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SoundCloud Bot - Get real followers, plays, likes, reposts

SoundCloud Bot – Get real followers, plays, likes, reposts

SoundCloud Automation Tool
SoundCloud in actionSomiibo is the best tool to grow your SoundCloud
Automate your SoundCloud activity with this free like bot, follow bot & play bot. Somiibo is a follow bot and play generator all in one. Increase SoundCloud followers & plays for free!
Somiibo earns SoundCloud
& plays
quickly without compromising efficiency.
This Module uses browser trusted user-input events. SoundCloud thinks a real user is navigating the site and interacting with content.
You can automate multiple SoundCloud accounts with Somiibo. Each SoundCloud Module can have its own settings and breaks!
You can assign each SoundCloud Module instance a different proxy. SoundCloud will never know you run multiple accounts.
Set breaks and goals for each SoundCloud Module. You can control how long the Module runs for without babysitting it.
Somiibo offers multiple Modules for SoundCloud, each with its own purpose. Mix and match them to customize your social media marketing.
Somiibo is free. No credit card required.
How do the Somiibo SoundCloud Automation Tools Work?
Somiibo is a powerful free SoundCloud bot and growth service that earns you unlimited organic free reposts, likes, comments, plays and followers. Stop wasting your time! With these free SoundCloud Modules you don’t have to worry about marketing your music!
Somiibo’s SoundCloud automation suite includes multiple Modules. Each one is designed to perform different techniques for automating your SoundCloud marketing! Here are some of the things the SoundCloud Modules will do:
Targets other users with your same interests
Searches for tracks to repost, like, and follow to encourage artists to listen and like your tracks!
Gives you unlimited free SoundCloud plays for hours on end via the SoundCloud Play Generator Module!
Built-in proxy list scraper
Managing your own proxies is hard. Somiibo comes with a built-in proxy list scraper that will automatically scrape thousands of proxies for you to use. If you are a Somiibo Premium member, you get access to a private list of proxies.
Here are some of the benefits of using a SoundCloud bot to grow your account:
Increase your SoundCloud followers
Get more organic plays and listeners on SoundCloud
Grow your artist
SoundCloud Tool
Get free SoundCloud followers
Get free SoundCloud likes
Get free SoundCloud reposts
Get free SoundCloud plays
SoundCloud Modules
This module gives your track a boost by generating unlimited plays for it. Get more SoundCloud plays with this SoundCloud plays bot that will boost your social proof to get you more organic listeners!
This module searches for tracks by tag or genre and interacts with them. In doing this, you will get tons of organic followers & fans!
Somiibo has been pretty straightforward and upfront about what it is they do and what they have on offer… they do appear to follow through on promises that they make about the quality of their services.
Jonathon Spire
Blogger @
Ready to dominate social media?
Get started now.
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SCHelper - Innovative SoundCloud Bot

