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Are there any ways to get costumes without cash: DragonNest

Are there any ways to get costumes without cash: DragonNest

Blood, Sweat and Tears (BST). Adventurer david beside the mission bord at the west gate of saint haven and even other towns as well. You need 102500 BST points to buy the costumes make that 102500 x 7 = 717500 BST for the costumes. Also there are also amcostume accessories (wings/tail/decal/ring/earring/necklace) that cost 9750 BST each. To get BST points, you need to be lvl95 doing the bulletin board missions where you earn 2500 each conpleted mission. And if you start at lvl 1, then by doing main quests you can earn them from there. P/s: the costume is not physically visible. You still only see your equipments only. The costumes are there for stats.
Dragon Nest - Wikipedia

Dragon Nest – Wikipedia

Dragon NestDragon Nest logo by Eyedentity Games and NexonGenreMMORPG
GameDeveloperEyedentity GamesPublisherKOR: Nexon→Actoz Soft→PupugameNA: Nexon→Eyedentity GamesSEA: Cherry Credits→Eyedentity GamesEU: eFusion→Shanda→Cherry CreditsGenreAction MMORPGEngineDragon Nest Engine; internal name: Eternity EnginePlatformMicrosoft WindowsReleasedKOR: March 2010NA: September 2011[1]EU: March 2013
MangaDragon Nest: Shungeki no SedoWritten byEyedentity GamesIllustrated byTatsubonPublished byKodanshaMagazineMonthly Shōnen RivalDemographicShōnenOriginal runJune 4, 2010 – April 4, 2011Volumes3
Anime and manga portal
Dragon Nest (Korean: 드래곤네스트) is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG developed by Eyedentity and currently available in different regions and languages. Aside from boasting a non-targeting combat and skill system within instance dungeons, Dragon Nest also revolves around a rich story which is told in different points of view depending on the player’s chosen class. Dragon Nest receives new content, balance patches and cash shop items on a monthly basis. Major expansions that include several new dungeons, Nests, new classes, multiple new features or remake of old ones, extensive class adjustments and a raise on the level cap take place every year.
The game has over 200 million players as of 2013, [2] and had grossed ₩200 billion ($180 million) by 2012. [3] From June 2012 to July 2015, the game was known as Dragon Nest 2. 0. From 2015 to 2016, the game was known as Dragon Nest R which stands for “Action Reverse, Stress Relieve, Content Reboot”. From 2016 onwards, the game is known as Dragon Nest A: Will of the Gods, the A stands for “Awakening”.
Dragon Nest incorporates non-targeting system gameplay to create a fast-paced action-filled experience. Players choose from a range of hero classes, characters that are of the Dragon Nest storyline that can equip customizable gear and weapons. Characters exist in one world, Kalahan, which resulted from Nexon uniting all four worlds to unite the characters. Devastating skills can also be learned, to increase one’s power when defeating monsters in instance dungeons or defeating other players in PvP.
Dragon Nest also has the advantage of being nearly completely skill-based, with lower level characters being able to defeat high level characters in PvP with skill alone. This allows a more experienced player that is of a lower level to dominate a less experienced player of a higher level player in PvP. [4]
Class role and playing style[edit]
After reaching lv. 15 players can choose to specialize in one of the second classes available depending on their class, and third class at level 45 to boost some aspects of theirs skill sets.
– The boy from Ironwood Forest that his mother fostered from somewhere. Starts his long journey to become “The greatest warrior ever”[1]
Sword Master – Use long sword as weapon, outstanding at rapid attack and combo.
Moonlord – outstanding at ranged attacks and magic damage. They are known for their ability to release crescent-shaped energy blasts from their swords to eliminate enemies from a greater distance.
Gladiator – Improves physical skills from Sword master, outstanding at closed attacks and combo.
Mercenary– Use hammer or axe as weapon, outstanding in one hit attack in very high attack and defensive buff but has low mobility.
Babarian – Improves the area of effect skills from Mercenary.
Destroyer – Improves defensive buff skills from Mercenary.
– Every Elf from Arendel must go out to find Telezia to discover the purpose of life and their own name. Elf is not strong but has high flexibility, Her combat style is a fast-paced, ranged attack. [2]
Bow Master – Use long bow as weapon, and this class is the longest ranged attack class in this game. She can make high damage but has low defensive.
