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How to fix PayPal payment failing on Steam - Windows Report

How to fix PayPal payment failing on Steam – Windows Report

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Purchasing a new game or credit on Steam, the most popular PC gaming store can result in an error if you try using PayPal as a payment guide will show you how to solve this issue by logging in on Steam through your personal browser and purchasing your game or DLC from have a dedicated Steam page with all kinds of guides and how-to’s related to the popular gaming more Windows 10 articles, you can check our Windows Troubleshooting Hub, which hosts our most practical guides.
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Users of the Steam PC gaming client on Windows 10 may face some issues when trying to purchase games through PayPal. This issue is generally caused by the cache on your Steam client.
Selecting PayPal as a payment method for your game or DLC will result in the following error message:
Your purchase has not been completed. The payment processor has reported an authorization failure. Please select a different payment method.
How do I fix the PayPal purchase error on Steam?
1. Use Steam on your browser for the PayPal purchase
At times, the Steam client may not work properly for PayPal purchases
To fix this, close your Steam client by heading over to the Steam icon on your Taskbar, then right-clicking on Exit
Next up, open your Internet browser of choice, then head over to Steam‘s Store website
Log in to Steam, then add your item to the shopping cart, and head over to the payment method
Select Paypal, and click on Continue. Log in through the PayPal website and authorize the payment
Your payment should now go through
Open up your Steam client again to download your purchased game or DLC
2. Unlink the PayPal account from your Steam client
Open up your browser and head over to the Steam‘s Store website
Head over to the top-right corner, click on your account name and choose Account Details
Under Store & Purchase section, you can unlink your PayPal account by clicking on the Delete button
Head over to the Steam Store and purchase your item again
Make sure that Save my payment preference is not checked
Your purchase should now complete successfully
3. Clear your Steam browser cache and cookies
Head to the top-left corner of your Steam client, and select Steam
Click on Settings, then go to Web Browser
Click on Delete Web Browser Cache and Delete All Browser Cookies options
Retry your Steam purchase with PayPal
4. Steam’s servers might be down
Sometimes the payment might not work due to Steam‘s servers not working temporarily. To check this, follow this link to see Steam‘s servers current status. If some servers are indeed down, you would need to wait until the issue is fixed.
Once you check again and the servers are back to normal, just head over to the Steam Store again to make your purchase through PayPal.
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I add a payment method to Steam?
Open up your Steam client, then head over to the top-right corner of your client, click on your profile name, and select Account Details. Choose the Add funds to your Steam Wallet option to add funds to your Steam account.
How do I refund a Steam game to PayPal?
Head over to Steam’s Support page and choose Purchases, then select the game or DLC that you want to refund. First, choose I would like a refund, and then I’d like to request a refund. You’ll then be prompted to be refunded either to your Steam Wallet or back to your PayPal account.
Do Steam refunds go to your wallet?
Steam refunds can be sent back either to your original PayPal account or to your Steam Wallet on your account. This also includes any Steam gifts that you may have refunded.
10 Ways to Fix PayPal Not Working on Steam Error - TechWiser

