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ExtraTorrent Proxy List — Unblocked ExtraTorrent Mirror Sites ...

ExtraTorrent Proxy List — Unblocked ExtraTorrent Mirror Sites …

ExtraTorrent Proxy List — Unblocked ExtraTorrent Mirror Sites 2021 — extratorrent proxy latest documentation
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ExtraTorrent Proxy List — Unblocked ExtraTorrent Mirror Sites 2021
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If you’re facing a geographic restriction from ExtraTorrent, you’ve come to the right place. Extratorrent blocked in US, UK, Spain, Russia, France, Turkey, Pakistan, India and Italy. We will tell you how to use an extraterent proxy in your area. All you have to do is install a VPN and browse your site. You can check the list of working Extratorrent locations below to take advantage of it.
While there are many ExtraTorrent proxy or mirror sites out there, not all of them work. Therefore, our team personally verified which copies of the main website are accessible. At the time of this writing, the websites listed below are proxies and they are running smoothly.
How do ExtraTorrent proxy sites work? ¶
Proxy sites act as a bridge between your connection and the target website you want to access. When using Extratorrent proxy sites, your browser’s internet traffic will be routed through the proxy server before reaching the Extratorrent mirror sites.
Not only will this help you unblock Extratorrent, but it will also give you the opportunity to access the Extratorrent website even if it is blocked in your area.
Top 5 ExtraTorrent Alternatives & Proxy List [New 2021]¶
1. The pirate bay¶
Pirate’s Bay is an index for digital content made up of media and software. Pirate Bay allows you to find, download, and host your own magnet links and torrent files for P2P file sharing. Pirate Bay is one of the best torrent sites in the world.
RARBG is a torrent site that provides torrent files and magnetic links for peer-to-peer file sharing using the BitTorrent protocol. RARBG is banned in 16 countries for various reasons. RARBG is one of the best torrent sites for finding new content.
3. 1337x¶
1337x is the third most popular torrent website. Like many other torrent sites, 1337x is basically in the “deep web” as the site’s files do not show up in Google search results. Having its own search function is a great way to find exactly the torrents and files you’re looking for.
4. YTS¶
YTS comes from the makers of Yify Torrents. The main purpose is to download HD movie files. Although the original Yify torrents shut down, many mirrors are now working that still have a lot of traffic.
5. LimeTorrents¶
LimeTorrents is the fourth largest torrent site. The torrent search engine contains over 10 million active torrents. The site is remarkably clean and simple, but has a huge multimedia library.
14 ExtraTorrent Proxy | Unblock All Extratorrents Sites