Sniper – outstanding in long ranged attack in very high damage but her skill has to charge before being used.
Artillery – use magical arrow to attack the enemies, in this class there are some skills that can mark the enemies before the arrow explode or releases magic arrow that follows the enemies until it hits them.
Acrobat – Use short bow or crossbow as weapon but most of her combat styles use her kick. This class is outstanding in mobility and combo.
Tempest – improve close range attack from acrobat.
Windwalker – improve mobility and combo from acrobat.
– The gifted girl that is genius in magic but she turns back from her destiny and is addicted to gambling. This is the reason why she has to eliminate the monster in order to find money for paying debt. [3]
Elementalist – Use fire and ice magic, outstanding in crowned control skill such as freeze, burn, flying.
Elestra – The class that improves ice magic skill from Elementalist.
Sealena –The class that improves fire magic skill from Elementalist.
Force user – Use gravity, laser and time magic, outstanding in buff the ally and debuff the enemies.
Majesty – The class that improves gravity magic skill from Force user.
Smasher – The class that improves laser magic skill from Force user.
– The servant of Goddess that serves her by vanishing the dark energy in this world, outstanding in high defensive and healing. [4]
Priest- The class that uses wand as weapon, outstanding in healing and support skill and he can control lighting magic to attack the enemies.
Saint – the class that improves support and healing skill from Priest.
Inquistor – The class that improves lighting magic skill from Priest.
Paladin – The class that uses mace or flail as weapon, out standing in block and decrease damage from monster and he can release holy hammer to attack the enemies.
Guardian – The class that improves block and decrease damage from monster skill from Paladin.
Crusader – The class that improves holy hammer skill from Paladin.
– The girl who came from an ancient village using ancient powers to attack enemies with ancient power. She could provide various useful buffs for allies as well. [5]
Dancer- The class that uses fans or chakrams as weapon, great in melee and long-range skill and she can control ancient magic to attack the enemies.
Spirit Dancer – the class that improves spiritual and long range skill from Dancer.
Blade Dancer – The class that improves short-range blade skill from Dancer.
Screamer – The class that uses the same weapon as Dancer, Good support and can provide great damage to enemies. She can use spirit hands for crowd control.
Dark Summoner – The class that improves spirit hands crowd control from Screamer.
Soul Eater – The class that improves summon skills from Screamer.
– A Girl coming from the future who is great in science can use chemical bombs, summon Machinery to aid her in battle. [6]
Engineer- The class that uses cannon as weapon, can summon Machinery to aid her in batlle
Gear Master – the class that improves machinery and mecha duck skills from Engineer.
Shooting Star – The class that improves Alfredo magic skill from Engineer.
Alchemist – The class that uses Kabala as weapon, out standing in chemicals and support she can release deadly chemicals to attack the enemies.
Adept – The class that improves Fire and Ice skill from Alchemist.
Physician – Improves Healing skills and Poison skills.
– A Young boy who got possessed by his future self. A Bloodthirsty maniac from another world. [7]
Chaser- The class that uses Dagger or Scimitar as weapon, outstanding in stealth and damage skills he can control crows to attack the enemies.
Ripper – the class that improves melee and fire skill from Chaser.
Raven – The class that improves crow skills and chains skills from Chaser.
Bringer – The class that dagger as weapon, He can use the powers of darkness and light to heal allies or damage enemies.
Abysswalker – The class that improves darkness based skills from Bringer.
Light Fury – The class that improves holy skill and support skill from Bringer.
Combat in player vs environment[edit]
In Dragon Nest, players fight groups of monsters using skills and attacks received by class trainers throughout the game. The monsters drop money, boxes, collectables, materials, weapons or equipment that can be used by the player, sold, traded or thrown away.
Dragon Nest is world know like
In-game shop[edit]
The Cash Shop is an in-game shop where players use real-life currency to purchase equipment not widely available in-game. Special items can also help in the development of the characters such as Approval Stamps, Protection Jellies, and Dragon Eggs. Player can also buy pets, costumes, cosmetics to personalise their character.
In Dragon Nest NA, the Cash Shop is known as the “Dragon Vault”.
