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Eztv Proxy: All Right *Working 100%* Unblock Eztv

Eztv Proxy: All Right *Working 100%* Unblock Eztv

What is EZTV?
EZTV is a very popular name when it comes to downloading tv series from the internet for free. This torrent site has been providing the latest tv shows and anime series from years now and its users are facing a lot of to find its alternative. EZTV is also increasing its level from years like improving its user interface, adding new features, uploading new torrents, and much more.
There are a few reasons why the users might not be able to access EZTV when they want to download any new content. Since it is a website, there is always the chance that it is blocked in your region. That’s because they keep moving their servers from the old domain to a new one frequently. So, the best way to access it is by using EZTV proxy sites.
EZTV Proxy sites:
There are many EZTV proxy and mirror sites available on the internet for the users. This helps them to bypass the restrictions implemented on them. These proxy sites are generally safe and secure to use. They use a fake IP address in place of the original IP of the user to grant unblock EZTV. Some of the best EZTV proxy sites are listed below:
NOTE: We Update Eztv Proxy list every week. If the proxy server is not working then check back later… We will update the new link as soon as possible ✔✔…
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Eztv Proxy/MirrorUrls ListStatus
Eztv Proxy 1
Eztv Proxy 2
Eztv Proxy 3
Eztv Proxy 4
Eztv Proxy 5
Eztv Proxy 6
Eztv Proxy 7
Eztv Proxy 8
Eztv Proxy 9
Eztv Proxy 10
Mirror (USE VPN)✔
Official site:
This is the official site of eztv. It was founded in 2005 as a replacement for But who knew that eztv would make its own market? Ever since, eztv has been one of the best sites for latest movies, tv shows, and web series.
This site has reality shows as the majority of its torrent files. People who are interested in watching reality shows all across the United States can use this site that too for free.
Among all the mirror sites of eztv, is also great. This site is also the same as that of the original site. Even the content had not been compromised and new content keeps on coming now and then.
This website is also similar to the original eztv website. This mirror site is America based and provides all the American tv shows as well as web series for free. The users can download their desired show very easily.
This proxy site is a very good option to be an eztv mirror site. This website contains most of the latest tv shows, web series and animes. The users can directly download the torrent file and also use the magnet links to surf around and download the desired show.
This eztv mirror site is very popular among the users. All the latest content here is the best quality and very easy to download. Various torrent files are available here as compared to other mirror sites of eztv.
This proxy site is a great mirror of eztv. Almost all the content from the original site came to be found here. This site is well known for its collection of tv series. It also consists of various movies, web shows, and songs.
This is possibly the best site after the original eztv website. It has got everything the user seeks. Right away from the latest movies, tv shows, songs, and web series. This site also has a very good user interface, so the users have no trouble using it.
Another great example of eztv mirror site is A variety of torrent files are available on this site. It is famous for its security and privacy. Torrents of movies and tv shows are easily available here.
Eztv Alternative Sites:
eztv was one of its kind. People used to love that site for the availability of various torrent files. But ever since it was taken down, many new torrent sites came into existence claiming to be better than eztv. Many of these sites publish even more content daily. Some of these sites have gained recognition all around the world. Some best alternatives to eztv are:
YTS is the subpart of Yify Torrents. The main purpose of YTS is downloading HD movie files. The original Yify Torrents has been shut down, but many mirrors are running now that still receive large amounts of traffic.
✔ 1337x
It is the third most popular site in the world. 1337x is a highly secure data-sharing tool where users can upload and download torrent files with the help of fast servers. The site has 9 categories to operate. Though you won’t find files on this site on google because it is deep web, it contains a massive amount of content. This is something the users seek in a torrenting website.
✔ KickassTorrents
KickassTorrents is another EZTV alternative one should try out if they wish to download new movies or TV shows instantly. Fortunately, KickassTorrents provides all those movies and videos at quite high quality for free. The users should utilize it for their advantage before it is taken down.
✔ Rarbg
People who like to use mirror torrenting websites other than EZTV alternatives, Rarbg offers them an interesting choice. They have a torrent search bar in its web browser that allows you to surf around the website with ease. Rarbg has always provided great service to its users and it is showing no steps of slowing down.
✔ Torlock
Torlock is one of the best EZTV alternatives out of so many options. Until now, this website for torrenting has added new features and niches to its server at a regular pace. Moreover, it has great facilities to download your desired torrent files to feed your streaming cravings.
EZTV has gained a lot of popularity because of its service for its users. But ever since it was taken down, multiple mirror sites have appeared, and they too are performing very well. All the desired content is made available as soon as possible.
The above-mentioned eztv proxy list works perfectly fine and is worth giving a shot. Because of this, you can get your favorite TV shows, movies, documentaries, and much more instantly. However, the user should protect himself from torrent downloading activities through a VPN or a proxy site.
EZTV Proxy – 100% Working New Mirror Sites 2021 — EZTV ...

