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Is there a way to vote multiple times with multiple accounts?

Is there a way to vote multiple times with multiple accounts?

Is there a way to vote multiple times with multiple accounts? | Empire Minecraft Alright, so lets say I go and vote for all the websites that are currently listed under the “vote” tab. Then I go through them again and try to vote with my alternate or another account and it tells me I already voted today, which I have not. At least not with that account. I believe that the websites block my IP address from my router after I vote and then allows it again after a certain amount of time. I tried using other computers and mobile devices around my house and the same thing happens, but when I go to another network, say another building with wifi, I can do it. I just want to know if anyone knows a way I can vote with multiple accounts to support the Empire, plus, my brother cant vote for the Empire because I do and he is really bummed out about that. I really want to make him feel better. I know about certain browsers that my friends say can do it. One of which being Tor. But my research on such browsers show them to be fairly unsecure. So if anyone can give me any advice, that would be much appreciated. Vote with your account just one one site so your alt and brother can vote on the others. the system logs your ip address so it knows you have voted from that address already, the only way around this is to vote on an alt using a friends computer, or what I do sometimes is vote using my phone when it picks up a wifi link when I am out its not so easy as the captcha images don’t always open completely but it works. Yep, that system is in place with the voting sites and not EMC, it is purely to prevent one guy from voting thousands of times for the same server to push them up the list. My suggestion is as mentioned above, just agree with your brother that you both will only vote on certain sites each, so you always have a vote each day. There are… 6 sites? that will let you than vote on all 6 at once, use the first three to vote for your main, your alt, and your brother in the at night, vote on the last three to vote for your main, your alt, and your will spread out the you got a cell phone with the internet on it, like 3G or 4G, turn off the wifi access to your phone and use the phones network to get a fresh IP great places to ‘visit’ is Starbucks, McDonalds, etc… (free wifi = new IP address) this helps. Use a VPN or data on a phone. PM me for more info if ya want. If you use a phone, disconnect from any nearby connections, and use data. Hmm. I was already aware of most of what everyone has said. I was wondering if there was a way to get a router to cycle through IP addresses or to change it easily so that I could use a different IP to access the internet and vote on all the sites will all my accounts. And no, my phone is not 3g or 4g. Its a little piece of junk, but I do have a 5th gen ipod. Spreading up the votes for each of my accounts is only going to get me the bonus. I want to vote on all the sites for all my accounts so that all of them get all those rupees and bonuses while supporting the Empire through all those accounts. There has got to be a way to do it. I just haven’t found it yet… *ahem* Proxies… Although, you would most likely have to pay for using it, and also not have proxies blocked from the voting IP address (external) is dictated by your provider. Even if you do not ‘pay’ for a static IP address, you are usually reserved one address for a decent length of time before they change it on, what you speak of, look for proxies. allows you to vote with different usernames from the same IP.
3 Ways to Create a Poll in a Discord Chat on a PC or Mac - wikiHow

