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Tinder Ban Workaround Method Without New Device/SIM

Tinder Ban Workaround Method Without New Device/SIM

As we know, the only tried and true full ban-unlock method is to obtain a new iPhone device along with a new phone number from your provider and to setup the account using your mobile data, NOT WIFI. Also, I would recommend using a new apple ID for this. This is currently the only full ban work-around method that will allow you to re-register with a new phone number and allow you to get matches once registered. There is absolutely nothing Tinder can do that will prevent you from getting and using Tinder using this method as there is nothing that identifies you as a person on your new phone to them until you connect to a wifi you’ve used method below is a “Semi-Untethered” ban workaround because it will allow you to get onto the tinder services and view profiles but won’t show you to anyone. However it’s useful because many users include snapchat or instagram in their profile and you can talk to them method will work infinitely many times until tinder bans you outright by your device identifier and not the device you’ve been banned, delete/uninstall tinder from the the app store search for a VPN app and download the one of your choiceenable VPN and check your new IP to make sure it had been changed. On iphones the word VPN should be visible in the top left out from all facebook accounts on your phone. The app and web app @ a new facebook account without profile picture, or use a picture you haven’t ever used on your profile wnload wnload textplus or any other phone number app and generate a new phone numberopen tinder and create new account using facebookonce it gets to the step to verify phone number input your newly generated number and use that to should now be verified and be able to swipe through profiles….. not everyone includes their personal profiles like snap or instagram, but if they do you can add them or talk to them there. You will not be shown to any profiles on tinder. You’ve changed your IP, your profile photos and facebook account which can only mean one thing. Tinder records your device identification number and stores it, preventing you from getting matches or being seen as we are all familiar with the initial ramp up in matches when you start a new account. You will not get that. I’ve been banned twice. The first time I got banned I had a 1000+ match account with over 100 matches in my “Who liked you” second time around (most recent account) I was able to make a new account because I got a new phone. This time I had about 400 matches and 300 girls in my “who already liked you” filter. I was a Tinder Gold member at both times and the second time, when my account was froze I had in my possession 47 super likes remaining and 8 boosts. Tinder will not refund me for any of these purchases. This account is technically still “under review” but I haven’t heard back from tinder in a month you’re wondering, I am extremely respectful with all girls I talk to. I’ve never said anything remotely threatening and am usually quite indifferent to messaging, ie I wont respond sometimes to certain is one cause for getting banned, however, as some matches may simply be offended at you for not talking to them and report you out of spite. I know it looks nice when you get lots of matches and its a big ego boost, but just unmatch girls that you dont plan on talking to because they may sting you in the ass and report ever, I personally feel I have been banned because of jealous men who create fake profiles as women and they see my profile in the swipes and report it for reasons that escape my imagination. I have an iPhone 7 now but have been planning on upgrading to the XS and I’ll ask my provider to change my number. Once I do I’ll be re-creating tinder and trying again except this time I will definitely unmatch girls I don’t talk to or simply will just leave girls I don’t plan on talking to in my Tinder Gold “who liked you” filter. Hopefully this has helped you out in some way.
How to get unbanned from Tinder: The Definitive Guide

How to get unbanned from Tinder: The Definitive Guide

Sunday evening, my heart stopped for a second! B-because I had logged into my Tinder account and I read something like:
“Your account has been banned”
*matches and genuine conversations flashing in front of my eyes*“I’m b–banned?? Why? That’s it! I’m heading to Bumble, fuck Tinder! ”Oh boy! What a moment!
A lot, a LOOOT of Tinder users/ex-users resonate with this.
Now I’d get back in time and tell myself: “Hold your horses buddy!
You’ll manage to create another account, don’t you worry your pretty little head. ”As a nice, sweet guy that I am, I’ll tell you how I managed to unban myself (and my friends) on Tinder. I will also answer the questions below:What is a Tinder ban? How to workaround Tinder Ban in 2021? Why does Tinder ban its users? How long does a Tinder ban last?
Grab what you need to grab because we’re going nerdy on this one.
You’ll read about:
How to write a ban appeal to Tinder? Successful templates you can I get unbanned from Tinder? Let’s work around it ’s the deal using DuckDuckGo?! Are Tinder bans permanent? Guess it! How to create a new account on Tinder? Bypassing moving the subscription after getting banned. A must-do tions that get you banned according to the Tinder Terms of to make sure you don’t get banned? Avoiding the ban at all costs.
What Happens When Tinder Bans You?
A Tinder ban is their way of getting rid of the people who are breaking the rules of Tinder.
When Tinder bans you, they BAN you. You lose your conversations, matches, everything that has to do with the app really.
You won’t have access to your account any longer.
You’ll read further below in the article about details on why Tinder bans its users. There are good reasons actually., you’ll find out if you can get your banned account back.
