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A location is the place where a particular point or object exists. Location is an important term in geography, and is usually considered more precise than “place. ” A locality is a human settlement: city, town, village, or even archaeological site. A place’s absolute location is its exact place on Earth, often given in terms of latitude and example, the Empire State Building is located at 40. 7 degrees north (latitude), 74 degrees west (longitude). It sits at the intersection of 33rd Street and Fifth Avenue in New York City, New York. That is the building’s absolute location. Location can sometimes be expressed in relative terms. Relative location is a description of how a place is related to other places. For example, the Empire State Building is 365 kilometers (227 miles) north of the White House in Washington, D. C. It is also about 15 blocks from New York’s Central Park. These are just two of the building’s relative lative location can help analyze how two places are connected, whether by distance, culture, or even technology. The city of Kiev, Ukraine, for example, is about 2, 298 kilometers (1, 428 miles) east of London, England. The U. S. cities of Key West, Florida, and Anchorage, Alaska, are even further apart—6, 436 kilometers (3, 999 miles). However, Floridians and Alaskans share the same language, national government, and geographic features. (They both have long ocean coasts subject to heavy storms, for instance. ). Culturally, Ukraine and England are much further apart than Florida and Alaska: They speak different languages, have different government systems, and different geographic features. (Ukraine is landlocked, for instance, while England is part of the island nation of the United Kingdom. )Directions like north, south, east, and west help describe where one place is in relation to another. The “Wild West” is a cultural location that vaguely refers to parts of the United States west of the Mississippi River. The Wild West, however, rarely includes the states of Alaska and Hawaii, the westernmost states in the ordinates of longitude and latitude help pinpoint the absolute location of a person, place, or thing. Knowing a location is 0 degrees west (longitude) and 51 degrees north (latitude) tells you it’s probably near Greenwich, England, for instance. Knowing the location is 0 degrees west and 51 degrees, 28 minutes, and 40 seconds north tells you the location is the Royal Observatory, a building in Greenwich. At the Royal Observatory, directions like left, right, upstairs, and downstairs give visitors even more precise locations. Even absolute location is a form of relative location! Coordinates simply give a place’s position relative to the Equator (latitude) and prime meridian (longitude).
Signs often point in the general direction of a location.
Location, Location, LocationTraditionally, those are the three most important factors in buying and selling real estate.
GPSA Global Positioning System, or GPS, uses satellites orbiting the Earth to relate absolute location.
absolute location
exact spot where something is located, usually its latitude and longitude.
specific location, using street names or landmarks, of a building or site.
to study in detail.
a set of numbers giving the precise location of a point, often its latitude and longitude.
learned behavior of people, including their languages, belief systems, social structures, institutions, and material goods.
the way in which somebody or something goes, points, or faces.
Empire State Building
(1931) skyscraper in New York City, New York.
imaginary line around the Earth, another planet, or star running east-west, 0 degrees latitude.
precise or finely detailed.
study of places and the relationships between people and their environments.
system or order of a nation, state, or other political unit.
body of land surrounded by water.
having no access to an ocean or sea.
distance north or south of the Equator, measured in degrees.
general area of a populated or once-populated place.
position of a particular point on the surface of the Earth.
distance east or west of the prime meridian, measured in degrees.
imaginary line around the Earth running north-south, 0 degrees longitude.
relative location
general spot where something is located; its place in relation to something else.
severe weather indicating a disturbed state of the atmosphere resulting from uplifted air.
the science of using tools and complex machines to make human life easier or more profitable.
National Geographic News: Key to Lightning Deaths—Location, Location, Location
U. Department of Education: Location—Position on Earth’s Surface
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Place Meaning | Best 89 Definitions of Place - YourDictionary

Place Meaning | Best 89 Definitions of Place – YourDictionary

Middle English from Old English plæce Old French place open space (from Medieval Latin placea) (from Vulgar Latin plattea) both from Latin platēa broad street from Greek plateia (hodos) broad (street) feminine of platus plat- in Indo-European roots
American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition From Middle English place, from Old English plæse, plætse, plæċe (“place, an open space, street”), from Latin platea (“plaza, wide street”), from Ancient Greek πλατεῖα (plateia), shortening of πλατεῖα (plateia) ὁδός (plateia hodos, “broad way”), from Proto-Indo-European *plat- (“to spread”), extended form of *pelh- (“flat”), *pelhâ‚‚-. Reinforced in Middle English by Old French place (“open space”). Displaced native Middle English lough, loogh, loȝ (“place, stead”) (from Old English lōh (“place, stead”)), Middle English stede (“place, location”) (from Old English stede (“place, stead”)), Middle English stowe (“place”) (from Old English stōw (“place, locality, site”)).
LOCAL | Synonyms of LOCAL by Oxford Dictionary on Lexico.com ...

LOCAL | Synonyms of LOCAL by Oxford Dictionary on Lexico.com …

localSee US English definition of localSee UK English definition of localSee Spanish definition of localadjective1‘the local council’SYNONYMScommunity, district, neighbourhood, regional, city, town, municipal, provincial, village, parish, parish-pump, parochialdomestic, internal, home2‘a local restaurant’SYNONYMSneighbourhood, nearby, near, at hand, close by, in the areaaccessible, handy, convenient3‘a local infection’SYNONYMSconfined, restricted, contained, limited, localizedcircumscribed, delimited, specific, particularnoun1‘the police had complaints from the locals’SYNONYMSlocal person, native, inhabitant, resident, parishioner, citizen humorous denizen, burgher derogatory, informal local yokel2‘he arranged to meet her at his local’SYNONYMSpub, public house, bar, inn, tavern, hostelry, saloon, wine bar, cocktail bar informal boozer, watering hole, drinker

Frequently Asked Questions about specific location

How do you identify location?

A place’s absolute location is its exact place on Earth, often given in terms of latitude and longitude. For example, the Empire State Building is located at 40.7 degrees north (latitude), 74 degrees west (longitude).Nov 6, 2012

What is place example?

Place is defined as a particular location or space or the particular area normally occupied by something. An example of place is Manhattan. An example of place is the spot where a particular book belongs. noun.

What is the synonym of local?

community, district, neighbourhood, regional, city, town, municipal, provincial, village, parish, parish-pump, parochial. domestic, internal, home. national, global. 2’a local restaurant’

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