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[SOVLED] How to Fix Roblox High Ping | Quickly & Easily!

[SOVLED] How to Fix Roblox High Ping | Quickly & Easily!

Suffering from high ping issue while playing Roblox games like Arsenal? Although it’s quite frustrating, you’re not the only person to experience this problem. Many players have recently reported the exact same issue. More importantly, you should be able to fix it pretty easily…
Try these fixes
Here’s a list of fixes that have resolved the high ping issue for other Roblox players. You don’t have to try them all. Just work your way through the list until you find the one that does the trick for you.
Power cycle your home networkUpdate your network driverAvoid wireless interferenceFlush DNSClose bandwidth-heavy apps and servicesUse a VPN service
Fix 1: Power cycle your home network
If you haven’t restarted your home network for a long time, the network devices may be unresponsive due to overheating, which may lead to high ping issues.
Before trying anything more complicated, try rebooting your home network. Here’s how to do it:
Unplug your modem (and your wireless router, if it’s a separate device) from power for 60 seconds. (modem) (wireless router)Plug in your network devices again and wait until the indicator lights are back to its normal state.
Lauch Roblox and see if the high ping issue persists after you power cycle your home network. If the ping still high, try the next fix, below.
Fix 2: Update your network driver
A corrupted or oudated network driver may also cause the high ping issues. If you’re playing Roblox games on Windows PC, try updating your network driver. Keeping your network driver up to date can reduce many performance issues.
There are two ways to update your network driver: manually and automatically.
Manually update your network driver – You can update your network driver manually by going to the manufacturer’s website, and searching for the latest driver for your network adapter.
Be sure to choose the driver that’s compatible with your exact network adapter model and your version of Windows.
Update your network driver automatically – If you don’t have the time, patience or computer skills to update your drivers manually, you can, instead, do it automatically with Driver Easy. You don’t need to know exactly what system your computer is running, you don’t need to risk downloading and installing the wrong driver, and you don’t need to worry about making a mistake when installing. Driver Easy handles it all.
Download and install Driver Driver Easy and click the Scan Now button. Driver Easy will then scan your computer and detect any problem Update next to your network device to automatically download the correct version of this driver, then you can install it manually. Or click Update All to automatically download and install the correct version of all the drivers that are missing or out of date on your system (this requires the Pro version – you’ll be prompted to upgrade when you click Update All. You get full support and a 30-day money back guarantee).
The Pro version of Driver Easy comes with full technical support. If you need assistance, please contact Driver Easy’s support team at
Fix 3: Avoid wireless interference
If you’re using a wireless connection while playing Roblox games, the high ping issue may also be triggered by wireless interference.
You can follow the instructions below to reduce wireless interference and improve the Wi-Fi signal strength:
If possible, move your wireless router to a new location. You can place the wireless router within 3 to 5 meter (10 to 15 feet) of your any electronic devices and metal objects like cordless phones or microwave ovens away from your wireless router, as they may interfere with wireless connecting your device to the 5Ghz band, if your wirelese router supports both 2. 4Ghz and 5Ghz frequency bands.
See if the high ping issue persists. If this fix doesn’t work, read on and try the next fix, below.
Fix 4: Flush DNS
Sometimes, the high ping issues are a result of incorrect network configuration. If you’re playing Roblox game on a Windows PC, you can flush and reset the DNS to correct the network configuration on your PC. Here’s how to do it:
On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key and R at the same time to open the Run dialog. Type cmd and press Ctrl, Shift and Enter to run Command Prompt (Admin) the Command Prompt window, type the following commands and press Enter after each one:ipconfig /flushdnsipconfig /registerdnsipconfig /releaseipconfig /renewnetsh winsock resetRestart your PC.
See if the high ping issue reappears. If this fix didn’t work, try the next fix, below.
Fix 5: Close bandwidth-heavy apps and services
You may experience high ping issues if there’re many devices connecting to the same network, or if other apps are utilizing bandwidth on your network.
If possible, temporarily disconnect other devices from your router, and close other bandwidth-heavy apps on your computer. To close the bandwidth hogging applications on your Windows CP, follow the steps below:
On your keyboard, press CTRL+Shift+Esc at the same time to open Task click Network to see which program is eating your bandwidth. Select that program and click End Roblox and enter a game to see if the high ping issue persists.
If there aren’t any devices or applications utilizing bandwidth on your network, don’t worry. Just go ahead and check the next fix, below.
Fix 6: Use a VPN service
If none of the fixes above works for you, it suggests that the Roblox game high ping issue may not be caused by any hardware/software misconfigrations on your side.
In this case, you so give VPNs a shot. You can reduce ping with VPN if you’re playing in another country (or if the game servers are not located in your country). It also helps reduce ping if your ISP throttles your bandwidth.
VPN servers usually provide a more stable connection to the game servers, since you can choose the VPN server that matches the location of your game servers. What’s more, using a VPN connection can help bypass strict NAT, which brings a huge difference if your NAT type is C, D, or F.
Due to safety concerns, do not use those so-called free VPNs, as they are not safe, and they are always crowded during busy times.
A paid and reliable VPN usually delivers a better and more stable performance during peak hours, so it guarantees your smooth gaming experience while playing Roblox games online.
If you’re not sure which VPN you should choose, here we recommend:
NordVPNSurfshark VPNCyberGhost VPN
Hopefully, one of the fixes above resolved this issue for you. Please leave your comment below if you have any questions or suggestions. Thanks for reading!
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Fix Roblox high ping easily using 9 foolproof solutions

