Top 12 Free Ad Posting Sites - GiantFocal

Top 12 Free Ad Posting Sites – GiantFocal

The Most Frequently Viewed Free Ad Posting Sites
Posting classified ads may sound old-school, but don’t underestimate its power (if posted at the correct place). Not all free ad posting sites weigh the same authority.
You would like to know that the ad will be viewed by prospective buyers who will be interested in whatever it is that you are advertising.
Here is a compiled list of the TWELVE most frequently visited sites where you can submit your ads to.
The sites below are listed according to their Alexa ranking on the date of publishing this article. They might be different if you check at today.
If you post your ad on one of these sites there is a good chance that many people will view your ad, which in turn will lead to a positive response for your business.
1. eBay
This American multinational company provides consumer-to-consumer and business-to-business sales service via the internet.
eBay operates in over 30 countries, making it recognized as one of the largest technology companies around the globe.
This site is used for advertising goods and services locally and internationally.
eBay’s Facebook page in America has 9 236 719 likes! Their Facebook pages in the UK and India have 1 678 126 and 3 684 823 likes respectively.
On Twitter, their US following is over 591 000, in the UK their followers number 112 000, and in India their followers amounts 166 000.
Alexa Rank: 26
2. Craigslist
Currently one of the most popular international free ad sites, Craigslist has sections devoted to jobs, housing, personals, services, gigs, events, community, résumés and discussion forums.
Even though its user interface can be considered outdated, it’s still one of the leaders in classified ad sites.
Alexa Rank: 73
3. LetGo (OLX)
Hosting free user-generated classified ads, OLX is an international company that provides spaces for ads from various categories such as: cars, jobs, housing, pets, personals and others.
On OLX, sellers can personalise ads with pictures and videos as well as display selling and buying ads on social media platforms.
OLX’s various Facebook accounts around the world have over 1 million likes and their combined Twitter followers amount to almost 60 000.
Alexa Rank: 10 435
You might be wondering, its Alexa rank is 10 435, but why does it make to the top #3? It’s an exception that I have to make, OLX has many sub-sites that are serving different countries. Judging only from its parent ‘s alexa rank won’t produce a valid ranking in the list.
4. Backpage
Backpage is found around the globe. From America it has spread to Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa.
Their selection of ad posts covers everything imaginable; all subdivided into easily recognisable categories like, local places, community, buy/sell/trade, automotive, musician, rentals, real estate, jobs, dating, adult and services.
Alexa Rank: 1 059
5. Gumtree
This free ad site is available in a multitude of countries including France, The United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, Hong Kong, Poland, and Singapore.
Gumtree is famous for advertising cars, flats and houses, services, pets, furniture, merchandise, job offers and many more.
Gumtree has over 1, 5 million likes on their Facebook page in the UK and South Africa and more than 70 000 followers on their various Twitter accounts.
Alexa Rank: 1 149
6. Classified Ads
Accessible at
It’s a free ad listing site. Its categories vary from advertising cars, real estate, pets, personals, items for sale, services, etc.
As seen in the screenshot above, it covers a huge variety of categories and topics, starting from vehicles, jobs, services, pets, etc.
Alexa Rank: 9 967
7. Oodle
Oodle is currently a large aggregator of listings from sites like eBay, Myspace, ForRent, etc. They also include advertisements from local newspapers and websites.
If you don’t know what or who Oodle is, they are actually the one that powers Facebook Marketplace.
Items that can be found on Oodle include, cars, real estate, renting, jobs, personals, merchandise, tickets, pets and a variety of other classifieds.
Alexa Rank: 9 933
8. Adpost
Adpost is another site for free classified ads. It is located in over 1000 cities in over 500 regions across the world including America, Australia, Malaysia, India, Canada, The United Kingdom and Singapore.
Alexa Rank: 16 015
9. Hoobly
Hoobly has a very extensive range of ads displayed on their site. From event announcements, art, books, collectables, electronics, employment and careers, hobbies and crafts, home and garden, jewellery and gems, musical instruments and, pets and animals, to real estate and vehicles. A virtual A to Z of all you can think of.
Alexa Rank: 20 447
10. Salespider
Salespider has combined forces with big names such as Walmart, Macy’s,, etc.,
When you open the site, you will find a free classified ad section where you can post your ad.
It is one of the largest free social networks where business owners can find free sales leads and prospect lists as well as free business directories and free business forums.
Alexa Rank: 22 769
11. Adsglobe
Found in America, India, South Africa and expanding into the rest of the world, Adsglobe is another advertising gateway for free classified ads including jobs, real estate, rentals, vehicles, services, items for sale, travel, events, pets, business and community.
Alexa Rank: 41 499
12. Yakaz
Yakaz aggregates classified listings from sites including Craigslist and Kijiji (A Canadian based free ad site). The results are presented in an easy to search format sorting items such as real estate, cars, jobs, etc., using features such as price range, location and date listed.
Yakaz operates in America but will perform searches in countries such as Britain, France, Germany, Mexico, Spain, Argentina and Chile.
Alexa Rank: 42 232
The Choice is Yours for the Making
There you have it! A comprehensive list of the top international ad sites.
If you have other free ad posting sites that you feel should make it into the list, feel free to leave a comment below, I’ll be glad to check and add them.
How to Make Money Advertising - Google AdSense

