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Automate your Instagram Marketing – Dominator House

There’s no doubt that Instagram, with its more than 600 million users, has become a great instagram marketing tool for business today. With growing targeting, analytics, promotional tactics and marketing tools provided by Instagram, it’s definitely a great arsenal in your digital marketing tool kit.
Now Brands have been opening Instagram accounts thick and fast like you, but how confident are you of obtaining real results, and are you able to measure the impact of their messaging on the microblogging network? So the difficulty remains: Who will you reach on Instagram? How will you reach them? How effectively are you using this tool? How can you tell if you’ve done a good job? etc.
The only Software which works on both windows and Mac OS
Instagram marketing software Archives - GramDominator

Instagram marketing software Archives – GramDominator

Whether we’re growing our own personal account or working on behalf of a company, we always aimed to grow a bigger, relevant audience on Instagram.
Instagram’s growth speeds up as it hits 700 million monthly actives in 2 years. Nowadays, many brands are seen this social media platform to grow a strong following of customers who really relate to their brand, and get paid? If you’re so, then Instagram is your magic spell.
Now to generate massive followers and profit for your business on Instagram. You must need expertise who can guide you.
These all can be done with the help of “GramDominator – Instagram Marketing Software“. GramDominator is designed with various brand-friendly features. Which helps marketers to get more familiar with Instagram for their business.
As a social media blogger. I have gone through many Instagram marketing tools, but when I come across GramDominator, its cunning features attracts me a lot. Let me tell you why do you need this software as your Instagram marketing arsenal.
The pin point about the GD is, every activity performed by this software looks like is done by a real person and due to that Instagram failed to recognized it as an autopilot.
Here’s the list of tasks it can perform:
Manage multiple Instagram accounts.
It allows you to schedule posts in multiple accounts at one place.
Manage your Privacy and security.
It allows you to monitor the mass post content at one place.
Follow and Unfollow people in a bulk.
It helps you to track, moderate and respond to the comments at a glance on Instagram.
It allows to post images with hashtag and caption.
Scrape important data which help you to grow bigger and relevant audience for your business.
Manage all your campaigns at one place.
It’s a real time saver as an Instagram management tool. All your activities on Instagram is automated using GD which saves a lot of time. You can automate all your activities for multiple accounts without visiting all.
Now you can follow and un-follow people as per your need through GramDominator. You can easily target the right audience for your business and follow back the accounts which are highly engaged.
GramDominator modules are intricately planned and having a lot of option to set your business on Instagram exactly in the way you want.
The support team is very fast and experiences. You can get 24×7 support from its site.
Manage Multiple Accounts
The software can deals with multiple Instagram accounts at one place, even you can easily add or delete Single or multiple accounts at once. You can also check the list of active or Inactive accounts status using account checker feature. You can quickly switch between users with a single click.
Moderate and Response to the comments and Likes at once
This module is designed to do comments and likes or do both for your own posts, followers posts. With this feature you can also mention your following or custom lists in comments.
Insta Scrape for Your Business Growth
Instant Scraper module allows to scrape data which you need for your business on Instagram. With this module you can easily get the data of users, followers/following, images and commented users by scarping it with hashtag or photo URL.
Scraper followers/following module help you to scrape a list of followers and following. And with this data you can easily target the right audience for your business.
Scrape Images module will help you to gather Images which is related to your custom keywords or hashtags.
Feature to Analyze Your Marketing Competitors
Campaigns Module help you to analyze and optimize your audience and engagement of your campaign. The module gives you a proper visualization on how your campaign is performing and allow you to download the detail reports about your campaign. You can also manage your multiple Instagram campaigns at one place.
GramDominator isn’t a push button riches or done for you business. 100% Automation tool means nobodies in control, and done for you means you won’t ever do anything. It takes effort but it’s not difficult. Here’s just a few of the best –
You can easily download GramDominator from its website. The software supports both Windows and MAC. The best thing about the Software is it don’t need higher compatibility system. Click Here to BUY NOW!
