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Search engine optimization is the backbone of online marketing for today’s businesses but it only produces any good results when it is done properly. If you are still thinking about SEO how it used to be 3 years ago, you are thinking of a completely different thing. The constant and frequent algorithm updates from Google have completely changed how search engine optimization was done in the past. It would not be wrong to say that today’s search engine optimization is much more sensible and requires SEO experts to be more careful and professional in their approaches.

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In the past you could just stuff your content with keywords to rank on top. This led to a trend where websites started hosting content that made little to no sense and gave absolutely no information to the website visitors. Google took notice and with some drastic changes to the algorithm the search engine giant brought the nonprofessional SEO individuals back to their place. You have to conform to the latest rules and regulations written down by Google in order to rank higher on the search engine. Here are some precious tips to help you with that.

A Look into Your Website Code: You have to go inside your website’s HTML code and fix the things that are causing you to move to a low position on search engine results. For example, you need to work on your heading tags if that area was not given much importance during the development stages of the website. At the same time, your title tags should be fully optimized for the search engines too. You don’t want to ignore the importance of these tags. Your title tags should carry your keywords in them in order for the search engine to rank you higher due to relevance.

Since you can easily make the title up to 60 characters, you can try and fit in some secondary keywords into the title as well. The more optimized your title tag is the more attractive your ad will look on the search engine page.

Sifting Your Backlinks: Have you got a lot of backlinks? Do you think the number of backlinks you have is so high that no other competitor could match that? Are you still paying your search engine optimization firm to increase your backlinks fast? If that’s the case, you might want to know what changes Google made to its codes in the recent times. For those who are updated with SEO news, this news is already old. In a nutshell, you don’t want to work on more backlinks now unless you know they are of good quality. If you are emphasizing too much on the number of backlinks, you are going against what Google wants you to do.

In fact, Google took the quality of backlinks so seriously that it introduced the disavow tool that allows you to get rid of any backlinks that are coming from weak, low quality and shady sources. The whole point is to improve the quality of your backlinks and not the quantity.

Linking Out: Things sound quite clichéd when you see experts continuously talking about backlinks. Does that mean there is nothing else as important as backlinks? Are there no other ways for you to impress the big giant search engine? What if you are satisfied with the pace that your quality backlinks are building up with? What if you want to do something more? Well, most experts and SEO professionals are forgetting about the possibility of linking out. You can link out to other websites and that is going to contribute to your website’s good ranking too.

An important point to understand here is to link out to good pages and sources. You don’t want to link out to websites that don’t have good reputation on Google. Send links from your web content to websites that have good authority and reputation.

Cashing YouTube: You are making a huge mistake if you are not taking advantage of YouTube. YouTube is Google’s service and you have to naturally expect its results to dominate other search results on Google. An expert from suggests searching for something as simple as “how to drill a hole in the wall” and you will see the YouTube results on top. If you have a YouTube video that talks about your products and business, you are sure to appear on top of the search results when someone searches for the keywords that are in your video’s title.

An even better thing is that your description plays an important role in making your video appear on top. This is why most experts believe and advise that you should have a description with your video that is around 200 words at least.

HTTPS: This might not have been of much importance in the past but recently it has been found out that Google is going to include website’s security aspect as one of its factors of ranking. You need to ensure that the people on your website have their information in safe hands. If you are not offering protection to their information you won’t get the favor from Google. Very soon you will hear Google paying great attention to the security of websites as a ranking factor. Not to mention, securing your website is considered one of the most important steps of increasing sales and conversions on ecommerce websites.

Miscellaneous Pointers: One important thing that you want your SEO professionals to do with your content is introduce the keywords in the right places. It is best that your primary keyword on the website appears in the first paragraph of the content. The URLs of your website should also be SEO friendly. Your URLs should be descriptive of what the page contains. Do not stuff your content with keywords because that’s going to get you penalized from Google. Take ideas from anywhere you want but don’t copy the content. Not only will you be penalized by Google for copying content but you could face a case for plagiarism too.


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