Where Do Sneaker Plugs Get Their Shoes


How People Get Multiple Pairs of Rare Shoes on Release Day

How People Get Multiple Pairs of Rare Shoes on Release Day

You see walls of kicks: multiple pairs from sneaker plugs all over Instagram, on Facebook, eBay.
@culture_of_flight on Instagram, expecting to make $100 per each pair of shoes that originally retailed $160 in this picture ($1600 total)
People standing in front of a wall of shoes, all on the release day…so
How do RESELLERS get so many shoes?
Instagram shoe and supreme seller @Raynewyorkcity, a plug for years.
After seeing pictures like this, where people have thousands of dollars worth of shoe inventory that they can flip for a good profit, it’s understandable that you want to become a shoe plug like them…
But apart from having the cash to buy these shoes, how do these elusive sneaker plugs get so many pairs?
For those who want the blueprint from $0 to $10k, our highly reviewed 2021 Hypemaster Playbook reveals the business strategies that plugs use.
Also, you can keep reading here for some solid advice on how to be a shoe plug for rare kicks like Jordans and Yeezy’s.
Here are 4 ways that the SHOE PLUGS get more than one pair of rare shoes at a time:
1. They try every method, and by law of averages, they end up winning more than once.
Total dedication, obsession and getting all distractions out of the way, other than what is relevant.
This is what you must do when you sell shoes.
Shop at stores that most people don’t even know exist. You can’t make money or get multiple pairs in crowded places, when you’re 1 in 100 rather than 1 in 100, 000, your chances are way higher, and this is what it’s like when you purchase shoes from a local sneaker boutique vs a mega store like Foot Locker.
Enter raffles.
Don’t just enter with one account, enter to win shoes through multiple accounts while being careful to not get banned to increase your chances of getting more than on pair of shoes.
The more chances you have, the more likely you’ll get the shoes, it’s simple math, and with enough chances, it will be nearly impossible not to get at least one pair if not many pairs of shoes.
Check out our free guide on some insider tips on “hacking” the SNKRS app for best results.
Practice persistence and reach just a little bit farther than everyone else and you’ll be surprised when you quickly become surrounded in a company of winners when you simply do what others are willing not to do, with the correct time and knowledge advantages.
Combine both manual methods and the use of sneaker bots to get more than one pair, and get them in person and online from multiple websites.
2. Not all shoes are theirs.
This one may be a huge downer, but it can be true when it comes to people who have more than one pair of shoes on the release day. It’s easy to put up a façade on social media, we all know that.
It’s quite possible that these people you’re envying on social media don’t quite have what you think you have, but they have a secret behind what you see–it’s possible that not all of the shoes are theirs.
But sometimes, this doesn’t mean they’re not really making money from these pairs, in fact it may mean that they’re making cash by outsourcing their work to others by assembling a team.
The guy at the top never does the dirty work: he delegates the dirty work to his foot soldiers, and takes a cut of the profit.
Just like a mob boss, you can do the same.
No man is his own island, and this is more true in business than it is in life.
There is a team behind El Chapo, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos–all the business greats.
On your way to shoe plug status, you can start to think about who might be a worthy member of your future empire.
Gather a few close friends and have them on the same mission as you to go after a release. Create an agreement together that you’ll do business as a team.
Make sure you pick good people that you trust to be men of their word, to be men that deliver on what they say they’re going to do.
With this team, you’ll increase your odds of getting as many rare and profitable shoes as you can just by sheer number.
Although it’s possible to get 3-4 pairs on your own pretty easily using a bot combined with manual methods, when you see people standing in front of 5-10 or even more shoes, they probably did not get them all on their own.