The Goddess Althea, creator of the land of Alteria (Altea in the NA version, Lagendia in the SEA version), is poisoned by her evil sister Vestinel. The poison can only be cured using an antidote made using the source of the poison itself, Vestinel’s magic grail, which has disappeared somewhere within Alteria. The players as heroes of Alteria must comb the land fighting evil dragons in order to find power stones that enable them to communicate with the sleeping goddess in order to find the grail, wake her and save the world.
East Asian release[edit]
On November 2, 2007, Nexon Korea Corporation secured rights to Dragon Nest. It was announced that the game would be entering its closed beta in the middle of 2008 but delayed to fall of 2009. [citation needed] Dragon Nest was officially released in Korea in March 2010. [citation needed]
In December 2007, Shanda, game publisher in China, announced that it would be publishing the Chinese version of Dragon Nest. [citation needed] The Chinese closed beta began on 25 March 2010 with an official release later that year. [citation needed]
It was announced on 21 November 2008 that NHN Japan would publish Dragon Nest in Japan on their Hangame JP portal. [5] On 17 April 2010, GACKT was announced to be the artiste for the “Black Version” of the theme song of the game titled “EVER”. [6][7] NHN Japan subsequently began Dragon Nest Japan’s closed beta. [6]
North American release[edit]
At the Penny Arcade Expo in 2009, Nexon America announced that it would be publishing Dragon Nest in North America. [8] Originally, Dragon Nest was scheduled for a mid-2010 release. [citation needed] Nexon America announced that a playable version of Dragon Nest would be shown at the upcoming E3 show in Los Angeles. Its release is now set to be towards the Summer of 2011. On 21 April 2011, a closed beta application was started and testing was due to begin on 17 May 2011. However, on 6 May, an announcement was made that the closed beta testing would be pushed back to 15 June 2011. Closed beta ended on June 20, 2011. Dragon Nest open beta testing opened on July 26, 2011. The game was slated to go live on August 11, but this date has since been pushed back. The North American version was level-capped at 32 with the Saints Haven release on September 28, 2011. Characters, items and skill from the open beta test were not cleared, so players kept the progress they made in the OBT. In mid December 2011, the North American version has extended its level-cap to 40, giving the player the ability to learn their 2nd sub-class’s final skill. The Tinkerer class was added in the June 2012 patch. The first Dragon class nest, Sea Dragon Nest, has been released on 24 July 2012. On 24 October 2012 the North American version extended its level-cap to 50, giving the players the ability to learn their 3rd sub-class. On 20 June 2013 the level-cap of the North American Version was extended to 60, allowing players to learn two EX skills.
South East Asian release[edit]
Shanda and Cherry Credits released the localized version of Dragon Nest for South East Asia region. Closed beta testing period for Dragon Nest SEA ran from 13 July 2011 to 19 July 2011. Open beta was opened from 16 August 2011 to 20 October 2011.
Official release of the game begins 20 October 2011[9] onwards, with the release of Saint Haven and level 32 cap on 18 October[10] to mark its grand opening. There was four servers at the time of SEA’s installation, namely (in chronological order) Westwood, Springwood, Greenwood and Holywood. [11] The English language voiceovers for non-playable characters and the song “The Warrior Call” for this release were produced by Deniss Berezins of Overdrawn Records.
Level cap has been increased to 40 on 13 December 2011. Additional content related to the increase has been added which includes new Level 40 items, Manticore Nest and the Apocalypse Nest. On 24 April 2012, the long anticipated Academic class has been released, bringing the total playable starting characters to 5. The long-awaited Sea Dragon Nest was released on 4 June 2012, and also the much anticipated Level 50 cap was released on 28 August 2012, together with further advancements in their current job classes. On 2 April 2013, the new Kali class was released. On 13 May 2013, the level cap was increased to 60. On 11 February 2014, the level cap was increased to 70, giving access to new EX skills, and the Anu Arendel dungeons. On 18 March 2014 the Assassin character was released. And the level cap was increased to 80 with new lvl 80 EX skill & equipment in 2015 also with new lvl 80 dungeons and nest. The new Lancea class was released on March 3, 2015 bringing a total of 8 playable characters.
European release[edit]
Closed beta began on 27 February 2013. Dragon Nest Europe was officially released on 6 March 2013 by eFusion. From 24 October to 29 October, Dragon Nest EU had a server transfer and officially changed host to Shanda.
On 31 January 2016, Dragon Nest Europe suffered a massive data loss of all players and the server came back online on 5 February. On 16 March, Dragon Nest Europe changed the publisher to be part of Cherry Credits.