Let’s say you’ve got your lesson and wouldn’t repeat the same ‘mistakes’.
The next question is:
Are Tinder Bans Permanent?
The answer is painful yet simple: YES.
Let’s take a look at what Tinder says:
“User safety is always at top of mind, and we don’t take violations of our policies lightly. ”
BUUUT, there are a few ways to get back on Tinder and you can finally be good enough to not get banned again.
How to make a new Tinder account after being banned
Every time a new account is created after a ban, Tinder or Bumble and any other online dating app is able to track the device ID and phone number.
Therefore, it turns out harder to create a new account on these apps.
As we all know that the new ‘login with facebook’ feature is not working fine since its introduction.
Juggling two accounts can be particularly stressful for some users, and therefore this is by no means a foolproof method.
But I have a solution for you! With this post, you’ll learn how to create a secondary account on Tinder without being noticed.
Create a new Tinder account
Alright, this is not that easy. I know. But hang in there pal.
Here, IMPORTANT details you don’t want to miss when creating a new account:
Uninstall TinderDisconnect your Facebook or any other socials from your device ID. Or, don’t use the same device/s you used before you got a new SIM/disposable numberA new Facebook accountNew google play account/Apple IDNew bank detailsReset your internet router (just in case)Don’t put the same pictures
Make sure you follow the guide step-by-step, without further ado, let’s dive into step one.
1. Uninstall Tinder
Whatever device you’ve been using it on. Delete/uninstall it. That in order to delete the app’s cache.
2. Disconnect your Facebook or any other socials from Tinder.
Facebook > Settings > Apps and websites > Tinder > Remove AppYou won’t be able to use your account again – there’s no reason to keep your socials connected any longer.
4. Change your device ID. Or, don’t use the same device/s you used before you got banned.
This is because Tinder can recognize your IP address and your device ID through the device.
If you don’t want to use a new device:
Get a VPN app, enable your new VPN – check if your IP has been can also change your device ID (android)
A device ID is a line of unique numbers, letters that identifies your device. Find your device ID:Settings > About phone > Status > IMEI informationIn order to change your device ID:
Check out the device ID changer for Android. 1. Open the App on your device2. You will see two sections: Edit and Original3. Click Apply to the Edit section. 4. Click the orange circle that says ‘Random’. 5. “Device ID Changed”Note: You can restore your original ID after changing it.
Or, you can give it a try without a device ID changer:
1. Backup anything you don’t want to lose from the device (e. g. contacts, data, settings, etc)2. Settings > General Management3. Reset > Factory Data Reset
Change your Apple ID on iOS:
1. Sign in3. Account > Edit. Change Apple ID
4. Get a new SIM/disposable number
You will need this when it comes to verifying your new account. It’s a crucial part.
You can borrow the number from a friend who’s not using Tinder.
A friend of mine got banned on Tinder recently.
And lucky for him, I happened to have two phone numbers, so I gave him the one I didn’t use for Tinder.
You can do that too (borrow a number from someone that doesn’t use Tinder with it) since you only need it for verification.
On the other hand or when you log in with a phone number, you might need it a few times for the SMS verification. This is the case where:
You can buy a new phone number.
You can also get one in your real shop but you always need to provide your ID to get it, which can’t be much of a big deal, but still, and sometimes they are pricey.
If you don’t feel like buying a new number, it’s the case in which:
You can use a disposable number – which is a virtual phone number that you can use for a short period of time.
At the end of the day an online Tinder number guarantees to stay under the radar and bypass successfully, also, it works better into getting you out of the trouble.
ProsConsFake Tinder Number– It’s cheap and easy to use. – It gets sh*t done. – If you get banned, you can get another number without being recognized by Tinder. – Available for all countries. – One-time use: You have to pay every time you wish to use the number. – Costs $4. Now/Google Voice– You can use them to send texts, or make phone calls too. – There are chances you buy already used numbers that can get you banned again. – It requires your phone number to register in order to purchase the number. – It’s not available in all SIM card– You have the SIM card. – You can get it anywhere you live. – You have to get out of the house to buy it. – Can be pricey. – You have to keep switching between SIM cards on your phone.
So, according to the comparison between the three types of numbers, we conclude that you:
Be careful when getting numbers on apps similar to Google Voice or Text Now, because the numbers could be used before and can get you banned again.
We recommend buying a fake number for Tinder who gives a solution for getting back on Tinder.
They could even be the numbers that belonged to someone that got shadowbanned. What is Tinder Shadowban?
Note: You need to follow other steps too because only getting a new number (SIM or a temporary one online) will not get you out of the ‘trouble’.
5. A new Facebook account
Note: It’s not necessary to connect your Facebook with Tinder. If you get a new phone number and a new email you won’t need to connect your Facebook with Tinder.