Having 5 – 10 pairs in one picture and showing it on social media is incredibly helpful for building your reputation as a shoe seller and gaining new customers and keeping current ones.
Utilize those hashtags on Instagram so people can see your inventory!
3. They know or are a store manager somewhere that stocks these shoes.
Just as said…these plugs are connected with a store that sells these kind of valuable shoes.
Although the large department stores will deny having such relationships with people, videos like this one on YouTube will show otherwise.
Some people, like Benjamin Kickz, a million dollar teenage shoe reseller, most likely have exclusive relationships with people deeply connected with the brands selling the shoes, and quite possibly have wholesale accounts with Nike or Adidas.
How do you get a wholesale account with major brands?
Although anyone with a physical storefront can apply to carry Jordans or Yeezy’s, it’s not easy to get approved.
Don’t get discouraged about not being able to get an account straight from the source, there are workarounds for this.
One is to be employed at a store that’s a source for hype shoes.
If you really like sneakers, get a job at a local Foot Locker or similar store.
Even better if you get a job at a local consignment store to build your network and get access to off market deals.
Make sure you really love the culture, or at least take a crash course in it because they’ll be able to sniff a straight up reseller, and if they sense this, they will be quick to deny your wish to be part of their team of sneakerheads.
Having exclusive relationships will give you a leg up in the resale game and you’ll certainly be up to date with the news of the latest releases coming out.
4. They use sneaker bots to get multiple pairs.
Not friends with any store managers? No worries.
You can still comfortably get multiple pairs using sneaker bots.
We wrote a guide on using sneaker bots here that reveals how we get up to 50 profitable pairs per release.
There’s a pretty complex formula to bots, you don’t just buy the program and hope it runs. A lot of people buy bots and have no idea what to do with them. Other people don’t even know which sneaker bots are trustworthy or if they even work.
At a $300 average investment for this software, you’re going to want to know how to use them before you dive in and buy one.
If you want an in depth guide that will walk you through all of the steps of using a sneaker bot and get you started copping multiple pairs right away, check out the Hypemaster Playbook.
For those who are already selling shoes and want some help but bots sound way too technical, here’s a post that shows 3 ways to make the most money while reselling shoes.
Don’t think all raffles are a scam-people really do win them.
Entering sneaker raffles is a process, but it can totally get you more than one pair.
For most brands, you’ll probably have to tag a few friends on IG and like and follow the account, but despite slight embarrassment, this will give you a chance to get coveted goods. All serious shoe flippers take steps like this to get kicks.
I’ve won a pair of Yeezys before using this technique from an ordinary free shoe store raffle.
When I won 1 pair, I also bought 1 pair from Adidas, which got me 2 pairs for double the money on the release day, making me about $500 in profit that day alone from knowing these techniques.
To be clear, you don’t totally win the shoes for free when you win a raffle, but you get the right to purchase them, which is enough of a prize itself, especially when it’s a shoe like Yeezy’s which are worth a nice profit on the sneaker aftermarket.
With knowledge comes power, but don’t think that it’ll come right away–you need to read multiple times, then take action as laid out in our Playbook or in our blog posts.
Selling shoes is an exciting way to make money, especially when you can cop multiple pairs at a time.
Once you get this feeling of getting into the flow of being a high level shoe reseller, it’ll be hard to imagine making money doing anything else.
If you want to learn how to become a shoe plug and don’t know where to start, take a look at the highly reviewed, recently updated for 2021, 400+ page Hypemaster Playbook to get you jump started on your journey as a profitable sneaker reseller.
Best of luck all!

