Biometric Data as SE Ranking Factor


Satisfaction a Future Ranking Signal in Google Search Results? Do you search through Google on your phone? How do you know whether or not Google is watching you as you do and keeps on eye on whether or not you like the results you receive during your searches? Could Satisfaction with search results be a ranking signal that Google may use now, or in the future? A newly published Google patent...

Blackhat Confessions: $100k monthly Spamming Google


Still looking for loopholes and considering PBN’s? Then take a look of the great read from @Jeff Deutsch. How it used to be a SEO Spammer Millionaire and own a network of 25,000 blogs PayPal had no idea how I was suddenly making so much money. They were so confused about my business model that they froze $25,000 in my account. Most of our users were ranking high for big affiliate keywords...

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