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How to Cancel an Account on Craigslist - Azcentral

How to Cancel an Account on Craigslist – Azcentral

Craigslist offers a highly visible forum for small businesses to post job classifieds and advertisements for services in fields ranging from automotive to legal. Although Craigslist offers additional options for a fee, you can create an account and use the site’s basic features free of charge. Unfortunately, the site doesn’t offer a visible or obvious way to cancel your account — you’ll have to email Craigslist to get your account removed — but some alternative paths are available. Step 1Browse to and click “My Account. ” Log in to your Craigslist account with your email address and password. Step 2View your list of postings under “My Account. ” This list includes information such as the status — deleted, active or expired — of your postings, the title of the posts and their location on the site. Under the “Manage” category, you can click a few different options, such as “repost” or “edit. ” To delete individual posts, just click “delete” next to each post that you want to remove. In this way, you can delete unwanted content without canceling your account should you ever wish to use Craigslist again. This process also lets you delete any paid posts you’ve made. Step 3Email Craigslist at “” to completely cancel your account. In the body of your email, write that you want your Craigslist account to be deleted. Include the email address and password associated with your account. Send the message from the email address associated with your Craigslist account to further confirm your identity. Step 4Wait a response from Craigslist. You should receive an email confirming that your account has been closed, your login and posting privileges have been disabled, and posts associated with your account have been removed from the listings. References Resources Tips Do not email “” or use the site’s contact form to request account removal. Contacting Craigsist in these ways will result in a boilerplate email response that directs you to Craigslist’s “Help” section, which does not contain information about canceling your account. If you change your mind and want to use Craigslist again, simply visit the site, click on “My Account” and then click “Sign up for an account. ” Follow the on-screen instructions to create an account. Writer Bio Dan Ketchum has been a professional writer since 2003, with work appearing online and offline in Word Riot, Bazooka Magazine, Anemone Sidecar, Trails and more. Dan’s diverse professional background spans from costume design and screenwriting to mixology, manual labor and video game industry publicity. Image Credit Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images
How to Permanently Delete a Craigslist Post - Azcentral

How to Permanently Delete a Craigslist Post – Azcentral

In order to effectively use Craigslist as a business tool, it is important to manage your posts. Although Craigslist posts eventually expire, sometimes you’ll want to delete them manually, particularly when the post has already served its intended function. It is easy to delete a Craigslist post regardless of whether you have an account. Deleting from Your Craigslist Account Step 1Log in to your Craigslist account. Step 2Locate the post you wish to delete. You should see the post on your homepage. If you do not, make sure you are viewing the tab labeled “your postings. ” Step 3Select the “delete” link associated with the posting you wish to delete. The link will be visible in the “Manage” column. Deleting Without an Account Step 1Locate the email sent to you by Craigslist when you initially created the posting. Step 2Click the link given in the email. Step 3Click the button labeled “Delete this Posting. ” References Tips You have the option to restore your postings within 48 hours of deleting them. Writer Bio Serm Murmson is a writer, thinker, musician and many other things. He has a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from the University of Chicago. His concerns include such things as categories, language, descriptions, representation, criticism and labor. He has been writing professionally since 2008. Image Credit Jupiterimages/Pixland/Getty Images
How to Cancel an Account on Craigslist - Small Business ...

How to Cancel an Account on Craigslist – Small Business …

According to Craigslist, users post more than 50 million ads each month on their online classified service. You or your business may have used Craigslist in a hiring process or to find goods and services in the local area with a registered account, but if you want to cancel your account, your options are limited. Craigslist doesn’t offer any quick way to remove registered accounts. Basic Information According to the Terms of Use, you can only have one Craigslist account at a time. Additionally, postings must be in a single location and category, and posting similar content within 48 hours is prohibited. Craigslist doesn’t offer a link on their website to cancel accounts, but inactive accounts expire after 90 days. If you have any ad listings up, your account expires 90 days after the last listing expires. The Easy Way The easiest way to cancel your Craigslist account is to let it expire – log in, delete all of your postings and drafts and then wait. You could change your email to a non-existent address, but that’s not advisable, since someone could get into your account and start posting ads. Without the ability to get back into your account to delete them or get responses from the Craigslist help desk, deleting your hacked account becomes more difficult. Emailing Craigslist Help Desk Another alternative is to log in to your account on Craigslist and click on “help pages. ” If you scroll down to the “Contact Us” link and fill out the email form, Craigslist Help Desk will receive the message. They will send a reply to your listed email address. Craigslist isn’t required to follow requests to delete an account without specific reasons. Harassment and Crime Reports / Phishing In the response email that the Craigslist Help Desk sends, they request that you notify if you have issues with abuse or harassment (such as unwanted phone calls) or to report a crime. They recommend that you notify law enforcement if applicable. If personal information was posted, Craigslist recommends contacting the Help Desk with the “Contact Us” link. Choose “Harassment” and put “911” as the subject. If your account has been hacked, contacting Abuse may solve the problem. Craigslist Help Desk recommends that you log in to your account and delete the unwanted postings, then change your password. References Resources Writer Bio Ben Richard began writing in 1996. He is compiling an anthology of poetry as well as a nonfiction book. Richard studied philosophy and English at Texas A&M University. Richard writes on technology and specializes in web design.

Frequently Asked Questions about deactivate craigslist account

How do I permanently delete my Craigslist post?

Click the link in the email, which will redirect you to Craigslist. Click the button labeled “Delete this Posting.”

Does Craigslist delete inactive accounts?

Craigslist doesn’t offer a link on their website to cancel accounts, but inactive accounts expire after 90 days. If you have any ad listings up, your account expires 90 days after the last listing expires.

Can you reactivate Craigslist account?

To re-register your Craigslist account, open the account signup page (link in Resources) in your browser. Type the email address that you want to associate with your new account in the input box and click the “Create Account” button.

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