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PROXY Pro 10 Remote Desktop Access - P2P Edition

PROXY Pro 10 Remote Desktop Access – P2P Edition

The PROXY Pro P2P Edition is a simple, peer-to-peer style remote support tool enabling support representatives or technicians to take remote control of machines within a LAN. View the latest PROXY Pro v10 Product Datasheet! The PROXY Pro P2P Edition consists of the following components:PROXY Pro Master is console application for finding/accessing remote endpoints, and is typically installed on helpdesk or IT administration computerPROXY Pro Host is endpoint screen capture application, which is installed on each remote endpointPROXY Pro Deployment Tool is a utility that facilitates mass deployment of the PROXY Pro Host endpoint software, and is used to customize your settings and deploy the Host to remote P2P Edition was initially designed withSMBs in mind looking for an easy-to-use, secure on-premise remote support solution for a small number of remote desktops. It is also suited for enterprise workgroups that require remote access to desktops, laptops and servers within the boundaries of the LAN. Enterprise support reps can provide IT support and services to network segments of end-users on P2P Edition utilizes the PROXY Pro Master console application, which is the application used for connecting to client machines within your network running the PROXY Pro Host endpoint software. The PROXY Pro Host runs as a service in Windows and is always at-the-ready, and allows for connectivity from PROXY Pro Master users within the network. It is secured with Windows Authentication, can be configured require end-user permission to connect, or can even behave in complete stealth mode. The PROXY Pro Deployment Tool is also included, and it allows you to create a custom installation for your Host endpoints and push out the installation with your settings. Also, use “Update Host Settings” feature to update settings post-installation. A robust set of remote access capabilities and connection management control features include:Windows Security Model for authenticationClient runs as an always-on servicePermission to Connect OptionDouble-click to Connect256-bit AES Connection EncryptionConnection Logging to Event ViewerSet access whitelists or blacklists by IP rangeRemote control features include:Connect silently in complete stealth modeCreate a “Favorites” list of frequently accessed machinesDual and multi-monitor friendly, plus monitor selectSuppress the keyboard and mouse of the end userSimple Machine Search by computer name, user name, or IP addressSimple “drag and drop” file transferRemotely restart services, kill processes, edit registry
FAQ | General PROXY Pro Questions