14 ExtraTorrent Proxy | Unblock All Extratorrents Sites

Everyone knows the kickass was the king of Torrents, but what we often see with torrent sites is they get down whenever they become famous. The same happened with Kickass. This time after the downing of Kickass The ExtraTorrent came to starve the lust of torrent mehow extratorrent managed to deliver the content safely through extratorrent proxy. Massive traffic was spotted at this site and tons of contents including premium games, movies, and shows were was a day in May 2017 when Extratorrent got shut-down. That was a sad day for the site owners and users as well. But In this post, we explained how one can unblock extratorrents and download the content available on that. Before knowing how to get extratorrent unblocked, we will know what they are are ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites? You might think what these extratorrent proxy sites are and why they are if you are one of them who started using torrent sites recently. Well, these proxy sites are just a replica or mirror-like:,,,,,,,,, unblock123 extratorrents and other parent sites. Despite being a replica, they have all the contents that extratorrent was the List of 100% Working 14 Extratorrent Proxy Sites 2021 ✔️✔️Extratorrent Proxy ListStatus ✔️Extratorrent Proxy 1✔️Extratorrent Proxy 2✔️Extratorrent Proxy 3✔️Extratorrent Proxy 4✔️Extratorrent Proxy 5✔️Extratorrent Proxy 6✔️Extratorrent Proxy 7✔️Extratorrent Proxy 8✔️Extratorrent Proxy 9✔️Extratorrent Proxy 10✔️Extratorrent Proxy 11✔️Extratorrent Proxy 12✔️Extratorrent Proxy 13✔️Extratorrent Proxy 14✔️These replica or mirror sites have very talented developers and coders who are continually working to provide the service in a better way. Sometimes they are communities that work and provide domain and deliver contents we stated above these sites often get restrictions and legal notices from the authorities. After getting shut down one domain, they add a new one to provide the content to the user who searched for the parent always have numerous servers with a high storage capacity which allows them to deliver the content continuously. Unblock Parent ExtraTorrents by proxy and mirror sitesIf you are the one who is facing a geographical restriction of the ExtraTorrents and then you landed on the right spot. We will tell you how one can use extratorrents proxy in your region. What you have to do is to install any VPN and search your site. You can check the list of the working Extratorrents sites to get we will know the answers which arise in one’s mind while using the authority can Ban ExtraTorrents Proxy and Mirror Sites? This is something that we would say impossible because these sites don’t have any connection with the downloader and server. If you fail to download the file that is just because of the server. In this case, even VPN won’t help in getting access or download the files. What you can do in such a situation just go to another mirror ’s assume your Authority managed to catch a server and finally shut that down still there are many servers which are delivering contents without a nanosecond stoppage. What thing to be noticed here is their speed and functionality won’t have any difference regarding the transmission of one get access to the ExtraTorrent without a VPN? Obviously one can. There are many mirror and proxy sites to download the favourite file. The simple process of working is there. Whenever you click on the proxy site, it will take you to the homepage of that site. This simple process is known as cloning which is something like copying the content of the original these proxy sites have a powerful process of regular link updating. In case you don’t find any link working then switch to the other. You will get a notification on the working link which reads as this “extratorrents unblock” do proper research before jumping into any torrent site because some have the privacy you have to look before using Extratorrent proxy sites or any mirror siteAll these sites are privately owned, and they have to earn money to maintain the functionality of the sites. They use many ways to make money, and users are unaware of their means most of the times. Some of them are showing ads, selling premium services or using your hardware for mining or for other tasks which get execution behind the you have to do is just install an excellent or premium antivirus because they also have a virus in the files on downloads from these proxy case of maintaining your IP address, unknown does use VPN. You can go for free or premium. Don’t use those sites for a more extended period because this can make your system processing speed VPN is not only better for you but also for your internet service provider. Because they most of the times get orders from the government of the country or from court to ban those IP addresses. So you have to take care of this as searches of these websites come from battery-powered devices like tablet, SmartPhone or laptop. If you are the one who use this type of device to download torrents from these proxy sites, then you should be aware of it. Your system uses more power whenever you browse such sites because as we discussed above these sites perform many tasks in the device. Which are often don’t get performed times users end up on a whole new page when they click on the download button which they show right there on the downloading page. They often reach on a sales page of some game site. More interestingly the page has some kind of adult niche. Another trick they use to seduce the users is showing them to win lotteries in dirt prices. This triggers the stimuli of getting rich overnight just by spending some pennies to buy tickets or playing number don’t waste your hard-earned money on doing these weird things because they are designed to make money for them, not for nclusionNow we hope that you got everything you needed to know about Extratorrent proxy sites. Please let us know in the comment section is it helpful or not.
ExtraTorrents Proxy List For 2021 [100% Working ... - Fossbytes

