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FollowingLike Reviews - Is It A Scam? Find Out Here

FollowingLike Reviews – Is It A Scam? Find Out Here

Nowadays, social media marketing is an essential element, no matter whether you’re a small brand, business, or a performer.
The goal is to produce and publish valuable content, of course. But, without people who will see it, all of your efforts could go to waste.
So, how can you grow the reach and engagement while simultaneously increasing the quality?
By using the right Instagram marketing tools. They will amplify your sales and save you valuable time.
I’m back with testing another one of them. This time, we’re dealing with FollowingLike.
Before getting the tool, I read a couple of FollowngLike reviews, and they were missing out on a definitive answer to whether it was reliable. They seemed too diplomatic.
Therefore, I performed a gauntlet of tests to provide you with all the answers you need in this FollowingLike review.
What Is FollowingLike?
FollowingLike (nicknamed after its primary features “FollowLike”) is a versatile application that should grow your follower base on a wide variety of social media platforms, including:
Although they are not listed in the FollowingLike options, from their official website, you can access two apps for managing Twitter and YouTube – TweetAttacksPro and TubeAssistPro, respectively. I’m not completely sure, but I think that it’s one and the same company, as the interface is the same.
Of course, my focus is on Instagram, and I’ll be testing out solely Instagram features, but it’s handy to know what it offers in theory.
The developers are constantly upgrading the app with new features, but it mostly looks like an Instagram bot.
What does it mean?
While it can perform some additional activity, such as tracking data for you, the features mostly revolve around automated tasks. Bots perform these tasks to engage you with your audience by following, liking, commenting, and messaging other users.
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How Does FollowingLike Work?
FollowingLike is an all-around Instagram bot that performs a broad range of activities, broader than some other bots. So, it follows or unfollows other users, likes or unlikes their posts, comments on photos, sends DMs, etc.
It seems much more advanced than Instagram bots I generally come across, so I was excited to try it out.
The result? It’s too ambitious.
It’s difficult to install and set up, and I only tried to use its Instagram functions. Had I tried other packages as well, I imagine I’d be overwhelmed.
On top of that, there’s the thing with Instagram and bots.
In the interest of keeping Instagram clear of fake users, they put in an effort to ban any bot activity they discover.
And while FollowingLike does offer many possibilities, it’s also the reason why Instagram keeps banning and blocking your account if you use it.
It has happened to me so many times now, as I’m testing various tools, and recovering my account still feels so tedious. It simply isn’t worth it.
How to Use FollowingLike?
Honestly, the developers have made an advanced bot (although it can’t trick Instagram’s algorithm), but they still haven’t optimized its interface.
The installation process and setup was too technical, even for me, and I do this every other day.
If you still want to go through the hassle, here goes a quick guide on how to setup FollowingLike:
Go to their website – – and choose a package that you wish. I couldn’t believe it, but even the first step was complicated. There are too many packages, and some are repetitive. For instance, you’ll find packages for separate social networks under different tabs, and then again the same functions under the “Ultimate Edition” tab. There are also packages for multiple accounts, and so – you’ve finally determined which package you want to buy and made a wnload the FollowingLike app, and install it. This is the most straightforward, you should customize the settings. They call the automated features “modules, ” you have “input parameters, ” you can import and export accounts, start/stop the bot, create task templates… This is overly technical terminology for features that aren’t really that complicated.
Features of FollowingLike
Automated Activity
FollowingLike performs a range of Instagram tasks instead of you:
Follow/unfollow other users by keywords and hashtags you enterLike/unlike other users’ photosComment on others’ mediaSend DMs
While comments and DMs will oftentimes seem too robotic (unless you’re ready to spend hours and hours modifying its syntax), likes and follows are okay. They do seem to target specific users according to your niche.
But we’re back to the crux of the problem – this kind of activity will be detected by Instagram’s radar, and your account will soon be banned.
Account Manager
If you opt for a package that supports multiple accounts, you can manage them all under this tab.
Proxy Support
They also offer different proxy servers for multiple accounts if you want to keep your privacy and use them separately. This means people won’t be able to say that you have two similar accounts, for example.
FollowingLike Pricing
Remember how I said FollowingLike tariff plans were confusing? See for yourself:
So, the Instagram version of the app for a single account is $147 ($88 on sale), whereas it’s $199 ($119 at a discount).
They also have a couple of options for an unlimited number of accounts. For instance:
There’s also the Ultimate Edition, priced at $550, which includes all of the platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, and Quora).
Is FollowingLike Legit?