FAQ | General PROXY Pro Questions

What is PROXY Pro? Proxy Networks, Inc develops, markets, distributes and supports reliable, low-cost remote access software allowing for small to medium businesses that have dynamic remote access requirements. Take attended or unattended remote control, for remote support, training, meetings and more. We acquired our product base, technology and staff from Juniper Networks, Inc. after Juniper’s purchase of Funk Software, is the difference between PROXY Pro products? • PROXY Pro P2P Edition is an easy-to-use remote support tool using a simple peer-to-peer connectivity model between helpdesk technicians using the Proxy Master and end-user remote computers running the Proxy Host. It is ideally suited for companies with flat-level networks whereby all machines are within the same network, and who do not need collaboration (many-to-one) and off-network connectivity. Consists of the PROXY Pro Master viewer, PROXY Pro Host client and PROXY Pro Deployment Tool. See the PROXY Pro P2P Edition for details. • PROXY Pro RAS Edition is Proxy Networks’ flagship on-premise remote desktop support product for IT administrators and support teams alike. The web console also includes the PROXY Host on Demand, a temporary client that allows users to share their screens for on-the-fly support sessions, and can be removed from the system by the user at any point. Utilizes a concurrent licensing model instead of a per-seat basis. Ideally suited and scalable for enterprises with global locations, organizations with multiple business entities that require broad ranges remote access capabilities across multiple departments. Consists of the PROXY Pro Master viewer, PROXY Pro Host client, PROXY Pro Deployment Tool and PROXY Pro RAS Server components. • PROXY Air is a new hosted remote desktop service from Proxy Networks. For organizations that do not meet the requirements to self-host RAS or are looking to get away from on-premise remote desktop tools, Proxy Networks now offers PROXY Air. See the PROXY Air page for operating systems will PROXY Pro support? For the Master and Host, Windows 7, 8, 10, Server 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2019. For the server components, (any edition of) Windows Server 2012, 2016 and 2019. Mac requires Sierra+ for the Mac Master and Host on Demand. The PROXY Pro Host mobile app now works with Android and ports and protocols does Proxy Networks software use/support? Although port numbers can be modified, their defaults are:PROXY Pro Host: UDP and TCP port 1505PROXY Pro RAS server: TCP and UDP 2303, 443 SSL/WS/ Proxy Networks software work in a Citrix environment? Yes. There is a new PROXY Pro component called the Root Host, which will run on a Windows or Citrix Terminal Server and inject a Host instance into a terminal server session. The Host instance can only be used with the Gateway. No software or communication is required with the endpoint device in a terminal server environment. This is an advanced and unique way to support users within thin client much does Proxy Networks cost? Every customer is unique. It would be best to call one of our sales members at 1-877-PROXY-US (1-877-776-9987 or 617-453-2700) for pricing secure is Proxy Networks? Secure remote access is our #1 priority. We use strong Windows Authentication and support a number of ciphers including 256-bit key AES and Triple-DES encryption. Our server-side component (the Proxy Gateway) supports the SSL protocol for connections. With a valid SSL certificate from your provider, Hosts can be configured only to accept connections coming through your Proxy Gateway server, over the SSL protocol, ensuring that clients always contact the intended server. Note that all Proxy Networks remote control connections occur over our proprietary data stream (not VNC, not RDP)Our Private Cloud Edition boasts 7 layers of security – check out our 7 Layers of Security PDF. Will Proxy Networks allow me to gain access to unattended Host machines? Yes, this is configurable during Host installation. PROXY can also be configured to only allow connections if the Host explicitly grants access. On the Proxy Host Control Panel’s “Access” tab, setting the Host to “No Permission Required” will allow connections without an end user Proxy Networks, Inc. have a wikipedia page? Yes and we try to update it annually. the Gateway Edition been retired? The Gateway Edition and the MMC-based Gateway Administrator management tool have been retired at version 9. The Gateway Edition has now transitioned into PROXY Pro RAS in version 10, which still has the same Master and Host components, plus a server-based web console front-end for administration instead of the aging MMC makes PROXY Pro unique? The PROXY Pro product line is the culmination of 20+ years worth of market and customer-driven feature requests by the very people who manage networks. Proxy Networks has always been an installed software that runs securely within the customer’s network, meaning that screen data never travels through any third party servers owned by others. Proxy allows you to truly own your remote access data, and define who gets access to what using the Windows Security Model. The management of remote access, and the consolidation of remote access tools into one (Proxy) is our greatest Proxy Networks have support agreements? Yes. When purchasing Proxy Networks, Maintenance & Support is 25% of the licence cost. This allows you work with our support team (live humans! ) for priority service, technical training and support, along with entitlement to all of the latest and greatest releases and updates throughout the duration of your contract. We keep our roadmap aligned with the best interests of our customers. How many releases does Proxy Networks release each year? Though we plan for 2-3, we usually have one every other month depending on the influxes of feature PROXY Pro support dual or multi monitors? Yes. Proxy will gather & transmit data from all monitors recognized by Windows on the Host machine. The Master’s connection window has a “Montior Select” drop-down, so that Proxy could focus only the monitor of choice within the connection windlw. Within the connection window, a user may select only the primary monitor to be displayed, or just the secondary. By default, all monitors will be I mass-configure the Proxy Host machines via script? Yes. Built into the Proxy Host installation directory is “PhSetup”, the command line configuration utility. For every setting in the Proxy Host Control Panel’s UI, there’s an equivalent command – the end of the Proxy Host Manual PDF lists valid PhSetup commands. Below is an example of how to add a license, a Gateway, and a Station Name. Copy/paste below into Notepad, edit the values as appropriate, save as and run as Administrator:”C:\Program Files (x86)\Proxy Networks\Proxy Pro Host\” addlicense:””1234 5678″” removegateway:all addgateway:””TCP|2303
name:”%USERNAME% on%NAME%

name:”%USERNAME% on%NAME%””What languages does PROXY Pro come in? PROXY Pro comes in two languages

English and connections encrypted using Proxy Networks? Yes. Encryption is enabled by default on all editions (AES 256-bit with SHA1 hash)How does Proxy Networks handle security? Proxy uses the Windows Security Model for authentication. This means administrators of Proxy may define user access rights tied to existing users/groups within a you show me what a basic PhSetup command would look like? Sure! This PhSetup command attempts to apply a license key 12345678

Frequently Asked Questions about proxy pro master

it removes any Gateways its presently reporting to and tells it to report to a gateway at on TCP 2303. It also configures the Hosts tp appear as the logged-in username on the computername (jsmith on computername)“C:\Program Files (x86)\Proxy Networks\Proxy Pro Host\” addlicense:”1234 5678” removegateway:all addgateway:”TCP|2303

” name:”%USERNAME% on%NAME%”””What are the system requirements for the Proxy Web Console server? Can I suppress end user keyboard & mouse? Yes

our software allows for this. The Proxy Host machine must be configured to allow the Master user to suppress the keyboard and mouse from the end user

which is on the Proxy Host Control Panel’s “”Options”” tab. When set to “”Suppress input if Master requests it””

the Master user may hit the “”Suppress Host Input”” button found on the connection window. Note: This feature is not available on Mac

or on the Host on Demand when not running pinned. I’m an existing customer

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