3 Ways to Create a Poll in a Discord Chat on a PC or Mac – wikiHow

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Creating a poll in a Discord channel is a great way to engage with others on your server. You can use polls to gauge interest on topics, vote for moderators, or even to role-play. This wikiHow article will teach you how to create a poll using two easy-to-use Discord bots, plus how to create an even simpler poll using nothing but emoji reactions.
Open Discord. The Discord app icon is a purple-and-white game controller icon. You’ll find it in your Windows Start menu or on your Mac’s Launchpad.
An emoji reaction poll lets people answer your question by clicking certain emoji, each of which corresponds to a different answer.
Emoji reaction polls are great when you want to create polls without inviting a bot to your server. Bots are generally easier for polling, but they do require administrative permissions.
2Click your server’s icon. On the panel on the left side of the Discord window, click the initials or profile image of the server in which you want to create a poll. If you created the server or have permissions to manage it, you’ll be able to create an emoji reaction poll.
3Select a channel for your poll. If you want a dedicated channel that’s just for your poll, you can click + next to the “TEXT CHANNELS” heading, enter a name for the channel (e. g., “Poll”), and click Create Channel. Otherwise, click any text channel in the list to go to that channel.
Set up user permissions for the channel. Here’s how:
Click the gear icon next to the channel’s name.
Click Permissions.
Select @everyone under the “ROLE/MEMBERS” heading on the right side of the page.
Click the green ✓ to the right of the “Read Message History” heading.
Scroll down and click the red X next to every other option.
Click Save Changes.
Click the X in the upper-right side of the window.
5Create your poll question. Type the question into the channel’s text box and press Enter or Return.
6Add reaction emojis to the question. Hover your mouse over the question and click the smiley face. Then, click one of the emojis you want to use as a reaction (such as the thumbs-up for yes). Click other emoji that you want to assign as other answers, such as the thumbs-down for no. Each emoji you click will correspond with a possible poll answer.
Explain the poll options to the channel. This usually means saying something like “Click [emoji 1] to vote yes, click [emoji 2] to vote no, ” or similar. You can add the rules by editing the original post or in a new post—either is fine.
For example, in a poll asking whether pizza is a vegetable, you might say “Click the thumbs-up emoji to vote ‘yes’ or click the thumbs-down emoji to vote ‘no'” here.
8Tell members to react. People in the channel can click an emoji to add a vote to it. The number of each emoji vote will appear next to the emoji.
9Tally up the votes. After a certain amount of time (or after everyone has voted), the emoji with the highest number beside it is the winning answer.
1Go to in a web browser. This takes you to an invitation page for Poll Bot, which is one of most popular polling bots for Discord. It’s very easy to use and doesn’t require as many permissions as some other bots.
Click Invite this bot. It’s the pink button in the upper-right corner.
If you’re not signed in to Discord, you’ll be asked to do so now.
3Select a server and click Continue. This adds Poll Bot to the selected server.
Review the permissions and click Authorize. These permissions are required for the bot to make polls on the server.
You may need to click a box to prove you are human before the bot will join your server.
5Open Discord and select your server. Your servers appear in the left column of Discord.
Select a text channel. You can choose any of the channels in the “TEXT CHANNELS” list in which to create a poll.
If you want to create a channel specifically for the poll, click + next to the “TEXT CHANNELS” heading, enter a name for the channel (e. g., “Poll”), and click Create Channel.
Enter the command for the type of poll you want to use. You can use Poll Bot to create three different types of polls. Check out these examples:
Yes/No reaction poll: Type +poll: What is your favorite color? and Poll Bot will reply with a thumbs up, thumbs down, and shrugging reaction emojis. Other users can click the reaction emojis to vote.
Multiple reaction poll: Type +poll: {What is your favorite color? } [brown] [blue] [purple]] and Poll Bot will respond with letter emojis for each option, such as A, B, C, etc. You can add up to 26 options. [1]
Strawpoll: Type +strawpoll {Which fruit do you prefer? } [plums] [grapes] [peaches] and Poll Bot will respond with a link and an image to a poll on where users can vote. You can add up to 30 options.
Have your channel’s users fill out the poll. If you created a Yes/No or multiple reaction poll, channel users can click the emoji or reaction that corresponds with their answer. If you created a straw poll, users can click the link in Poll Bot’s channel message to log their answer.
Poll responses are visible right away–no
Go to in a web browser. EasyPoll is one of the most popular Discord polling bots, and it’s super easy (hence the name) to set up. [2]
You can invite the EasyPoll bot to your server using this invite link.
EasyPoll requires more permissions than some other bots, but it also has more features, including the ability to create timed polls.
2Select a server and click Continue. You must be a server Manager or Administrator to add a bot. [3]
Review the permissions and click Authorize. EasyPoll does not recommend that you make any changes to the preselected permissions, as they’ll all make it easy to create your polls. [4]
Click Join EasyPoll Discord Bot. This opens the Welcome screen for the EasyPoll bot.
By default, only server members with Administrator or Manage Server permissions can create and close polls. [5]
But if you create a roll called PollCreator, EasyBot will know also allow those members the same full access to poll creation. To create a roll, go to Server Settings > Roles and click Create Role. Then, assign any members who should be able to create polls.
Go into the channel in which you want to create the poll. You can create your poll in any public or private channel on the server.
To get a quick list of EasyPoll’s main commands, just type /easypoll in the channel.
6Type /poll or timepoll and press Tab ↹. Use /poll if you don’t want it to stop at a particular time (you can close it whenever you want), or timepoll if you want to specify the poll’s length. When you press Tab, you’ll be asked to enter the question.
7Enter the question you want people to answer and press Tab ↹. Additional options will appear.
8Enter the length of the poll (if doing a timed poll) and press Tab ↹. The time follows the format 7d (7 days), 3h (3 hours), or 2m (2 minutes). You can use any numbers you want.
Enter all possible answers. Here’s how:
Click allow multiple choices at the top of the list.
If you want to allow people to select more than one answer, type true and press Tab. If not, type false and press Tab.
Click answer1.
Type the first possible answer and press Tab.
Click answer2.
Type the next possible answer and press Tab.
Keep adding answers until you’re finished.
10Press ↵ Enter or ⏎ Return to start the poll. The poll is now live. Anyone in the channel can answer the poll question by clicking their preferred answer(s).
11Close the poll and view the results. If you created a timed poll, the poll will close automatically after the time period ends. If you created an untimed poll (or just want to end your timed poll early), just type /closepoll and press Enter or Return to end the poll.
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How do I end the poll?
For reactions, you can just delete the message. I think Poll Bot has a command to end the poll. For the website, just delete the links off Discord and announce the results.
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Article SummaryX1. Open Discord and select a server.
2. Open or create a new channel.
3. Allow other members Read permissions only.
4. Invite people you want to vote.
5. Type the question and press Enter.
6. Hover the mouse over the question and click the emoji button.
7. Select at least 2 emoji to represent different responses.
8. Tell members to click an emoji to vote.
9. Tally up the votes.
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4 Easy Ways to Get Contest Votes on Facebook - The Balance Everyday