As far as I can tell, FollowingLike is legit.
I mean, it’s not the best Instagram bot out there, as it will get your account banned, but when it gets to the company, I think they are genuine. They also offer a broad range of services for other social media platforms and seem to have been in the business for a long time.
Is FollowingLike Safe?
FollowingLike is mostly safe.
What do I mean?
Well, first of all, the software does not contain any malware, and it passed a couple of my antivirus tests. I’m always reluctant when downloading 3rd party apps from the Internet, but this one got a green light.
As for the payment methods, FollowingLike offers all the major ones – PayPal, credit cards, and even BitPay. No issues there, either. It is a secure gateway.
The only aspect (but perhaps the most significant one) where FollowingLike isn’t perfectly safe is your Instagram account. In 99% of the cases, its activity will get you banned.
Encompasses many social media platformsOverly technical
Difficult to use & set up
Can easily get your account banned
Your activity can get blocked
Complicated interface (both in-app and onsite)
FollowingLike Reviews: Final Verdict
Did FollowingLike receive a passing grade?
Nope. It is too complicated, and it doesn’t prioritize genuine growth, even though it promises a lot. It mostly brings bot accounts to your profile.
In a world where everything evolves so quickly, you simply can’t afford to lose your time and money on tools that don’t work.
You should go for the reliable Instagram management tool that grows your account organically, thus bringing you real followers. It’s the most efficient way to Instagram stardom. I picked a couple of high-quality tools in the table above if you’re interested.
Top 10 Instagram Bots
Looking for a growth service that can boost your Instagram account? Scroll down for some of our recommendations!
We’ve tried and tested them all, just for you.
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FollowingLike Review 2021: Is It a Scam? *Revealed!*

FollowingLike Review 2021: Is It a Scam? *Revealed!*

Top Instagram Growth Tools
FollowingLike Review
We are living in an age that relies heavily on social media.. a lot. Like, for everything.
So, what does this mean you may ask?
Well, it means that businesses thrive on these applications.
And if you’re using Instagram, Facebook, etc. for your business, then you might have heard of FollowingLike.
Top-rated Growth Tools for Instagram
RankServiceMore Info
1GrowthoidClaim Free Trial
2GrowthsiloVisit | Review
3NitreoVisit | Review
What is FollowingLike?
FollowingLike is a multi-use desktop platform that combines all your marketing avenues. You can schedule posts and manage day-to-day activity.
You can pin/unpin (for Pinterest users) and line up likes and comments. FollowingLike claims to aid in growing your account with real followers.
However, we think that this is too good to be true. We think that they are selling automated followers.
FollowingLike is a less-than-average program. Every function places itself into basic modules.
This means that they are so basic, you can find their features being sold with hundreds of other companies out there.
FollowingLike is a company that claims to be a versatile application that can help you with your social media growth and can help you not only on Instagram, but with Tumblr, Reddit, LinkedIn, and Facebook.
What is a little bit confusing is that they link their clients to other companies for Twitter and YouTube, so we assume that they are all under the same umbrella.
Of course, our focus here today is on Instagram, so we will be testing out their Instagram features.
They claim that they are consistently upgrading their app with new features, but at the end of the day, we don’t think that they are anything more than a glorified Instagram bot.
This means that they can perform automated tasks at a very basic level, but these automatic tasks have a high risk of getting you in trouble with Instagram itself.
We hardly ever recommend Instagram bots like this, and we aren’t about to start today.
Time for Everyone’s Least Favorite Topic: Pricing.
I know, I know, I know. Everything comes down to pricing.
But hey, at least you know you’ll get more bang for your buck. Anyways. FollowingLike has a few price options on their website – all depending on the package you choose.
One account: $147 – One-time fee. Five accounts: $199 – One-time fee Unlimited accounts: $297 – One-time fee. Unlimited accounts: $164 – Per year. Unlimited accounts: $120 – Per month. Unlimited accounts: $7 (for 3 days) then $178 per year.
First things first: A few reviews have suggested buying the $7 for 3 days unlimited version first. This is because you get to try the platform for 3 days (duh) and then you begin your payment.
If you only advertise on one social media platform, the “one account” option is obviously what you would choose.
The 5 account option is supposed to be good for small businesses. However, we think at this point they are spreading themselves too thin.
Finally, the unlimited package. You know, for those that use Google+ and LinkedIn and all that other stuff. Again, they claim that it’s high quality, but we don’t agree.
Top-Rated Instagram Growth Tools
These Instagram growth tools have been voted as the best consistently in user ratings across various websites.