6. New google play account/Apple ID
That’ll help when you download the app. Since your google account/Apple ID collects the data, using the same google account/Apple ID to download the app again might just give enough clues to Tinder to know who you are.
7. New bank details
It’ll be useful if you wish to pay for any of the premium features.
I don’t think this even needs an explanation.
8. Reset your internet router (just in case)
Unplug your router, wait for 1-2 minutes, plug it back in and you’re good to stall Tinder or just use ’ll be good to go with a new device/ device ID, google play account/Apple ID.
“*Note: Google and Apple sign-in options are currently being rolled out to members in select test markets. ”
‘LOG IN WITH GOOGLE’Do not use the same email that you had on your [now]banned can connect it with another google account and verify with your new phone number.
‘LOG IN WITH FACEBOOK’Once again, don’t connect the same facebook you used on your banned account
If you opened a new one, use that one to connect with Tinder.
‘LOG IN WITH PHONE NUMBER’This doesn’t need much explanation. Use your new phone number, and your new email to verify your account.
Don’t use anything you used on your previous [banned] account.
Once you open the new account:
9. Don’t put the same pictures
Tinder recognizes the pictures. That’s why you can’t use the ones you did before getting banned.
“But Liam, I want to use the same pictures again. Is it possible to do so? ”What a good question Rupert! In fact, there are things that a lot of people did and worked for them quite f#cking well indeed.
Change the pictures’ metadata/tadata changer for iOS: Check out the app tadata changer for Android: Check out the app them (you’ll find the link to download ‘Fawkes’ for mac or windows here) Bypassing Tinder Facial RecognitionAnd lastly, crop them just a little.
Or you can pick other pictures that are similar to the ones you had before (from those ‘photo shooting sprees’).
This so that ‘the Tinder robots’ won’t notice it’s a picture that has been on Tinder before.
Note: Some people tried such methods, however, they ended up getting banned again. It could be that people recognized their profiles and reported them, it could also be that Tinder recognized (less likely to happen though). That’s why I’d suggest you get new pictures.
Don’t connect your InstagramConnecting your Instagram that you used to have connected to your banned account, is another way of begging Tinder to ban you once again. Don’t do ’t connect your Spotify unless you didn’t have it connected with the first accountClues, it’s all about the clues. A new bioWrite something interesting, and catchy. Something that won’t offend anyone would be an awesome mething that would be awesome would also be an awesome a good girl/boy and don’t break the rules again. I’m pretty sure you kind of know what you’ve done you don’t, Tinder Etiquette is something that you might want to read a bit about. P. S. You also want to read Tinder’s guidelines and terms of use.
Recommendation: Use a shortened form of your name, add/subtract a year to your age.
Another way to a new Tinder account: Using Duckduckgo
What Duckduckgo claims to be is an app that works as a search engine that doesn’t allow websites to collect your data. People have been telling stories of success with on duckduckgo, so I thought I’d share what I found about it. In other short words:
DuckDuckGo is a privacy-protecting search engine that, besides other things, recently has been used by people to create new Tinder accounts after their (then) current ones got banned.
You’ll find the very basic steps listed below:
1. Install DuckDuckGo on your phone, Android or Apple.
2. Open DuckDuckGo and search for
3. New IP address, or even bank details if you used them before on the banned account.
4. Create a new account by using your new fake number, new pictures, or email. Do not put anything old that you did on your previous (now banned) account.
Note: If you try to make a purchase it may just not work since a lot of fellas have been complaining about this. You can give it a try though.
2. Send a ban appeal to Tinder
A lot of people managed to get their account back by asking Tinder (very politely) to remove the ban.
Or, telling them that the reason why their account was banned was that they had a #BLM those of you who don’t know:
Before June 2020, Tinder would ban anyone who promoted the Black Lives Matter Movement or ACAB acronym on their bio- For those of you who don’t know about ACAB:ACAB stands for All Cops Are Bastards. It is used to protest injustice against citizens.
According to them [Tinder] they did this because of one of their guidelines, which says that they may remove accounts used for promotional purposes.
However, that changed and they started unbanning the people who emailed them complaining about this particular issue.
You can use this even if #BLM wasn’t the reason why you got banned:
Unfortunately, my account was banned recently and I believe it is because I had the #BLM included in my bio.
I find this rather disappointing – I did not expect it to happen since I didn’t violate any of the terms of use or community guidelines.
However, I’d be more than happy if you would consider removing my ban because I enjoy the time I spend on your app. Here are my details:[phone number associated with your account]
[email you associated with your account]Thank you in advance, [name][do not forget to attach a screenshot of the ban]
Or, if you wish to make it simple, here’s a different template ban:
I’ve recently found out that my account has been banned. I do understand and respect your terms of use, and community guidelines.