On 27 March 2019, Dragon Nest Europe publisher Cherry Credits announced the server closure slated for 15 May 2019, [12] the service contract was no longer being extended to Cherry Credits by the developer Eyedentity Games.
Russian release[edit]
Localization in Russian is handled by the holding company Group. Closed alpha began on 28 August 2012. Closed alpha began on 5 September 2012. Open beta began on 26 September 2012.
Dates of important updates:
Level cap has been increased to 40 on 29 October 2012.
On 29 January 2013 Sea Dragon Nest has been released.
On 26 February 2013 Academic class has been released.
Level cap has been increased to 50 on 30 May 2013.
On 3 September 2013 Green Dragon Nest has been released.
Level cap has been increased to 60 on 12 December 2013.
On 26 February 2014 Kali class has been released.
On 29 May 2014 Desert Dragon Nest has been released.
Level cap has been increased to 70 on 31 October 2014.
On 23 December 2014 Assassin class has been released.
On 26 March 2015 Black Dragon Nest has been released.
On 27 April 2015 Sea Dragon Nest has been released.
Level cap has been increased to 80 on 8 July 2015.
On 11 December 2015 Red Dragon Nest has been released.
After this patch on Russian Server was starting problems.
Next update has been released only on 3 February 2016. It was Red Dragon Nest (Hardcore), Hero Battlefield (Hardcore) and Argenta’s Costume.
After this patch next update has been released only on 31 March 2016. It was Rumble Mode back. This patch has been released with bag: characters could up their level, but 90 cap was not released. On 1 April 2016 this bag was fixed.
And it was the last update on Russian Server. Next update should have been 90 cap, but problems became harder. Server had juridical disagreements with developers and alsothe game became not in priority for the Group company. All gamers expected update and long time listened promises of the game producer. But 90 cap update had not been released.
On 31 January 2018 the company announced the closure of the game servers. [13]
Sequel and spin-offs[edit]
Dragon Nest Labyrinth (드래곤네스트:라비린스)[edit]
A top view dungeon crawler for iOS and Android developed by Eyedentity Games, said to take place 500 years after the events of the original Dragon Nest. Players can choose between the Warrior, Archer, Sorceress and Cleric to explore random generated dungeons. According to the game description in the official site Geraint (unspecified which one) and Velskud will eventually be encountered in an unknown future update.
Dragon Nest: Awake (龙之谷:Awake)[edit]
Also known as Dragon Nest Mobile is a hack and slash game for mobile devices for the Chinese market developed in Unity. The game uses various assets from the original Dragon Nest, including the 3D models. Players will clear stages to progress through a brand-new story loosely based on the original game, said to be focused on Geraint and Velskud. The game has a hub modeled after Saint Haven for players to interact with one another, manage menus and speak to NPCs like Argenta.
Saint Haven: Dragon Nest[edit]
The mobile game for android and iOS, was released globally on 25 April 2017. New system and UI has been implemented such as semi-automatic skill and open field monster, and AI companion in the form of “Heroes”. This game is different from Chinese counterpart, Dragon Nest: Awake that use all system as same as on the original game on PC.
Dragon Nest II Legend[edit]
An action game developed by Eyedentity Games for iOS and Android and has been released on 5 August 2017 on App Store. The story takes place 500 years before the events of Dragon Nest but speculated to be on an alternate timeline due to incongruencies with the main story: The game’s story states that Geraint defeated the Black Dragon, but was exposed to the potion and to prevent corruption he sealed himself. In the process, Geraint lost his memories but eventually meets someone that will help him recover. Geraint’s physical appearance also differs: He is portrayed with platinum blonde hair, paler skin and blue eyes.
Players take control of Geraint, Argenta, Marian and Garvel, each with 20 different skills that can be unlocked by progressing in the game. The game trailer teased that outfits to dress up the characters will also be available.
Dragon Nest Origin[edit]
No details were given of this game, and it’s said to be on a very early stage of development by Eyedentity Games for iOS and Android. Announcement trailer only played gameplay clips of the original Dragon Nest.
