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WoW players flame Blizzard over subscriptions after big game ...

WoW players flame Blizzard over subscriptions after big game …

A recent change to how World of Warcraft players can purchase game time has rubbed some Champions of Azeroth the wrong way, and has others wondering if WoW should still require a subscription at all.
Ever since 2004, World of Warcraft has been transporting players to Azeroth and beyond, but now players are wondering why the game still requires a paid subscription more than 15 years after release – and why Blizzard is making it harder to play without one.
At this point in WoW, most players are used to waiting up to a year or more for new content after updates, and expect to shell out $40 for each new expansion along with their monthly subscription fees. This led Reddit user ‘Last_Judicator’ to wonder how Blizzard has any reason to still charge monthly fees for playing the game in the year 2021.
How does WoW even remotely have a reason to be subscription based at this point? from wow
“We’re literally sitting without content for sometimes over a year, and the one time we’re getting a big content drop, it’s another paid 40 bucks expansion, ” they posted on the official WoW subreddit. “What exactly is it what we’re paying monthly for at this point? I mean it’s definitely not the privilege of not having an item shop anymore like we once told ourselves when talking about f2p. ”
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Based on the amount of upvotes this simple query received — more than 8000 at the time of writing — it’s plain to see plenty of players aren’t happy to still be shilling out $15 every month. As one user pointed out the reason Blizzard hasn’t made the game free-to-play is probably very simple: People are and will still pay the subscription.
That doesn’t explain why the publisher removed the option to buy game time in their store with so-called “Blizzard bucks” (money loaded into the online store) though.
Blizzard Entertainment$15 a month still to play WoW? Why Blizzard!?
The option to buy playtime in the store basically meant players could still gain access to the servers and their toons, without having to put their credit card info on file with Blizzard and having them automatically charge you each month.
Players could play for as long or as short as they wanted to, and it was a popular option just after expansions for those who didn’t want to go all-in on a subscription and didn’t care about the minor bonuses (like the item shop) associated with it.
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However, based on the current firestorm of controversy that Blizzard is experiencing, subscription and payment issues might not be the biggest thing WoW players have to worry about at the moment.
Blizzard confirms

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Blizzard confirms “multiple free-to-play World of Warcraft …

Activision Blizzard has revealed that it has “multiple” free-to-play World of Warcraft games in development for unannounced titles were confirmed by CEO Bobby Kotick during the company’s latest earnings call, noting that both classic and modern games have seen a rejuvenated interest throughout 2020. The company posted a 40 per cent year-over-year increase for net is not the first we’ve heard of a mobile game based on the company’s franchises, as Blizzard was reportedly working on a Pokémon GO-styled World of Warcraft spin-off for the platform in November 2018. A similar story ironically did the rounds at the same of Warcraft is one of the highest-grossing video game franchises of all time, constantly branching out into new forms of media. The fantasy world even received a film adaption in 2016, though it failed to recoup its budget and cost the company an estimated $200 million-plus. “More frequent””In our Warcraft franchise, we intend to deliver more frequent premium content to sustain and expand the World of Warcraft community and we’ve made multiple mobile free-to-play Warcraft experiences and they’re now in advanced development, based on our franchise’s beloved IP, ” reads the full quote from Kotick. “This will create opportunities for both existing players and new fans to experience the Warcraft universe in entirely new ways. “One Warcraft-inspired mobile game that already made waves is Hearthstone, which was previously confirmed to have more than 100 million also commented on the upcoming free-to-play mobile title Diablo Immortal, stating that its regional testing was “extremely well-received” the same call, King President Humam Sakhnini confirmed that Crash Bandicoot: On the Run will launch in March on mobile devices.
How to Get World of Warcraft for Free - wikiHow

