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How to Get Hulu for Free - Tech Advisor

How to Get Hulu for Free – Tech Advisor

Hulu is one of the top streaming services out there, but do you really have to pay for it? Here’s how to get Hulu for free
Do you really have to pay to use Hulu? Not if you’re clever about it
| 12 Jan 2021
Hulu is gradually becoming more competitive in the streaming wars, with shows like The Handmaids’ Tale and Castle Rock that rival the best of Amazon Prime, and a library of other companies’ creations that’s arguably better than what Netflix has to offer.
While there used to be a free option for Hulu, that’s long since gone, and even the ad-supported plan costs $5. 99 per month (Hulu isn’t available outside the US, but there are ways to access it if you want).
Luckily there are a couple of ways to work around that and access Hulu without paying a penny.
Sign up for a free trial
This won’t get you free Hulu for long, but if you just want to try the service out for a bit to see if it’s for you (or simply binge the entirety of a show without paying) Hulu does offer free trials.
It’s actually a surprisingly generous one too. Hulu offers new subscribers a whole month free, which is more than enough time to catch up on Atlanta or just figure out if the library is good enough to keep you around.
Remember that you’ll have to cancel before the end of the month to avoid being charged though. If not, you’ll end up paying either $5. 99 for the ad-supported subscription, or $11. 99 for the ad-free version.
If you’re a college student you can get the new $1. 99 per month plan. To be eligible, you must be over the age of 18 and be enrolled in a college institution.
The Disney+ bundle
If you also want to subscribe to Disney+ and ESPN+ on top of Hulu, then there’s a bundle of all three services which saves you a lot of money.
The bundle is available for the very reasonable price of $12. 99 a month. When you add the cost of all three regular monthly subscriptions together it saves you just around $5 per month, nearly nullifying the standalone cost of a Hulu subscription.
Use Microsoft Rewards
OK, so what if you want Hulu free forever? There is a way, but it might take a bit of work – and a shift to your habits.
A $25 Hulu gift card is one of the rewards included in Microsoft Rewards, a points program used by Microsoft to encourage people to use Bing, Edge, and other Microsoft products.
The first thing to do is visit the Microsoft Rewards site and sign up using your Microsoft account – you’ll have to create an account if you don’t have one already. Once you’ve signed up you can begin earning points – accumulate 28, 000 and you can claim the Hulu gift card.
You can get points every day by searching through Bing on desktop and mobile, using Edge as your browser, and engaging with the daily bonus ‘click activities’. To get the most points, it’s best to set Edge as your default browser and Bing as your default search engine on both your computer and your phone – though yes, we’re afraid that does mean using Bing all the time.
Maximise your daily points and you can just about his 28, 000 points in three or four months – pretty much the same amount of time that $25 gift card will last if you spend it on the ad-supported Hulu Basic plan, or the new college plan.
Keep doing this and you can essentially have Hulu forever – or at least as long as the system lasts – though it won’t be quite enough to cover the pricier ad-free plan we’re afraid.
Author: Dominic Preston, Deputy Editor
Dom covers everything that runs on electricity, from phones and laptops to wearables, audio, gaming, smart home, and streaming – plus he’s a regular fixture on the Tech Advisor YouTube channel.
How to Get Hulu Plus for Free Every Month - MakeUseOf

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How to Get Hulu Plus for Free Every Month – MakeUseOf