GramDomiantor comes with two options while purchasing. One is monthly and the other one is Annually.
If you purchase Monthly plan, then you have to pay $9. 95 per month. And if you go for Annual package you have to pay $ 79. 95 per year. And both the plan consist of ultimate accounts, campaigns, and mass activities.
so choose the best plan according to your business and automate your business on Instagram.
GramDomiantor relieves you from manual activity for your business on Instagram. Which help you to spend more time on other activity in you life. It generates higher engagement rate of people for your Instagram business. It highlights your products and keep your followers engagement and grow your audience.
Spending few dollars on monthly or annually basis saves your money which you spends on hiring people for your brand’s promotion on Instagram. This Software is less-expensive in rate as compared to other Instagram Marketing tools. So It’s time to take correct decision for your business and BUY NOW!
Subscribe Now to GramDominator for Only $9. 95
Instagram has exploded in popularity since it is first launched in 2010. Today Instagram have more than 500 million monthly users including both consumers and businesses, and approx 70 million photos are shared on the platforms every day.
Due to these statistics, Instagram becomes famous among the business persons. Instagram provides Instagram Business page to make your business more viral among the people.
Product advertisement on Instagram needs creativity and strong marketing strategy because it is a unique social media platform where you have to add pictures or video for your ads.
Time management is also a key factor for your business on Instagram. Because you can’t spend your whole day on Instagram for advertisement of your products. You have to perform a different task in a limited period of time to boost your business.
Now you started thinking how could you manage your time and money to get more success in your business on Instagram?
Stop scratching your head and continue reading this article.
You might have heard about different Instagram marketing Tools. if not it’s ok. Today in this article, I will let you know about the GramDominator best Instagram marketing tool.
GramDomiantor is the best tool to remove Instagram marketing pressure. This tool will help you in each and every step of your marketing on Instagram by providing advanced features. The tool saves your time, drive more traffic in a short span of time, help you to make better content with a quality image for your business, share your content on different social media platform, download images, scrape valuable data, manage multiple accounts, and much more from a single platform.
To make you clearer here are the advanced features of GramDomiantor The Best Instagram Marketing Tool.
Download Image
As we all know that on Instagram we can’t download posted image of different users. If the business person wants to download image related to their business from the Instagram post they can’t. But using GramDomiantor tool you can easily download multiple images from Instagram. You can download the image using hashtag and username.
Let me show you how it works.
Step 1: Click on photo tab at the top of your dashboard and after that click on download photo and the left side of your screen as shown in the above figure.
Step 2: Select the option to which you want to download the image (for eg- using the hashtag or using photo Id of the user).
Step 3: Select the number of the photo you want to download.
Step 4: Click on Start button for the process.
After the few second of click, all image will be downloaded and saved in the downloaded folder on your system.
Scrape Data Using Scraper
Scraper helps you to get the valuable data. The data is very valuable for your business. Getting data of your competitors will help you to sharpen your marketing ideas on Instagram. GramDomiantor the Instagram marketing tool will help you to scrape data according to your need in a fraction of the time. You can scrape data using the hashtag, you can scrape data of your followers and following.
To scrape data using GramDominator you just have to follow simple steps which are given below.
Step 1: Click on Scraper tab on the top of your dashboard.
Step 2: On the left side of the screen you can see the various option(whose data you want to scrape) you can select any one of them according to your need.
Step 3: select the section single user or multiple users depend on your need in single user you can only scrape the one user data but using multiple options you can scrape multi users data.
Step 4: If you want to scrape data using hashtag then you have to load hashtag(for eg- #good) or if you want to scrape data of your followers and following then you have to upload user id.
Step 5: Click on start for the process.
Your all scraped data will be saved in an excel sheet in GramDominator folder on your system with name scraped data.