With all due respect, I don’t think I broke any of the terms or guidelines. If I did I’d like to apologize, and I’d like to let you know that I wasn’t aware of doing so.
I do enjoy my time on your app, and I’d appreciate it a lot if you’d consider this letter and remove my are my details:
[phone number associated with your account][email you associated with your account]Thank you for your consideration,
[name][do not forget to attach a screenshot of the ban]
Note: You want to send them your screenshot of the they do ban for different reasons, and they note them very generally in the notification you get when, it’ll increase the chances for them to unban you.
You can expect an answer back within a few hours to a few days. I’d suggest you wait around 3-4 days.
If you get no answer within 3-4 days you can write to them once more to let them know you’re waiting for their answer. Remember to keep being polite.
If it is something quite big that you did, you won’t get a chance.
Instead, you might get an email that looks something like this:
A lot of people have been complaining about the Tinder support saying it doesn’t work, it’s a joke.
However, you can give it a shot. Because making an appeal has worked for also a lot of other people who tried.
If that doesn’t work out, then there is another option:
3. Using Tinder on web incognito
This method hasn’t been discussed much. Some people tried it, and it seems to have worked for them.
The reason why this could be easier is that you don’t need to install Tinder on your device which makes it difficult for Tinder to get clues that it is you.
This is the last option if nothing works out.
Here, the steps:
Follow the previous steps from Create New Account, except step 9 because you don’t want to install Tinder this incognito, mOpen your new account
In incognito, you don’t get the ‘log in with Google’ can either log in with Facebook (not the one you used for your banned account) or with your phone number (which shouldn’t be the same as your banned account).
Start swiping baby!!
Does Tinder remember your device ID when they ban you?
Yes, Tinder tracks your device. To avoid getting caught by Tinder you need to change the device ID or use a different device.
Does Tinder ban your IP address?
Tinder ban your IP address but they are not strictly with your IP address. You can easily avoid it by using a VPN or restart your router because you probably won’t have a static IP.
Why am I banned on Tinder?
I’m sorry you had to learn this the hard way…
“Your Tinder profile has been banned for activity that violates our Terms of Use. ”
That’s the line you read on your screen when you get banned.
Obviously, you violated Tinder’s terms of use.
Now, let’s talk about the 8th point of Tinder’s terms of use – Community Rules.
Most people that get banned, get it because they broke one or more of these rules.
Here’s a summary of them…
“By using the Service, you agree that you will not:”
Use the Service for illegal purposes/prohibited by the the Service for harming/criminal the Service to damage the Community any personate someone else without their permission. Mistreat other content that violates anyone’s rights(publicity, privacy, etc)Post content like hate speech, pornographic or sexually explicit content that contains: inciting violence, nudity, graphic, gratuitous content that promotes: racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm of any kind. “Solicit passwords for any purpose, or personal identifying information for commercial or unlawful purposes from other members or disseminate another person’s personal information without his or her permission. ”Share an account with another member, have more than one another account after being banned, unless you’ve got Tinder’s highlighted lines are the ones that people do more often with or without them knowing they’re doing them, hence getting banned.
You’ve been reported.
Most of the things you don’t want to do on Tinder (mentioned above), are things that have to do with disturbing other members of Tinder.
This has to do not only with your profile (if it is offensive to anyone), but with your behavior ’s something you said or did that made your matches report you. Example:
This user shared an opinion on a ‘sensitive topic’. This bio most probably (even if this wasn’t the intention of the user who wrote it) offended people that worked as cops, or someone they knew/loved/are related to worked as a probably reported them and got banned from could’ve been considered as hate speech by Tinder. Which [hate speech] is not allowed on Tinder (it’s included in the community guidelines).
This means if you’re disturbing other users, you’re breaking one of the rules.
Your way of texting can get you reported too:
Even if he/she meant it as a joke, they’re getting banned for sure.
This doesn’t look like it’s their first time sending such texts. I do feel sorry for her, and I’m glad there’s a ‘report’ option.
This attitude will get you banned no matter how many new accounts you manage to open.
I think I heard a voice screaming “F#CKING BAAN HER!! ”, perhaps it was Tinder…
Justine… We all like some “do me”, but we ain’t getting any with such pictures on Tinder, honey.
I wouldn’t report Zen, but I’m pretty sure enough people did to get Zen’s account banned by Tinder.
“Tinder is not for: Hate Speech”I believe you got the message…
You’re underaged and lied about it.
Tinder Age Restricted
It is one of Tinder’s community guidelines – Not allowing minors to use the app.
Come on! You’re young, do fun things outside the ‘phone world’.
This will get Brooke banned. We’re thankful for that!
You’ll get enough of Tinder once you’re old enough, trust me.