How to Make Money Advertising – Google AdSense

There are plenty of ways to make money advertising. If you want to make money with Google, we suggest giving AdSense a try for your site. Here’s what you need to know to get started.
Did you know that there are multiple ways of making money with Google AdSense? There could be opportunities you are missing out on when it comes to making money with Google? If you want to maximize your Google AdSense profits, then be sure to look into the following ways to making money with AdSense.
1. Create the right type of website for Google AdSense.
Certain types of sites perform better than others when it comes to generating Google AdSense revenue. The two things you need to make money with AdSense are great content and a lot of traffic.
In terms of content, there are two types of content. There is content that attracts new people to your site every day, and there is content that brings visitors back every day. Ideally, you want to have a good balance of both. That way you are always bringing in new traffic and making sure that a good portion of that new traffic becomes loyal visitors.
Sites that are perfect for content that attracts new and repeat visitors include the following:
Blog sites
News sites
Forums and discussion boards
Niche social networks
Free online tools
While these are not the only types of sites that you can create, they are the easiest ones to optimize with great content, promote, and find a layout that works well with both displaying content and getting clicks to your Google AdSense ads.
2. Use different types of ad units.
Different companies will use different types of ad styles when creating their ads through the advertiser end of things – Google AdWords. They will have the option to create simple text-based ads, image ads, and video ads.
Since advertisers will have the option of creating ads in different formats, you should give your audience the chance to connect with advertisers whose ads they are most likely to click upon by utilizing different types of ad units on your site.
When deciding which type of ads to use and where to place them, be sure to keep user experience in mind. You should always have more content than ads on your page. Use Google Analytics to test the number, placement, and style of ads on your site to see what works best with your site and visitors.
3. Deploy AdSense Custom Search Ads.
If you have a site with a lot of content (blog, news, forum, etc. ), you could utilize AdSense Custom Search on your site. Not only would it provide your users a great experience by allowing them to find specific content on your site, it would also help you maximize your Google AdSense profits by showing ads alongside your site’s search results.
Note that AdSense Custom Search is different from Google Custom Search and that you will need to apply to get AdSense Custom Search on your site to start generating revenue through your on-site search users.
4. Start making money with Google AdSense on YouTube.
Google AdSense isn’t only for those who create text-based content or free online tools. If video is your cup of tea, then start publishing unique videos on YouTube via your own YouTube channel.
Once you’ve established your channel, you can go to your YouTube channel’s features and turn on monetization. This will guide you through the process of linking your YouTube channel to your AdSense account so you can monetize your videos.
After you’ve connected your YouTube channel to your AdSense account, you can choose which videos to monetize and what types of ads are shown to your video viewers. Just go to your Video Manager, check the video you want to monetize and choose that video’s ad settings.
You can then browse through your Video Manager at any time to see which videos have been monetized (based on the green dollar sign next to it) and manage their settings.
6 Free Advertising Sites for your Marketing Strategy - Podium

