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Guide to Assigning Proxy Server for PS4 | Blog | Limeproxies

Guide to Assigning Proxy Server for PS4 | Blog | Limeproxies

The need for proxy servers
How to add proxy servers to PS4
What is a Proxy server?
A Proxy Server is an intermediary which is used for communication between two computers. Web Proxy is a server which acquires information from the source server and provides it to the website [using the proxy server] which wants the information. A proxy is anything that replaces the original one. For example, when actors in films or serials are absent due to any problem or illness then proxy artists are used to replace them. A Proxy server acts as a link between the user’s PC and the source PC’s network [or blocked website needs to be accessed]. Proxy server hides the internet user’s real identity online.
Users connect the computer to a proxy server and then look up blocked websites. Because the blocked website doesn’t know to whom it is sending the information to. The proxy server completes the total process and doesn’t let the blocked website know.
Learn how to buy private proxies
Before configuring the PS4 with the proxy server it is important to know the reasons behind using proxy servers.
\*\*The need for proxy servers\*\*
Now Playstations can also be played by using proxy servers as they have a lot of advantages.
It helps towards slow lagging internet speed.
PS4 or any Playstation is specially designed to play games and have the best gaming experience. Therefore, the primary requirement to have a world-class gaming experience is a smooth and uninterrupted internet connection. It is very irritating when a gamer loses internet connection or faces lags in connections during very interesting and exciting situations of the game. But if a PS4 gamer also uses a proxy server as a PC gamer then he will not have to worry about lags and connection losses. The proxy server will be the channel between the user’s PS console and the gaming server and ensures that non-stop internet connection is being provided. This, in turn, provides unhindered gaming experience.
Special gaming proxy servers provide a great uptime for enhanced gaming experiences.
Uptime basically means the number of hours the proxy server was working from the providing centre without any malfunction represented in percentage. Good gaming proxy servers provide 99. 998% uptime. So gamers will not have to pause gaming sessions due to a good uptime. Normal servers don’t have good uptime so game updates need to be paused. Therefore, proxy servers need to be used in order to get a good game play.
Fast Internet Connection using Proxy Servers
The source server from which the internet connection is being taken has a huge speed to give games the ultimate game play. Some gaming servers provide speed up to 1GBps that will make playing games more exciting.
Multilocation Login for Players
There are many games which hold competitions or worldwide matches in different countries. Sometimes gamers are unable to participate due to different problems. But using proxy servers you can setup any place in any country as your location and play there. In this way, you can participate in any competition. Also, there are online gamers all around the world and using proxy server a gamer can play with any gamer friend from any part of the world. Often it is seen that normal gaming servers divide gaming zones but Proxy servers will take a gamer to any part of the world even outside his gaming zone.
Access Blocked gaming sites
Proxy servers will not let the gaming server know who is visiting their site and who wants to collect the information from their site. Hence, instead of a normal server or Internet Service Provider if a proxy server is used then the blocked site will allow the user to access the site.
hidden IP address using proxy servers
So there will be anonymity provided to the gamer. And no one online will be able to trace the user and hence he will be hidden from other gamers. This provides complete secrecy to the gamer. By being anonymous and hidden one will be safe from any kind of threats online. Cases have been reported in the recent past where IP addresses have been used to track the person and his identity is stolen and even personal information and online accounts have been hacked. Moreover, gamers can also play games in places where play games of accessing such sites are banned.