EZTV Proxy – 100% Working New Mirror Sites 2021 — EZTV …

The EZTV site is the best source where you can download TV torrents. If your ISP blocks eztv or for some reason cannot access it, just go to one of the EZTV proxy sites article. You will get instant access through the EZTV mirror so that you can download all the multimedia content you need.
EZTV Proxies¶
Perhaps the easiest way to access the site is through EZTV proxies. A proxy server is a server that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients looking for resources from other servers. When accessing EZTV through a proxy server, external observers only see that you are connected to the proxy server and do not see that the proxy server is transmitting EZTV data to you.
EZTV proxies are sometimes mistaken for EZTV mirrors. Mirror 1337x is just a clone of the source site with a different domain name and servers. The EZTV proxy server, on the other hand, is a separate site that makes it easy to connect to the original EZTV, as well as often to other websites.
In practice, it doesn’t matter if you connect to EZTV through a proxy server or use an EZTV mirror, as they both provide about the same degree of privacy.
Is EZTV blocked in my country? ¶
Many countries continue to try to restrict access to EZTV for many reasons. But sometimes the tracker becomes unavailable for a while. However, they always advertise on their site when internal problems arise. However, these internal issues have been successfully resolved by mirrored websites that allow you to access EZTV even if it has been blocked.
EZTV’s mirror sites make it easy for users to view their favorite content. If you receive a Cloudflare 522 error notification every time you want to access EZTV, it means that there is a problem with the hosting.
How to unblock EZTV¶
Torrent tracking sites are generally blocked in two ways:
DNS blocking (easy to defeat):
ISPs use DNS hijacking to forward your DNS requests to their servers (when you type a domain name in your browser’s URL bar). You can easily bypass DNS blocking by forcing your own DNS servers on your device. Most ISPs use a more extensive domain and IP lock.
Comprehensive blocking of domains and IP addresses:
The websites are accessible through a specific domain name (such as) and are hosted under a specific IP address. ISPs blacklist blocked websites and prevent you from accessing them by domain name or IP address. The best way to avoid these blocks is to use a virtual private network (VPN).
However, some ISPs also (or alternatively) block the BitTorrent protocol itself.
3 free methods to unblock torrent websites:
Tor Browser or Web Proxy (free) – This method is effective for unblocking torrent websites (assuming the proxy website is not blocked by your ISP). Disadvantages include: slow connections, frequent captchas, no download encryption.
Manual DNS configuration (free) – This is the least effective solution and only works for a small percentage of ISP blocks (lazy). It doesn’t encrypt your browsing traffic or torrent traffic.
Method 1: Use a web proxy
There are a number of free HTTPS (encrypted) web proxies that will load a website for you. This sometimes helps avoid network blocks (as long as the proxy site is not blocked as well).
Unfortunately, many of these sites (like) block torrent sites themselves. Another problem is that a proxy site can still use your ISP’s DNS servers (leaving you vulnerable to DNS-based blocking).
So the best option is to use a torrent unblocking proxy site:
There are several of these websites. Most are versatile and allow you to unblock a number of commonly blocked categories such as YouTube, social media, and torrent websites.
Method 2: use the Tor browser
Tor Browser Bundle is a free web browser that allows you to easily route your browser traffic through multiple encrypted proxies. This not only bypasses the ISP’s ban on torrent sites, but also hides your IP address from the websites you visit.
It’s free
It is quite easy to configure
The browser is functional and intuitive (based on the Firefox platform).
Speeds are usually painfully slow
You will get tired of solving captchas on conventional websites. Some websites (like news sites) block Tor entirely.
It doesn’t anonymize your torrent downloads, only your internet browsing.
Step 1: download and install the Tor browser
You can download Tor Browser Bundle for Windows, Mac Linux, or Android from
Step 2: navigate to your favorite torrent site
Using the Tor browser is very simple, and your traffic is automatically routed through the encrypted Tor network. All you need to do is enter the URL of your preferred torrent site in the browser bar (you may need to capture a captcha on some sites that treat Tor traffic as “suspicious”).
Method 3: Change the DNS server
Often times, the only blocking implemented by ISPs is only at the DNS level. DNS, or Domain Name System, which translates IP addresses into website names, is widely used to restrict access to torrent sites. Because, by default, users use DNS servers that are regulated by ISPs. Therefore, making it a public DNS can solve the problem of difficult torrent site access.
The following public DNS servers are then used:
Google DNS: 8. 8. 8 | 8. 4. 4
OpenDNS: 208. 67. 222. 222 | 208, 67, 220, 220
Comodo DNS: 8. 26. 56. 26 | 8. 20. 247. 20
We can change the DNS server through the network settings and soon we will be able to access all the websites that are blocked by all the ISPs.
To change the DNS server:
In Windows: Enter the network device and right click> Click Properties> Ipv4 Properties. Then change the DNS server and click OK.
For Mac OS: go to System Preferences> Network> Advanced> DNS, add a new DNS server, and click OK.
On Linux: Click the Network applet> Edit Connections> Edit> Configuration for IPv> Automatic Addresses Only (DHCP)> DNS Server and add each new address separated by a comma.
EZTV - Wikipedia