Comment Using Photo ID
To drive more traffic for your business you have to take care of your followers. You must make comments and likes on your follower post. Seating and making comment manually is time taking. But using GramDomaintor with a single click you can make comments on multiple users photos. Even you can use this features to make comment on your own posted image.
Let see how it works
Step 1: Click on a comment tab on the top of your Gramdominator dashboard.
Step 2: If you select the single user option you can make the comment on single person photo. To make the comment on multiple user photo select multi-user option.
Step 3: When you will select multiple user option browser option will be shown to upload the photo id from your file. Upload all file.
Step 4: Upload the comment you want to make on users photo.
Over to You
In this new phase of marketing, there is a tough competition between the businesses on Instagram. But you can boost your business easily using GramDominator Instagram marketing tool. Its advanced features will fulfill your all needs of marketing on Instagram. So move your steps towards GramDomiantor to feel the success of your business on Instagram in a short period of time.
For more detail, you can visit
A business using Instagram is a way to build followers and connect with your customers. A business on social media needed insight about their overall performance of their business.
so Instagram has officially announced about the new Instagram marketing tool. Which will help people to make their business go viral using Instagram marketing platform.
They added features like business profile and ability to create ads from the post directly using Instagram mobile App.
Adding this marketing tool to Instagram will enhance business on Instagram. Instagram said that this Features would help entrepreneurs to achieve new pillar of success in their business on Instagram.
Instagram analysis team found that business on Instagram wants ability to stand out on Instagram.
secondly, the analysis that business on Instagram needs more insights into their post-performance. And the last one they realized that businesses want more followers for their businesses.
keeping these all insights in mind company develop Instagram Business profile. This Instagram marketing tool will make your profile different from other users. Through Business profile module you will make easy to connect with your followers. And these Instagram marketing tool will also help Instagram to gain more users for business on Instagram.
Let’s jump to newly added features of Instagram and see how much it will help you to build a strong business on Instagram.
Business Profile
Fabricate your business profile for free on Instagram. Users with a Business profile can choose different medium to communicate with their customers or stay in touch with their customers. They can make text, call, or email by tapping the contact button. You will find the contact button next to the follower in your profile. Contact button helps your users to stay in touch with you and get the location of your business.
The location tab will be appearing at below of your user profile. clicking on that users will get the direction of your business from their current there is some term and conditions, the business profile is open for those business people who having an account on Facebook.
This new features of Instagram marketing tool will help businesses to get information about followers and the post they are making for their product. Insights will help you to learn more about the behavior of your audience toward your marketing strategy. Instagram believes that through this features you will create more traffic for your business.
Insights features contain modules like a top post, impressions, and engagement around your post and give you full information about your followers like their age, gender, location etc.
This module is valuable for the business person, especially when it comes to figuring out when you have to make the post so that you will gain more engagement around your post. It will show you a most popular time of a day your follower are using Instagram.
Top post module will give you report about your 7 days post it will tell about the engagement of your followers with the post. so that you can work on the post to make it more creative and gain more traffic for your product.
Quick video which shows Instagram Insights features
Promote Instagram marketing tool will help you to make your Instagram post ads right within the Instagram app. Helping you to connect even with more customer.
To run Instagram promotion you have to choose a post from Instagram which is already posted by you and add a call to action button so that followers can make click to know more about your ads. This Instagram marketing tool will help you to choose your target audience for ads or Instagram will suggest audience for your add. choosing all these your posts will be promoted as ads in time you fix for the post.
Over to you
Instagram marketing tool is just a new hope to promote your business in a new way and gain more traffic for your business. business profile, insights and the ability to promote ads will help you to make strong marketing strategy on Instagram.
I would love to hear your thoughts about the new features of Instagram please comment below in below given box.
How to use Instagram for marketing purpose? do you get ample interaction with your brand? do you want more followers on Instagram for your business on Instagram?
