PWAN Homes – Making home ownership dream a reality.

PWAN Homes – Making home ownership dream a reality.

Businesses are built on integrity, honesty and most importantly trust. We will continue to fuel our trust reservoirs, as we believe that is…
Businesses are built on integrity, honesty and most importantly trust. We will continue to fuel our trust reservoirs, as we believe that is the foundation upon which we can build a sustainable business to the benefit of all our stakeholders. This trust relationship will never be compromised, regardless of the prevailing circumstances or situations.
As a firm we will remain accountable to all our stakeholders regarding decisions, actions, policies and outcomes. We understand…
As a firm we will remain accountable to all our stakeholders regarding decisions, actions, policies and outcomes. We understand the importance of transparency and responsibility and we will continually uphold this as a key virtue in our relationships.
Clients want to be rest assured that their investments are safe and secured. We will therefore not compromise on our…
Clients want to be rest assured that their investments are safe and secured. We will therefore not compromise on our responsibility to provide utmost security and peace of mind to our clients. Comprehensive due diligence will always be a minimum requirement for any business dealings.
What does PWAN stand for? - Acronyms and Abbreviations - The ...

What does PWAN stand for? – Acronyms and Abbreviations – The …

AcronymDefinitionPWANPersonal Wireless Area NetworkPWANPrivate Wide Area Network
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PWA Moderne

Speaker Profiles - Property Investor

Speaker Profiles – Property Investor

John Howell, FdiAfrica’s Bola Aderemi and Debbie Prekebena will be joined by representatives of our African exhibitors.
The list includes…
Veritasi Homes – Nola Rilwan Adetola (CEO) and Tobi Yussuf (Head of Marketing)
LandWey – Olawale Ayilara (CEO)
Meritabode – Oludotun Jacobs Oseni (CEO) and Ofure-Ose Akuete Jacobs (General Manager)
Revolution Plus – Tolulope Onalaja (Executive Director)
PWAN – Julius Oyedemi (MD – PWAN Plus) & Afam Okonkwo (MD – PWAN Homes)
John Howell
John Howell is the Founder and Editor of – a website providing written and video guides to how things really work in other countries.
Boasting over 30 years of experience in dealing with international legal and property problems, he is widely recognised and respected as a leading figure – and a leading legal adviser – in the field of international property. He has written many books about the subject, including several titles in ‘The Sunday Times ® Guide to buying a Property in… ‘ series and two ‘International Law’ volumes of the prestigious Butterworths Encyclopaedia of Forms & Precedents – a major text book for lawyers.
He was also the Editorial Director of Overseal Property Professional (OPP) and has appeared many times in the press and on radio and TV as an expert on international law and property. He has also presented seminars about property investment all over the world. He was a founder member of and (for several years) a board member of the Association of International Property Professionals.
Bola Aderemi Bayewumi
Mr Bola’ Aderemi Bayewumi is the Chief Executive Officer of FdiAfrica Integrated Resources. A Broadcaster and Public Relations Consultant, with over 20 years experience in Corporate Branding and Product Promotion, he developed a unique concept of adequately providing vital information and networking platform to showcase investment opportunities in Africa as means of attracting Foreign Direct Investment.
Through sustainable partnership with Property Investor Media Ltd, FdiAfrica has been able to champion the creation of awareness among Africans – particularly Nigerians in Diapora – about the opportunities available in Property Development. This effort has opened up Africa to Foreign Direct Investors as a continent with great returns, not only in Property Development, but in other productive industries.
Olawale Ayilara
Olawale Ayilara is the CEO of LandWey Investment Limited. Prior to founding LandWey Groups, Mr. Olawale worked as Head Business Development Creativity and Strategy at Eagles Insight and Innovations and wasCo-founder of Nigerian Property Investments Group – a real estate platform for the Nigerian diaspora. He has amassed over a decade of experience within the Nigerian business industry during which he has led transactions with combined values of over $200 million.
Mr Olawale has also worked as a business strategist with Eagles Group (E. G. ) has spent most of his career in Business Development, Innovations & Strategy Also serves as President Nigerian Advocates for positive Change, Also Senior Director Beyond School Initiative Organization.
An alumni of Lagos Business School, he sits on the board of over 10 high profile businesses. Olawale is also a member of the ‘Sponsors for Young Growing Business Association’ – a pan African based organization comprising a network of Africa’s leading professionals.
Debbie Prekebena
Debbie Prekebena is the Head of Operations of FdiAfrica. With over 10 years of Marketing Experience in the Property Development sector, Debbie has been able to develop a workable blue print to cater for the housing needs of various classes of people who are keen to become home owners.
She is conversant with field operations and the practical aspects of Property Investment – and boasts a wealth of experience in the Nigerian residential property market.
Tolulope OnalajaWith a post graduate diploma in management and a Masters in Business Administration, Tolulope Onalaja has over 16 years work experience spread across the real estates and facility management sectors. She resigned as the Chief Operating Officer of a renowned facility management company in Nigeria to Join Revolutionplus property as the Executive Director(Business Support). Tolulope is married with two children.
Julius Oyedemi
Julius Oyedemi is a multiple award winning Real Estate magnate in Lagos Nigeria.
He is the leading coach of PWAN Plus, a network marketing real estate solution.
PWAN Plus is a subsidiary of PWAN Group Nigeria Ltd
Afam Okonkwo
Michael Afam Okonkwo is the MD/CEO of PWAN Homes/ PWAN Legend – a member of PWAN Group.
He boasts over 10 years experience in the in real estate sector – this embraces prospecting, acquisitions, s ales and real estate
consulting/management. He is an alumni of LBS.
Oludotun Jacobs OseniOludotun Jacob Oseni is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Meritabode Nigeria Limited, a fast growing Real Estate company. Mr Oseni is an entrepreneur with considerable business experience. He has led Meritabode Nigeria Limited to considerable success within the space of just a few years.
Ofure-Ose Akuete JacobsMrs Ofure Ose- Akuete Jacobs graduated in Accountancy at Ambrose Alli University. Boasting considerable experience in Project Management, Administration, Customer services and Implementation, she has worked in virtually all departments of the company. She has been a key player in the company’s growth.
Nola Rilwan Adetola
Nola Adetola is the Co-founder/CEO of Veritasi Homes and Properties Limited.
He was formerly at Grenadines Homes where he honed his skills and gained experience to run a successful real estate business. Under his leadership, Veritasi Homes has grown its reputation among stakeholders and has delivered great products like Starcity Gardens and Silverton Gardens.
Nola is keen about building sustainable business and he mentors a number of small business owners.
Tobi Yusuff
Tobi Yusuff is the Head of Marketing and Communications at Veritasi Homes and Properties Limited. Prior to joining Veritasi Homes, he worked as a Brand analyst at Zenera Consulting and as an account planner at INK Business Design where he led successful brand campaigns.
He has an entrepreneurial mind-set and was once part of StarUp Sussex, UK. He is also a certified strategic manager and a volunteer with ShoeStore Africa. Tobi is passionate about building great brands.

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What is the meaning of PWAN?

PWANAcronymDefinitionPWANPersonal Wireless Area NetworkPWANPrivate Wide Area Network

Who is the CEO of PWAN?

Julius Oyedemi is a multiple award winning Real Estate magnate in Lagos Nigeria. He is the leading coach of PWAN Plus, a network marketing real estate solution. Michael Afam Okonkwo is the MD/CEO of PWAN Homes/ PWAN Legend – a member of PWAN Group.Apr 20, 2018

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