Proxy servers provide P2P or peer to peer facility which is required for fast torrent downloads. P2P is such a facility where two computers help each other to download web contents like games or game updates faster than normal speed. Most of the proxy server providers have this facility and users must choose them.
How to add proxy servers to PS4?
A play station is a video game console first made its appearance in the year of 1994. Its developers are Sony Interactive Entertainment. With development over the years, they have launched Playstation 4 in the year 2013. Playstation Portable or PSP is the first version and then came PS2, PS3 and eventually PS4. Over the years they have developed the graphics, processor, operating system, the controllers and many more. Till 2017 73. 6million packages of PS4 have been shipped. The sales are increasing day by day due to the excellent game play, wonderful graphics, and live streaming features and thousands of new games and many more features. Gamers are going to become more professional, more addicted and more experienced.
The PS4 configurations:
The CPU or the processor
Semi Custom 8-core AMD x86-64 Jaguar 1. 6GHz CPU
The Operating system
Playstation 4 Software specially developed for PS4 only.
500GB or 1TB hard drive, users can also upgrade from 500GB, Supports SSD also
HDMI \\\\[ available in versions – 480p, 720p, 1080p and 4K video and picture quality]
Semi-custom AMD GCN Radeon
Controller input
Dualshock 4 controllers, Playstation Move, Playstation Vita
802. 11 b/g/n (Slim and Pro: a/b/g/n/ac) Wireless,
Bluetooth 2. 1 (Slim and Pro: 4. 0),
USB 3. 0 (Slim and Pro: 3. 1), Ethernet 10/100/1000
Playstation Camera
Though Proxy servers can be used for Play stations but sometimes it can be very problematic to configure the PS4 console for Proxy servers. So it is important to learn the process to configure Proxy servers for PS4. Once users follow these easy steps then there wouldn’t be any problem at all
1. To set up proxy server users need to find the IP address of the PC or Mobile or Mac device from which the internet connection is being used.
a. Find IP address, open the PC
Go to the Run tab and type “cmd” and press enter.
By doing this the “command prompt screen” will open.
Then type “ipconfig/all” in the command prompt screen and press enter.
Automatically the IP address of the PC will be shown.
Note down the IP address because it will be used later.
b. Find the IP address on a Mobile Device
Enter the settings icon in the Mobile Phone.
Then open the “About Phone menu” inside settings.
Click on the “Status” option.
Now a list of data will drop down and among them, there will be the IP address written. Note it down.
c. To find the IP address on MAC Devices
Go to the “Apple menu” and open “System Preferences”.
Select the “Network preference” menu.
Immediately the IP address of the device will be visible on the right side of the pane.
a. Turn on the PS4 console.
b. Then go to the “Settings” menu.
c. Inside the settings menu select the “Network Section”
d. According to the user’s choice select the “Wi-Fi option” or “LAN cable option”.
e. Then go to the custom option.
f. Now make the DHCP host name as “Do Not Specify”. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol is a protocol of the network management system where the DHCP assigns IP address dynamically along with other network parameters to devices connected to the network.
g. Then set the Domain Name system as automatic.
h. Set the Mtu settings as automatic too.
i. Then a screen will appear to select the proxy server option. Select it as Use option.
j. Inside the page of Proxy Server, write the IP address of the PC \\\\[that has been noted down earlier] and the Port number of the Proxy Server that the user wants to set. Usually, the Port number is 6588 for windows and 8080 for Mac.
k. After entering the IP address and Port number, click on “Next”.
j. At last, test the internet connection and it must be running completely fine.
The process of adding a Proxy server to PS4 is not hard at all provided the service is subscribed from a reputed source like LimeProxies. Needless to say, an ideal service provider would lend supportive hands towards every kind of problem its customer faces. Hence, make a right choice while selecting your proxy service provider and you may not even have to go through the details as to how proxy server has to be set up on PS4.
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How to Make Your PS4 Download Faster - Lifewire

