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Best VPS for Instagram Bots (Jarvee, Follow Adder, Combin)

Best VPS for Instagram Bots (Jarvee, Follow Adder, Combin)

We research and review products independently, but we may earn affiliate commissions if you buy through a link on this page.
If you want to use an app all day and all night but don’t want to keep your computer on the whole time, your most straightforward solution is to use a VPS.
In this article, we’re going to cover our top pick for the best VPS for Instagram botting and what it can do for you. While there are many accessories out there to social media marketing that companies will try to sell you, a VPS is something that you’ll struggle to do without.
Let’s discuss what a VPS is and what we think the best one is for your Instagram automation, wether it be Jarvee, Follow Adder, Combin or another bot.
Best VPS for Instagram Bots
Best Overall: Cheap Windows VPS
This VPS company says that they are the best remote desktop software out there for everything you need online, from web surfing and SEO tools to proxies and even game servers. Cheap Windows VPS lets you create as many different VPS’s as you require and you’ll end up paying just $3. 75 for every GB. Additionally, they have excellent customer service where you can call their support number and talk to someone if you’ve come across technical issues. You can also send them a direct message where they can reply straight away.
So, what are their top features? They can guarantee that your VPS is available and ready to use 99. 9% of the time. You will also be able to uplink at top speed, too. With speed and reliability being two things that Cheap Windows VPS does well, it’s no wonder that they’re at the top of the industry when it comes to being an affordable solution for running various apps.
What is a VPS?
VPS is otherwise known as a virtual private server. It is made to imitate the functions of a computer so that you can set it up from a different location and still be in complete control. You can do things like setting up your favorite apps and run software just as if you were doing it on your computer at home. You can just think of it as a piece of space on a server out there. This means that you can run your desktop 24/7 without having to do it on your home computer.
This Segway’s into the main reason for using a VPS – so you can turn your home computer off now and then. It’s vital that you can do this to keep your computer in good condition.
VPS Features
Root Access: This allows you to gain access to all of your different VPS servers, which inevitably gives you control of various features. This is a great way to stay in control of things remotely.
Management and Support: a high-quality VPS will let you manage your own server to a certain extent.
Server Monitoring: a good VPS like Cheap Windows VPS will continuously monitor its server and update it to avoid technical issues and glitches.
Domain Hosting: VPS allows you to host more than one domain at a time without affecting performance and speed.
Data Backups: Cheap Windows VPS can let you back up your data so that you don’t lose it.
Pros and Cons of a VPS
Flexibility: you get to choose the operating system and software that you want to be installed with your server.
More space and resources: you get more space to store things than you’d have with just your desktop.
Better performance: a higher number of resources with VPS makes for better performance.
Stability: other people’s actions on the server can’t get in the way.
More expensive than shared hosting: if you’re using a website that doesn’t need a hosting service, you could end up spending more money on it than it’s worth.
Resources sometimes aren’t handed out equally, causing service issues.
Our Review Process & Final Thoughts
We made sure to do our research before writing this article so that we were only reviewing the very best in the business. We considered 12 of best Instagram VPS companies on the market & read over 180 user reviews (both positive and negative).
Using a VPS to host is a great way to link up shared and dedicated hosting. One thing that stands out to us about using a VPS to host is that you get to retain all the hosting control.
Of course, just with any company that you’ve just learned about, it’s essential that you do your research and know their resources inside and out so that you don’t run into any issues down the road. Ultimately, we think that Cheap Windows VPS is your best bet for remote hosting and sharing.
How to Setup a VPS for your Instagram Bot (Jarvee & Follow ...