While this may come as a surprise to some, Hulu Plus is actually quite good now.
While Netflix reigns as the king of TV and movie streaming, Hulu offers plenty of amazing TV shows, many of which you can’t stream anywhere else, and there are times when Hulu is better than Amazon Prime Video.
Hulu sadly ditched its free plan back in 2016, but not all hope is lost for people wanting to watch Hulu without paying. Here’s something a lot of people don’t realize: there’s a legitimate way to watch Hulu for free, month to month, and it doesn’t require much effort. The trick is to use Microsoft Rewards.
Note: This method can only sustain a Hulu Basic subscription, which grants access to Hulu’s on-demand TV library and the ability to host Hulu watch parties. However, if you want to, you can also use these gift cards to offset the cost of Hulu Live, which allows you to stream live TV from over 50 channels.
What Is Microsoft Rewards?
Formerly called Bing Rewards, Microsoft Rewards is an opt-in program that grants points every time you search using Bing. When you collect enough points, you can redeem them for prizes, including Hulu Plus gift cards.
Points can also be donated to charity, used toward the purchase of Microsoft products like Xbox Ones and Xbox controllers, or spent to enter monthly sweepstakes with huge prizes like Surface Books. Even in the worst case scenario, you can convert Microsoft Rewards points into Amazon gift cards.
All in all, it’s easy and worthwhile. You’re going to be searching for things on the web anyway, so why not earn points for it? With Microsoft Rewards, it’s truly effortless.
How to get started with Microsoft Rewards:
Click the Try it now, free button.
Sign in with your Microsoft account, or create one if you don’t have one.
Follow the prompts. Done!
Getting Hulu Plus With Microsoft Rewards
Once you’ve enabled Microsoft Rewards on your account, make sure you’re signed into your Microsoft account and then visit the Redeem Microsoft Rewards page.
Here you’ll find everything you can redeem using your points, but the one we’re interested in is called $25 Hulu Plus E-Gift Card. As of this writing, this prize requires 28, 000 points to redeem.
Just click Redeem Reward and then Redeem Reward again on the next page to confirm the redemption.
Redeeming the Gift Card on Hulu
Once redeemed on Microsoft Rewards, you’ll receive an email with a digital code that you can use to load the gift card value onto Hulu. Once signed into your Hulu account, visit the Redeem Your Gift page and enter the code.
The gift card’s value will be added to your account, and your next Hulu charge will first deduct from your gift card balance, then charge your payment method if there’s any additional cost that wasn’t covered by the gift card balance.
Note that Hulu Plus offers a “Limited Commercials” plan for $8/month and a “No Commercials” plan for $12/month, but you’ll only be able to afford the Limited plan using this method as it takes about three months of searches to afford the reward.
A Trick for Getting Hulu Plus Even Cheaper
If you don’t mind a tiny bit of extra work, or if you somehow don’t see the Hulu Plus gift card as one of your options for Microsoft Rewards, you can get the same $25 Hulu Plus gift card for only 26, 250 points instead using a clever trick.
The trick is simple:
Earn 26, 250 points by searching Bing per normal.
Redeem five $5 Walmart eGift Cards instead.
Load those gift cards onto your Walmart account.
Using the gift card balance, purchase a $25 Hulu Plus gift card on Walmart.
This is the exact same gift card offered by Microsoft Rewards. Just load it onto your Hulu account using the same instructions in the “Redeeming the Gift Card on Hulu” section above and you’re done!
Maximizing Your Microsoft Reward Points
How long does it take to earn enough points for redemption? Well, as of this writing, there are three main ways to earn Microsoft Reward points.
Daily Desktop Searches
Every day, you can earn up to 150 points by desktop search, where each Bing search (while logged in to your Microsoft account) counts as 5 points.
What I’ve done is change my browser’s default search engine to Bing so that I can just search per normal using the browser’s address bar and automatically gain points for it. It’s so easy, I’ve never lost out on desktop search points in the many years I’ve been a Microsoft Rewards participant.
Note that Bing searches performed through Windows 10’s Taskbar and Cortana also count toward the daily 150 limit. Learn more about using Cortana in Windows 10.
You can also gain an extra 20 points by using Microsoft Edge. Bing searches performed in Microsoft Edge also count as five points each, but once you reach the daily 150 limit, you can go up to 170 if you search while using Microsoft Edge.
Daily Mobile Searches
Every day, you can earn up to 100 points by mobile search, where each search also counts as five points as it does for desktop searches.
On smartphones, you can set the default search engine for your mobile browser of choice to Bing and reap the rewards for no effort at all.
On tablet devices, however, Bing mobile browser searches count as desktop searches—at least they do on my Galaxy Tab S—in which case you’ll have to resort to using the Microsoft Bing Search app (on Android, on iOS).
Daily Click Activities
Every day, Microsoft presents a handful of “click activities” that each grant anywhere from 10 to 50 points depending on what the click activity is.
The 10-point click activities simply show you something that’s timely and interesting, such as a list of Academy Award winners, or the meaning of Arbor Day, or a funny new trend that’s making its way around the internet.
The 30-point click activities are trivia quizzes in which you answer three questions based on celebrities, entertainment, history, science, etc. Every once in a while, you’ll get a 50-point super quiz with five questions.
If you keep up with these click activities, you can earn streak bonuses for more points.
Put It All Together and Get Free Hulu Plus!
Given a 30-day month, you could potentially earn up to 5, 100 desktop search points, 3, 000 mobile search points, and about 600 click activity points, for a total of 8, 700 Microsoft Reward points per month.
Using the cheaper Walmart method, you can redeem a Hulu Plus gift card for three months of the Limited plan, then redeem another Hulu Plus gift card just in time as your Hulu subscription runs out. Perfect!
The only downside is…
You have to accrue just over 26, 000 Microsoft Reward points before you can start the cycle, which means waiting three months before you can start watching Hulu or paying for the first three months before transitioning to free indefinitely.
But after that, you’re good to go!
Personally, I think Hulu Plus is worth the money. You could get enough value from the 90s sitcoms alone.
Watching on-air TV shows is great, and Hulu has some high-quality original content, including The Handmaid’s Tale.
And if you’re still wondering whether Hulu is worth the effort, I recommend checking out our article on tips for getting the most out of Hulu.
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For those who use Microsoft (Bing) Rewards to earn Hulu Gift ...

For those who use Microsoft (Bing) Rewards to earn Hulu Gift …

I noticed that Hulu had disappeared as a “goal. ” When I checked the Redeem page using Edge browser, I noticed that Hulu isn’t listed. They do have some new options – Burger King, Target, Wal-Mart, Toys r Us, Dominos, and about four others but sadly Hulu is not showing up for me. Is anyone else who uses Microsoft Rewards still have Hulu gift cards as a redemption option? thread is archivedNew comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast
level 1Well that sucks. Hopefully they do bring it back in the 2The message I received was they will have a new Hulu reward soonlevel 1Noticed it was gone as 1I was just about to order my reward and seen the pop up that it was changing(Hulu), so I decided to wait. Then it was gone. I asked them about it, and they said it’s been removed from the 2Thanks. I never got a 1Yes and no. They have a $25 gift card available for 28, 000 points. Go to the Redeem page and scroll all the way down to the no, the option to redeem points for one month of Hulu is not available. But you can get like, three months of Hulu! So go 2Correct. I did post that in r/cordcutters later. But it’s more points than getting Game stop points and then buying the Hulu gift card at Game 1It’s not an ideal solution, but as a workaround you can buy five of the $5 GameStop rewards or $5 Walmart rewards, and use that to buy a $25 Hulu gift card on one of their 2A workaround, but will take several months to get enough to get the $25 2Walmart rewards can’t be used to purchase gift cards.

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