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From ElwikiFor the Demonio skill by the same name, see Transcendence (Lu/Ciel).
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At level 70 and 2nd job, players are able to bring out their abilities beyond their limits to unlock new skills and enhancements to existing abilities. Transcendence is not considered a new job, but functions as an enhanced version of your 2nd job class.
General Information
Characters can only advance to their transcendent state if they are over level 70 and completed their second Job Change. To advance, the character must complete the transcendence quest available at the Town Board or use the Item Mall item Book of Transcendence: God’s Will. If the character has already reached transcendence, they can change their class with the Transcendence Job Change Ticket.
Upon advancing to this new transcendent state, the skill tree will be expanded to include the new Transcendent skills. Two of these skills will be locked and can only be obtained by completing the corresponding Skill Quest or by purchasing the Forbidden Secret Manual from the Item Mall.
Additionally, you will be able to use two new Transcendent Skill Slots.
Benefits of Transcendence
The new Awakening animation, with a new character Cut-in.
Awakening Animation
Upon advancing to the transcendent state, the awakening animation will be modified. The animation will receive new visuals and will be accompanied with a voice-over and a special Transcendence Awakening Skill Cut-in.
Awakening Buff
While in Awakening, players will receive a 30% damage increase instead of 20%. For Ain, he receives a 5. 7% damage increase per Awakening stage rather than 5%, for a 17. 1% damage increase by Stage 3 instead of 15%.
Transcendence Buff
During Awakening, every 20 seconds, the Transcendence buff will be triggered (the Buff trigger timer resets when leaving Awakening (Add excluded), entering a dungeon, or entering a field). Skills that were placed in the Transcendent Skill Slots will flash in yellow color to signify that the buff has activated. This buff lasts for 10 seconds and will decrease the cooldown of both skills in the Transcendent Skill Slots by 14 seconds (7 seconds in PvP) when it is triggered, as well as cause those skills to deal 20% more damage than usual upon activation, in turn removing the buff. While the Wedding Skill can be placed into these slots, the Transcendence buff will not have any effect on it.
The new Awakening icon and Transcendence buff icon.
Additional Weapon Stats
Upon completing Transcendence, all weapons with a level requirement of 70 or higher will receive additional Physical Defense and Magical Defense stats.
Transcendence Quest
TranscendenceLimit Break 1/5
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites
Achieve level 70
Complete your Second Job Advancement
Clear 3 dungeons in your level range(excluding Ruben/Event Dungeon/Guild Mini Game/Guild Expedition/Ereda Island/Dimension of Sinister Intent/Twisted Time and Space – Fahrmann’s Peak/Henir’s Time and Space/Gate of Darkness/Add’s Energy Fusion Theory)
[Book of Transcendence] – IntroMany seek power, but it’s not easy to acquire one. Among those that seek power, the El Masters have achieved theirs in a unique El Master has overcome their limits using their innate abilities. This book, specifically, will be narrating the power of transcendence, a power that was developed and used by the Earth of Transcendence is given to those that overcome their limits, no matter their, one should prove their worth.
Common Rewards
Selective Rewards
TranscendenceLimit Break 2/5
Complete the quest Limit Break 1/5
Collect 3 Symbols of Resolve from Sander, Lanox, Atlas, or Elysion dungeons
[Book of Transcendence] – Chapter 1Those who seek power must first look and see if they are properly prepared. A powerful body obtained through regular training is important, one’s resolve to face difficult trials is more firm resolve and belief in yourself will materialize Symbol of Resolve.
TranscendenceLimit Break 3/5
Complete the quest Limit Break 2/5
Collect 3 Symbols of Determination from Sander, Lanox, Atlas, or Elysion dungeons
[Book of Transcendence] – Chapter 2Transcendence is the power to overcome your limits. You must undergo trials in order to find the key to do a proven method is to throw yourself in danger, you need the determination to turn those dangerous situations into an unshaken determination will materialize as Symbol of Determination.
TranscendenceLimit Break 4/5
Complete the quest Limit Break 3/5
Collect 1 Symbol of Purpose from Secret Dungeons