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How to Setup a VPS for your Instagram Bot (Jarvee & Follow …

A VPS is essential for many apps if you want to leave them running 24/7 without leaving your personal computer on all the time.
Today I’m going to show you how to set up a VPS (from Cheap Windows VPS), and guide you on how to use one with your Instagram bot.
In this case I will cover Follow Adder, but you can use a VPS with any downloadable Instagram bot (including Jarvee & FollowLiker).
What is a VPS?
A VPS stands for Virtual Private Server.
It acts like a separate computer that you can log into from a remote location (i. e. your personal computer) and take full control over. You can setup and run software and apps just the way you do on your PC or Mac at home.
In reality, a VPS is actually just a space on a server.
In short, it operates like an individual computer that is always on.
Why a VPS?
The greatest advantage for me is that when using your VPS, you avoid the need to have your home computer on all the time – which can be both inconvenient and also risky to the health of your PC/Mac.
So with a VPS, you can shutdown your home computer and leave your Instagram Bot running 24/7 and forget about it
Which VPS Plan Should you Buy?
I have my Follow Adder software running on a VPS from Cheap Windows VPS.
I use the 4GB RAM VPS option from Cheap Windows VPS.
I’ve found the 4GB VPS is setup perfectly for Follow Adder. It has enough resources and runs smoothly with the software so that you don’t experience issues when you leave the bot running for ages – mine has been on for months without any issues at all.
I’ve found the Cheap Windows VPS 4GB Ram option to be perfectTIP: If you’re going to use multiple software programs or run a lot of accounts on your bot then you will want to get the 8GB plan to avoid issues.
Running On a Tight Budget?
Note: I did have the 2GB option for a while but it was a little slow when using multiple IG accounts with Follow Adder.
I don’t recommend this option, but it is possible if you are patient with slow loading times, you are only running a few accounts, and you’re desperate to save some cash.
Configuring your VPS
Once you choose the plan you need, the page redirects you to another page where you have to configure the various features.
Here is what to expect:
The hostname: Changing this is optional, but if you want to do it, then give your VPS a hostname that you can remember because you will need the details to log into the VPS.
Root password: You use this along with the hostname as the login credentials.
Location: The servers are spread worldwide; choose the nearest location to match your Instagram accounts.
Operating System: Choose a modern yet easy to use operating system. Follow Adder requires a minimum of Windows 2012 to run effectively.
After you set up the configuration, you can choose to save it for future use. The next step is to choose the payment method, which include credit card and PayPal. You get the information regarding the VPS 10 minutes after making the payment. This is available in your account information or the email account on file.
Connection Guides
You can connect to the VPS fairly easily from your personal computer – but it is slightly different depending on your operating system.
Windows OS
Use Remote Desktop Connection (RDC)
Go to start -> Remote Desktop Connection (you can find the application via windows search, or go to Windows -> Accessories).
The “Computer” part requires you to enter the IP address of the VPS server.
After you’ve entered your username and password (found in the email you received), tick the “Remember me” box to save the configuration for future use then press enter or OK.
It might take a second or so to connect to your VPS – and then a Windows desktop will appear.
Install Follow Adder
Once you have access, download Follow Adder from the official website and install it on the remote computer just like you would do on a normal computer.
If you don’t know how to set up Follow Adder, use my recommended settings or the official Follow Adder page to guide you.
Once you have the bot running, you can disconnect from the VPS, since it will run 24/7 without any further input from yourself.
Follow these steps to re-access the VPS anytime you want to make some configuration changes or check stats etc.
Mac OS
Mac users can use the Remote Desktop Connection application from the Mac App Store. Install it on your Mac and open it.
Establish a Connection
Open up the program and click “new” in the top corner.
A new connection dialog pops the “General” tab, enter the connection name (any name you prefer), PC name (IP address), username and password (found in the email you received).
Once the information is saved, you can now exit the dialog box and press on “start”. If you get a certificate warning click on “continue”.
You should now have access and be connected to your VPS.
Once you connect the VPS, download Follow Adder and install it on the VPS just like you would any other program.
If you don’t know how to set up Follow Adder, use the official page to guide you (I’ll be bringing out a guide very soon as well).
After you install it successfully, run it and disconnect the VPS.
If you run into any problem installing your VPS, be sure to contact the web host you went with.
If you went with Cheap Windows VPS then I can personally attest that at the time of writing (2017), their support was very fast – even on a Sunday!
If you get really stuck then drop me a message below and I’ll help if I can.
Using proxies
It’s a really good idea to use an Instagram proxy with your bot, especially when using a VPS or multiple accounts.
Growing Your Account
Setting up a VPS to use with your bot is just a small part of the puzzle to grow your brand.
If you want to get ahead, it’s pretty much vital to get some third-party help.
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