First we collated the user review data, then we performed our own tests to ensure 100% legitimacy of the are by far the best services on the market today.
Well, the People Have Spoken
Much like everything else, it’s always a good thing to check on the reviews. So, what do you think FollowingLike’s users have said? Well, it’s all negative.
Read the rest of our review to find out why.
How Does Followinglike Work?
Followinglike is a generic Instagram bot, which means that they provide a range of activities for their clients which include things like following other people for you, unfollowing other people for you, liking posts, unliking posts, commenting on videos and images, and sending direct messages.
You might think that this kind of service can give you an advantage over your competition, and make a real difference to your Instagram profile, but considering what you have to sacrifice when it comes to your reputation, we don’t think that it is worth it.
We also think that it is really difficult to install and set up, and we think that for the most part, especially if you are someone who is new to the world of social media marketing, you are quickly going to get overwhelmed.
Getting Started with Followinglike
To get started with Followinglike, you have to visit their website through your web browser and get set up with their app.
As we have already mentioned, we think that they are really difficult to install and get started with, which should be the first of many red flags.
The last thing that you want when you are trying to grow your Instagram profile quickly and effectively is to deal with a company that is difficult to get set up in the beginning, because you know that you are most likely just going to experience a bumpy road the further you get involved with them.
Followinglike Features
Followinglike have a number of different basic features, including automated activity, an account manager which we don’t think is real, and what they claim to be proxy support.
We don’t think that their account manager is real because we think that because they are selling their clients an Instagram bot, there is no need for an account manager.
All they need to do is send you their automation and be done with it.
We also think that rumor has it that their proxy support isn’t great, as a lot of customers have said that their proxies don’t work after a certain period of time, and some of them have had trouble getting on their proxy servers in the first place.
When it comes to a generic Instagram bot, it is pretty ambitious of them to promise proxy support and a personal account manager, so to be honest we aren’t actually surprised that these features don’t work.
What we are surprised at is that they aren’t upfront and honest about how basic their features are from the beginning.
How Did Followinglike Do in Tests?
We put Followinglike to the test because we think that it is really important to put all these companies to a performance test so that you can know for sure whether they are worth your time or not.
Considering they are a generic Instagram bot, we thought that it was important to see how they really work so that you can avoid them at all costs.
We decided to sign up for their Instagram services, and we paid for one account which set us back $147 as a one-time fee, as we have already discussed.
Already, we have to mention here that this is way too much money to be spending on a generic Instagram bot, so this is concerning.
We also thought that they made the setup process incredibly difficult, and when our engagement did start to come through, it was obvious that it wasn’t actually going to interact with our content and didn’t do anything for our engagement rate.
What About Their Team?
FollowingLike has next to no information about their team on their website. They are too busy trying to encourage potential clients to sign up for their features to worry about this.
They would rather get their features out the door than worry about creating long-term relationships with their clients.
We never suggest that you go for a company that hasn’t put important information like this on their website, so once again, we have come across a red flag that should deter you from using a company like this.
Is FollowingLike Legit? Is It a Scam?
We don’t believe that FollowingLike is legit or safe for you to use.
Because it is a generic, glorified Instagram bot, it is most likely going to get your account banned, and the fact that they offer services across the board means that whichever platform you use them for, they run the risk of ruining your reputation and getting your account restricted.
We are disappointed that these guys are nothing more than just another generic Instagram bot in the industry, because we think that they could do so much better, especially considering the scope of their features.
We wish that they were legit, but we can’t say that they are.
Is FollowingLike Safe?
We obviously don’t think that Followinglike is safe at this point, because they are notoriously difficult to get signed up with, and the fact that they use software means that it could contain malware.
We also obviously didn’t like that their proxy services didn’t really work, which implies that they are low-quality proxies that are going to probably compromise your personal information.
The other thing that we didn’t like is the fact that they lied about having a personal account manager when at the end of the day they are just a piece of software that is sending their clients generic engagement.
If they are prepared to lie about the personal account manager feature, what else are they prepared to lie about?
Review Conclusion
To make this easy, if you are looking to grow your Instagram, then FollowingLike is the last thing you want to go for.
For reasons I mentioned before, they are not only not great for your reputation, but they’re probably going to get you suspended or banned.
If you have used one of these types of services, feel free to share your experience or post your questions in the comments below.
I’d love to hear your feedback.
Otherwise, just avoid at all costs.
Followinglike Alternatives
Followinglike is obviously not the kind of company you want to go for if you plan on preserving your Instagram profile’s reputation, and making sure that you do well in the future.