Instagram is totally different from all social media network due to its unique features. It is a unique platform for the promotion of your business. Around 400 million active users are on Instagram and 1. 2 billions of photos are liked every day.
So to make your brand popular on Instagram you must having a valuable marketing strategy. How to make marketing more valuable? As an Entrepreneur, it’s difficult to manage social media on the daily basis for marketing. They have to perform another task for the betterment of their business.
Feeling annoying don’t be, GramDominator will remove all your burden of promotion of product on Instagram. GramDominator is a marketing software which helps you to promote your business on Instagram in a few clicks. It contains all the features which business person need to gain followers for their business profile on Instagram.
In this article, I will let you know about the cunning features of Gram Dominator and how to use it?
Follow Users:
Every business person needs to follow different users for the advertisement of their products. But the Question is whom they should follow?
Don’t scratch your head GramDominator will help you. This tool will tell you about the status of the user’s (active or not) on Instagram. You can search people via keywords and follow them with a single click, you will follow multiple users which will save your time. This tool will also help you to know about the users who can be an influencer for your business on Instagram.
Some the simple steps that assist you to experience better results
Step 1: Click on follow tab on your DashBoard
Step 2: Click on follower option on the left side of the screen.
Step 3: Choose the option provided by which you want to follow.
Step 4: Then choose the option of leave comment once followed or like post one followed.
Step 5: Then mention the number of people to follow from the selected accounts.
Step 6: Set the delay and threads. Then click on start button for the result.
Unfollow Users:
Don’t be confuse from the title unfollow because Instagram having some protocols under which you can follow a limited number of users through your accounts. So it is important to follow users who are active and follow you back on Instagram.
It’s time taken to identify such type of users manually. But using GramDomonator for this purpose will take few steps to do. GramDomiantor features unfollow users who are inactive and who embargo your request on Instagram.
Let’s she how it works
Step 1: Click on unfollower option on the left side of the screen.
Step 2: Select the desired options.
Step 3: Mention number of people to unfollow from the selected accounts.
Step 4: Then set the threads and delay.
Step 5: Click on Start for the process.
This tool will automatically unfollow all inactive users and people who don’t follow you back on Instagram.
Use HashTag
HashTag help you to directly indicate the users whom you want to indicate in a post. keeping HashTag in your comment help you to bring attraction of the users towards comments directly. This will turn traffics for your post.
GramDominator Hashtag module helps you to make HashTag comments, likes, in a single click to whom you want to indicate.
For example, if you want to make the comment or like the post on photography then this tool will make HashTag with all those posts which are related to photography.
This tool promotes your brand name in a single click you don’t have to open each and every comment to make Hashtag.
Step 1: Click on InstaPoster module
Step 2: Choose whether you want to create single or multiple posts.
Step 3: Mention the text with hashtags in the space provided.
Step 4: Set the threads and delay. Then choose other option as required. Then hit start for the result.
Using Gramdominator marketing tool for your Instagram Business campaigns assists you to gain more followers and profit for your business in a short period of time.
For more details about GramDominator please visit our website And please suggest your thoughts in a given below comment box.
Till now, you perhaps know that Instagram is regarded as a powerful social media platform for promoting your products and services through visual content i. e, images and videos. As the number of individuals using Instagram, it’s amazing what a small number of organizations have involved in this platform and considered it as important. This is the world where people get attracted towards the visual content more, so, every business needs to make a strategy for Instagram marketing. Instagram offers an exceptional chance to present your brand visually, celebrate its identity, and keep it on the top of each one of those Instagram users who look through their Instagram feeds each and every day.
But did you know that how to get huge engagement on Instagram with the help of Instagram marketing software?
By using proper and efficient Instagram marketing tool you can catch the attention of a number of users and turn them to your followers. It can be done by both small as well as large business industries.
GramDominator is one of the most efficient and powerful Instagram marketing tools which has the capability to drive more engagement to your Instagram profile.