A list of things that aren’t included in the Tinder guidelines or terms of use
It’s about your behavior, and actions towards other users. Here are things you might’ve done, but you weren’t aware they were wrong and can lead to your account getting banned:
Sending the same text to a lot of people(a robot-ish move)Ghosting your matchesYou unmatched a lot of people(another robot-ish move)Your mind told you to swipe everyone, and you listened(ROOOBOT)You weren’t careful when texting your matchesYou didn’t use Tinder for a long time
I was subscribed to one of the premium features on Tinder. What do I do?
This is how you do it on iOS:
iPhone SettingsYour name > SubscriptionsSelect subscriptionCancel subscription
Android (google play store):
Open Google Play Store Menu > SubscriptionsSelect subscriptionCancel subscription
Note: Deleting the app from your phone will not cancel the subscription.
If you’re having any trouble then you can check this out: I’m having trouble canceling my subscription, what can I do?
Is Tinder Banning People For No Reason Sometimes?
You can always use the Tinder Ban appeal if you feel you are ever…Let’s say you’ve read all the terms of use and community guidelines and you think you didn’t break any of them;
…The next day you find out you’ve been banned. Why?
Well, I’ve been seeing a lot of people complain about this ‘issue’ it a Tinder thing we don’t yet know of?
What gets people into thinking they’ve been banned for no reason can also be the fact that when you get the notification for the ban it says something very general like:
“Your Tinder account has been banned for activity that violates our Terms of Use. ”They don’t let you know more than that. They don’t give you the specifics on what you did exactly.
You break a rule, Tinder bans you automatically even if you weren’t aware that you were breaking a if you write something as a joke in your bio a robot doesn’t have common sense right? You will get banned if it’s the wrong joke, pal!.
People may have reported you for reasons you don’t know bans you for a reason for sure.
Even if you’re not aware you’re doing something wrong, you could be doing that exact wrong thing that gets you banned.
But I got you… for the next time you’re on Tinder.
Tips: Let’s not get banned on Tinder again, shall we?!
Alrighty! To not get banned on Tinder again, you must consider a few things:
Carefully read Tinder’s community guidelines and Tinder’s Terms of UseFollow those guidelines and respect the terms of careful with your jokes on your bio, and jokes you tell your matches (it’s very easy to report someone you don’t like). Respect your matches: don’t offend them, don’t ghost them, don’t unmatch too often. Try to not get reported – don’t be an a##hole.
If you don’t wish to put any effort on getting back to Tinder again…
How wonderful! There are a lot of things you can do besides obsessing with Tinder.
Instead of spending that amount of time you did on the phone, do something good for yourself or others.
Activities like learning how to do something, or going out with friends, or meeting people at a bar cannot ban you. I bet you’ll like it more than Tinder.
Knock yourself out!
How to Get Unbanned on Tinder - Quick and Easy Guide

How to Get Unbanned on Tinder – Quick and Easy Guide

Hi guys, welcome to this interesting article where we have compiled some helpful hacks on how to get unbanned from Tinder. In this article, we will look at: Why people get banned on Tinder Ways to avoid being banned What to do when your Tinder account is banned How to unban yourself on Tinder Let’s get you unbanned already! Is tinder giving you the best chance of success with online dating? Take our dating app quiz to find out. People who follow our app recommendations have an average of 2 more dates/casual meetups per month. This article on Tinder is part of my larger Tinder hub (50+ articles)Pick up my free Tinder opening line formula to easily 3X your response I suggest Tinder coach if you want to increase your matches Nine Reasons for Getting Banned Everybody thinks that they can’t get banned from Tinder so easily. It is quite a large platform, and because it is a dating app, the rules are a bit different. Though Tinder ranges from people looking for a quick fling to Serious relationships, it is not only for hookups (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison) or only for serious relationships (like eHarmony). However, Tinder is looking after its users and a certain type of behavior isn’t welcomed. This behavior includes racist or sexist comments, inappropriate language, and many others which will be covered. Of course, if you act politely and descent, you probably won’t get blocked on Tinder. Even though you have been acting appropriately, one day you might wake up to your tinder account banned. Then you say Tinder banned me for no reason or ask why was I banned from Tinder? Keep in mind that getting banned from Tinder for no reason isn’t likely. Even when you think that you have done nothing wrong, your behavior could offend somebody and they decided to report you. Although just one report isn’t enough to get your account Tinder banned, a few of them could lead to this. Don’t worry, you aren’t the first or only user facing this problem with your Tinder profile. As the screenshot below indicates, our researchers found many Tinder users in the same situation. In 2019, the term banned from Tinder was one of the most popular – almost 50% more than other terms. The term how to get unbanned from Tinder also showed increased popularity during the same year by 50% as well. Before we show you how to recover your account, you should learn how you get banned from Tinder in the first place and which type of behavior to avoid. Here is a list of some of the most common reasons for getting banned. 