SCHelper – Innovative SoundCloud Bot

GrowYour SoundCloudon Autopilot!
Gain from 200 to 2000 REAL followers per month! An innovative SoundCloud bot for all your SoundCloud promotion and marketing needs!
REAL followers every month!
For new artists
For growing artists
For established artists & labels
*Average gains from our clients. Numbers may differ but only slightly if you use the app daily. They might differ more depending on your usage of the app. Gains and followers and an ORGANIC boost of your stats are GUARANTEED.
Why SCHelper?
Here are some of our great features!
100% REAL followers!
Only real people
SCHelper follows other SoundCloud users on your behalf, those users that follow artists (or labels, agencies.. ) similar to your style. You gain REAL audience with us. The boost in your stats is all organic.
Simple as two clicks
Simplicity and efficiency is our motto.
You can start using the app in a few clicks. Literally.
Set it up and watch your account grow quickly and securely. Use Cycle mode for automatic operation.
100% Organic boost
Gain plays, shares, likes
People will see your profile and listen, share and like your music in addition to following you.
This is a 100% organic process.
Easy to begin
It takes less than 5 minutes to start
Sign in
After you have chosen subscription plan that fits you and payed for it — sign into your SCHelper account.
Find an artist that is similar to your style to target his audience and increase yours. Set a schedule if you want and prepare…
When you are ready, press the ‘Start’ button. Sit back, relax and watch your account grow!
New to SC Helper? Try out new 7-days trial programme to explore our benefits.
Explore trial
Wonder how it works? Read an explanation of processes and why it is possible here.
How it works
See reviews left by real people who tried SCHelper and got real results!
See reviews
Use anywhere!
SCHelper works on any device and any system that has browser with internet connection.
*SCHelper is a web-app. You can use it on any platform with a recent browser installed and an internet connection. Best viewing experience is on a desktop or a tablet, however you can freely use it on mobile as well.
New here?
Try out our proposition for new users, seven days free with a 1-month subscription!
Conquer the music industry!
SCHelper helps you spread your music around the world and expand your audience!
Hours of growth
No discount
$9. 99 for 1 month
A month of subscription means 30 days from the moment right after the payment is accepted.
5% discount
$18. 99 for 2 months
Two months of subscription mean 60 days from the moment right after the payment is accepted.
10% discount
$26. 99 for 3 months
Three months of subscription mean 90 days from the moment right after the payment is accepted.
*You will be charged for a 1-month, 2-month, 3-month subscription depending on your choice. The subscription is recurring, however you can cancel it at any time by turning AutoPay to off inside the app or via your payment method provider.
What do people say?
Read the stories of success of users who have used SCHelper.
The YellowHeadsTechno DJs from Spain
“SCHelper is an incredible tool for all kinds of artists, it helps your profile a lot, getting many likes, repost and new followers, the results we’ve seen is amazing!, Definitely, it works! Thanks SCHelper! ”
Daven AndreasTechno DJ from France
“Time saver, game changer”. Here are the best words to describe the SCH service. To reach your audience and find the best one to target takes a lot of time. SCH makes it easy and fast.
You can work more on your music. And because the bot just does what you can do manually, I don’t have the impression of being cheap! ”
OnnaDiHip-hop performer from the United States
“I’ve been using SCHelper for about six weeks now. I am pleasantly surprised with the increase of engagement my music has received! SCHelper makes it easier to reach new fans. More re-post and comments are great for any release! What an amazing tool for an independent artist like myself. ”
Trustpilot reviews
Read Trustpilot reviews of users who have used SCHelper.
See all reviews
You wonder — we answer
How many SoundCloud actions (follows & unfollows) are allowed per day?
95 follows per day. For unfollows you can go a bit higher.
How much money will updates cost?
Updates are free for the lifetime of the product.
Can I follow only PRO (or non-free) users?
Yes, it’s one of our features.
Can I use multiple SoundCloud accounts?
Yes. Connecting multiple accounts is possible from inside the app. You can purchase subscriptions for any additional accounts you want. We also offer bulk discounts. Contact us for more info.
How do I login with my credentials?
You will receive your credentials after purchase. You will receive two e-mails, one with your credentials and one with a receipt. Please also check your junk and spam folders, since one of the messages could go there, while one might go to your regular inbox.
Can I cancel my subscription after three months?
Of course, if three months of activity is enough for you, you can choose not to extend your subscription.
Where do I get support for the app?
You can use the support form here, or e-mail us directly here. Please do not send big attachments or spam here since these will be deleted.
What is your policy on refunds?
We provide refunds to any customer on the basis of non-functionality of the app. If it doesn’t work for you, you get your money back.
One exception is that we do not provide refunds to customers who forget to cancel their subscriptions when they no longer need them.
What are the user requirements for SCHelper?
SCH is a web-app. You can use it with any desktop (macOS, PC, Linux) or mobile platform.
How many new followers can I gain with a three month subscription?
Depending on the settings in the app, and your artist profile you could expect 600 new followers plus assorted plays, likes etc. each three months. For established artists this number greatly increases!
What payment options are available?
We use PayPal.
Is my SoundCloud account secure with your app?
Absolutely. We have been working since 2016 and we never had a single problem with any one of our customers’ accounts.
Somiibo Review: Decent Music Promotion Bot? SCAM?

Somiibo Review: Decent Music Promotion Bot? SCAM?