1] Coca-Cola Argentina
Coca-Cola’s Instagram presence is very impressive. Turns out, the organization knows anything about marking. Everything comes down to comprehend their intended interest customers, which has a tendency to be youngsters who esteem fun, sports, and friendship. The brand’s identity comes straightforwardly from that: It’s playful, happy, refreshing, friendly, and about sharing all the post in the correct time.
2] Johnnie Walker
The Johnnie Walker brand is regarding having good experiences and getting a good time. The Instagram strategy replicates by them provides a sense of adventure. Their influencers need to voyage Milan for Formula 1, travel Johnnie Walker’s legacy to take snaps and to capture photos in the inauguration of new product need to go Shanghai.
Make Your Strategy With GramDominator:
Best quality and attractive pictures are necessary to gain followers on Instagram but you need to also publish it at the time when you needed. So, you can attract users by posting attractive photos regularly, at least 5 times in each day. For this, you can use Photo module feature of GramDominator and schedule it as per your wish.
3] Ben and Jerry’s
Ben and Jerry’s need to spread awareness for its new Scotchy Scotch flavor, it was among the primary brands to run promoting on Instagram. As indicated by Instagram, by the end of last year the brand posted four sponsored pictures of their new flavor through the span of eight days, targeting users of America somewhere around 18 and 35 years of age.
4] Frooti
Frooti is another good brand that markets its product on Instagram and gains popularity. Frooti, the biggest selling brand of fruit drink in India, posts pictures that are so interesting thus predictable that any other person posting comparative content may be seen as a copier.
Their pictures are straightforward, intensely colored outlines with a great deal of negative space and they’re additionally outrageously smart and well thought-out. You can say it as a campaign on Instagram. You can launch your campaign by GramDominator. You need to simply provide the name of the campaign, provide your account, load images, schedule the time and then load any caption for it. Given below is the screenshot for it.
5] Gucci
Most brands are prone to use predominant hashtags for their company so their image will come up frequently in individuals’ searches. But, some predominant brands like Gucci reliably use their hashtags of their brand to encourage their audience through their past, and it comes among the top most popular hashtags brands on Instagram.
So, with Instagram marketing tools you also need to find out the popular hashtags or the hashtags that can be popular for your brand. It helps to popularize your brand.
GramDominator is an Instagram marketing tool that saves several hours of an entrepreneur. You can easily put Instagram marketing on autopilot and therefore save time and money with outstanding features of GramDominator. You can get organic traffic to your website with immediately remarkable results to your business. From our website, you must have gained knowledge about all the features provided by GramDominator. If you have decided to adopt it for your business purpose then this guide will help you to do so. In this blog, you will get a complete idea about how to run GramDominator on Mac?
Given below are the steps to download and run GramDominator on a Mac:
Step1: Initially, download and install mono framework in your system from
Note: Mono is an open source software based on framework. The significant features of it are: it runs on the multi-platform, develop in multi-language, run Microsoft compatible API, an open source software and have complete technology coverage.
Step 2: Run the file and accept the terms and conditions of the license. Mono installation will appear like this:
Step 3: Then download the MAC setup of the dominator
Step 4: Open the download folder and copy-paste it on your desktop.
Step 5: Extract the file of the software. You will get the extracted file. The zip file will look like this:
Step 6: Double click on the extracted file to open the software
Step 7: After this, you will get a popup window for confirmation.
Step 8: Select open button and validation window of the software will appear. You need to enter the product key or license over here:
Note: To get the license of the product visit: Then follow the below simple process:
Click on the services=> Select the product that you have purchased=> You will receive a license key=> Put that key in the software=> Press the “Validate button
Step 8: Click on the Validate button to start the software
Instagram is now “On Fire”! The features provided by Instagram have made easier to connect with other users and has been widely used by most of the business personalities.
Businesses are now using Instagram to increase traffic and sales. But, it can be lifted up to an eminent level with the use of social media marketing software known as “GramDominator”.