How to Make Your PS4 Download Faster – Lifewire

What to Know
Download in Rest Mode: Settings > Power Save Settings > Set Functions Available in Rest Mode > Stay Connected to the Internet DNS: Settings > Set Up Internet Connection > Use Wi-Fi > Custom > Automatic > Do Not Specify > Manual > enter IP a proxy server: Settings > Network > Set Up Internet Connection > Use Wi-FI > Custom > Router > Automatic or Do Not Specify > Server’s IP and port number.
This article explains how to speed up downloads on PlayStation 4 by downloading in Rest Mode, switching the DNS, and using a proxy server. It also includes simple tips to increase download speed on all versions of the PlayStation 4, including the PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim model.
Simple Ways to Increase PS4 Downloads Speed
How fast your PS4 can download games, movies, and other software depends largely on your internet connection. That said, here are some basic best practices to abide by to speed up your PS4 downloads:
Download one thing at a time: Avoid downloading multiple items simultaneously.
Don’t play online during downloads: It will slow down both your game and the download.
Pause and Resume: If your download seems stuck at a certain percentage, try pausing and resuming the download to see if that fixes it.
Install the latest version of the PS4 system software: You should automatically be prompted to download system updates when they become available, but if you somehow missed an update, you can get it by navigating to Settings > System Software Update.
How to Download in Rest Mode
One of the best ways to relieve the burden of waiting for a download is to let it run while your PlayStation 4 is in Rest Mode. Rest Mode is a low-power state in which the console is off, but some functions (like charging controllers and peripherals via USB) can still run.
The 9 Best Gaming Routers of 2021
Here’s how to tell your PlayStation 4 to finish downloads when you aren’t using it.
From your main dashboard with all of your games, scroll up and to the right and select the toolbox icon to open the Settings.
Select Power Save Settings.
Choose Set Functions Available in Rest Mode.
Check the box next to Stay Connected to the Internet so your console can continue downloading while at rest.
Optimizing Your Internet Settings for Faster PS4 Downloads
Slow PS4 downloads are usually caused by poor internet connections rather than problems with the console itself. Internet issues can stem from malfunctioning hardware or the limitations set by your internet provider. Depending on your internet plan, you may be limited in how much data you can download at once. If you notice your internet is chronically slow, consider upgrading to a better plan or switching providers.
Your modem and router also have limitations on how much data they can handle at once. Even if you’re paying for a top tier internet plan, you can only fully utilize it if your hardware is capable of supporting it. You can check with your internet provider to make sure you have the right equipment for your internet package.
Optimizing your internet and Wi-Fi settings doesn’t just mean paying for faster internet; there are several free tricks you can try to improve the efficiency of your connection:
Router location: See Best Placement for Your Wireless Router.
Download when no one else is using the internet: A crowded Wi-Fi network can slow down your PS4 downloads, so if another user is downloading something at the same time, both downloads will suffer.
Circumvent the router: To get around Wi-Fi issues, you can connect your PS4 directly to your modem via an Ethernet cable for faster downloads.
Switching DNS Servers for Faster PS4 Downloads
Adjusting your console’s DNS settings is an effective way to speed up PS4 downloads. DNS servers translate human-friendly web addresses into IP addresses, which is why they’re called the phone books of the internet. To switch DNS servers:
Open Settings.
Select Network.
Open Set Up Internet Connection.
Select Use Wi-Fi if your console is connected to a wireless network, or choose Use a LAN Cable if your console is connected directly to your modem.
Select Custom to change your DNS settings.
If you’re using a Wi-Fi network, you’ll be asked to choose your network from a list.
You should now be on the IP Address Settings screen. Select Automatic.
Choose Do Not Specify.
Select Manual to directly edit your DNS IP addresses.
You’ll be prompted to enter primary and secondary IP addresses for your DNS server of choice. Either of these options should give you a significant boost over the default settings:
Google: 8. 8. 8 (Primary); 8. 4. 4 (Secondary)OpenDNS: 208. 67. 222. 222 (Primary); 208. 220. 220 (Secondary)

Once finished, select Next at the bottom of the screen to move on to your MTU settings.
On the next screen, select Automatic.
Do not try to lower your console’s default MTU number. This solution no longer increases the speed of PS4 downloads.
From the Proxy Servers page, select Do Not Use.
On the next screen, select Test Internet Connection to see if your download speeds have improved.
Results can differ between tests, so run a few to get a closer idea of how fast your connection is.
Speed Up PS4 Downloads With a Proxy Server
If you’re still unsatisfied with the speed of your PS4 downloads, you can set up a proxy server on your laptop or desktop computer to aid the process.
Download and install the proxy server software on your computer. Windows users can try CCProxy for free; Mac users can try Squidman.
Launch your proxy server and obtain its IP and port numbers. If you’re using CCProxy, this information can be found in the options menu.
Set up a new internet connection on your PS4. Navigate to Settings > Network > Set Up Internet Connection > Use Wi-FI > Custom, then select your router.
Select either Automatic or Do Not Specify for everything until you reach the Proxy Server page.
Enter your proxy server’s IP and port number.
Your PS4 will now use your computer as a proxy server, which should result in faster downloads.
With this setup, your PS4 will only be able to connect to the internet via your proxy server. Therefore, you may want to reconfigure your settings when you’re done downloading large files.
How to Update Games on PS4
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Best PS4 Proxy Servers for PS4 Consoles (2021) - IncrediTools