4 Easy Ways to Get Contest Votes on Facebook – The Balance Everyday

Use Vote Exchanges and Other Facebook Strategies to Win More Contests
Many contests ask the public to participate by voting for their favorite entry to win. When you enter a voting contest, you need to rally people to vote for your entry to win. But how can you gather votes effectively to help you become a big winner?
Social media is an important tool you can use to reach out to people and ask them for votes. Here are some ideas for getting votes on Facebook to secure an edge over your competition.
For some more ideas about how to improve your odds of winning outside of Facebook, check out How to Get Votes for Contests.
Use Your Facebook Wall
Leverage Your Facebook Wall to Get More Votes.
David Malan / Getty Images
The simplest way to get votes on Facebook is to simply ask.
Just post a link to your contest entry on your Facebook wall, and ask your friends and family members to help you. If not all of your Facebook friends are interested in giveaways, you can use Friend Lists to show your vote requests only to the friends you want to ask to vote for you.
Becoming Facebook friends with other people who enter contests makes this strategy even more effective. Friends who know how much meaning wins to you are more likely to vote enthusiastically and regularly. Visit sweepstakes groups and online forums to find people who share your passion for winning.
If people are allowed to vote more than once, you want to be sure to remind them to enter regularly. But how can you do this without either asking too often or forgetting to make a post?
A social media scheduler like Buffer is a good solution. Buffer lets you schedule posts to appear whenever you want. If you write one post per day or per week for the length of the entry, you can keep your friends coming back and voting without much effort.
Join Facebook Vote Exchange Groups
Facebook voting groups are a valuable way to help each other win.
Ariel Skelley / Getty Images
Vote Exchange Groups on Facebook groups exist to allow people to ask for votes for their contest entries. Usually, you’re expected to “return” votes by helping to vote for the people who voted for you. Be sure to read the group rules before participating.
Before you start asking for votes through exchanges, be sure that the rules of your contest don’t prohibit them. Sometimes you are only allowed to ask for votes from people you know personally. Breaking this rule can result in disqualification!
Vote exchange groups spring up and disappear regularly. Use Google search and Facebook search to find current groups.
Create Your Own Facebook Voting Group
Starting your own Facebook group can help you draw together people who can help you win votes.
Hero Images / Getty Images
Creating a group on Facebook is free and easy, and you can leverage a group to drive votes to your contest.
You have several options if you don’t want to set up and maintain a vote exchange group. For example, you can set up a Facebook group for one specific contest, or gather your sweepstakes friends together to form a mutual support group to share winning tips and encouragement as well as votes.
If you don’t know how to get started, see How Do I Create a Group? from Facebook’s support pages.
Ask Your Friends to Spread the Word
When you promote your contest, don’t just ask your friends to vote, ask them to spread the word as well. If their friends and the friends of those friends start voting, your votes can rise exponentially.
You have higher chances of getting people you don’t know to vote when your post catches their interest. For example, you might give some background to why you’re entering the contest or tell the story behind your entry. Your post could be funny or tug on heartstrings or just have a really cute picture that goes with it.
With some luck, your vote request could go viral and help you win.

Frequently Asked Questions about how to vote on strawpoll multiple times

How do you vote multiple times in Minecraft?

Rather than vote on all 6 at once, use the first three to vote for your main, your alt, and your brother in the morning. Then at night, vote on the last three to vote for your main, your alt, and your brother. This will spread out the votes.Jun 28, 2014

How do you use Strawpoll discord?

Strawpoll: Type +strawpoll {poll title} [option 1] [option 2] [option 3] and Poll Bot will respond with a link and an image to a poll on where users can vote on the options.Sep 24, 2021

How do I increase my vote on Facebook?

4 Easy Ways to Get Contest Votes on FacebookUse Your Facebook Wall. Leverage Your Facebook Wall to Get More Votes. … Join Facebook Vote Exchange Groups. Facebook voting groups are a valuable way to help each other win. … Create Your Own Facebook Voting Group.May 29, 2021

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