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Private Server Rabbit Hole: elsword - Reddit

Private Server Rabbit Hole: elsword – Reddit

Hi! I used to play Elsword years back, started playing in mid 2014 stopped some time in 2017, recently heard a friend mention private servers and thought I’d look into them. I feel like I’ve fallen into some kind of rabbit hole and I could seriously use some answers here. I did some googling and after a good while of looking I was able to find three different private servers, but in reality it just seems that there’s only one. The first server I was able to find was VoidEls. From what I understand this was a fairly solid server that died in late 2017 for reasons I couldn’t figure out, so I quickly disregarded it. I did some more digging and found a thread in this subreddit discussing the pros and cons of two other servers called Zero and Origins and looked into both. Origins seems to just be a server that – according to their website – is updated to the version of the game I’m most familiar with, so no complaints however is where things got weird for me. I found their website, and was able to make an account. Their website said that they are in closed beta but I tried using one of their download portals nonetheless. Of course this wouldn’t work because of the closed beta situation. Their website appears to be 90% placeholder text which struck me as odd and despite their home page saying to join their Discord server for info and updates on the state of the server, the big Discord button which should redirect me to join their server contains an invalid link, which to me indicates that they’ve either implemented a temporary invite or the server just no longer exists. Also from what I can understand, Zero has been in closed beta for at least seven to eight months and I have no idea what the deal with it is because I’ve seen some actual discussion threads about it here where people are/were seemingly able to play it and make comparisons between it and Origins, and there’s footage of the server on YouTube from what I can see. I’m not really looking for recommendations because Origins is the only private server readily available to me, and I want to give private servers a shot because I mainly dropped the official game over grievances with the cash shop. I just would love some insight into how weirdly cryptic Elsword Zero is.
Void Elsword (KR)

Void Elsword (KR)

Character migration
Hey there void players, we are happy to announce that we will be updating our website to enable our character data recovery/migration which will update your current account data with your characters from our international server (read more)You’ll be a…
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Closed Beta
We’ve reached the Closed Beta user threshold, people who got in will be given an Invite Code which can be used to invite on of your Friends or Foe to team up/fight with on your new again for the incredible support in the Alpha stage…
Master Classes
Characters can only advance to their Master Class after completing their 3rd Job Change and reaching Rigomor. To advance, the character must complete the Master Class quest available at the Town Board or use their respective class Item Mall Clas…
Region Focused
As you may come to know we recently opened this Server to the Public, this version of the Void Elsword International is no more, we are dividing players in PVE & PVP by each ading can be done through our Trading Channels, you will not be…
Void Elsword ShutdownDue to internal team circumstances we have decided to suspend Void Elsword for the forseeable decision doesn’t come lightly as many of you know we intended to stay around for much has been a wild ride since…
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MrHappy calls Ninja disrespectful for playing on Nasomi - Page 3

MrHappy calls Ninja disrespectful for playing on Nasomi – Page 3

The entire argument that it hurts retail FFXI is absurd. They’re not pulling from the same population of people, so there’s no many people here would honestly go play Retail if Nasomi was shut down right now? If Mr. Happy wants to call it disrespectful, whatever. He’s entitled to that opinion. “Games evolve, generations grow up” is the part of his argument that I think stems from actual retardation. Yes, people grow up – and can not like the same thing you like. Yes, the game did evolve, and a lot of people don’t like it. The act of “playing on a private server” is not disrespectful, in my opinion, because the content they have developed since then sucks compared to the previous content. I played WOTG, Abyssea, some Adoulin – I tried it – it was poor quality and execution. It isn’t disrespectful to the devs for liking something that they developed in the past. That’s like saying “You shouldn’t like X person’s old music, because they made new music” where music = whatever the heck you want it to be. I’m not saying that games shouldn’t evolve, I’m saying games CAN and DID evolve in the wrong direction. I’ve played UO, EQ, XI, WoW, GW, GW2, XIV – etc. The reason XI excelled because it differentiated itself (maybe not so much compared to EQ, its inspiration) and did not fit the mold. I’d love to see Asura’s/Retail’s population in a fictional world where SE did launch an official CoP/TOUA era 75 cap server. I’d be willing to bet it would tank in comparison. It isn’t “nostalgia glasses” or “remembering it being better then it was” – no, the game was just hands down better. If retail XI was more fun to me, or felt better to me, I’d play that instead. That’s why we play Nasomi instead. tl;dr Mr. Happy is a tool.

Frequently Asked Questions about elsword private servers

Are FFXI private servers Legal?

5. Private servers are against SE’s EULA. So are bots, scripts, FFXIAH, Windower, Ashita, plugins, addons, ApRadar, GuildWork, and all of the other stuff that has been so common within the FFXI community all of these years. Players don’t get to pick and choose what’s legal and acceptable and what isn’t.Dec 1, 2018

Can you get banned for playing private servers?

Yes, you can. Blizzard Entertainment considers using WoW private servers as stealing intellectual property and infringing copyright.

Are private servers free?

Answer: Most of the private WoW servers are free. You won’t have to pay anything to play the MMOG online. You can play the game online by downloading the game client for free.Sep 27, 2021

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