[Book of Transcendence] – Chapter 3Those seeking the power of transcendence will face many trials. When you lose yourself in face of these trials, you must remember your goal, your single minded focus in showing your purpose will materialize as Symbol of Purpose and put you closer to transcendence.
TranscendenceLimit Break 5/5
Complete the quest Limit Break 4/5
Clear 5 Secret Dungeons
[Book of Transcendence] – Chapter 4Those who have faced their limits, now you will face the final those who overcome their own limitations are truly worthy of will now face transcendence, but remember, those who found the end, will soon find themselves a new beginning. Overcome your limits and prove your worth. Then, the power of transcendence will reside in you.
[Cobo] Transcendence Useful Items Cube
Skill Quests
NOTE: All Clear dungeons within level range quests exclude Ruben, Henir, Add’s Energy Fusion Theory, Ereda, Sinister Intent, Gate of Darkness, Event Dungeon, Guild Expedition, and Twisted Time and Space – Fahrmann’s Peak.
List of Classes
Lord Knight
Rune Slayer
Infinity Sword
Sacred Templar
Elemental Master
Void Princess
Dimension Witch???
Wind Sneaker
Grand Archer
Night Watcher???
Blade Master
Reckless Fist
Veteran Commander???
Code: Nemesis
Code: Empress
Code: Battle Seraph
Code: Failess
Iron Paladin
Deadly Chaser
Tactical Trooper???
Sakra Devanam
Yama Raja
Grand Master
Blazing Heart
Crimson Avenger???
Lunatic Psyker
Diabolic Esper???
Noblesse(Noblesse/Royal Guard)
Demonio(Diabla/Demonio)??? (??? /??? )
Storm Trooper
Crimson Rose
Arme Thaumaturgy
Erbluhen Emotion
Rumble Pumn
Shining Romantica
Silent Shadow
Stellar Caster
Pale Pilgrim???
Item Name
How to Obtain
Book of Transcendence: God’s Will
Purchasable from the Item Mall (500 K-Ching)
Advance a second job character to Transcendence.
Forbidden Secret Manual (I)
Purchasable from the Item Mall (400 K-Ching)
Unlock the Level 80 locked Transcendent skill
Forbidden Secret Manual (II)
Purchasable from the Item Mall (450 K-Ching)
Unlock the Level 90 locked Transcendent skill
Skill Slot Change Medal (Transcendence)
Purchasable from the Item Mall (230 K-Ching)
Unlock second Transcendence skill slot
Tips and Details
For the quest Sealed Power 3/5, 9-6 is recommended due to the dungeon having 4 minibosses.
The Transcendence buff will be consumed for the skill in that slot even if it was chained into by another skill, such as Ara’s Secret Art skills.
Skills chained by Aether Sage’s Double Casting passive do not actually count as using the respective skill’s skill slot, so they will not consume the buff nor receive the Damage Increase.
Skills that chain into themselves or have manual trigger conditions, such as Dual Buster or G-18C Freezing Grenade will only benefit from the Transcendence buff if they were initially cast while the buff was active, and they will retain that buff for however long you hold on to the extra casts. Likewise, the extra casts will entirely ignore the buff if it were to trigger after you already casted the initial skill.
Unused Transcendence skill tree background.
Unused Transcendence Buff Skill Slot effect.
For Lu/Ciel, each class will display their own icon based on their respective 2nd job.
During Awakening Mode after unlocking Transcendence, some characters will have visual changes.
Add’s electric visual and Nasod Armor will be colored gold.

▲ Transcendence buff Activation Chance increased (25% > 100%).
▲ Transcendence buff Cooldown resets upon exiting Awakening (excluding Add’s Configuration Mode).
▼ Transcendence buff Skill Cooldown Reduction decreased (100% > 14s (7s in PvP)).
Skill Slot Expansion (Transcendent) made default.
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2/5 and 3/5 need to collect something in Lanox anyone tell me which dungeon get those item easily? If it’s just the Scar Dungeon, I try 3 runs but nothing I can get or still need to keep running in that dungeon? I really want to complete that quest fastThis thread is archivedNew comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast
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Limit Break Quest-Line :: Elsword General Discussions

Limit Break Quest-Line :: Elsword General Discussions

Feb 26, 2019 @ 11:45pm
Limit Break Quest-Line
i’m currently a lvl 70 Elisis (Crimson Avenger) and I’m trying to finish the limit break quest. I’ve tried asking for help in game, from guilds, and so on but nothing. it’s really tough to solo and PLEASE HELP??? I’ll help whoever out with something as well… I’ll pay the in game currency, I don’t care. If yes, please send me a message here. Or, in game, my character name is Helena199.
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