Dragon Nest: The Light of Daybreak (龙之谷:破晓)[edit]
Also known as Dragon Nest: Warriors’ Dawn is a side-scroller beat ’em up game for iOS and Android developed by Beijing ZhangKuo Mobile Multimedia Technologie Co., Ltd. based both in the original Dragon Nest game universe and the film Dragon Nest: Warriors’ Dawn universe. Players can take control of the Warrior, Archer and Sorceress to progress through stages and meet popular NPCs of the franchise, but Kali and Assassin have been teased in trailers and adverts. Currently only available for the Chinese market.
Dragon Nest: Continenth Exploration (龙之谷大陆探险)[edit]
Also known as Dragon Nest Wonderland (新龍之谷大富豪 WONDERLAND) in Taiwan and Hong Kong, was monopoly style game for iOS and Android released in July 2014. The game was only released in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong before shutting down in November 2014. The game interacted with the original Dragon Nest and players could participate in events, collect virtual cards, win items or merchandise through this game.
Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest (セレンシアサーガ:ドラゴンネスト)[edit]
An upcoming action game Developed by Primus Inc. a Subsidiary Company of Gumi, led by a former producer of the PC version of Dragon Nest Japan.
Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest features 4 familiar playable characters at the start: Warrior, Archer, Cleric, and Sorceress. With a brand new storyline, players set foot on the world of Serencia as a “Knight of the Seal Dragon”, going through trials set by a goddess. The game can be played in either landscape mode or portrait mode according to the player’s preference, switching at any time. Pre-registration is now on in Japan, with a launch expected summer 2017. It was later shut down on 28 March 2018.
World of Dragon Nest[14][15][edit]
Eyedentity Games has been revealed about next installment of Dragon Nest and will be released in Summer 2018. World of Dragon Nest will feature characters from the original PC version and introduce in new characters. Players will face new enemies called “Paradise Exiles”, according to the lead designer Do-hyung Kwon at Eyedentity Games. Of course, the new game will focus on larger scale combat and in the future, the end-game content will include guild wars which involves 60 players, 30 from each side, fighting each other.
Since World of Dragon Nest will be released on the mobile platform, there will be auto combat, Eyedentity Games confirms. However, you can switch to manual mode anytime you want. The biggest feature is of course the non-targeting combat, and it’s where the development mainly focuses on. In the new game, there will be a gauge on the screen and it is like an ultra skill system. Making both genders for each class is the other thing the developer team puts a lot of resources into. In addition to gender lock removal, World of Dragon Nest completely ditches the class / skill system in Dragon Nest. There will be new class called “Slayer” joining in the game.
There is a manga based on the game named Dragon Nest -Shungeki no Sedo- (Dragon Nest-瞬撃のセド-, lit. “Dragon Nest -Sedo of the Sudden Attack-“). [16] It is drawn by TATSUBON and published by Kodansha. Three tankōbon volumes has been published with about 12 chapters in total. It was serialized from the July 2010 issue to the May 2011 issue of Monthly Shōnen Rival. [17] The first volume was published on 4 October 2010, the second volume on 4 February 2011, and the third volume on 3 June 2011. It follows the adventures of Warrior Sedo Nobusutatto, Archer Okiron Igunohisu, Sorceress Yuuri and Cleric Benetta as they fought to rescue the Prophetess Rose from a mysterious black figure, and to protect Saint Haven from a great danger.
Another manga based on the game, called Dragon Nest Kenja no Yogen (ドラゴンネスト 賢者の予言, lit. “Dragon Nest- Prophecy of the Sage”) started serialization from 27 July 2019 on the LINE Manga mobile application, with chapters released twice a week on Tuesday and Saturday. The manga was later also released on the Comico manga mobile application on 4 November 2019, with the last chapter released on 19 January 2020, with a total of 60 chapters.
Numerous theme songs have been used for the Japanese version of the game. There are three main theme songs for the game itself, the “White Version”, the “Black Version” and the “second” theme song. The “White Version” theme song “Road to Glory~for Dragon Nest” was performed by KOKIA, [6] and the “Black Version” theme song “EVER” was performed by GACKT. [6] The song “Road to Glory~for Dragon Nest” was released on 18 August 2010 as part of the single “Road to Glory~long journey~” (the song is also in the album “REAL WORLD”[18][19]), while “EVER” was released on 28 July 2010. The ‘second’ main theme song “THE END OF THE DAY” was performed by YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz and the single was released on 14 September 2011[20] (the song can also be found in their album “YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz I”). [21] The game story chapter “Resurrection” theme song “live your life” was performed by ViViD. The song was released on 27 June 2012 as part of their album “INFINITY”. [22] The theme song of the story chapter “Side Story: Codename Zero” was “Battle of Destiny”, [23] performed by KOKIA and the single was released on 20 February 2013. [24] To commemorate the launch of Dragon Nest “Reboot” in 2015, Uverworld will perform the theme song of the reboot, “I love the World”, which is also their 28th single, which was released on 26 August 2015. [25]
Drama CD[edit]
There is also a limited edition Dragon Nest drama CD, called Prelude~Unmei no Mezame~ (プレリュード~運命の目覚め~, Pureryuudo~Unmei no Mezame~, lit. “Prelude- The Awakening of Fate”). It was released by Japanese record label Voice Records on 20 April 2011.