So, with this in mind, let’s take a look at what we believe to be the best Followinglike alternatives out there.
Growthoid is a great choice because they’re so much more than just a generic Instagram bot.
In fact, they aren’t a generic Instagram bot at all, they are a group of people that develop real features for your Instagram growth.
We absolutely love that they have a personal account manager feature because unlike Followinglike, they actually follow through on this, and as soon as you sign up for their features they will be in touch to talk to you about what your target market looks like so that they can go ahead and help you grow it.
They also make a point to connect with the audiences of your competition, so that you can have them over on your Instagram feed instead.
Growthsilo has had a huge overhaul recently and has really done a lot of work on their website, as well as their features.
These days, they have a setup process that is super easy, and they have organic results that you can benefit from for a long time to come.
They aren’t about to just send you generic engagement that doesn’t mean anything, they are going to sit down and find out what you need for your Instagram growth, so they can get it right the first time.
Kenji just needs your email address, and they can help you grow your Instagram profile effortlessly.
We love that they power their Instagram engagement by real software that is undetectable by Instagram, and we also love that they promise real organic results, as well as the follow and unfollow method.
This is by far one of the most effective growth methods in the industry, so you can feel confident that they are going to help you get efficient growth through real followers, that are going to interact with your Instagram feed for a long time.
They have even implemented Instagram story views, which is one of the more updated features.
FollowingLike Review - Is It a Scam? - Jonathon Spire

FollowingLike Review – Is It a Scam? – Jonathon Spire

FollowingLike Review
Today we are going to review FollowingLike.
What is FollowingLike?
Actually, this software is pretty similar to Jarvee, which we also just reviewed.
FollowingLike is a desktop based software that acts as a hub for all of your social media. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and others can all be controlled from one space.
Its main function is automating your processes to save you time, but we don’t know if convenience is worth it in this case. Just because something is convenient, doesn’t make it safe or effective.
Once you have everything set up you can set it to like, follow, unfollow, comment, pin, unpin etc. for you on a scheduled basis. That seems pretty simple, right?
Those more privy to social media policy understands that ‘irregularities’ can be an issue that lead to banning with the main cause being botting services. In other words, if a social media platform detects “suspicious activities”, the offending activity will be removed.
For example, let’s say you have some fake profiles or inactive followers on your account. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and other sites will remove those followers. That is sometimes why you see a drop in followers when you buy them.
Not only will they remove the fake or inactive followers, your account could get flagged (warning), suspended (period of time), or totally banned on the social platform. Instagram is most vocal about this penalty, but it happens across the social media giants.
Followinglike does put you at risk of this kind of ban, so you need to proceed with caution if you really want to work with them.
Why might this service cause you to get banned from Instagram, Facebook, or other social sites to which they cater?
Because this service is using bots. Bots may be acceptable among some users of social media, but to Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and the others it is unacceptable activity. It’s that “suspicious activity” we just discussed above.
Bots often make your engagement look fake and sometimes it is even spammy. If you use bots for commenting or messaging, the generic and randomness of the content is obviously automated. Believe us, people can tell.
So, let’s just say that it’s wise to be aware of this kind of engagement before jumping into it.
There’s not a lot to love about the software. If you’ve made content for one platform FollowingLike can modify it for you others, otherwise known as copying and pasting which is lazy and low quality.
RankGrowth ServiceMore Info
There are two initial pricing tiers for “one” and “five” accounts. They’re priced at $51 and $75 respectively. The price goes up if you add an additional social media platform.
Ex: If you bought the “one account” option for Facebook you’re at $51. If you choose to add one account for Instagram you’ll be at $102. These are one-time fees.
If you want more than 5 accounts the 4 ‘unlimited’ tiers of options are available. At this point the pricing gets a bit more complicated due to the addition of the ‘Ultimate Edition” option for those that want every platform.
For unlimited you’re offered multiple paying options with different prices. They’re $126 for the one time, $88 per year, $7 to try for 3 days then $96 per yeah or $65 per month respectively for social media platforms.
The Ultimate Edition packages that give you every site are $297 one time, $208 per year, $7 for 3 days, then $215 per year and $131 per month.
The pricing seems a little high for our tastes. Especially since this is a bot.
Review Verdict
If you’re into marketing on EVERYTHING and love saving time, you need to look elsewhere.
Anyone who’s properly planning to open a business should know full well the value of marketing. That amazing idea that should take over the market can’t get off the ground if no one knows about it.
Marketing, in the eyes of many is almost more important than the product itself.