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Fix Roblox high ping easily using 9 foolproof solutions

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Roblox is a free online game and development platform that is constantly enjoyed by players all over the world.
However, sometimes high ping can get in the way of enjoying a fun evening of Roblox, either alone or with your friends.
Join our Roblox section to find out everything there is to know about this cool game.
To fix more gameplay issues, don’t miss our Gaming Troubleshooting Hub.
To fix various PC problems, we recommend DriverFix:
This software will keep your drivers up and running, thus keeping you safe from common computer errors and hardware failure. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:
Download DriverFix (verified download file).
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Roblox is a popular game for almost all ages. It’s actually more of a game platform that encourages players to create and play community-generated content.
Basically, in Roblox, you can create anything you want, as you’re only bound by your imagination. However, if you’re not the creative type and just want to chill with your friends, you can do that too.
Roblox allows you to access any community-generated content and play it as you would any other game. All in all it’s an enjoyable experience, regardless if you’re there to program games or enjoy a nice evening with your peers.
On the other hand, sometimes technical issues might get in the way and disrupt your gaming experience, such as web browser unsupported by Roblox.
High ping is just another example that can mess up your session, especially in action-driven Roblox games.
Why is my Roblox ping so high?
High ping can have an assorted variety of reasons for occurring. The good news is that high ping is not only determined by having a poor connection, although this seems to be the consensus.
Encountering high ping values in Roblox can be caused by:
Network congestion
Subpar Ethernet cable quality or outdated category (e. g. using Cat 7 instead of Cat 8)
Connecting to a slow Wi-Fi instead of a wired network
Interference on the Wi-Fi broadcast channel
Limited Internet connection (either restricted by the ISP or poor hardware quality)
Server-side issues
High-quality graphics settings that the connection can’t accommodate
Out-of-date software (drivers included)
Playing in different regions other than your own
Want to reduce ping while playing in other regions? Check out our guide and learn how to do it.
How to lower ping in Roblox
1. Update everything Roblox-related
Running outdated software on your PC can mean various technical issues, including but not limited to high ping. For that reason, before you go any further, make sure the following are up-to-date:
Your operating system (it’s the backbone of your system, of course it’s high-priority)
Any system drivers (you can also use specialized driver update software)
Game files, along with any recommended patches, if applicable
The gaming platform you run Roblox on (if you run it on Steam, for instance)
2. Check your security software
If you have several security programs installed on your PC, we recommend you to check if Roblox has full permission on all of them. Most of the time, the Windows Firewall blocks various programs or limits their online interaction.
That also applies to antivirus and antimalware software that might not necessarily prevent you from accessing some online services but can apply limitations based on their judgment.
In other words, make sure Roblox isn’t blacklisted on any of the aforementioned software solutions.
3. Try a dedicated game booster software
As its name not-so-subtly suggests, the tool recommended below is a utility fit to reduce ping and keep it that way. However, you’ll need to perform a bunch of configuration steps before using the app to its fullest.
Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning that there’s a list of supported games. As you’d expect, you’ll have to configure Kill Ping for each game individually before launching it.
On the bright side, configuring this software is no rocket science, either. You just need to select the game you want to use it with and choose between automatic and manual server selection.
Note that currently, Roblox isn’t on the official list of supported games. However, the program enables you to load other games, as well, by using a custom path to the executable.
Kill Ping
Kill Ping is an effective app that can help you lower ping in Roblox easily.
4. Lower your graphics settings
Although Roblox isn’t actually a resource-monger, as its system requirements are quite modest, a weak connection might not be able to accommmodate high-quality settings, even though your PC can.
As a result, you may start to experience lag spikes, especially if you’re not the only one using the Internet.
One quick way to solve high ping in this situation is to lower the game’s graphics settings. If you’re still experiencing high ping after doing so, you can at least rule out your connection’s inability to process traffic while using high graphics settings.
5. Perform manual troubleshooting
Run a speed test on your PC to assess your connection’s performance
Switch to a wired connection instead of Wi-Fi
Change the channel your wireless router broadcasts on
Update any outdated drivers on your system, especially network and graphics ones
Restart Roblox
Make sure your router’s firmware version is up-to-date
Restart your PC, router, and/or modem as needed
Avoid peak hours if your network is congested
6. Flush your DNS
Launch an elevated CMD prompt on your Windows 10 PC
Type the following commands in the CMD, in this precise order:
ipconfig /flushdnsipconfig /registerdnsipconfig /releaseipconfig /renewnetsh winsock reset
Sometimes, cached data build-ups can interfere with your connection’s performance and flushing your DNS is an easy way to get rid of them. Make sure you also restart your PC after successfully executing the last command.
Additionally, you can switch from your ISP-assigned DNS to free public DNS servers. We’ve tested Google Public DNS and Cloudflare’s DNS servers and we were impressed, performance-wise.
7. Terminate bandwidth-heavy apps and services
If you have other apps that may use a lot of bandwidth running on your PC, it’s a wise thing to force-close them before running Roblox if you want lower ping.
For instance, torrenting clients can easily sponge up large chunks of your bandwidth without you even noticing it.
The same goes for other software components such as services or background processes (daemons). If you don’t necessarily need it, make sure it’s closed and stays that way while you’re playing Roblox to avoid high ping.
It’s worth mentioning that you can use the Windows Task Manager to perform this task, but you can also turn to third-party software if you find it easier to operate.
8. Use a VPN service
Purchase a premium VPN plan (we recommend PIA)
Download the VPN installer on your PC
Deploy the VPN client to your system
Log into your account
Select an appropriate server from the list*
Launch Roblox and see if there’s any improvement
*Choose a VPN server that matches the location of your game server (or the closest location to it). For instance, if the game server is located in the USA, connect to a US VPN server.
Usually, VPNs can reduce high ping in various situations, but unfortunately, they’re of no help if the issue is server-side or caused by your improper configuration.
For instance, you can reduce ping with a VPN if your ISP throttles your bandwidth. The same goes for reducing ping while playing in another country.
Therefore, make sure your Roblox high ping issue isn’t caused by any hardware/software misconfigurations on your side before investing in a VPN service such as Private Internet Access, owned by Kape Technologies.
⇒ Get Private Internet Access
All things considered, there’s a lot you can do about high ping in Roblox, ranging from flushing your DNS to using a VPN for Roblox or even updating your system drivers.
Try applying our suggested fixes one by one. We’re quite confident that you’ll eventually reach one that does the trick for you.
Roblox: Why Is My Ping So High? - Gamer Tweak