10 Ways to Fix PayPal Not Working on Steam Error – TechWiser

Steam is to the gaming community what PayPal is to online payments. Needless to say, both of them work together seamlessly. But, not in every country and not for all users. Consider this — there is a sale going on and it is about to end. You open Steam, add to cart, and are about to check out when PayPal fails to work. Sale ends and you are left with a dent on your desk, the size of your fist. Why is PayPal not working on Steam?
PayPal doesn’t work with Steam in all countries. In fact, it used to work in India before they pulled out. Maybe, the same is the case with you? These changes often happen without prior notice, so you might have missed them. All payment methods allowed are shown on the right side in Step 2. Do you see the PayPal logo or can you select it from the dropdown menu?
It could also be an error on either Steam or PayPal’s side but we got you covered on that front.
Let’s begin.
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1. Check Website
This is for those who are in a hurry. The sale is still on, eh? Close the Steam client and exit from the Taskbar. This is important.
Open the Steam site in your browser and proceed with the purchase as usual. Select PayPal when you are checking out and it should work as normal. You may have to sign into your PayPal account.
2. Steam Server Status
You can check whether Steam server is up and running or down and under at Down Detector or Steam’s site. Don’t forget to choose your country when checking to make sure you are actually affected. Another way is to check social media platforms like Twitter where users often complain of such issues when it comes to popular services.
3. Temporary Block
Are you seeing this message — It looks like you’ve been attempting a lot of purchases in the last few hours. Please wait a while before trying again.
It will take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours for this temporary ban to lift. There is nothing you can do about it either and contacting Steam is useless.
4. Clear Pending Purchases
Some users found out the hard way that they were only able to purchase new games when they cleared old pending purchases. Either buy those games or remove them from your cart and begin afresh to check if PayPal is working with Steam now or not.
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5. Delete PayPal Account From Steam
1. Open Steam in your browser and click on your username to select Account details on the top right corner of the screen. You should now see all the payment methods that you have added to your account including PayPal under the Store & Purchase History section.
2. Click on the Delete button next to PayPal to remove the payment method. You will not re-add PayPal. Proceed with the purchase of the game and select PayPal during checkout but make sure Save my payment information so checkout is easy next time option is unchecked. You don’t want to save PayPal or link it for now. Maybe later in the future when the issue is fixed.
Check if you still face PayPal not working on Steam error or not.
6. Steam Client and Browser Cache Data
Follow the steps depending on where PayPal is not working on Steam – browser or Steam client.
1. Open Steam client on Windows and select Steam > Settings from the top left corner. Select Web Browser in the left sidebar and click Delete Web Browser Cache and Delete All Browser Cookies button.
Here are the steps to clear cache and cookies if you have never done it before in your browser. Steps may vary a little based on your browser. I am using Edge for this example.
1. Open browser Settings from the three-dot menu and select Privacy, search, and services in the left sidebar. Click on Choose what to clear blue button on the right.
2. You can choose any time range but I would suggest All time. Select Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files and click on Clear now below.
Note that you will have to sign back in to all open sites and services and lose all unsaved work by doing so. Make sure to save your everything before doing it.
7. PayPal Balance
I know but have you checked? Do you have enough balance in your PayPal wallet to make the purchase? Open PayPal in a separate tab, sign in, and check your balance. You can always add more funds if needed. The same goes for the credit card attached to your PayPal account if that’s how funds are deducted in your country.
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8. Don’t Use My PayPal Option
During the purchase process when you reach the page where you have to choose a payment method, don’t choose My PayPal from the list. Even though your PayPal details are saved for future purchases, select PayPal instead. That will require you to re-enter PayPal sign-in details and authorize the purchase. That’s a few extra steps but it has worked for quite a few users in the past.
8. PayPal Account Limited
This wouldn’t be the first time it has happened. There are countless users who have faced this issue where their account was limited for suspicious payments or receipts, inactive account, compliance issues, and violation of usage policy among other users. I have myself been a victim of this issue. You must have received an email notifying you of the same. You will see a message upon sign-in and may have to resubmit certain documents.
9. DNS Flush
One user suggested this hack that worked for him/her. We have already covered how to change DNS on a different platform. Check that guide and use Google DNS from the list.
1. Once done, open Command Prompt (CMD) from the Start menu with admin rights and give this command.
ipconfig /flushdns
Open Steam client or site in a browser and check if PayPal is working or not in Steam.
10. Steam Support
Check the Steam Help Page if your game is listed here. The one you were trying to purchase but couldn’t. If it is, select it and follow on-screen instructions to receive help from Steam.
Wrapping Up: PayPal Not Working on Steam
I suggest you be careful when trying to purchase that game on Steam. Some users were victims of double-spending which led to further troubles. Don’t try again if you reach the payment processing page. Check your PayPal balance, attached credit card statements, and email for any confirmation. Sometimes, what happens is that the payment processing page is stuck at loading but the money is deducted from your account. You think PayPal is not working but it already has.
Steam has written their own guide on purchasing issues which is not specific to PayPal but more generic. Check it out.
Gaurav Bidasaria
A C. A. by profession and a tech enthusiast by passion, Gaurav loves tinkering with new tech and gadgets. He dropped out of CA in the final year to follow his passion. He has over seven years of experience as a writer covering consumer tech and writes how-to guides, comparisons, listicles, and explainers for B2B and B2C apps and services. He recently started working out but mostly, you will find him either gaming or streaming.
PayPal Not Working? - Lifewire

