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Thinking of moving on from Maplestory: elsword - Reddit

Thinking of moving on from Maplestory: elsword – Reddit

Disregard the people who say the game’s P2W. Like Maplestory, if you invest time (I mean lots), You’ll be able to get the same stuff others get. More like pay to Advance much, much faster similar to MSAnd it’s not dead either. Unlike Maplestory, KoG has been adding large updates to this game. Tran’s came out which allowed for even harder dungeons, bosses, and higher tier gear. Now they’re working on 3rd job For every class, which is coming out this game has tons of classes much like maplestory aswell, yet they’re all gender locked (Grand Archer FTW, Big boobs & a cute face. God at clearing)But yea. Maplestory is dying because of Nexon. Thankfully they don’t have as big of a say over this game. If you want something else to invest time into, i suggest Elsword. Maybe you’ll even like Overwatch or BDO ($40 and $10 Respectfully). I didn’t think i’d like them until i tried them.
Elsword vs MapleStory Comparison | MMO Stats

Elsword vs MapleStory Comparison | MMO Stats

PopularLatestUpcomingGamesArticlesReviewsGame StatusACTIVEMapleStory is Age12 YEARS OLDElsword was released on March 2010 and is now 12 years old. 18 YEARS OLDMapleStory was released on April 2003 and is now 18 years timated Total Players15%770kElsword had an estimated total of 770, 000 players. Which accounts for approximately 15% of the population when compared to MapleStory. 85%4. 5mMapleStory had an estimated total of 4, 505, 000 players. Which accounts for approximately 85% of the population when compared to timated Daily Players13%33. 8kAs of today Elsword has an estimated daily base of 33, 750 players. Which accounts for approximately 13% of the population when compared to MapleStory. 87%232. 5kAs of today MapleStory has an estimated daily base of 232, 500 players. Which accounts for approximately 87% of the population when compared to the latest MMO news in your inboxA monthly newsletter about the top 3 games of the month.
Elsword or MapleStory players on here? | General Discussion

Elsword or MapleStory players on here? | General Discussion

General Discussion
Discuss your favorites: TV shows, music, games and hobbies.
I’m just kinda curious cause I’ve met a few on here that are, but I want to know if there are any others Which there probably are.
I just think its cool seeing that other people on FR are players of those games.
If so, if you guys want to add me as a friend on them go ahead, though I’m not that great at playing with other team members, I usually take on areas solo.
Elsword Main:
FrostNova228, bet ya can’t guess my class XD, I’m still a bit low level due to me deciding to restart
MapleStory Mains:
I am on GMS server if anyone is curious
XKineshisuX, Kinesis, Windia
Frostyukia, Xenon, Windia
Jikanchairud, Zero, Windia
Xenonian, Xenon, Arcania
You don’t have to add me though, but its just awesome to know that there are others on here who play them.
@ApostasiaAinYou already know that I play Elsword so I don’t really need to mention but just so some other people know..
Also I’ve actually been considering downloading MapleStory, since I kinda want some more games on this computer. Is it good?
– + sugi + –
she/he/they | pisces + aquarius
– art shop –
“The ones who satisfy
that world are…
Yeah, its pretty good, its one of my favorite computer games alongside Elsword
I’ve been on-and-off on Elsword lately. There was this one week when I just grinded my lvl 60 BM to 99 and get transcended, so now I’m just working on his 3rd job class. Used to main VP but now I prefer the up close combot, y’know? ‘ _ ‘
Have you been doing arena a lot? How’s it like now? I’ve only been after to reach SS and apparently there’s something past SSS???
Ah, Elsword. It’s a pretty nice game.
Decided to take a break for indeterminate amount of time, though. Due to personal problems and time constraints. I’m happy to see someone playing, though! I played since Grand Chase, and a big maybe of downloading Closers
I’m not procrastinating, I’m doing it at the speed of maximum dramatic tension.
Oh Man, Maples. Haven’t touched the game in years and just heard they’re killing the FM. I cri.
I played Windia way way way way way way way back in the day before 4th job. Got to 200 and then poofed for awhile. Then started back up when El Nido was spanking new and made another 200. I think the last thing that was brand new when I stopped again was the Kinesis guy thing?
Ah, Elsword. I haven’t touched that game in was just far too money grubbing for my tastes. I mean you have to pay to unlock extra move every character you that is a little ridiculous. Plus PVP is no fun when it’s just the people who pay for all the overpowered armour who win anyway;;
But I did get a decent way into the game before I quit. My main was FancyTatas (yes I know, very mature of me) and I was a level 70 Eve. I also had a high-level Add and a bunch of others that were just “I wanna briefly try this character” type accounts. And they all had equally as immature names as my main because it amused 21 year old me for some reason.
Maybe I should pick it up again at some point.
I love MapleStory! I play in Bera as an Ice/Lightning Mage! I used to play way long ago but picked it back up more recently! I only play with one other person so it gets kinda lonely, but I always enjoy myself whenever I play!
I agree completely with that, it is kinda lonely having only none to a few others to play the game with. On the other note, I’m really happy to know that quite a few people have wrote on her that they do play them and there’s still probably more
Been watching maplestory playthroughs and related videos for 4 or so years and finally got the game a year ago! I don’t really feel lonely as I’m always doing quest chains and trying to grind to 200, but it would definitely be fun to go bossing with a few friends!
Main: ElecSLumi, Luminous, Arcania
I really want to migrate to Bera, but *shrugs*
I really want to migrate to Bera, but *shrugs*

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