Roblox: Why Is My Ping So High? – Gamer Tweak

Roblox is getting bigger with the addition of new games daily into the platform. So are the lag and ping issues in many of the multiplayer games. There will be times the frames drop so low or data gets slow the game becomes unplayable. There are many different ways to fix this. But understanding why the lag is happening is a must to solve the issue. So here’s how to reduce and decrease Ping & Lag in Roblox.
Why Is My Ping So High In Roblox?
There many reasons you may be facing lag due to increased ping spike, or even hardware limitations. Let’s look at different types of lags to find a solution for this.
What Are Different Types of Roblox Lag Reasons?
In Roblox, lag occurs when a game stutters or slows down, giving the impression that players are distorting around the screen. It’s usually an indication of a sluggish device or internet. There are three main types of lag:
System Lag
To increase the gameplay, try lowering the graphical quality. Check to see if any other high-power applications are running on your device. If that’s the case, close any unnecessary apps to ensure they’re not using device resources that Roblox can need to function properly. If you’re still experiencing lag after this, you might need to update your system or play Roblox on a more capable machine. Here’s how to update hardware and fix system lag:
At least 1 GB of RAM is recommended by Roblox. It’s fairly simple to add RAM chips until you’ve determined which kind your machine needs. All you have to do now is open your computer and position them where they belong on the motherboard.
Your graphics card should be an AMD Radeon R7 240 with a 2GB GPU or higher, according to Roblox. You may need to update your computer hardware if you have a personal computer that is more than 5 years old or a laptop that is more than 3 years old. You should mount a new graphics card yourself or have it installed by a tech specialist.
A computer processor with a clock speed of 1. 6 GHz or higher that is no older than 2005 is recommended by Roblox. You can either mount a new processor yourself or contract a computer technician to do it for you.
Network Lag causes High Ping in Roblox
If the internet access to Roblox is poor or unreliable, this kind of lag happens. Other players may scurry about the map, or in-game activities may take an unusually long time to complete. Here’s how to fix this:
As Roblox is a multiplayer online gaming platform, it will ruin your game if you have a bad internet connection. This high spiking ping in games like Arsenal will make it unplayable. If your internet service is sluggish, unplug and re-plug your modem or router to restart it. Then wait for it to reset for a few minutes.
Close all other programs that are running in the background when you play Roblox. Turn off all other machines attached to your networks, such as smartphones, laptops, video game consoles, or video streaming devices.
If you’re connected to the internet wirelessly, a wired network would have a more secure connection. Connect an Ethernet cable to one of your modem’s or router’s LAN ports, as well as an ethernet socket on your desktop or laptop device.
If your modem or router is older than three years, you should consider upgrading it. Faster internet speeds are supported by some modems and routers.
If your internet speeds are still slow, you can call your internet service provider to see if they have a quicker internet plan. It’s possible that you can switch to a faster internet service.
Graphics Lag
When it comes to Roblox, if your system isn’t strong enough, you’ll see stuttering and choppy gameplay. Here’s how to lower graphics in Roblox:
Press Esc.
Alternatively, press the button in the upper-left corner of the panel with three horizontal bars. This brings up the menu.
Select the Settings option. At the top of the list, it’s the second column. This brings up the Options menu.
Select “Manual” as the Graphics Mode. Toggle between “Automatic” and “Manual” graphics modes by clicking the arrows next to “Graphics Mode“. Roblox optimizes the graphics output for your device when Graphics Mode is set to “Automatic”. You can control the graphics output by setting it to “Manual”.
