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The future should be full of opportunities and breaking new ground – not acne and breaking out in spots. Malaysian teens have always trusted OXY to bust their pimples. We help keep breakouts, dark spots and pimple scars at bay, so you’re always confident with the skin you’re in.
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Our products contain natural plant-based ingredients for effective skincare that’s tough on pimples and gentle on skin. No blemish is too big to get under control. Ready for better skin? Then you’re ready for OXY!
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Oxy - Hermo Online Beauty Shop Malaysia

Oxy – Hermo Online Beauty Shop Malaysia

HERMO Malaysia: Oxy
Anybody who has faced an issue concerning oily skin, problematic skin or persistent acne must have heard or known of the Oxy brand. After all, the first suggestion that would come someone’s way when dealing with stubborn acne-prone skin is to try Oxy products. What makes these products so effective is the fact that they are formulated with Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid, both powerful ingredients that disrupt and eradicate acne-causing bacteria. Due to the presence of these potent ‘acne medicines’, those who have had experience with Oxy would confirm that their products have helped fight acne flare-ups and made way for clearer, brighter skin.
Granted, not everybody has problematic skin, but there are few Oxy products that would prove to be handy during days when your skin behaves out of the ordinary and produces more oil, which in turn, causes more acne. First off is the Oxy acne facial wash, which carries either whitening or oil control properties, depending on what the skin concern is (apart from acne). These facial washes would whiten the complexion while stopping acne from resurfacing due to excess sebum production.
Next on your products-to-purchase list should be the Oxy acne pimple medication. Depending on how stubborn the acne is, one can opt for either the 5 Acne Pimple Medication, or the 10 Acne Pimple Medication. The number signifies how much Benzoyl Peroxide (the acne killer) is contained in the formulation. Typically, most would get away with 5%, as a little goes a long way – especially if you’re spot treating. However, if it doesn’t suffice, swap to 10% and watch your pimple disappear! Aside from these essentials, the Oxy Anti Pimple Mark would work fantastically as a post-pimple treatment, to clear spots and ensure an even and flawless complexion.
If you don’t have anything Oxy in your skincare kit, it’s time to change that. Shop anti-acne products by Oxy only at HERMO Malaysia.
Buy OXY Products in Malaysia October 2021

Buy OXY Products in Malaysia October 2021

OXY Skin Care Products Popo Infinite Nabati Marks & Spencer Lays Nutella Apollo Elken Gardenia M&M’S Himalaya Tesco {{ # store}} {{ name}} {{ / store}} Show results 1 2 3 Next OXY MalaysiaShop for OXY Malaysia products and enjoy discounts up to 58% off only on iPrice! OXY has top selling products like Pencuci Muka Face Wash Cleanser (50G / 100G) [Acne / Oil Control / Blackhead], Acne Control Moisturizer (45G) and Acne Control Whitening Wash 100G which are a great hit amongst consumers. With a price list ranging between RM 7. 00 – RM 157. 00, OXY Malaysia products are made from the best materials and are worth every cent spent on them. If you are looking for quality OXY Skin Care Products, you can certainly find one with OXY Malaysia You might like the most popular OXY products which are available in Yellow, White and Red. NEW

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