How to Get World of Warcraft for Free – wikiHow

Download Article
World of Warcraft (WoW) is one of the most popular online games in the world, and now anyone can play for free without time restrictions. Your account will be limited, but you’ll be able to explore the game for as long as you want. If you are an experienced player, you can use your stacks of Gold to purchase game time directly from Blizzard, allowing you to continue playing WoW without spending any real money.
Understand what a free account can do. Free accounts can be leveled up to Level 20 (out of a possible 120 levels), and can continue to play after hitting the cap (without accruing additional XP). Free accounts are also limited to 10 Gold. Free accounts also have limits on in-game communication, and cannot join Guilds. [1]
If you have a subscription that’s lapsed, your account will turn into a Starter account with all the same restrictions except that your character will have the ability to join the same Guild as any of your other characters. You won’t have access to any of your characters above Level 20, but you can create new characters.
Starter accounts are a great way to play for as long as you want to decide if World of Warcraft is for you.
Visit the Account Creation page for World of Warcraft. You can access it at if you live in the US. Otherwise, visit and find the account creation page for your country.
If you already have a account, you can log in and download World of Warcraft immediately.
3Fill out the account creation form. Make sure to use a valid email address so that you can confirm your account. You don’t need a credit card to sign up for the free version. Click the “Play it Free” button after filling out the form.
4Click “Download the game” to begin downloading World of Warcraft. If you accidentally closed your browser or need to download the file again, you can get it from
Run the installer. The World of Warcraft installer file is very small, and should finish downloading in just a few moments. Once it’s finished downloading, open it to install
is the launcher program for World of Warcraft and other Blizzard games.
6Verify your account while the launcher is installing. You should have received a verification email at the address that you entered when creating the account. Follow the link in the email to verify your account.
7Log into with the account you just created. World of Warcraft will prompt you to begin installation. Click “Start Install” to begin downloading it.
Wait for World of Warcraft to download and install. World of Warcraft is a big game (70 GB), so downloading will take a while on even the fastest connections.
You’ll also want to ensure that you have enough disk space to install the game. Click here for tips on freeing up space.
Understand the process. On April 6th, 2015 an update to World of Warcraft introduced WoW Tokens. These are items that players can redeem for 30 days of a World of Warcraft subscription. Tokens can be purchased for real money and then sold in the in-game Auction House for Gold. This allows you to effectively purchase your subscription from Gold you earn playing the game. [2]
Because Starter Accounts can’t access the Auction House, and because WoW tokens are very expensive, this isn’t a viable method for free Starter accounts. You’ll need to be a paying subscriber in order to access the Auction House and earn enough gold to extend your subscription.
Gather enough gold. When the Wow Tokens launched, they were put on the Auction House for around 200k-300k gold (depending on the server). The price is now set by the players, and fluctuates based on supply and demand. Regardless, WoW Tokens are still quite expensive, so you’ll want to have an ample regular income of Gold to afford it monthly.
If you farm for Gold efficiently, you can earn around 1, 000-2, 000 Gold per hour. This means you could reasonably expect to be able to afford a WoW token after a few weeks of farming.
Open the Auction House. You can use your gold to purchase WoW Tokens from the Auction House. You can access the Auction House from most major cities throughout World of Warcraft, and many cities have more than one Auction House location.
Auction House listings are linked for the whole faction, so you’ll find the same listings from any Auction House you have access to.
4Select the “Game Time” category. This will display all of the active listings for WoW Tokens.
5Place a bid or buyout the Token to acquire it. The Token will be delivered to your Inbox. Click the Token in the Inbox message to add it to your inventory.
Right-click the Token in your inventory. Click the “30 Days of Game Time” button to confirm that you want to add the time to your account. 30 days of playtime will be added to the end of your current subscription. Your new renewal date will be displayed in the window. Finally, click “Accept” to confirm again.
You will receive a confirmation email at your account email address letting you know that the transaction went through.
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Can starter accounts access private servers?
Private servers aren’t connected to Blizzard, anyway. You only need to start an account on the private server’s site and download to play.
Is there any way to get World of Warcraft Legion for free?
No. Multiplayer games are extremely hard to crack or pirate.
What are all of the restrictions with having a free account?
Viktor Alexander Magnus Agestav
Community Answer
The level cap is 20, goldcap is around 10, and gold and a lot of social features are restricted. If you want to try the game, I recommend buying 1 month of play time in order to get further.
Does the Gametime will stop if I don’t play for some days?
No. Your Gametime will still count down even when not online at the game.
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