Reduce the quality of the graphics. Click the Minus sign next to “Graphics Quality” in the “Settings” menu to lower the graphics quality setting. The graphical output is reduced by one bar as a result of this. When there is just one blue bar, the graphics output is the lowest.
Other Ways to Lower High Ping in Roblox?
You can try deleting the texture files from your computer to make Roblox run faster. The game can work a little better without the textures. Some artifacts, on the other hand, can appear bland. Textures are usually recommended because they make it look more natural and fascinating. Please keep in mind that removing texture is irreversible and permanent. So that said, here’s how to delete them:
From the Windows taskbar, select the Windows Start menu tab.
Search for the Run app by typing in “Run“.
When you look for “Run” in the Windows Start menu, you’ll find it at the end. It has a symbol that looks like a blue rectangle inside a rectangle.
In the Run app, type%appdata% and click Enter. Inside Windows Explorer, this opens the Appdata/roaming folder. In the Windows Explorer address bar, it’s hidden behind “Roaming. ” This returns you to the “AppData” folder in Windows Explorer, one folder down. Three directories should appear: “Local, ” “LocalLow, ” and “Roaming. ”
Open the Local directory. It’s the first folder in the AppData folder at the end. To open it, double-click it.
Go to the Roblox folder and open it. The folders are arranged alphabetically. To open the Roblox archive, find it and double-click it.
Go to the Versions folder and open it. To open the “Versions” archive, find it and double-click it.
Select the folder containing the most recent edition.
The file is labeled “Version-” and has a version number at the top.
Double-click the “PlatformContent” folder once you’ve found it.
To begin, open the PC folder. Double-click the PC folder to open it until you’ve found it.
Open the textures folder of your computer. It’s the PC folder’s final folder.
Remove all folders from the system. There are some files in the “textures” section. It also includes the directories “studs” and “wangIndex“.
The directories “Studs” and “wangIndex” should not be deleted. To pick all of the other folders, hold down Ctrl and click them. Then, to delete the files, click Delete.
To clean it from the recycle bin, right-click it and choose the Empty recycling bin.
Manually Flush the DNS
Cached data build-ups will slow down your Internet service, and flushing your DNS is a simple way to get rid of them. After successfully executing the last instruction, make sure to restart your computer. This is how you do it:
On your Windows 10 PC, open an elevated CMD prompt.
In the CMD, type the following commands in this order:
First type “ipconfig /flushdns”
Then “ipconfig /registerdns:
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
netsh winsock reset
That’s all you need to know about fixing high ping and lag issues in Roblox. Once it is fixed, simply head over to our Roblox Game Codes list and redeem codes for your favorite Roblox Games.

Frequently Asked Questions about why is roblox ping so high

How do I lower my ping on Roblox?

How to lower ping in RobloxUpdate everything Roblox-related. … Check your security software. … Try a dedicated game booster software. … Lower your graphics settings. … Perform manual troubleshooting. … Flush your DNS. … Terminate bandwidth-heavy apps and services. … Use a VPN service.Nov 3, 2020

Why is Roblox ping high?

Network Lag causes High Ping in Roblox As Roblox is a multiplayer online gaming platform, it will ruin your game if you have a bad internet connection. This high spiking ping in games like Arsenal will make it unplayable. If your internet service is sluggish, unplug and re-plug your modem or router to restart it.May 29, 2021

Why is Roblox so laggy 2021?

When your Roblox is lagging, it’s generally a sign of a slow connection. Your outdated network adapter driver can be the culprit and makes your game super laggy. To fix it, you need to update your network adapter driver, especially if you can’t remember when was the last time you updated it.Aug 27, 2021

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