Well, there are many more outstanding features presented by the dynamic and useful software GramDominator but here we will discuss “How to like photos by Hashtag using GramDominator? ”
You could be effortlessly like as many photos you want by just giving your desired Hashtag that is related to your business or audience. It ultimately amplifies your exposure means you will get more followers and more engagement on Instagram within less time.
With the help of this software, you could get connected with at other established brands or business (or may be personal bloggers and others) within your business too.
Process to like photos by Hashtag using GramDominator:
1:- From the above screenshot you can see the input user option, where you have to select “Single Hash” or “Multiple Hash” option. After selecting a single hashtag option, you need to provide a hashtag in the space provided and if you select multiple hashtag option, you need to upload a text file which contains all the hashtags. One of the advanced features of this software is it permits you to like a numerous number of photos at one time.
2:- In the second step, you need to change the “Setting” block according to your need. Here, you need to provide a number of threads, maximum photos (you want to like) and delay time in seconds.
3:- At the end, in order to initiate the process, you need to move to the “Submit Action” section and “start” the process. You can view all the things happening in the logger section.
Finally, the output file generated by GramDominator will provide you with details related to the photos you liked.
Final Words:
It is an outstanding software that presents you with valuable features in order to do Instagram marketing. With the help of this, you could easily pay attention to other successful brands and users related to your niche and persuade their followers to yours at the end. This software offers you with an idea what actually works and what doesn’t for your business. Therefore, it’s a lucrative way for your business to increase your presence on Instagram.
For revitalizing your Instagram marketing tactics, you need to follow some of the important tactics. All of you are intending towards the growth of marketing platform for your brand. But do you know you can also do it effectively with Instagram? For this, you need to learn how to promote your brand and increase your audience on social media.
In this post, you will get to know 5 tactics you need to leverage your business up to a skyrocketing level. You can implement visual marketing strategies within 2 hours.
1. Instagram Campaign: The primary easy yet viable Instagram marketing strategy that you can execute is connecting with the user through content campaigns. What creates these campaigns easy is that you’re tapping your group to expand your content sharing. Always sharing content from your business account is difficult however with the help Gramdominator you will find the best approach towards Instagram marketing campaigns.
2. Support Instagram influencers: Executing influencers into your Instagram advertising strategy will help you contact another focused on a group of crowds with your promotions. Now influencers are regarded as the tastemakers of the social media web, characterizing the experiences that your customers are living and choosing the items that they will purchase. Influence this valid type of advancement for powerful Instagram advertising. Influencers enhance your range by sharing about your image to their followers. You can use Gramdominator software to mention users. It will help you to support your marketing in Instagram. Through this, you will get in touch with your user.
3. Use smart #hashtags: Leveraging hashtags for your Instagram advertising might appear clear even to the most easygoing social networking advertiser yet utilize these hashtags as a part of the best way isn’t so simple. Hashtags can be a successful approach to building the range of your post however just when you’re doing it right. With hashtag use, you can apply existing hashtags that your group is utilizing to grow the compass of your post or make new hashtags that advantage your general online networking advertising technique.
At the point when utilizing existing hashtags, research the hashtags your group is utilizing to comprehend what you ought to utilizing with your post sharing. In case you’re making another hashtag, consider the idea behind the tag you’re making with a specific end goal to utilize it successfully. In addition, to this, you can also auto-follow, comment and like by using software Gramdominator easily.
4. Engage your crowd: Engaging your crowd on Instagram is a strategy that you can absolutely get begun in shorter than two hours outwardly the long-term interests that you’ll notice from the communications will occur when you stretch this action. Instagram isn’t a single way channel for advertising your brand. If your aim is for your audience to engage and communicate with you then you require being making the similar with them. Communicating with the posts, your followers are sharing supports to increase your bond with them and also enhances your visibility on their channels.
