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What is the policy on bots upvoting posts? - Reddit

What is the policy on bots upvoting posts? – Reddit

I know in general upvote/downvote “fraud” is an offence, but what when the bot upvotes/downvotes relevant content? For example, consider a bot that users have to call to do a certain task. After task is completed successfully, bot upvotes the user comment for visibility. I don’t know whether there are any explicit rules for or against thread is archivedNew comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast
level 1 · 8y · edited 8yFrom API documentation votes must be cast by humans. That is, API clients proxying a human’s action one-for-one are OK, but bots deciding how to vote on content or amplifying a human’s vote are not. See the reddit rules for more details on what constitutes vote 2Thanks, just what I 2I wonder how they would feel about a bot upvoting/downvoting posts in a specific subreddit created for that bot. I know that is a little convoluted, but you could potentially create a subreddit where the content is voted up and down by a bot based on various parameters. I don’t think you would be hurting anyone in this specific 1upvotes the user comment for visibilityOne upvote isn’t going to give anything visibility 2Have you heard about the study Social Influence Bias: A Randomized Experiment? The study claims thatGetting an upvote at the start made the second vote 32 percent more likely to be positive, as compared to the control. The effect was also passed down the line to subsequent voters in much the way the researchers expected, as at the end of the five months, those in the “positive treatment” group had an overall rating (calculated by subtracting the number of downvotes from number of upvotes) 25 percent higher than those in the control the effect isn’t just that the comments have one upvote more than they usually would like you would assume. The important part is that it comes right after the user posts, moving it up in the list, ahead of all the other normal comments. That slightly increased visibility and facade of approval from someone else has a domino effect on the next voter.
Best Reddit Bot of 2021 for Automating One's Activities

Best Reddit Bot of 2021 for Automating One’s Activities

Home » Best Reddit Bot of 2021 for Automating One’s Activities
If you have been looking for a way to automate your activities on Reddit, then the best Reddit bot is one that can perform the following tasks automatically without being detected:
upvoting posts and comments,
searching and commenting based on keywords.
To find such a bot, we need to know what our desired features are. Most people searching for the best bot for Reddit automation are mostly interested in upvotes. But you can achieve so much more with a bot that does things like auto commenting or replying on threads based on the keywords in your interest.
Upvotes are what drives your content on Reddit to the top of a subreddit so that it will get more exposure and consequently drive traffic to your website. With great content and the right amount of upvotes, your post could easily reach the front page of Reddit.
This would be incredibly rewarding.
So what happens when you post good content on Reddit but apparently no one seems to have noticed? For most active subreddits, when your post doesn’t get enough traction in the first few minutes after posting, chances are that Reddit will tank it. Fewer people will get to see it and thus it will disappear into oblivion.
This is where a good Reddit upvote bot comes in.
What’s a Reddit Upvote Bot
A Reddit bot is a piece of software designed to perform activities on Reddit just as a normal user would. Such activities may include the following:
Upvote posts on Reddit
Upvote comments
Post on Reddit
Contact and start conversations with users in a subreddit based on criteria set … among others.
Bots usually run tens to thousands of Reddit accounts, each usually on its own IP address by making use of proxies.
Is It Against Reddit’s Policy to Use Bots?
Reddit’s policy, like that of most other social media platforms, is against using bots to automate user interactions. To safely automate your activities on Reddit you’ll need a bot that won’t be detected easily.
A good Reddit upvote bot will ensure that whatever you post on Reddit will get upvotes delivered naturally so as to not arouse suspicion. Your post will show up right at the top of the subreddit and the exposure will lead to more natural upvotes, and if lucky, you’ll land on the front page of Reddit.
You want a Reddit upvote bot that mimics normal online human interactions, and because Reddit also checks your browser’s cookies in order to serve you relevant ads, a good Reddit upvote bot is one that besides sending upvotes to your posts and comments, also visits random websites and leaves cookies on your browser.
As at the time of posting this article, there’s only one Reddit upvote bot that’s capable of doing all that I mentioned above.
I’m excited that Jarvee decided to add Reddit to the social platforms you can automate your activities on. This opens up a whole new opportunity for Internet marketers to be able to target more people without having to spend more time doing so.
The way Jarvee introduces a new social platform is normally gradual. You’ll see only a few features in the first few days and as days go by, more and more features are added.
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This Reddit bot that has just been introduced on Jarvee comes with the following 3 main features:
Upvote Comments
Full Browser Experience
I’ll walk you through each one of those features in a moment and we’ll see what you can do with it.
Remember that more features will have been introduced by the time you get to read this article.
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This feature on Jarvee allows you to auto comment on Reddit posts based on specific keywords that you give the bot. The way it works is, this Reddit bot by Jarvee will search for posts using the keywords you gave it, and then it will leave a comment on them.
I love the fact that this bot allows you to use syntax so that you don’t end up leaving the exact same comment on every post that you comment on.
To tell the bot what keywords you want to target, go to the ‘Sources‘ tab (3) and enter your keywords as I’ve demonstrated in the screenshot above.
Now type in your comment (5) before going back to the ‘Settings’ tab to start the bot.
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Reddit upvote bot
With this feature, you can perform the following:
Upvote posts by specific URL
Upvote posts in specific Subreddits
Upvote posts of specific users
Upvote posts on the homepage
These options are found under the ‘Sources‘ tab.
There a feature under the ‘Settings’ tab that allows you to use multiple Reddit accounts to do the upvoting. This only means that the more Reddit accounts you have, the more upvotes you can give out.
What a great opportunity for starting a service for selling Reddit upvotes!
The Reddit upvote comment feature gives you the following two feature to make use of:
Upvote specific comment by URL
Upvote comments of specifics user
You’ll find these features under the ‘Sources‘ tab.
This feature also comes with the option to use multiple Reddit accounts to upvote comments.
Reddit Full Browser Experience
The Reddit Full Browser Experience feature allows the bot to visit random websites as a normal human being would and leaves cookies for Reddit to use for ad targeting. In the eyes of Reddit, this feature makes your activities on the platform appear natural.
There’s literally no setting you need to change here as Jarvee already listed on this feature websites to visit randomly. You just have to toggle status to START.
Setting up your account on this Reddit bot
In order to start using this Reddit bot, you’re going to quickly register, download and install Jarvee. They have a 5-day trial period that you can make use of.
Once you’ve installed Jarvee, got to SOCIAL PROFILES > ADD PROFILE > REDDIT.
Type in your username and password then hit VERIFY ACCOUNT. Once verified, it should now say VALID.
You’re now ready to start automating your activities on Reddit.
It is worth noting that if you’re going to be using multiple Reddit accounts on Jarvee, it is good practice to allocate each account its own proxy so that they don’t all appear to originate from the same IP address.
You’re all set to start botting on Reddit!
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Buy reddit upvotes from 0.07$! 30 upvotes for FREE❗️CMS

