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aws-es-proxy is a small web server application sitting between your HTTP client (browser, curl, etc… ) and Amazon Elasticsearch service. It will sign your requests using latest AWS Signature Version 4 before sending the request to Amazon Elasticsearch. When response is back from Amazon Elasticsearch, this response will be sent back to your HTTP client.
Kibana requests are also signed automatically.
Download binary executable
aws-es-proxy has single executable binaries for Linux, Mac and Windows.
Download the latest aws-es-proxy release.
There is an official docker image available for aws-es-proxy. To run the image:
# v0. 9 and newer (latest always point to the latest release):
docker run –rm -v ~/ -p 9200:9200 abutaha/aws-es-proxy:v1. 0 -endpoint -listen 0. 0. 0:9200
v. 08:
docker run –rm -it abutaha/aws-es-proxy. /aws-es-proxy -endpoint
To expose a port number other than the default 9200, pass an environment variable of PORT_NUM to docker with the port number you wish to expose for your service.
Via homebrew
brew install aws-es-proxy
Build from Source
go1. 14+
#requires go1. 14
go build
Configuring Credentials
Before using aws-es-proxy, ensure that you’ve configured your AWS IAM user credentials. The best way to configure credentials on a development machine is to use the ~/ file, which might look like:
aws_access_key_id = AKID1234567890
aws_secret_access_key = MY-SECRET-KEY
Alternatively, you can set the following environment variables:
export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=AKID1234567890
aws-es-proxy also supports IAM roles. To use IAM roles, you need to modify your Amazon Elasticsearch access policy to allow access from that role. Below is an Amazon Elasticsearch access policy example allowing access from any EC2 instance with an IAM role called ec2-aws-elasticsearch.
“Version”: “2012-10-17”,
“Statement”: [
“Effect”: “Allow”,
“Principal”: {
“AWS”: “arn:aws:iam::012345678910:role/ec2-aws-elasticsearch”},
“Action”: “es:*”,
“Resource”: “arn:aws:es:eu-west-1:012345678910:domain/test-es-domain/*”}]}
Usage example:
You can use either argument -endpoint OR environment variable ENDPOINT to specify AWS ElasticSearch endpoint.. /aws-es-proxy -endpoint Listening on 127. 1:9200
export ENDPOINT=. /aws-es-proxy -listen 10. 1:9200 -verbose
Listening on 10. 1:9200
aws-es-proxy listens on 127. 1:9200 if no additional argument is provided. You can change the IP and Port passing the argument -listen. /aws-es-proxy -listen:8080 -endpoint…. 1:9200 -endpoint…
By default, aws-es-proxy will not display any message in the console. However, it has the ability to print requests being sent to Amazon Elasticsearch, and the duration it takes to receive the request back. This can be enabled using the option -verbose. /aws-es-proxy -verbose…
Listening on 127. 1:9200
2016/10/31 19:48:23 -> GET / 200 1. 054s
2016/10/31 19:48:30 -> GET /_cat/indices? v 200 0. 199s
2016/10/31 19:48:37 -> GET /_cat/shards? v 200 0. 196s
2016/10/31 19:48:49 -> GET /_cat/allocation? v 200 0. 179s
2016/10/31 19:49:10 -> PUT /my-test-index 200 0. 347s
For a full list of available options, use -h:. /aws-es-proxy -h
Usage of. /aws-es-proxy:
Require HTTP Basic Auth
Print debug messages
-endpoint string
Amazon ElasticSearch Endpoint (e. g:)
-listen string
Local TCP port to listen on (default “127. 1:9200”)
Log user requests and ElasticSearch responses to files
Disable AWS Signature v4
-password string
HTTP Basic Auth Password
Prettify verbose and file output
-realm string
Authentication Required
Allow HTTP remote termination
-timeout int
Set a request timeout to ES. Specify in seconds, defaults to 15 (default 15)
-username string
HTTP Basic Auth Username
Print user requests
Print aws-es-proxy version
Using HTTP Clients
After you run aws-es-proxy, you can now open your Web browser on localhost:9200. Everything should be working as you have your own instance of ElasticSearch running on port 9200.
To access Kibana, use localhost:9200/_plugin/kibana/app/kibana
aws-es-proxy - npm Package Health Analysis | Snyk

aws-es-proxy – npm Package Health Analysis | Snyk

GitHub Stars
The npm package aws-es-proxy receives a total of
27 downloads a week. As such, we scored
aws-es-proxy popularity level to be Limited.
Based on project statistics from the GitHub repository for the
npm package aws-es-proxy, we found that it has been
starred 21 times, and that 0 other projects
in the ecosystem are dependent on it.
Downloads are calculated as moving averages for a period of the last 12
months, excluding weekends and known missing data points.
Security and license risk for significant versions All Versions Version Release Date Direct Vulnerabilities Indirect Vulnerabilities License Risk All security vulnerabilities belong to
production dependencies of direct and indirect
packages. License
Security Policy
We found a way for you to contribute to the project! Looks like
aws-es-proxy is missing a security policy.
You can
connect your project’s repository to Snyk
to stay up to date on security alerts and receive automatic fix pull
# Install the Snyk CLI and test your projectnpm i snyk -g && snyk test aws-es-proxy
Fix it in your project with Snyk! Open Issues
Open PR
Last Release
4 years ago
Last Commit
Further analysis of the maintenance status of aws-es-proxy based on
released npm versions cadence, the repository activity,
and other data points determined that its maintenance is
An important project maintenance signal to consider for aws-es-proxy is
that it
hasn’t seen any new versions released to npm in the
past 12 months, and could be considered as a discontinued project, or that which
receives low attention from its maintainers.
In the past month we didn’t find any pull request activity or change in
issues status has been detected for the GitHub repository.
>=4. 0. 0
5 years
3 Direct
Install Size
0 B
# of Files
TS Typings
aws-es-proxy has more than a single and default latest tag published for
the npm package. This means, there may be other tags available for this
package, such as next to indicate future releases, or stable to indicate
stable releases.
EsProxy - Liquipedia Apex Legends Wiki

EsProxy – Liquipedia Apex Legends Wiki

[e][h] EsProxy
Player Information
Esmari Swart
December 19
South Africa
Years Active (Talent):
2021 – Present
Mouse & Keyboard
Upcoming Tournaments
No Upcoming Tournaments
Esmari “EsProxy” Swart is a South African caster.
Notable Events Casted[edit]
DateTierTournamentPositionPartner List2021-09-28 C-TierNODWIN Gaming – African Throwdown 2Caster Airo Thendo actFire2021-07-25 C-TierItsMeJarrod’s – It’s A ThrowbackCaster ItsMeJarrod Thendo2021-04-18 C-TierNODWIN Gaming – African ThrowdownCaster Dr SID KC ThendoAbout achievementsBroadcasts from any Tournament

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