Important update:
We no longer recommend or use Somiibo as we have discovered that the software installs and hosts a Trojan malware used for phishing. If you’re looking for a more reliable bot, take a look at AIOStream.
Nearly everyone is on social media these days. And a majority of these people check their social media accounts at least once a day.
We all have our reasons for being on social media. Some of us do it to market and promote our businesses, others to network, while others do it for the fun of it.
Whatever your reasons may be, you know how important engagements in your posts are. Those likes, comments, and retweets are what make everything worth it.
If you are particularly interested in social media marketing, you have to find a way to post regularly, respond to comments and queries and generally be present. Well, this can be very tedious and time-consuming.
Luckily, there are tools that can offer social media automation and help free up your time so that you can concentrate on other things. Somiibo is one such tool. Here is a closer look at what it is all about.
What is Somiibo?
Somiibo is a social media bot that offers automation for most social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, Spotify, and others. If you are looking for a tool that automates all your social media profiles, then you should consider using Somiibo.
With Somiibo, you don’t have to worry about managing your profiles, because all your likes, reposts, comments are automated for you.
Features of Somiibo
Multitasking ability
You can automate all your social media accounts in one place and at the same time. Somiibo allows you to open different tabs at the same time and run each tab differently.
You can log in to your Somiibo account and open your Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, and SoundCloud accounts in different tabs.
Speed and Effectiveness
Your likes and comments are earned by Somiibo in a very speedy and timely manner.
Support for Multiple Accounts
With Somiibo, it is possible for you to automate as many accounts as you want, and this is applicable to even multiple sites of social media. You are also allowed to modify different breaks and settings for each module as much as you would like.
There’s also the multi-login feature where you can log in to different social media accounts at the same time. For example, if you have different Instagram accounts, you can log in to all the accounts at the same time.
You don’t have to keep logging in and out each time you want to access a certain account.
Proxy Support
Each module can be assigned a different proxy. There is no way the site or your browser can know that you are using multiple modules at a go.
Not only are you able to put up timeouts and targets for each and every module, but also decide how long each of these runs without having to hover over your phone or laptop for hours.
Somiibo has great targeting options. You can search by phrases, hashtags, number of followers, followings, the number of likes a post has, and the date of the post. You can also use their disengagement feature to automatically unfollow accounts.
How does Somiibo work?
The whole concept of Somiibo was founded on three very important perceptions, and these are:
Mutual relationship
As you venture into social media, you realize that people are more prone to follow you and interact with your content, if only you do the same. Therefore, Somiibo relieves you of this burden, and clears this out of your way, by doing this work for you and, as a result, building this give-and-take relationship with other people.
Look at marketing this way: it is mostly just a competition as to who is more popular. Somiibo skyrockets your likes and comments on your profile, which gives you an upper hand in terms of social proof and trustworthiness.
For example, if you are marketing a certain business via social media, people are more likely to flock to your page on seeing that you have many followers or likes.
Unrestricted connectivity
It is common knowledge that marketing on social media gives even better results if done repeatedly and on many platforms. It is difficult to promote yourself with a large number of platforms. However, this is where Somiibo comes in, doing this on your behalf.
How to use Somiibo
Using Somiibo is pretty simple. These are the steps to follow to earn engagements:
You first have to search for content. This step involves Somiibo searching for content to interact with. There are different methods you can use to search for content as discussed above.
The next step is to build relationships. Somiibo interacts with said content and builds relationships with other people on the chosen platform.
This is then followed by creating social proof. You will begin to notice that your stats are going up for each social media platform you choose. This applies to platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and so on.
Somiibo has two subscriptions- Basic and Premium.
Somiibo Basic
This package is free of charge and is limited to only two modules at a go. Also, you are allowed to manage up to five accounts at a time.
Most of the modules are very easily customized, and your usage is limited to only three hours. In-app ads are included in this package.
Somiibo Premium
This one costs $21. 95 per month, allowing you to have an unlimited number of modules at a time. You can also manage up to 30 accounts at a go.
All of your modules can be customized, plus all settings are unlocked. You have access to advanced filtering options, unlimited usage, and an ad-free experience.
Matchless approach for marketing
This bot is built on a give-and-take kind of concept, meaning that by interacting with fellow users and their content, you make them more likely to follow you and engage with your content.
It can be used by professionals
Somiibo is a great tool for professionals and business owners who want to market their businesses or services. It can be used by literally anyone.
Somiibo is a very secure platform. They have put measures in place to ensure that accounts don’t get hacked or personal information being leaked.
Compatibility with any device
Somiibo is compatible with all devices, PC or Mac.
You don’t get as many services with the free version as you do with the paid version
Their customer service isn’t the best. They take time to respond to queries.
Sometimes their software has glitches. There have been complaints of people getting errors.
Overall, Somiibo is a great tool. Granted, it has a few shortcomings, but it does its job pretty well. Don’t take my word for it, though. You have to try it out for yourself to see if it will be the right fit for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about soundcloud auto follow

Is Somiibo a virus?

We no longer recommend or use Somiibo as we have discovered that the software installs and hosts a Trojan malware used for phishing. If you’re looking for a more reliable bot, take a look at AIOStream. Nearly everyone is on social media these days.

What happens when you hit 1000 followers on SoundCloud?

When you reach 1000 followers on SoundCloud , you will start getting recognized and the number of your plays on your tracks will also increase up to great level. This increase in followers and plays would also enhance your credibility on SoundCloud.

How do you get people to follow you on SoundCloud?

How can I get more followers on SoundCloud?Use your bio to get the attention of SoundCloud users.It’s good to share: add links to your SoundCloud profile.How to showcase your best work on SoundCloud.May 1, 2018

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