Don’t get me wrong, but how many rubbish things have you see fly off the shelves because people who how to make it do so?
With everyone constantly on their mobile devices and the vast majority of consumers into online retail, there has literally never been a better time to focus on your online marketing.
Fortunately (or unfortunately) for some, the days of banner ads and email marketing are behind us.
People have simply learned to make disposable email account and studies show this generation has literally learned to not even recognize the section where banner ads go.
Yes, they don’t even register to people most of the time. This means you need to step it up, and know which companies in the business are legit, and which ones aren’t.
Is FollowingLike Legit and Safe?
We don’t believe that FollowingLike is safe and legit. We believe that they are an Instagram bot that is going to get you in trouble with the system, which means that you’ve got every risk of getting your account banned.
If you’re thinking, “No big deal. I”l just create another account, ” of course you can, but if you have taken the time to build a credible reputation, that’s gone once your account is banned.
You know what else makes you look bad? That fake engagement from generic comments and messages.
While we advise against using services that engage using bots, we don’t tell you what to do. We just offer recommendations and advice that will keep your accounts safe.
That said, if you decide to engage with bot services, we would like to recommend that you limit the bot activity and be sure to manually engage on your account as well. That might help, but the risk will still be there.
They offer a wide range of services which means that they prioritize quantity of quality, and this is reflected in their pricing as well.
We don’t believe that they are safe to use, and we don’t think that they are going to take care of your Instagram profile in the way that you need.
Social Media Marketing
If you’re under the age of 40 this isn’t even kind of a surprise, but unless you have a seriously big budget the ‘bang for your buck’ will come from social media marketing.
Hundreds of millions of daily users access platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest and the savvy are user the numbers to get eyes on their products.
Today, social media marketing is more than just helpful, but necessary if you’re going to reach out to a strategically targeted audience.
It doesn’t really matter what age group you’re marketing to since there are people of almost all ages using social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and even Instagram.
The thing about social media marketing is that you need to plan your content to meet the interests of your target audience.
Your content needs to be planned within a timeframe and how often you need to post. You need to learn when your target demographic segment is on the social platform to get that exposure.
Other aspects of content creation involves relevance to your audience and being consistent about when you post.
Remember, you want to reach out to real people who are interested in what you’re offering. You want them to be active and engaged followers.
These are your people. These are the people who you can convert into loyal customers.
Once you do that, it’s up to you to maintain that relationship.
Marketing Efficiently
Chances are that you’re already leveraging social media to your advantage.
Once you get to the point where all of your social media is getting the attention you want you’ll run into an interesting issue – engagement on multiple platforms will become a hassle.
Imagine this: you consistently get 20-30k visits to your business Facebook a day, you have 40k followers on Instagram and people constantly check out your content on Pinterest.
Now, imagine logging in and out of the respective platforms to reply to comments etc.
If you combine the addition work of your normal networking on each respective platform (not counting all your offline responsibilities) you can see that it’s a bit much.
Unfortunately, that’s life if you market successfully.
Fortunately, there are small things you can do to make life easier – like ditching FollowingLike and going for one of our alternatives.
Top FollowingLike Alternatives
Let’s focus on the companies that are actually worth your time, because the last thing that you want is to put your time and money into a company that’s going to rip you off.
Here are what we believe to be the best FollowingLike alternatives.
Growthoid is a helpful FollowingLike alternative because they really think about what their clients need, and as a result they give them the target audience that they have been looking for.
As soon as you sign up for their features, they are going to want to find out as much as they can about your target audience, and from here, they will get to work finding them.
They mainly do this through your rivals, because they know that their community is most likely also going to be interested in your content.
Growthsilo is a FollowingLike alternative that can help you grow your Instagram safely, and they say that they can help you with zero spam, no bots, and absolutely no fake followers at any point.
They say that they are passionate about helping their clients find the right audience, and you can even watch the video on their homepage about how they work, so that you can get to know them well before you commit.
Kenji is not only known for being one of the best ways to grow your Instagram and an excellent FollowingLike alternative, but they are known for being undetectable.
They say that their features are completely undetectable in terms of Instagram, which means that you can beat the Instagram algorithm and find a way to keep growing successfully in the future without any repercussions.
This sounds like a good deal to us.
Have Your Say!
Important: Do you represent this company?
Do you disagree with my review? Sometimes I do make mistakes. Comment below & let me know what’s factually incorrect and I’ll rectify it as soon as possible.
Thanks for reading.
– Jon
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And now, for the last 7 years, I have been a social media marketing specialist and business growth consultant.

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