Best PS4 Proxy Servers for PS4 Consoles (2021) – IncrediTools

We research and review products independently, but we may earn affiliate commissions if you buy through a link on this page.
If you like to play online with your PS4, then there’s a good chance that you’ve run into a roadblock or two trying to do so. One of the biggest reasons why you might be met with restrictions at times is your IP address.
If you want to unlock the potential that PS4 has to offer on the internet, then you will need to make the most of a proxy. With a proxy, you can get around normal restrictions, so that you can use your PS4 as intended.
Let’s take a look at the best PS4 proxy servers to use with your PS4 console online.
First Look
Best of the Best: SSL Private Proxy
“I love using SSL Private Proxy not only because they are one of the most effective proxy databases out there, but they’re one of the safest as well. They keep me safe online so that I can play my PS4 online done anonymously, and securely. ”
Second Best: High Proxies
“High Proxies makes it super easy to play my PS4 with all of my friends online, even if I want to get around restrictions that other locations and countries have. They have a lot of proxies to choose from, and they are all safe to use which is nice. ”
Third Best: Blazing SEO Proxy
“I love Blazing SEO Proxy for all of my PS4 gaming online because they can help me stay safe, but they also have a lot of PS4 proxies to choose from so I’ll never get caught or banned from anything. I’ve got friends who play it overseas, so it’s nice to stay connected with them. ”
Fourth Best: Your Private Proxy
“If you are someone like me and need to find a PS4 proxy server that supports SOCKS protocol, then you need to check out Your Private Proxy. They are incredibly fast yet reliable, so I know that I can use them for a long time to come and won’t have any issues. ”
Fifth Best: Storm Proxies
“I love that most of Storm Proxies’ PS4 proxies are located in the U. S., which is where I do most of my PS4 gaming. This means that I can access websites I would otherwise be banned from, and I can stay connected with my gaming buddies as well. ”
Best for Convenience: My Private Proxy
“Because I game so much online through my PS4, I like to be able to go through proxies pretty quickly. I struggled to find a company who could help me with this many proxies until I found My Private Proxy. ”
Best for Budget: InstantProxies
“I love playing PS4 online, but I struggle to find a PS4 proxy server who can not only provide me with the quality that I need, but keep the price nice and low. I was having issues finding the right company until I came across InstantProxies. ”
Best for Variety: Buy Proxies
“I love that Buy Proxies own the servers that they use, which means that they control what happens to them, and who has access to them. This also means that I can safely use them for my online gaming, and I don’t need to worry about there being a risk to my personal information. ”
Best PS4 Proxy Servers
SSL Private Proxy Is one of the best PS4 proxy server providers for online gaming because they can offer you super secure, dedicated IP addresses in multiple cities and multiple subnets.
One of the things we love the most about this proxy service is that they randomize their PS4 proxies every month, so that you are never using the same proxy for too long.
They also offer their clients unlimited bandwidth, as well as 100 threads per proxy, and their pricing isn’t all that bad either. They have one of the biggest databases in the industry and promise that all their PS4 proxies provide high anonymity for their clients.
High Proxies likes to be able to help its clients no matter what they are using their proxies for, which means that they definitely have proxies that you can use for your PS4 gaming online.
They say that their secure proxies are configured for high anonymity, reliability and security, and they even offer their clients VPNs as well, so that you can cover every aspect of your online gaming.
They promise that their proxies are dedicated, which means that you won’t have to share them with anyone else, and we think that their monthly pricing is pretty affordable, especially when compared to other PS4 proxy servers in the industry.
Blazing SEO Proxy says that they provide their gaming clients with unmetered bandwidth, and unlimited threads, which means that you can try their proxies with zero limits.
They also say that they have some of the fastest network lines in the industry, and they have proxies that support HTTPS, HTTP, and SOCKS.
We love that they have a high level of authentication, so that your personal information will be kept safe at all times, and they have competitive pricing, with their dedicated PS4 proxy servers based in the US starting at just $1. 40 a month. They will also automatically replace proxies for free.
Your Private Proxy is the kind of proxy server for PS4 that is great if you need help supporting SOCKS.
They also have some of the fastest proxies out there, which of course is essential if you want to be able to game for long periods of time without any interruption.
Another thing that we like about this proxy company is that you can easily choose a location, and then choose a proxy server that is closest to your location.