PayPal Not Working? – Lifewire

PayPal is one of the most used online transaction systems in the world, helping people buy and sell goods and services on many retail websites and other platforms. But sometimes problems crop up, and you may find that PayPal isn’t working correctly. If you’re having problems with PayPal, here are some common issues and how to fix them.
One of the best ways to make sure everything works smoothly with your PayPal account is to set it up properly. If you haven’t made an account yet or haven’t verified an existing one, follow our guide on how to set up PayPal.
Why Is PayPal Not Working?
There are a number of reasons PayPal might not be working correctly. The site itself could be down, or you may have an unverified account or not enough money in your account. There’s also a chance that your bank account or card hasn’t been confirmed properly. Luckily, there are simple ways to address common issues with PayPal.
Check to See if PayPal Is Down
Your first step is to see if PaPal itself is down. If you can access other online websites and services, go to the PayPal status page to see if PayPal’s functions are operational or not. Alternatively, use an uptime-checker website such as DownDetector or Down for Everyone orJustMe. They’ll let you know whether PayPal itself is having a problem or if the issue is at your end.
Confirm Your Bank
If PayPal is working fine for other people, the problem may be that your bank account hasn’t been verified and PayPal can’t yet authorize your transactions. Visit PayPal’s Help Center and follow the steps for confirming your bank account.
Confirm Your Credit Card
If you’re using a credit or debit card to make a payment through PayPal, it’s possible you need to verify the card before PayPal will accept it. PayPal gives clear instructions on how to confirm a credit or debit card you’ve linked to your account.
Try Another Payment Option
It’s possible the problem is with your credit card. Try using an alternative card or bank account in your PayPal account when making the payment. If the payment goes through, you’ve identified the problem.
Use Your PayPal Balance
If you’re having trouble with card or bank payments, using the money in your PayPal balance instead can sometimes get PayPal working again. If you need to add money to your PayPal account, select Wallet > Add Money and follow the on-screen instructions to transfer money from your bank account to PayPal.
Make the Transaction From a Familiar Device
If you have a device or system that has successfully made payments using PayPal before, try that device again. PayPal may think you’re not the original owner of the account because you’re accessing the service from a new device.
Use a Different Browser
Sometimes certain browsers cause problems for online services. If you’re having trouble with Chrome, try Firefox. If that doesn’t work, try Safari, Edge, Opera, or another browser.
Disable Your VPN
If you’re using a VPN or a proxy service to hide your identity, try disabling it for this transaction. Your obfuscated location could be throwing PayPal off.
If none of this works, contact PayPal support. There is a wealth of troubleshooting information here, including online chat support and a phone number to call to talk to a real person. Be persistent and you’re sure to sort out your problem.
Thanks for letting us know!

Frequently Asked Questions about steam paypal not working

Does PayPal not work on Steam?

PayPal doesn’t work with Steam in all countries. In fact, it used to work in India before they pulled out.Mar 24, 2021

Why can’t I pay with my PayPal balance on Steam?

Change from “My paypal” to “Paypal” under payment options on Steam purchase window. Then you should be able to choose Paypal Balance,. or any cards added. 21 people found this solution to be helpful.

Why is PayPal account not working?

Why Is PayPal Not Working? There are a number of reasons PayPal might not be working correctly. The site itself could be down, or you may have an unverified account or not enough money in your account. There’s also a chance that your bank account or card hasn’t been confirmed properly.Feb 13, 2020

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