“Kicks,” “grails”: Cool shoes by any name are now available in Spring Hill

Times CorrespondentSPRING HILL — If your kids are whining over their “beaters, ” begging for a certain “retro, ” considering a “yeezy” or a “bred, ” they’ll find paradise at the just-opened Shoe Plug in Silverthorn ‘s a specialty sneaker store launched by a trio of savvy 30-somethings for whom the term “tennis shoes” prompts eye lingo is all about “kicks. ” A “shoe plug, ” by the way, refers to a store or person that hooks up someone with great kicks. So says an Internet dictionary of today’s sneaker definitions. “This was my whole childhood, ” said Shoe Plug partner Damon Wade, 35 and father of two, referring to the hip language and gesturing to the display of 150 to 200 sneaker models on ‘s childhood defines the store’s customers, said partner Melissa Hann, 31 and mother of three. The push for the newest, most unique and look-what-I’m-wearing trend comes from parents who yearned for such as children and were denied. They’re determined to do better for their own kids, Hann said. “I think parents are raising them to be sneakerheads, ” agreed Wade. “Most of the crowd comes in with the whole family. “Customers have expressed the same complaint that prompted Hann to launch her own store. “I got tired of driving to Tampa for sneakers, ” she said. She couldn’t find “grails” locally for her children, ages 6, 7 and 8. Grail definition: “sneakers someone wants more than any other. “Other local footwear stores have referred customers to Shoe Plug. Why have they not jumped in to serve this niche? “(They) have looked at the demographics, ” Wade said, “and think there’s not enough populace. ” Yet, partner Tashyra Dash, 35 and mother of one, wasn’t sure they are right. “There are 80, 000 people under the age of 35 in Hernando County, ” she said. “This is the demographic. “Customers come for Nike, Adidas, Puma, Vann, Sketchers, Jordan, Congress and Brooks, sizes crib 3 to men’s 15, “shoes for the whole family. ” Prices range from $30 for children’s Nikes and Sketchers to $400 for the Jordan Retro 11 Win Like 96. “We’ve seen doctors to middle-class working people, ” Wade said of their customersAir Jordans are proving most popular, particularly models purchased as collector items, increasing in value and becoming “deadstock” — unworn, in their box — and part of a billion dollar industry nationwide, said Vapormax Plus, with soles resembling industrial-grade bubble wrap, cost $220 and are “the latest Nike rage, ” Hann said. Buyers range from high-schoolers to “a 60-year-old guy who bought them for posture. “As for so-called “pocket disasters, ” the store deals with competitive distributors to set prices below manufacturer list prices. The strategy often enables Shoe Plug to put new releases on its shelves sooner than general shoe stores, Wade said. The trio of owners apportions its labor. Hann is the visionary; Wade, the business dealer; Dash, the operational overseer, including scheduling the team to cover store hours, 10 a. m. to 8 p. Monday through Saturday, noon to 6 p. Sunday. The store is at 14245 Powell Road in Spring Hill; phone (352) owners admit to filling their own closets with footwear — 60 for Hann, 100 for Wade and 200 for Dash, the fashionista, who has shirts and purses to match every ntact Beth Gray at
Becoming a plug..: Sneakers - Reddit

Becoming a plug..: Sneakers – Reddit

You’re right. I’ve seen some factors that link the most successful ones I’ve remost, a great deal is knowing your craft. Researching the origins and respecting the opinions of every piece of apparel in your scope. Can’t be a plug for anything if you can’t tell real from fake, OG from remaster, DS/GS etc. Every pair has a story/ there’s connections, and luck. Who you know will obviously more or less influence your access to “early” or general release shipments. Luck favors the prepared so having a disposable capital to throw at it is paramount; you never know when a certain brand with a swoosh decides they’ll want to redraft a contract with a certain male diva who recently made a somewhat successful rebranding of himself)Ultimately comes back to passion. If you don’t love sneakers, then you won’t truly embrace sneaker culture. It won’t make sense to an average collector to cop a funky colorway, or you’ll possibly sleep on some incredible releases that turn a profit (if that’s your hustle. )There’s an over saturation of lame-ass hum-drum resellers on IG and FB who really don’t care about the product they’re asking people to pay for. Taking bad pics in poor lighting of 7/10 kicks for full retail. Why be one of those drones? They’re kinda ruining the game for the most part but there’s an entire subculture of folk who make it worthwhile when you do business with and form to those true examples and pick their brains on their posts. The best ones will gladly answer you and talk about a specific colorway instead of pointing you to google. Average aficionados, diehard collectors, shady resellers and hypebeasts are all different components of it but as far as connects go choose wisely.

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The lingo is all about “kicks.” A “shoe plug,” by the way, refers to a store or person that hooks up someone with great kicks. So says an Internet dictionary of today’s sneaker definitions.Mar 29, 2019

How do I get early release sneakers?

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