Japanese hobby products manufacturer Good Smile Company has released figures based on some characters in the game. A regular 1/8th scale PVC figure of the playable character Sorceress, sculpted by Usagi, [26] and a Nendoroid figure of the popular non-playable character Events Planner Irine, sculpted by Shichibee, [27] was released on 30 May 2013, with initial pre-orders only available in China. [28] On 21 November 2013, Good Smile Company has announced that pre-orders for markets outside China is available and that the figures was expected to be available in Spring 2014. [29] Nendoroid Irine was later released for retail on 24 April 2014, whereas the PVC figure of Sorceress was released on 2 June 2014.
A film based on the game, Dragon Nest: Warriors’ Dawn, was released in 2014. [30][31]
A film sequel, Dragon Nest 2: Throne of Elves, was released in 2016. [32]
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External links[edit]
Official site of Dragon Nest North America
Official site of Dragon Nest SEA
Official site of Dragon Nest Europe
Official site of Dragon Nest Indonesia
Official site of Dragon Nest Thailand
Dragon Nest Download and Reviews (2021) - MMOBomb.com

Dragon Nest Download and Reviews (2021) – MMOBomb.com

Home Games Dragon Nest is a free to play 3D fast paced action MMORPG published by Nexon with cute anime inspired graphics. Dragon Nest features four cute classes that can be directed down various paths of customization. Play as the melee ranged Cleric, the blunt and forceful warrior, the dodgy and powerful sorceress, or the deadly and speedy archer. Targeting is becoming a thing of the past. Dragon Nest forces players to aim each strike to strike at your aims. Using a small cursor, you will line up magic, hammer swings, and arrows to puncture your enemies. The engine behind this game is intense and the acrobatics, quick moves, and smooth stream of offensive maneuvers you can link together in this game may surpass lots of MMORPGs when it comes to gameplay. Whether alone or with a group, wanting a cake walk or a controller throw inducing gauntlet, Dragon Nest has you covered. You can customize the dungeons to your liking, with rewards matching the effort put into them. Dragon Nest takes their unique systems and puts them to the test in dazzling skill based PvP arenas, featuring up to 16 players at one time. They are auto-balanced by keeping track of a player’s skill to match them against similarly skilled players in the future. In Dragon Nest, assuming the role of Heroes of the world of Lagendia, players seek an antidote to save the poisoned Goddess Altea. Facing countless dangers, including a landscape overrun by throngs of deadly dragons, the Heroes must call upon their strength, speed and cunning – and even discover ways to morph into dragons themselves – to defeat the mightiest of the dragons, protect the sacred territories and save Altea. From the game’s intense combat featuring combination and chain attacks to randomly changing dungeons and sporadically spawning monsters, players will be kept on their toes as they engage in non-stop exploration of the colorful Dragon Nest world. Disclosure: MMOBomb works closely with publishers and developers to offer a free and rewarding experience. In order to keep everything free to use we may sometimes earn a small commission from some partners. Find more info in our FAQ page. Additional Information Developer Eyedentity Games Inc. Publisher Eyedentity Games Inc. Release Date September 28, 2011 Genre MMORPG Platform Windows (Client) Please note this free-to-play game may or may not offer optional in-game purchases. Latest Updates Minimum System Requirements (Windows) OSWindows XP or higher Memory1GB StorageOver 4GB available space ProcessorPenitum IV, Dual Core GraphicsNvidia 7600 Additional NotesSpecifications may change during development All material on this page is copyrighted by © Eyedentity Games Inc. and their respective licensors. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. See AllGames like Dragon Nest

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