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Researcher demos BlackBerry hack | ZDNet

Researcher demos BlackBerry hack | ZDNet

Every government employee’s indispensible toy is his or her BlackBerry. But last week, at Defcon, consultant Jesse D’Auguanno showed off a program he wrote for hacking into Research in Motions’ internal network via the encrypted connection between a BlackBerry handheld and the Blackberry Enterprise Server, Computer Reseller News reports. Security vendor Secure Computing on Tuesday warned companies that their BES deployments on internal networks could be vulnerable to a BBProxy attack. After manually installing BBProxy or getting a user to install it via an e-mail attachment, a hacker could piggyback the encrypted connection between the handheld and the BES and gain access to the internal network, according to San Jose, Calif. -based Secure. RiM, however, says the threat is overblown and misleading. The malware can’t be spread my email without user approval to download the program. Scott Totzke, director of the global security group at RIM, said: “Our attachment service doesn’t work that way. You can send and view e-mail, but the BES system is designed to require users to manually download the application from a Web site. [BBProxy] isn’t a hacking tool. It’s an application that runs on the BlackBerry and potentially does something malicious, ” Totzke added. On its Web site, RIM’s documents describe how companies can protect themselves from apps like BBProxy. Dan King, president of New West Technologies, a Portland, Ore. -based solution provider, said he thinks it’s interesting that security researchers are announcing hacks before releasing them, which he said helps educate companies about the risks they take by not locking down their networks. “Hopefully, companies will take the appropriate steps to make sure their data is not intruded on so that they are not enabling the proliferation of viruses and hacks by leaving their compromised systems open and on the Internet, ” King said.
Blackberry users susceptible to hacking attack from new ...

Blackberry users susceptible to hacking attack from new …

Brief takes on this week’s technology news
Blackberry users warned of hacking tool threat
Users have been warned that the security of Blackberry wireless e-mail devices is at risk due to the availability this week of a new hacking tool. Secure Computing Corporation said businesses that have installed Blackberry servers behind their gateway security devices could be vulnerable to a hacking attack from a tool call BBProxy. The software can be sent as an e-mail attachment to a Blackberry device.
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Storage area network provider Brocade has acquired rival supplier McData as part of its strategy to develop a wider range of simple-to-manage storage area network infrastructure products. Brocade chief executive Michael Klayko said, “The acquisition of McData will build on Brocade’s vision for the next-generation datacentre. ”
Ofcom survey reveals falling broadband costs
Broadband costs are continuing to fall, the latest data from Ofcom has shown. The industry regulator’s annual Communications Market Report found that the average cost of a broadband connection faster than 1mbps fell by 60% (from £41 to £16 per month) in the past year. Ofcom chief operating officer Ed Richards said, “A new generation of consumers is emerging for whom online is the lead medium and convergence is instinctive. ”
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BlackBerry Attack Toolkit download |

BlackBerry Attack Toolkit download |

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BlackBerry Attack Toolkit
This Toolkit includes the widely publicized BBProxy as well as patches to the metasploit attack framework for attacking internal hosts via the Blackberry environment, as demonstrated at Defcon 14 in 2006.
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