Their bandwidth is unlimited, and their pricing begins at $6. 97 per proxy per month.
Storm Proxies is a dedicated proxy company that can help you with all kinds of different proxies for your PS4 activity online.
The only downside to this company is that they are based in the US, which means that they only have proxies for America. However, we know a lot of people out there that wouldn’t consider this a downside.
They have high-performing infrastructures, and a fast speed, so that you will have a good time playing online with your friends without worrying about glitches or technical issues.
The best part is that their IP addresses are virgin, so nobody has used them before.
My Private Proxy is arguably one of the best proxy companies when it comes to your PS4 activity online.
They can help you in both Europe and America and have unlimited bandwidth. Their proxy pricing is $1. 49 per proxy per month, and they say that their proxies have been built on top of some of the best hardware infrastructure out there.
This is why they are considered one of the most reliable proxy companies for your online gaming, which means that you will be benefiting from them for a long time to come.
Best for Budget: Instant Proxies
InstantProxies is one of the best places to get your private proxies for online gaming.
They say that they can provide their clients with cheap private proxies, that begin at just $1, which is almost unheard of in this industry. They even test out each and every one of their proxies before they send them out, to make sure that they are working.
We love that they have servers in various locations out there and come with unlimited bandwidth. They are compatible with PS4 and are pretty reliable when it comes to all of your proxy needs.
Buy Proxies is a great PS4 proxy server provider because they own the servers that they give out, which means that there’s absolutely no risk to your online gaming reputation when using them. They decide what’s done with their servers, and they decide who gets to use them.
We love that they have excellent reliability already with their existing clients, and they always make sure that your IP address won’t get leaked. They support many different locations around the world and have unlimited bandwidth.
Why Use Proxy Server PS4?
As soon as you take your PS4 gaming online, you will need to use a proxy. Why? Let’s talk about it.
Reduces Lag: One of the biggest upsides to playing offline games over online games is that you don’t need to deal with frustrating network lags that will make your user experience in general way worse. However, if you are going to take your gaming online, use a fast data center proxy to reduce lag which will ensure a smooth Geo-Targeted Games: There are some game websites out there that only make their games available in specific locations around the world. This means that if your country is not supported and you still want to play the game, then you will need to use a proxy to access cessing Restricted Game Sites: Some websites will just completely deny you access because you have been caught spamming, or because of your region. If you are trying to access a game online through work or at school, then you might come across some blockades. In order to unblock these websites, you’ll need to set up a proxy to Set Up a PS4 Proxy Server
Turn your PS4 console on and go to your ‘settings’. Find ‘network section’ and select ‘enter’.
Choose either ‘LAN cable’ or ‘Wi-Fi’ depending on what type of internet connection you’ve got.
Find ‘custom option’ and ensure that your DHCP hostname is set to ‘do not specify’.
Set both your Mtu and Domain Name System as automatic.
An option to add a proxy server should appear – select ‘use’.
You will be shown a screen where you can enter the port and IP of the proxy.
Select ‘next’ and your settings will be saved.
Our Review Process
When we review PS4 proxies like the ones on the list above, we make sure to do our homework. This is why we look at upwards of 86 PS4 proxy servers and read through at least 1450 customer reviews.
This gives us a really good idea of what’s worth your time out there, and what’s not. Make sure you stick to companies like the ones on the list above if you want a great experience with your PS4 gaming online.
Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions about should i use a proxy server on ps4

Does proxy server make PS4 faster?

Enter your proxy server’s IP and port number. Your PS4 will now use your computer as a proxy server, which should result in faster downloads.Dec 7, 2020

What is the best proxy server to use for PS4?

2.1) Best of the Best: SSL Private Proxy.2.2) Second Best: High Proxies.2.3) Third Best: Blazing SEO Proxy.2.4) Fourth Best: Your Private Proxy.2.5) Fifth Best: Storm Proxies.2.6) Best for Convenience: My Private Proxy.2.7) Best for Budget: Instant Proxies.2.8) Best for Variety: Buy Proxies.

Should I use a proxy server?

Improved security: Proxy servers provide security benefits on top of the privacy benefits. You can configure your proxy server to encrypt your web requests to keep prying eyes from reading your transactions. You can also prevent known malware sites from any access through the proxy server.May 7, 2021

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