Buy reddit upvotes from 0.07$! 30 upvotes for FREE❗️CMS

How To Get Traffic From Reddit
Reddit is very popular in the United States. There is even the so-called Reddit effect. It means that a site gets a lot of traffic after a link to it has been posted on the social site Reddit. This web resource attracts millions of users from all over the world. News, scandals and various discussions are published there. A sophisticated rating system and moderation filter traffic. But if your link gets into the discussion, you will see an increase in traffic.
Many people use this to promote their website or app. You can get traffic from Reddit if you do it right. You don’t have to buy Reddit accounts to do this. Just use the tips we described in this article.
The Main Rules For Getting Reddit Upvotes
To begin with, you need to register on Reddit. There are two types of users on the platform: beginners and experienced users with high ratings. To publish links to your site and create posts with native advertising, you need to have a high rating. On Reddit Marketing, you can safely order promotion and bring your account to the top with Reddit upvotes. This will allow you to publish links to your site and get traffic.
In any case, you need to adhere to the important rules of the social platform:
Use multiple Reddit accounts (3-5 accounts) to promote. You must be an active user on each account, so you can use the reserve in case of blocking.
Write comments and rate other users. Otherwise, moderators will block your posts, and you will not get desired traffic.
Periodically promote your posts to get more ratings. You can do this with the Reddit Marketing service linked above.
Be an active user on posts that are relevant to your topic. You can build an expert reputation and post tips with a link to your resource. This will reduce the risk of blocking such a post and the entire account.
According to analytical data, the most popular posts on Reddit are expert posts discussing events of some kind. These can be discussions of movies, games, television shows, cars, IT projects, investment projects, as well as life’s best practices, political events, and more.
Reddit is a wonderful resource, and with the right approach, traffic to your project can grow at times, dozens of times in a matter of hours. Take precautions, move it to a high-performance hosting (or server), don’t lose visitors. Sometimes the effect of a sharp influx of traffic from Reddit is comparable to the consequences of a DoS-attack, the server can simply not cope with the load.
The greater the number of likes received in the first hour, the higher the post will be relative to competitors. Pay attention to fake comments. If the post has 100 or more likes and no comments – the moderator will suspect something wrong, and your post will be hidden from users.

Frequently Asked Questions about upvote bot reddit

Can Reddit bots upvote?

After task is completed successfully, bot upvotes the user comment for visibility. I don’t know whether there are any explicit rules for or against that. So the effect isn’t just that the comments have one upvote more than they usually would like you would assume.

Can new accounts upvote Reddit?

Yes, you can multiple Reddit accounts. However, you’re not allowed to use your alternate accounts to upvote (or downvote) your posts, interact with your other accounts, or engage in vote manipulation.Apr 9, 2020

How Much Does a Reddit upvote cost?

Boost Upvotes is the only Reddit upvote provider that offers a lowest price guarantee on all Reddit upvote packages. Our packages start at just $0.20 per upvote.

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