixed only a few weeks after my review was published and ever since, I have not had any new problems with the scheduler. It now works the way it should: you simply set up your campaign, tell the software over how many days it should spread the submissions and leave it running. So that’s one complaint off the list.
One thing that’s a real pity is that you can’t go back to the diagram, where you draw out a “link-map” for your campaign, and add new parts to it. As far as I can tell, you can only start a new sub-campaign from scratch, including new profiles and accounts created for everything, if you want to use the diagram mode for building more links to the same site again. You can add new submission projects to an existing campaign, but not using the diagram.
Finally, something that struck me as strange (but isn’t a huge problem) is that only, and are supported for video uploads. Just seems weird that probably the most universal format for online video,. mp4, isn’t included and neither are flash formats.
Out of all the above, the only really fatal flaw is the problem with the scheduler. SENuke X is significantly less useful as long as that isn’t fixed.
SENuke delivers on it’s initial promise and it manages to be the most automatic link-building tool I’ve seen since SERPAssist. The latter failed to impress me mainly for two reasons: 1) it didn’t produce significant ranking results for the sites I tested it with and 2) it had a very limited amount of backlink targets, a problem that it doesn’t share with SENuke X.
With a recent update, SENuke X 2. 0 no longer needs to rely on a browser to create accounts and do submissions. Before this update, the software did most of the tasks by running several instances of Internet Explorer and automating the form-filling and clicking necessary for the submissions (which is the way almost all of these link building softwares work). Now, it does the submissions utilizing so-called “sockets”. The practical effect of this is that it’s a lot faster, uses fewer resources and is a lot more stable.
Overall, this is a huge improvement to the software and it’s a feature that can justify the additional cost of SENuke X over some competing products.
[button size=”large” align=”center” link=” linkTarget=”_blank” color=”green”]Get Your 14 Day Free Trial of SENuke X[/button]
Bonus Video: How to Use SEnuke X
I’m the founder of ActiveGrowth and Thrive Themes and over the last years, I’ve created and marketed a dozen different software, information and SaaS products. Apart from running my business, I spend most of my time reading, learning, developing skills and helping other people develop theirs. On ActiveGrowth, I want to help you become a better entrepreneur and product creator. Read more about my story here.
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SE Nuke X Amazing New SEO Automation Software, Free ...

SE Nuke X Amazing New SEO Automation Software, Free …

November 18, 2011
Quick Guide to SE Nuke X
SE Nuke X is a sophisticated program designed to help webpages get higher rankings in the search engines. It does this by automatically creating pages on sites like Blogger, Tripod and many others. It then builds links to these sites using a number of resources and strategies. In other words, SE Nuke builds links to the Web properties it creates, then links those properties to your money pages, creating a “link pyramid” with your own webpages at the top.
SE Nuke has a variety of modules. Some of these modules need the user to input some information while other modules will run automatically without any input needed from the user.
The Niche Keyword Research Module performs basic niche research to find the keywords that give your pages the best chance for success. These keywords are those that have few other sites competing for the same keywords, get a lot of traffic, and the traffic has value. All traffic doesn’t have the same value. For example, many search engine experts avoid using the word “free” as it often attracts freebie seekers and brings traffic of little or no value. Also, finding keywords that have little competition but still get lots of traffic is easier said than done. However it is still a main goal of niche research.
A custom Site Promotion Strategy Module has an easy-to-use graphical interface that lets users outline the overall strategy. This is done by instructing the program which resources link to other resources. By letting the user control the linking strategies the program can reduce “footprints” search engines such as Google may find and detect as being made by automated programs. If you are unsure of your own custom strategy, you can select from a number of premade strategies, giving the user the choice of ease or power.
SE Nuke’s Project Settings Module determines how fast and how often to create resources and build links to them. While faster may seem as being better, some search engine experts believe it’s possible to build links to quickly. The Project Settings Module lets users choose between aggressive linking, which is more risky but faster, versus a slower linking campaign which is more conservative.
The Account Creation feature adds sites like Blogger and Tripod, etc. in this module, the program creates sites a number of free resources, then posts content on these resources. The content then links back to the user’s money pages.
Auto captcha is a feature that automatically fills in those little boxes with the barely readable letters often seen when creating accounts. SE Nuke will fill in captchas in 10 seconds or less. This feature saves people time and hassles.
E-mail verification is another time-saving feature. When a resource is created, such as a blog on Blogger, they often send a verification e-mail which includes a link that needs to be clicked on in order for the account to be active. This is done automatically for you by the program.
All URLs to pages and RSS feeds created are placed in a list. These URLs then have links created that point to them, depending on the strategy selected in the Site Promotion Strategy Module.
The Social Bookmark Module reads the list of URLs of these pages and bookmarks them on dozens of popular bookmarking sites. This helps make sure all resources get indexed by the search engines quickly as well as builds more links.
SE Nuke also submits the RSS feeds to dozens of aggregators and RSS directories, again helping resources get indexed and adding extra links.
The Article Directory Module “spins” and submits articles to various article directories for more exposure. Spinning is somewhat controversial and is basically substituting words and phrases for other words and phrases, creating content for the purpose of tricking Google into thinking multiple pages have different content. The controversy arises from “spun” pages often don’t read very well and some search engine experts don’t believe there is any benefit from spinning content as far as linking is concerned.
A module that submits press releases is also included. Press releases can be beneficial as they can build links directly from the press release websites, plus the press releases may be picked up by other websites, creating more linking potential.
Also included is a forum profile builder. This service creates accounts on popular forums that have user profile pages for search engines can see. Links to your money pages and/or other resources can be added to these profile pages. Some SEO marketers swear by profile links, while others say they are very low value and a waste of time. There is some controversy over the issue of whether it is okay to create a profile on a forum with the intent of just building a link and not ever participating in the form.
The ping and index module is yet another function designed mostly to get pages indexed in the search engines. These are the lowest value links of any in SE Nuke and generally are used to point links at pages that point links to your other resources and your money pages.
While SE Nuke is highly automated, there is still preparation that should be done before beginning a campaign. Before starting, it’s highly suggested to have:
5 – 7 “spin” ready articles
2 – 3 “spin ready” press releases
Assorted miscellaneous descriptions, profile page descriptions, keyword relevant descriptions for bookmarking, etc.
(Optional) a couple of videos,
Also remember that while SE Nuke is a powerful program, it relies mostly on gathering low value links from easy to get resources. Because of this, unless you have selected keywords with very easy competition, just running a campaign may not be enough. For best results you will probably need to add another linking campaign which focuses on getting a few higher quality links. A few good, solid links mixed with an SE Nuke campaign can make all the difference in the world.
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