EZTV – Wikipedia

This article is about the torrent distribution group. For the media company, see EZTV (media company).
EZTVType of siteTorrent index, magnet links providerAvailable inEnglishArea servedWorldwide (except for blocked countries)Created byNovaKingRevenueAdvertisements, donationsRegistrationOptional, freeLaunchedMay 2005; 16 years agoCurrent statusDefunctWritten inHTML, JavaScript, and PHP
EZTV was a TV torrent distribution group founded in May 2005 and dissolved in April 2015, after a hostile takeover of their domains and brand by “EZCLOUD LIMITED”. It quickly became the most visited torrent site for TV shows. [1]
It was founded in response to the forced disappearance of and btefnet via lawsuit. [1][2] The group was founded by NovaKing with a loose coalition of volunteers and holds no formal ties to its predecessors. [3]
In the aftermath of the takedown of TVTorrents and btefnet, the BitTorrent community felt a need for a site that moderated its content. The two groups were known to never provide any fake links, a problem that used to be quite prevalent on public bittorrent sites prior to improvements in community-powered filtering in recent years. A group of volunteers gathered in the IRC channel #EZTV on the EFnet IRC network to create a TV torrent group from scratch in order to fill this void in the public bittorrent scene.
The idea behind EZTV was to create a group that would pick up where its two predecessors left off while avoiding what they considered the “weak spots” that had brought them down. This meant that EZTV should never host its own torrent files, its leadership structure should be dynamic and opaque to avoid presenting any obvious target for litigation, and the group should not host or run its own tracker.
In addition, it was decided that EZTV should be a purely non-profit group by never asking for money of any kind from its users and to never have advertisements to avoid “profiting from piracy” litigation. This means that EZTV is run entirely on a volunteer basis. This clean, no-ads profile of EZTV has made the site a popular destination for the public torrent scene.
During its first years of operation, EZTV hosted its site under the domain name However, in October 2007 that domain began redirecting to a Google query for “eztv”. Citing “administrative issues”, EZTV had lost control over that domain and has redirected users to [4] After the Italian authorities took down the domain, users were directed towards
In April 2008 the old domain name was parked and taken over by a different site.
Stability issues[edit]
By many accounts, EZTV was for a few years plagued with several periods of – sometimes prolonged – downtime. [5][6]
Piratebay Raid[edit]
On 9 December 2014, The Pirate Bay was raided by the Swedish police, who seized servers, computers, and other equipment and resulted in EZTV going down. [7]
By the 11th of December, EZTV was releasing torrents again although the main site was not yet accessible with the regular domain, however the site could be reached through eztv proxy sites. As of 22 December 2014 EZTV was accessible again through the domain for some weeks. [8]
Hostile takeover[edit]
Since October 2007, EZTV was using the domain name. But under pressure from copyright holders, the Italian registry lodged a complaint over some paperwork. [9] Facing a possible confiscation of the domain name, they saw no other option than to switch to a new domain. The domain name was suspended, and a couple of months later was taken over by scammers[10][11] attempting to claim EZTV as their own. But unlike the real EZTV this domain opens windows with advertisements.
As of 25 April 2015, the and the the “semi” accepted proxy are under control of “EZCLOUD LIMITED”. [12] Simultaneously with the takeover of the domain and the proxy, the scam group “EZCLOUD LIMITED” started attempts to take over the online identities by impersonating them on their own clone of the original websites, further assimilating the brand name and disrupting the workings and communication of the original group and attempting to gain revenue via an unofficial EZTV Bitcoin and adverts on these hijacked sites. “EZCLOUD LIMITED” gained access to the domain via the registrar and reset Novaking’s information allowing them access to the domain accounts for EZTV, using this access they hijacked the EZTV domains and locked Novaking out. [13]