ExtraTorrents Proxy List For 2021 [100% Working … – Fossbytes

ExtraTorrents is a popular name in the torrent ecosystem and often counted amongst some of the best torrent sites like Kickass and Pirate Bay. It was established in 2006 and was hugely popular amongst those prefer downloading files, movies, and games via the P2P file-sharing method. These days, Extratorrent proxy sites have replaced the original website.
ExtraTorrents hosted a huge collection of magnet links and torrent links for a variety of content. One of the highlighting features of the torrent site was its advanced search functionality. There was nothing you couldn’t find by typing in the Extratorrents search box.
Like other torrent sites, Extratorrents also irked copyright watchdogs and was voluntarily shut down on May 17, 2017. After the website was pulled offline, there were many attempts by torrent enthusiasts to clone the website or put up Extratorrents mirror sites.
is one such mirror site for Extratorrents that has survived. The rest of the sites did not share the same fate and have vanished. Here we have updated the list of Extratorrent proxy sites that you can use in 2021.
Disclaimer: The torrent sites mentioned ahead are just for an informational purpose. We don’t support using them to download copyright-protected content.
ExtraTorrents Proxy List 2021| Unblock Extratorrent [100% Working]
Here is an updated list of Extratorrent proxy and mirror sites for unblocking the torrent website in 2021. All the proxies mentioned here were working flawlessly at the time of writing —
How do ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites Work To Unblock Extratorrents?
Proxy sites act as a bridge between your connection and the destination website you are trying to reach. When you use Extratorrent proxy sites, the internet traffic from your browser is routed through the proxy server before it reaches Extratorrent mirror sites.
This not only helps you to unblock Extratorrent but also offers you a means to access extratorrent website even if it is blocked in your region.
Extratorrent Alternatives To Use In 2021
If the above-mentioned Extratorrent proxy sites aren’t working for you, we have also compiled a list of torrent sites that you can use instead. These Extratorrent alternatives include some of the best torrents sites.
1. The Pirate Bay – Best Extratorrent Alternative
The Pirate Bay does not come as a surprise in this list of Extratorrent alternatives. The popular torrent site offers a large collection of torrents to download movies, games, documents, and more via the P2P file-sharing method. The website has a neat interface and it’s easy to navigate around. The Pirate Bay should be your first choice if Extratorrent is down or not accessible due to any reason.
2. Kickass Torrents – Best torrent site to replace Extratorrent
If Extratorrent is not working, your next best option is Kickass torrent. One of the best torrent sites out there, the Kickass torrent website vanished long ago but its fans revived it so that torrent freaks do not miss it. KAT can also be accessed using proxies and other mirror sites.
3. 1337x – Best Extratorrent Alternative For Movies Fans
1337x is another popular torrent site that has found quite fame recently especially amongst movie buffs. 1337x torrent site hosts a large pool of movie torrents and you can also watch the latest trailers on the website. However, we should warn you that there are also copyrighted movies on the torrent site, and downloading them is a punishable offense. Nonetheless, 1337x is one of the best Extratorrent alternatives on the internet.
4. Yify – Top Torrent site to use when Extratorrent proxy isn’t working
Extratorrent is undoubtedly one of the best torrent sites out there but there is another site that resembles it and also offers the same user experience. It’s none other than Yify or YTS Movies. This torrent site has been recently revived by torrent fans and now it has become a go-to destination for those who want to watch latest trailers of download movies via torrent.
Why You Should Use Extratorrent Proxy Sites To Unblock ExtraTorrents?
As we’ve already told you that ExtraTorrents website was taken down after falling in the hands of copyright watchdogs. For people who are looking forward to downloading content using torrent, there is no better means to unblock Extratorrents other than using Extratorrent proxy list. There are several proxy sites that redirect to clone sites of ExtraTorrent website for downloading torrents. Since these Extratorrent proxy websites are volatile and often get blocked too often.
Therefore, we have compiled a list of ExtraTorrent proxy websites that are working as we’ve checked them personally.
You can check out the above list to unblock ExtraTorrents website.
Using ExraTorrents Proxy Sites
If the working Extratorrents website () is blocked in your region, you can use proxies to unblock Extratorrents and download torrents. Here, we have enlisted some ExtraTorrent proxy sites that you can visit.
If you are not sure how proxies work, the proxies mentioned in our Extratorrent proxy list act as intermediate servers that hide your IP address so that you can access the website without allowing the destination website to track you.
Using VPNs to Unblock Extratorrents
If you’re living in a country like China or India where torrent sites are banned, you can also use a VPN for unblocking Extratorrents. Simply download a VPN software, choose a server of another country, and visit any of the Extratorrent proxies that we have listed above.
If none of the Extratorrent proxy websites are working for you, you can also check our Kickass Proxy list and Pirate Bay Proxy list to search and download torrents.

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