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ZennoProxyChecker – ZennoLab

ZennoProxyChecker – ZennoLab

ZennoProxyChecker – ZennoLab
It is often necessary to stay annonymous, when working in the Internet. Our program provides this opportunity for you!
Full cycle of work with proxy
With ProxyChecker you may whether check proxy in two clicks or configure complex system for parsing, filtering and outputiing proxies matching many different parameters.
High performance
ZennoProxyChecker allows you to check proxy in thousands threads simultaneously, speed is limited only by power of your computer and Internet channel bandwidth.
Instead of buying cheap proxies, you can collect them by yourself from thousands sources available in the Internet using ZennoProxyChecker
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Unified control
Monitor the process of searching, downloading, and checking proxies on the main program screen
Variety of checks
Get proxy lists, checked for many different parameters
Output proxy
Set up proxy output into your programs through files, HTTP, FTP
The program parses proxies from available sources
Proxy can be checked for many different parameters
You output proxies into your programs and scripts
Proxy autosearch
ZennoProxyChecker able to search proxies on websites and in RSS-feeds
Checks for different parameters, checking for URL, CAPTCHA in Google and others
Bypass protection at sites
Proxychecker is able to bypass protection from automatic parsing on websites
Run in one click
Intuitive user-friendly interface, no extra windows and complexities
Checking proxy in thousands of threads simultaneously
Proxy Database
ZennoProxyChecker database allows to store more than 1000000 proxy addresses
Output proxies into your programs and scripts through files, HTTP and FTP
Unique algorithm
Built-in algorithm for optimizing proxy parsing and loading
Filtering proxy
Built-in proxy filters based on PlanetLab/CoDeeN blacklists
12 years
on the market of SEO automation
> 15 000
customers from 88 countries
Large user community
Could I install the program on a virtual machine?
Yes, you can install it on virtual machines with the exception of cloud servers.
Does the program have a subscription fee or similar?
There is a six-month subscription for updates. You’ll get six-month free updates after buying. If you would like to continue your subscription please refer to the price comparison table above on this page. If you prefer not to subscribe, your program will continue to work flawlessly, but without any new updates.
Could I buy this program with the current discount and resell it after?
No, this programs unauthorized reselling is strictly prohibited and may lead to deactivation of your account.
Work with Proxy - en:zennoposter:macros-documentation ...

Work with Proxy – en:zennoposter:macros-documentation …

In order to make ZennoPoster execute your template through a proxy, you need first to make several steps:
the ProxyChecker, stuff it with proxy-containing web resources, check your proxies, create the rule (if this has not been done before) the name for which you indicated in the template settings and make sure that you have proxies that suit this rule.
Configuring the rule for proxy selection from the ProxyChecker
More often than not you may require not getting all proxies in a row from the ProxyChecker, but rather only some of them that meet certain conditions. A set of these conditions is referred to as the rule. For instance, ZennoPoster, due to limitations imposed by Internet Explorer cannot work with SOCKS 5, that is why in any rules for your templates you should always add filtration of SOCKS 5. You can set your filter for the selection of the fastest proxies first.
If you are parsing a search engine or simply a site, then you do not need that your proxy supports POST parameters transfer and cookies. And if you are registering accounts, then your proxy should, by all means, be able to send POST parameters, cookies and references.
ProxyChecker Help Guide can be found here!
ZennoLab – ZennoLab

ZennoLab – ZennoLab

ZennoLab – ZennoLab
ZennoPoster 5
ZennoPoster 5 is intended for SEO-experts, webmasters and people engaged in vigorous activity on the Internet. The software allows to record human actions on websites, blogs, forums (filling in forms, clicks on links, post messages) and repeat them in multiple threads (Professional version). The program also provides anonymity through proxies, processed by powerful built-in proxychecker.
Learn more
CapMonster 2
CapMonster 2 – software package for recognizing captchas developed basing on most advanced OCR algorithms. The program includes ready-made modules for most popular captchas, and this module base is being constantly updated. With CapMonster, you will also be able to create your own recognition modules for almost any captchas, even most complicated ones.
ZennoProxyChecker 3
ZennoProxyChecker – software that provides a full cycle of working with proxy: auto-searching proxies, loading proxy lists from web pages, databases, checking proxies for a variety of parameters (type, protocols, anonimity, speed, etc. ), outputing proxies to different sources (hard drive, localhost, ftp-server). With special proxychecker features you will be able to check access via proxies to any website. Program speed allows to work in thousands of threads and is limited only by power of your PC or server and Internet channel bandwidth.
With ZennoDroid you can record mouse actions performed on virtual Android screen and play back them later in the same order. It looks similar as if you would wipe your finger on sensor smartphone screen. We also included into the program the options for changing proxy and setting certain system parameters, so that you could emulate different devices each time.
12 years
on the market of seo automation
> 15 000
customers from 88 countries
Large user community

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