The original EZTV domain was under EZCLOUD LIMITED’s control around 29 April 2015. The topic of the IRC channel where EZTV was discussed was set to: “DO NOT USE THE SITES! They are not ours anymore. Thanks for all the fish. “[14] Around 5 May 2015 Rarbg, [15][16] BT-Chat, [17] and other sites removed EZTV as an affiliate and took steps to stop indexing “EZCLOUD LIMITED” releases. KickassTorrents, BT-Chat and The Pirate Bay suspended or deactivated the official EZTV accounts and added warnings to the old releases, ex-EZTV staff continue their warnings that people should avoid the scam site that is left behind. [13]
After the original owner NovaKing and his staff called it quits after the hostile takeover, the EZTV branding was used by the members of EZCLOUD LIMITEDEZ under the domain In 2020 this domain was disabled[18] due to disputes due to which EZTV switched to a new domain. [19] This resulted in it being blocked in Netherlands due to it being on the same Cloudflare IP Address as The Pirate Bay. This was later resolved with EZTV being moved to a different IP address. [20]
Former partners[edit]
Over the years, EZTV has participated in several partnerships.
EZTV and VTV[edit]
Initially, EZTV and fellow TV torrent distribution group VTV acted as competition across the board but with different approaches. Over time, however, it has become clear that the two groups cooperate in some ways since VTV distributes releases that EZTV does not do via EZTV’s IRC channel and website.
EZTV and MVGroup[edit]
In summer of 2008, EZTV and the documentary torrent distribution group MVGroup initiated a partnership that saw MVG’s torrents distributed by EZTV on their IRC channel and website. The agreement benefited both sides, as MVG gained increased exposure and a vastly improved seeder base while EZTV expanded the list of shows available through them.
In a statement to TorrentFreak, MVGroup admins said they “would like to take this opportunity to thank EZTV in helping us continue our founder’s legacy, to spread high quality educational material via p2p, to everyone, for free (… )”. [21]
One month prior to this announcement, MVG’s founder Merrin had died after prolonged illness. [22]
EZTV and VODO[edit]
The Creative Commons media distributor VODO has for a long time held a prominent position on the EZTV site. EZTV was one of the first torrent groups to offer VODO exposure to their audience, along with The Pirate Bay, Mininova, isoHunt and others. [23]
April Fools[edit]
EZTV Homepage April 1, 2014
One notable exception to the no-fakes mechanic was a 2008 April Fools’ Day prank, where a release was posted on EZTV’s website purporting to be a DVD screener pre-air release of an episode of the TV-show Lost. This episode was, in fact, an episode of Flavor of Love with an edit at the beginning saying “April Fool’s”. [24][25]
A year after the Lost pre-air incident, the group replaced their site with a service dedicated to sports related shows – EZSports. [26] In the aftermath of this prank, many users actually wanted the group to let the EZSports site stay online and be provided as a parallel service to the regular EZTV. The group was initially positive to the idea, but a lack of volunteers to maintain the site stopped it in its tracks.
In 2012 the group pulled another April Fools’ Day prank on the community. This time they renamed their releases with the extension (RealMedia) and posted an announcement on the site explaining they had changed the format of their releases in response to “all the comments people have been leaving on our forums” after the Scene changed the encoding of their releases in the weeks prior to the prank. [27]
ISP Blockade[edit]
EZTV and its RSS website ezRSS are currently blocked by multiple ISPs in Italy and in the UK at request from MPA and FACT. [28][29][30]
As of August 2017, Australian ISP’s have also blocked EZTV, amongst others. [31]
See also[edit]
Comparison of BitTorrent sites
Websites blocked in the United Kingdom
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Frequently Asked Questions about eztv unblock

Has EZTV been shut down?

EZTV was a TV torrent distribution group founded in May 2005 and dissolved in April 2015, after a hostile takeover of their domains and brand by “EZCLOUD LIMITED”.

What has happened to EZTV site?

EZTV, one of the world’s most popular torrenting sites, has been shut down after it lost its website and data in a hostile takeover. … The site — including its Italian and Swiss domains — are still under the control of those scammers.May 19, 2015

Is EZTV safe to use?

No, EZTV is not safe to use, and there are quite a lot of reasons behind this. First of all, the obvious reason is that the website is illegal. And browsing the website can get you into legal troubles. Because in many countries, copyright laws are pretty strong.

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