6 Free Advertising Sites for your Marketing Strategy – Podium

Online classifieds present unique opportunities to increase your company’s aching mass audiences can often seem like a battle against small budgets, with every platform looking to make money off your marketing goals. When social media and search engine ads are already eating up your allotted cash, free advertising sites can help you make the most out of any free advertising sites may be an unconventional way to market your products or services, but nearly 50% of internet users were already using classified ad sites in 2009. This number has steadily grown since 2005, especially among the most influential generation of consumers the right online advertising opportunities, you can gain powerful tools to reach millions without spending a dime. 6 best free advertising sitesFree classified ad sites allow you to not only sell beyond your direct marketing efforts but also to get traffic back onto your company website and to your physical business location. Plus, modern advertising sites are great assets for business owners with various needs, enabling you to:List products and servicesFind employees, contractors, and freelancersSell outdated equipment and inventoryStill, the internet is a competitive landscape, which means some free advertising sites will connect you to larger, more engaged audiences than others. Others will benefit your business even more by highlighting categories that are directly related to what you sell. When you know which ones are worth your time, you can get the most efficient results. 1. CraigslistPerhaps the most well-known classified site today, Craigslist is impressively ranked in the top 30 most visited websites in the U. S. This platform has a huge lineup of categories that allows you to sell just about any product or service. These categories are so diverse that they range from automotive and beauty services to computer parts and parking aigslist currently allows users to post ads once per geographical area every 48 hours. This is completely free for almost all product postings, with the exception of vehicles and furniture ads that may require an extra $5 fee. Posting ads for services will also require a small fee, though you’re guaranteed a full 30 days when you pay for unique benefit to Craigslist is the fact that you can actually post ads seeking out items. This means that in addition to getting free advertising, you can also find equipment and office supplies that will help you earn more in the downside to Craigslist is that it has something of a seedy reputation, due to past high-profile stories about people using the site for illegal activity. However, as long as your ads don’t scream spam, you’ll gain the opportunity to sell to and engage with plenty of nearby consumers—perhaps gaining loyal clients for your local business along the way. 2. LocantoLocanto is another traditional free advertising site that is based in Germany and available in 60 countries like Craigslist, you can use this online classifieds site to connect with job seekers and sell services, cars, real estate, and physical items. However, Locanto is particularly great for businesses with a large community presence. This is because the platform has uniquely prominent categories for selling event tickets, leisure activities, classes, and even community-based services, boosting your local marketing efforts. A small amount of cities may require premium accounts to post ads, but Locanto is a truly free advertising website for the vast majority of users. Your ad will remain live on the site for 60 days. 3. FacebookFacebook doesn’t technically fit into the free advertising site category, but since the advent of Facebook Marketplace and shops for business pages, the social media platform has provided functions that directly mimic those of the best classified ads 800 million people use Facebook Marketplace every month. The platform has proved to be an especially effective tool for selling cars, real estate, furniture, and retail products. Whether you want to sell brand new jewelry or get cash for your outdated company vehicle, Facebook can help you make money in one of two ways:Selling as a user: You can make direct listings in Facebook Marketplace for used and new products, targeted toward locals in your area, by using your personal account. As you start selling, you can get badges for being very responsive and for getting great reviews for your lling as a business: If you set up a shop with your new, physical products on your Facebook business page, eligible items can appear on the “Stores” tab of the Facebook Marketplace. When taking this route, Podium Reviews can help you collect customer reviews for your company’s connected Facebook page to make you a trusted Facebook Marketplace and Facebook business page shops aren’t the best places to list services, you can still use Facebook Marketplace to find new employees and contractors. 4. OodleOodle is the largest network of free ad posting sites today, connecting users to local listings from eBay,, newspapers, and more on a single platform. Prior to the launch of today’s Facebook Marketplace, Oodle actually powered the social media platform’s original marketplace feature. This local classified ad site currently has 15 million monthly users across seven use Oodle, you are required to connect your Facebook account in order to protect all users from fraudulent activity. Once you’ve done so, you’re able to post completely free ads under major categories that include Merchandise, Vehicles, Rentals, and you do decide to upgrade from free advertising features, you can even add a live link back to your website, helping you gain digital traffic. 5. HooblyHoobly is a no-frills free advertising site that is available for over 30 countries, with its most prominent presence in the United platform is particularly great for re-selling your old industry-specific equipment and office supplies, as it provides a prominent “Business & Industrial” category that differs from the other classified ad sites. You can also take advantage of Hoobly to sell your own products, too, especially if your product can fall under one of the website’s major categories. This includes categories specific to art, clothing, jewelry, real estate, and ing an ad does require you to create an account and complete your email verification. This adds a layer of safety to the platform that many other free advertising sites don’t have. 6. GeeboIf having the safest platform possible is your priority, Geebo counters Craigslist by taking precautionary measures to keep users safe. Before a classified ad goes live on Geebo, the company will review your this may increase the time it takes for your ad to be included on the site, Geebo’s advertised process will naturally help you develop trust for your brand without any action on your part. Whether you’re selling services, construction and farm equipment, or cars and auto parts, you’ll have a brand new audience that knows you’re a vetted is also a great classified website for seeking local freelancers and employees. Many skilled workers look toward this free advertising site for opportunities because it aggregates local listings from multiple job posting websites. Plus, Geebo developed its own resume posting tool, making it easy for applicants to show their interest in an opportunity. Another great part of posting on Geebo is the fact that your product listing may be shared on Geebo’s social media channels, which have over 60, 000 followers combined. Enhance local marketing strategy with free online marketing opportunitiesWhile newspaper classifieds may be on their way out, online free advertising sites give you effective local marketing opportunities that help you succeed with any amount of revenue. There’s no need to strain your marketing budget for a television ad when the audience you need can learn about your product or service with a simple ever, free marketing doesn’t always take the form of classified ads. As the world becomes further entwined with all things digital, business owners have plenty of opportunities to reach mass digital audiences at no cost. Whether you’re optimizing Google My Business profiles for SEO or posting organic content to your social media and blogs, there’s no limit to where you can start selling if you’re willing to pursue creative member that advertising doesn’t always come in the form of an ad. Customer reviews can be some of the most powerful—and free—promotion for your company. Get the full checklist for the top 25 review sites you need to know about to gain new customers.

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How do you make money posting ads?

Ever wondered how to make money with ads on your site? Try Google AdSenseCreate the right type of website for Google AdSense. … Use different types of ad units. … Deploy AdSense Custom Search Ads. … Start making money with Google AdSense on YouTube.

Where can I post a job ad?

Plus, modern advertising sites are great assets for business owners with various needs, enabling you to: List products and services. Find employees, contractors, and freelancers….Craigslist. … Locanto. … 3. Facebook. … Oodle. … Hoobly. … Geebo.

Where can I post classified ads for free?

Here are 13 free online advertising sites to While print newspapers are no longer publishing numerous pages’ worth of classified ads, free classified ads sites are thriving in the digital space. … Oodle. … 3. Facebook Marketplace. … eBay. … Google My Business. … Google Shopping. … Craigslist. … Sales Spider.More items…•Sep 27, 2021

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