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Zalmos free web proxy | Unblock Proxy

Zalmos free web proxy | Unblock Proxy

Just a free web proxy.
Zalmos is a free web proxy tool that helps you to unblock most of the websites that are blocked in your regione.
There’s no need to create an account or to use third party apps, Zalmos is a browser base free web proxy.
Unblock the internet
If you have isues whit blocked content on the internet you can use a free web proxy to unblock it, fast and free unblock proxy.
Encryption for all Websites
Use Zalmos to access websites whitout encryption to secure your data over the internet.
Search the web anonymously
Search engines display search results depending on your browser history but also your phisical location.
Use Zalmos for more impartial search results. Unblock Proxy!
High quality HD youtube proxy - Zalmos

High quality HD youtube proxy – Zalmos

Encryption for all websites – SSL
We not only offer the best youtube proxy on the internet, we also offers SSL security, which encrypts communications between the user and the proxy. A beneficial side effect of SSL is the ability to encrypt packages and in combination with our URL session base encription will be almost imposibalfor someone to see what websites you are visiting on the web. This is the perfect solution to bypass censorship restrictions in countries which restrict access to websites.
Free Proxy - Zalmos

Free Proxy – Zalmos

Unblock YouTube
We have tried to gave you the best youtube proxy on the internet and we have succide, but wile we are tryng to offer you the best youtube expence, we managed to make our free proxy compatible even with facebook, twitter, myspace and many more, Even a couple of adult sites.
Encryption for all websites – SSL
For us the most important thing in the world is your security. This is way we have a realy complicated encryption algorithm. You can not be any safer on the internet. Even more than that, our free proxy comes with SSL security, just so you can say we are realy paranoid about ho is watching us right now. Duble the encryption so doble the secyrity and is all for free.

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