Unlocking E-Commerce Success with Proxywatcher’s Pricing Data Webinar – Are You Doing It Right?

by Gabriel Martinez

Setting the right price in e-commerce is super important. It can help your business earn more money, increase sales, give you a competitive edge and create a good reputation among customers. But how do you find that perfect balance between giving value to people and making sure your prices are still cheaper than competitors?

On May 10, 2023, you can join a free online meeting with Povilas Kudriavcevas who works at the company called Proxywatcher. He will talk about the importance of keeping track of product prices and show us how businesses collect data for this kind of monitoring.

Unlock the Power of a Data-Driven Price Monitoring System!

During the webinar, you’ll get to do some really cool stuff like: finding out what it takes to collect up-to-date product data, getting an idea of how a successful price monitoring system works, taking a look at a pricing monitoring system that includes effective data collection and workflow tools, and hearing answers to all your questions.

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