1. Inappropriate language We believe this to be the most obvious reason for getting banned, yet many people think that they can easily get away with being rude. Also, this is one of the most common reasons for getting blocked. We found out that over 50% of blocked users have used offensive and inappropriate language. As previously mentioned, anyone on Tinder can report you and you can do the same. Tinder is allowing their users to play police officers and report whoever they want (of course, you will have to state a reason for reporting someone). If you have a few reports, Tinder will block your account. You may feel like you’ve got Tinder banned for no reason, but this rarely happens. You probably even got a warning before getting banned. After reading the warning, you will have to read their Community Guidelines and tick the “it won’t happen again” box. However, if you get a few more reports after this warning, you will be banned. Again, don’t worry, the Tinder ban doesn’t mean you won’t ever again have access to this app. There are ways to get back and we’ll cover how to unban Tinder account as well. 2. Pretending you are somebody else If you were wondering how to get banned from tinder quickly, create a fake profile with a random name. Catfishing and fake accounts are quite common on Tinder and the creators are looking for new ways to deal with these accounts. Usually, this includes help from other members – if an account seems fake or you know for certain that it is fake, you can report it. Tinder will do a check and decide whether to block that person. Most people pretend that they are someone more attractive and entertaining. They might use their name (but many of them come up with a new one) and steal other people’s pics. If you’re calling someone out on a racial basis, you will suffer the consequences, and there is no way to bypass this ban. This also depends on the person you are chatting with. If the comment doesn’t seem racist to you, it may sound different to them and they will quickly press that report button. Sometimes, the most stupid things, such as song lyrics could get you in trouble. Many people, including myself, wrote lyrics that were racist or just included a few racist words. Tinder immediately warned me to stop it and when I didn’t, Tinder banned me. We advise you to not try this and expect a different outcome – it will always end with a ban! Choose your words carefully, and if you aren’t interested in someone, just keep swiping left. There is no need to offend someone and risk getting your Tinder account reported and blocked. This goes hand in hand with racists comments. The outcome is the same – you will get banned. Not all women are feminists, and not all feminists will report you for a sexist comment – some of them will just delete the messages and move on. However, if you have started an argument with a girl on Tinder and she finds one of your statements sexist, she could just hit that report button and get you in trouble. Our candid advice, always choose your words carefully, and when you notice somebody trying to provoke you, either block them or delete the messages. Tinder is an app that homosexuals use as well and both Tinder Gold and Plus have a few functions just for the LGBTQ community. If you aren’t homosexual, you can simply avoid homosexuals on the app. When you created your profile, you must’ve already stated that you were interested in girls, so you won’t come in contact with homosexuals. There is no reason to start chatting with these people only to offend them and call them out. Tinder is not tolerating any homophobic messages or actions, which means that you can easily get Tinder banned. You aren’t obligated to share their preferences, opinions and believes, so just leave them alone and focus on your matches. We’ve observed that people don’t like waking up to a dozen of your messages. If you aren’t getting a response to the messages, you should probably give up. If the girl you are texting isn’t interested and further messaging will only lead to her either blocking you or reporting you for spamming. Also, constantly texting one person might make you look needy which girls find unattractive. Another type of spamming is sending the same message to different accounts. Many guys just copy and paste “hi beautiful” to all of their matches. I wanted to find out if this behavior could lead to a ban, and it did. Sending the same message to multiple accounts was suspicious and Tinder blocked my account. It is okay to chat with different girls (that is the point of the app), but send them different messages so it doesn’t look like spam. 7. Using Tinder for paid promotions Because this is an app, often people assume that whatever is allowed on other social media apps will be allowed on Tinder as well. However, in most situations, it is not the case. The profile you created is meant for chatting, meeting new people, and trying online dating, and you shouldn’t use it to promote any brand or product. Promoting also includes making people follow you on Instagram or other social platforms. Tinder isn’t the place to find new followers and gain more likes on Instagram. This is behavior is easily spotted by Tinder and after a few reports, you will get banned. 8. Posting nudes or inappropriate images We get it – you have incredible abs and want to attract girls with a good photo of your muscles. If you are only showing your body a little bit, it could work. However, posing entirely naked won’t result in many matches, and girls will quickly swipe left once they see a dick pick as a profile photo. Based on statistics, nude pictures get 5x fewer likes than pictures of the face. Also, sending these pictures isn’t okay either – 99% of female Tinder users do not feel comfortable receiving nudes. Another type of violating image is pictures of animal corpses. Seriously, can you get banned from Tinder for this? Well, Tinder has a strict policy on pictures with a dead animal – upload it and you will get blocked. If you caught an animal and took a selfie with it, there is no need to post it as your profile picture. It belongs in your gallery and not on Tinder. 