Reciprocate your followers’ enthusiasm for your brand by involving their posts and the outcomes will pay profits. For sustained success on Instagram constantly communicate with your followers. You can also do it by using Instagram marketing software called Gramdominator all your activity can be done by it easily and automatically without providing much of your efforts.
5 Highlight UGC from your audience: The elegance in visual advertising on Instagram is your experience to market your brand in an official way through the view of your most enthusiastic fans. The excellent tactic to take use of this is by providing the user-generated post from your audience. It’s the marks that support UGC who see the greatest results from their online marketing efforts.
If you’re planning a new site or delivering your present site a facelift, hold leveraging UGC to improve your community’s distribution and give your followers that joined a reward of engagement.
This marketing channel has shown the maximum growth in its users list as compared to any other social media channel with 150 million users. It has been estimated that about 65% of top 100 brands are utilizing it and it has become the most used photo sharing app for the youngsters. With the development that Instagram has encountered since the day it was introduced, it is rapidly building a solid reputation over the social media marketing world and has placed its name among the top most social media marketing channels.
In the event that you haven’t decided to do Instagram marketing, here are the 3 compelling reasons why you must utilize Instagram marketing for business-
1- Visual advertising Visual advertising has brought a storm over the marketing world, since the year 2014, when it was introduced. All most all social media sites are using it in order stay in the race and get an immediate boost in their followers numbers likes shares etc. Instagram has provided a way to make great, unique, eye-catchy content. Instagram empowers you to upload, share videos, photographs which can be shared to other online networking sites and in addition, being installed on your blog or website. The reason behind the improving popularity of visual content is it’s easy to view nature, it needs a small time to understand th
GramDominator vs. SOCi Comparison - SourceForge

GramDominator vs. SOCi Comparison – SourceForge

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– Social data to become a part of the strategy
– Brand strategy & personalisation is very tactical at the expense of performance marketing
Audiense segments audiences by interconnections between people (“Who knows who”). Thanks to how those connections are created between consumers (“How they know each other”), we can infer their shared interests & affinities. Our unique social consumer segmentation provides a great data foundation to Persona development, understanding the audience s that matter most or find new audience opps.
CommentSold is the #1 comment selling platform and complete e-commerce solution powering 4K+ online retailers. With CommentSold, retailers post images, videos, and live videos on Facebook and Instagram, and shoppers comment “sold” to purchase items. Behind the scenes, we are a full e-commerce stack for small businesses, providing social selling tools, personalized websites, white-labeled mobile apps, and a complete backend for intake, inventory management, and shipping/fulfillment.
LeadsBridge is an iPaaS solution that enables companies to enhance their omnichannel strategy by orchestrating their business data.
LeadsBridge fulfills your integration needs, focusing on bridging gaps between advertising platforms and sales funnels, and delivering tailor-made integrations made upon your business needs.
The LeadsBridge platform is suited for companies that want to streamline their advertising activities by integrating the marketing technology stack with Facebook & Instagram Ads, Google Ads, and LinkedIn Ads.
With more than +370 out-of-the-box integrations available at the moment, you can easily connect your chosen software with your advertising platform, seamlessly synchronizing data for your marketing workflows.
LeadsBridge main features include:
– Lead Sync
– Audience Targeting
– Online to Offline Tracking
– Platform to Platform
– eCommerce Synchronization
– Tailor-Made integration
Income Access
Income Access provides marketing technology and a full suite of digital marketing services to the iGaming, lottery, and financial trading industries. Our mission is to help companies and affiliates in these and other industries build long-term, profitable, and sustainable business relationships.
Since 2002, Income Access has partnered with over 300 brands and connected with over 25, 000 key affiliates and publishers. We use our own proprietary affiliate marketing software solution and offer in-house digital marketing services in order to help our partners achieve growth in their customer acquisition, gain better exposure for their brand, and maximise revenues. At Income Access, we are a software company, marketing agency, and affiliate network all rolled into one.
Contact one of our industry experts today to learn more!

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