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Android 9 Proxy Settings


Samsung Galaxy S9+ after update to Android 9 Pie Wi-Fi … Forum Android OS Discussion & Help Android Pie I set up a manual proxy in the advanced menu the save it and when i go out from setting and come back Wi-Fi proxy setting is reset to is very annoying. Does anyone have similar issue? 02-12-2019 11:13 AM The proxy you set in WiFi is for a different kind of proxy than the one you use...

Android Browser Proxy Server


Why there’s no proxy support in Android browsers? Android supports both Chromium-based and Firefox-based browsers since long now. While those browsers have full support for HTTP/SOCKS proxies under all other OSes (Linux, OSX and even Windows), they are lacking it completely under Android. There’s no setting at all to configure one. I can easily configure a SOCKSv5 proxy on my Android...

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