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Speed Test - Missouri Broadband Resource Rail

Speed Test – Missouri Broadband Resource Rail

Please make sure that no one in your household is streaming videos or gaming while you take this test. If you are connected to school or work, please turn off your VPN during this test. Unless you enter an address with no available service, the address that you enter should be the address where you are right now. The speed test will not automatically document your speeds so please enter them in the survey to the right. You should see your location on the map below once you are finished. You also have the ability to move the pin on the map if you need to. If your home has no internet options other than your cellphone or a hotspot please enter your address and click the checkbox stating “There is no internet service at this location”
Results Disclaimer: The average speeds reflected on the map will be skewed because the people most likely to participate in our speed test will be those with poor connectivity. Those who are served will be less likely to participate and as a result, the reported averages will be lower than reality. Still, this map allows us to identify areas of concern around Missouri. We use this map to prompt deeper conversations, warrant closer looks into connectivity throughout Missouri and to push for greater federal investment in infrastructure vital to the economic health and competitiveness of our residents.
Internet Speed Test - Spectrum

Internet Speed Test – Spectrum

Press “Go” to test your current internet speed and see how much faster you can work
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Understanding Your Internet Speed Test Results
Megabits per second shows how fast you can stream movies or upload and download files.
Download Speed
This is the maximum amount of data your computer can receive from the Internet in a second.
Upload Speed
This is the maximum amount of data your computer can send to the Internet in a second.
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Mid-State Speed Test | CableAmerica Support Center

Mid-State Speed Test | CableAmerica Support Center

Troubles loading the test? Click here.
Understanding Results
The Internet Speed Test tool is designed to test subscriber speeds when connected to the CableAmerica network. Users of the Internet Speed Test tool will obtain different results based on their tier of CableAmerica Internet service, the type of Internet device or computer running the test, the network equipment such as a cable modem, router, or switch, and the type of connection, wired or wireless, that is used. For the most accurate results connect one computer directly to the cable modem.
Who should use this speed test?
This speed test is for CableAmerica internet users in the following areas:
St. Robert
Fort Leonard Wood
Devils Elbow
Texas County
Mountain Grove
Willow Springs
Pulaski County / Phelps County
Don’t see your area listed?
Try our Maryland Heights and surrounding areas speed test or Republic and surrounding areas speed test

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