9. Lying about being the legal age For some time, Tinder allowed minors to create a profile and explore online dating. However, this policy has changed – only users older than 18 can join. If you are underage, wait a few years (or months) and create an account when you are legally allowed to. Finding out that you are under 18 years old isn’t hard and if you get banned, you might not get the chance to create an account when you get older. Also, avoid joking about your age number. Even if you are of legal age, but often joke that you are younger, Tinder can still ban you. Somebody might not get it as a joke and decide to report the profile. Banned from Tinder, How to Get Back? Unfortunately, you made some of the above-mentioned mistakes and got banned and now you’re wondering… What are the next steps? Is there a Tinder unbanning tool? How long does tinder ban last? How to make a new tinder after being banned? Fortunately, you will be able to recover your account and continue matching and meeting hot girls. All you have to do is follow these nine steps: Just like other apps, Tinder has a support service that could help you resolve this issue. Even though there isn’t an official Tinder ban appeal you can submit, with the help from support services you could learn why the ban happened. They will explain all of the circumstances that led to the ban and then you’ll have the answer to “why was my Tinder banned? ”. When you are aware of the mistakes you’ve made, apologize and explain your side of the story. Remember to be polite – arguments with these people won’t get you far. Any communication misunderstanding can be resolved with the Tinder support service and your account will be unbanned. If you are lucky, the entire process will be finished after a few phone calls or emails in a few days. Unfortunately, in some cases, it lasts over a month so keep your patience. Otherwise, create a new account You can continue to this next step only if the first one didn’t work. If the Tinder support service unbans your profile, you will keep all of its data. Your ELO score won’t be affected, all of the photos and matches will still be there. If you decide to create a new profile, you will be starting from scratch. Lucky for you, know you can create an even better profile – better pictures and bio, and use Tinder more strategically to get more matches. Also, your profile will be automatically boosted because you will be considered for a new member, and the ELO score could be improved. How to make a new Tinder account after being banned? All of the steps you had to follow before are the same, but there are a few things you should be aware of. 3. Always use a new SIM card If you want to create a new profile, you will have to get a new phone number. Tinder can easily recognize your old number and stop you from making the new profile. With a new card, you can create a new account without Tinder knowing you are one of the banned members. 4. Register a new Facebook account If the Facebook profile was linked to your previous account, avoid doing this now. Linking a Facebook profile is okay only if you have created a new Facebook account as well. Also, signing up using the phone number is a better option than doing it via Facebook. Tinder won’t ask you to link the Facebook profile if you have entered the phone number. However, if you only log in via Facebook, you will be asked from time to time to add the phone number. Getting a new SIM card and creating another Facebook profile can be a hassle. Important things to note about browsing Tinder Both Google account (for Android users) and Apple ID (for iOS users) are storing much of your data and you can’t as easily delete this data. Before downloading the app (after deleting your banned account), create a new account, sign in to the App Store or Google Play Store with it and then download the Tinder app. This step is required for both free and premium memberships. After creating these new accounts and buying a new phone number, you can finally create the profile! All of the data you enter will be entirely new to Tinder and it won’t recognize you as one of its previous or banned members. Add new and better photos The good part of setting up a new profile is the chance of adding new, better photos. Whether someone will swipe right or left is often based on the profile photo. Because you already have Tinder experience, you know which photos get the most likes. Uploading the old photo that girls swiped right on isn’t recommended. You will have to alter it a little bit. Tinder Al is great at recognizing the same pictures and if it does, it will connect it to the old account and you will get banned again. When adding previously used photos, crop them differently. You can also play with Photoshop and change lightning, brightness or maybe add a filter. Of course, with the new pictures, you will be safe from getting banned. Do not link your Instagram profile After writing your bio and uploading photos, you will be able to link to other accounts. Many Tinder users link their Instagram profile and if you have done this in the past, avoid doing it now. The Instagram profile has little impact on the number of likes and not linking it won’t affect the matches. Reusing the old Instagram profile could only lead to being discovered and blocked once again. If you do not plan on upgrading the Tinder account, you can skip this step. For anyone that wants to purchase either Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus, a new credit card is necessary. You can use the credit of a friend or any family member, as long as it is not the card that was linked to the previous account. Unfortunately, nobody can tell you how long the Tinder ban will last, but with these nine steps, you can get back in the game. This tactic worked for 75% of banned Tinder users – others just missed one of the steps, got caught, and had to redo it all one more time. Because of the increase of reported profiles, Tinder is now taking them more seriously and banning people more than ever. There isn’t an exact number of banned profiles, but almost 10% of male users get blocked or banned at some point. Of course, these profiles are usually reported by women who taught their language and