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Socks Proxy Checker - check and download socks proxy easily

Socks Proxy Checker – check and download socks proxy easily

What’s new?
The new version can change the socks proxy of the IE and Firefox.
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If you only need to access blocked sites, please try My IP Hide. Here is the comparison between My IP Hide and Socks Proxy Checker.
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Socks proxy supports and high anonymity naturally, so you can use socks proxy to access all (/) websites. Read more about how to use socks proxy.
In fact socks proxy is versatile proxy for all your Internet activities while the ordinary () proxy can only be used for surfing. You can use socks proxy to anonymously send email by SMTP, transfer file by FTP, chat by IM/IRC software and play online game.
Socks Proxy Checker (SPC) can check socks proxy for the details such as speed, version, country, region, city, smtp, and Google. It can find the best socks proxy for you. Try it now (3MB, Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP). There is no time limit.
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* You can easily download daily fresh socks proxy using SPC by just one click.
* Please read how to use socks proxy if you don’t know how to use socks proxy.
SPC professional version is more powerful than the free version. You can enjoy the full features of Socks Proxy Checker with the professional version.
SPC Free
Socks5/4 Speed
Socks5/4 Version
Country Detection
City/Region Detection
Distance Test
Socks SMTP Test
Google Test
Download Socks *
* With our socks proxy list service, you can download the socks proxies.
We accept PayPal, Credit Card, and Bitcoin. Please goto the order page to select the payment method that you like.
Notice that SPC Pro doesn’t include the socks proxy list service. If you need proxy list rather than the software, please buy socks proxy instead. Both SPC Free and SPC Pro can download socks proxy list from us.
Make sure you have read our Socks Proxy Checker Professional End User License Agreement before your purchase. If you have any problem about Socks Proxy Checker, please read the FAQs first. If you didn’t find the answer, please post your problem in our forum or just contact us by email.
Online proxy checker -

Online proxy checker –

Our proxy-checker has a high speed of verification at 64 threads and smart algorithms for recognizing proxies in check the proxy according to a variety of parameters, including ping, connection speed, and reaming results are provided with flexible settings so you can export only the information you proxy checker can check the proxy performance for free. In addition, it determines the proxy type, country, city, speed, and degree of anonymity. For more information about the degree of anonymity and proxy types, see the proxy list. A smart algorithm can recognize and check any proxy format. For example, if you copied a proxy list from a site that is not in the classic ip:port format, but is separated by a tab, space, or something else, the checker will be able to filter out the excess and run the check can even enter a link to another site in the verification line! Our spider robot will load this page, try to recognize proxies there, and immediately start checking them. The page address must be the same and start with or Here’s what else our proxy checker can do:Upload verified proxies in Ip:Port text format, or a table in crease the speed of proxy verification using multithreading. 20 threads are available for free verification, and up to 64 threads are available for users with a paid proxy is checked for about 30 seconds. In the free version, there are 20 simultaneous verification threads available. The paid version has 64 proxy check can check 100 proxies at a time. If you plan to regularly check a large number of proxy servers, log in with your access code and check for proxies without “results table” parameter shows the verification process and its results in real checking a large sheet, you can uncheck the “non-working” checkbox to prevent extra rows from ‘s an API for the proxy checker. You can embed proxy verification in your program or on your site. Conditions available upon request.
Proxy Checker /

Proxy Checker /

Free online service for checking proxy. The analysis of each proxy on availability, type and the rifiability of anonymous (personal) proxies with authorization on login and the password. Checking IPv6 proxy.
In what format to add a proxy in a proxy-cheker?
If you have public proxies (without login and password), then IP:PORT
If you have private proxies (with authorization on login and the password), then IP:PORT:USER:PASS
P. S. : If you have bought a proxy from us, then they are private!
Check IPv4 and IPv6 proxy availability
Check anonymous proxy authorization using login and password
Check HTTP(-s) and SOCKS proxy
Automatic detection proxy protocol
Definition of the country and city
High speed of check

Frequently Asked Questions about socks tester

How do I check my proxy SOCKS?

Just open your browser and go to You’ll see the detailed information about your IP-address, your location and other useful data. If your real IP-address and location is different from those you see at, you are protected and can safely use the browser for anonymous access to web resources.

Can SOCKS5 be detected?

Like most proxies, SOCKS5 won’t encrypt your data, and will lower internet speed and stability. Moreover, SOCKS is quite detectable, so it most likely won’t get you around national firewalls.

How do I know if my Proxie is good?

Go to the Connections Tab and click on LAN settings. Check the box “Use a proxy server for your LAN”, enter your IP address in the Address field and your Port then click OK. Next, browse any web page and check if the page loads; if the page doesn’t load, it means that your proxy is not working.

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