behavior was disrespectful. If you haven’t got banned yet but received a warning for getting reported, there are things you can do to save your account. As mentioned, after getting warned they will send you the community guidelines. It might be helpful to read them and better understand what is allowed and what isn’t. After ticking the “I understand and it won’t happen again” box, you can continue exploring the profile. If the mistake is not repeated and there aren’t more reports, you will be safe. If you know who reported you, you should consider apologizing to that person. Do not spam her with the messages – just write one simple “sorry” and move on. Getting around Tinder Ban You can still use Tinder freely, send flirty texts, and not get banned. How to get around Tinder ban? If you do any of the things mentioned above, a ban is unavoidable. With a few carefully worded messages, there is a way to have an interesting conversation and avoid getting banned. Obviously, if you are too sexually direct, you will be just as quickly reported and blocked. When that happens, any chances of dating that girl are ruined. Just look at this screenshot – he probably found himself banned from Tinder a few days later. Also, if you are trying to compliment a girl’s appearance, this is not the right way to do it. She will only think that you are a pervert and find the comment offensive. This isn’t a good pick-up line and she won’t find it funny or charming: If you send a similar message, say goodbye to your account immediately. The messages you send should be respectful and sometimes a bit indifferent. A straightforward text won’t always work and might scare the girls at first, and you can send them after you get to know each other. From our experience, there are plenty of messages that aren’t sexual but still help you achieve your goal – going on a date or finding a fling. The texts can be about her preferences, compliments, your preferences, or anything similar that will present you as a decent guy worth somebody’s time. Also, show your humor and flirty side, but do not take it too far. Here is a good example: The first line was original and funny, she got the joke and continued the conversation. Without being too direct, the guy showed his interest in the best way. Here is another great example: This one is direct but still polite and original, and the girl was obviously impressed. If you can come up with a similar pick-up line, the chances of getting a positive response are 99%. Our approach was to gather, evaluate, and analyze the facts surrounding Tinder bans and how to get unbanned on Tinder. Our conclusion was based on experiences and findings from Tinder users, as well as answers from the Tinder support and FAQs section. There you have it. All of the dos and don’ts. Hopefully, these few examples helped you understand which behavior is acceptable and which isn’t. In the end, it is all up to the person that is receiving a text – if she doesn’t get the joke, you could be in a lot of trouble. If you do get banned for whatever reason, at least you know the steps to get back! Frequently Asked Questions Tinder ban means you no longer have access to your occurs when you violate Tinder’s Terms of Use or Community you’re banned from Tinder, you will get a notification message when you try to log is meant to help protect the safety of users. What are the Tinder rules for a ban? The following are rules for getting banned on Tinder:– Inappropriate language– Pretending you are somebody else– Racist comments– Sexism– Being homophobic– Spamming– Using Tinder for paid promotions– Posting nudes or inappropriate images– Lying about being the legal age How to get unbanned from Tinder permanently? Unbanning your Tinder account requires making a polite appeal to the Tinder support ntact the support service, ask for the unbanning process, and also find out the reason for the ban. Tender an apology to the support service in a polite will get your account back. Who can ban you from Tinder? The Tinder Support Services who are in charge of monitoring compliance with community guidelines and users’ place a ban on whoever is reported or found to be culpable of breaching the Terms of Use. Can you appeal a Tinder ban? Yes! You can appeal a Tinder ban if you are a first-time should be ready to argue your case before Tinder Support Service in a polite manner. How do I Create a New Tinder Account After Banned? You can create a new account if your account is unbanned. – Get a new SIM card– Create a new Facebook account– Create a Google account (or Apple ID) for iPhone users– Use only new data– Add new photos– Do not link the Instagram profile– Use a new credit card How to get around the Tinder ban? To avoid getting a Tinder Ban, you need to be subtle and creative in passing across messages in your introductory, ensure you do not violate any of the community guidelines, this will protect your account from being flagged by other users. Are Tinder bans permanent? Tinder bans are permanent if it is a direct violation of the Terms of Use or Community profiles that are checked and seen not to have violated any of the policies will be unbanned. Why did Tinder ban me for no reason? Tinder will most likely not ban anyone for no metimes you don’t even know you’ve been banned on Tinder – this is called Tinder shadowban. Whether you’ve been shadowbanned or banned in full, you must’ve violated one of the Tinder community guidelines and probably been reported multiple times. When can I appeal my ban for Tinder? According to Tinder, there is no formal appeal process if your account has been you can bypass Tinder ban by adhering strictly to Tinder community guidelines and respecting other people’s beliefs on the dating site. Can you get unbanned on Tinder? Short answer – Yes! This is how to get your Tinder like other apps, Tinder has a support service that could help you resolve this ’ll explain all of the circumstances that led to the ban so you can apologize and explain your side of the story.

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