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Office 2013 Keeps Prompting Proxy Authentication - Microsoft ...

Office 2013 Keeps Prompting Proxy Authentication – Microsoft …

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Thanks for asking. As I understand, you’re being prompted for the proxy authentication every time you launch an Office application.
Is the computer on a domain/network?
This happens due to the proxy server settings in place. You may have to check with the IT/system administrator at your company for further help
on the issue.
If you’re still unable to resolve the issue, and if the computer is on a domain, it would be best that you post your query in the Office IT Pro
forum link, for better suggestions on the issue.
Let us know if you need any further information. We’ll be glad to help.
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Please explain more. my system is not in a domain. I’m just behimd the proxy and I have exactly the same problem
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Hi all, to remove the authentication pop up, File>options>trust centre>trust options>privacy> “Allow office to connect to the internet”.
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This still does not fix the issue. Even after I disable/uncheck the privary setting I still get prompted for creds.
It hits every exchange box and proxy and its VERY annoying.
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Is there any fix for this yet? Super annoying, super unneccessary and without my permission to go checking web sites all the time. Spyware really.
I am using Microsoft Office 2013 behind company proxy. Each time I launch an office application it will keep on prompting me for proxy authentication on the following domains.
This issue prohibits me to work as it continuously prompt even if I entered my office proxy authentication ID or close it.
is this issue fixed now? its allmost a year. I have the same problem when behind Proxies, but i can’t just ask the admin to change the proxy cofiguration.
I’m not sure if you are still having the issue, but I found that you can get around this error at program start-up by going into
File, Options, General, Start Up Options, and the removing the checkmark that says
Show the Start screen when this application starts(Show the New template gallery when starting Publisher). That setting is available on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and are group policy templates that allow you to disable this for all Office 2013 products if you are on a domain.
Come on!
I want to use this function not disable.
Somtimes I am using the internet behind company proxy, sometimes no.
I think:
My Office 2013 -> Internet -> Office 2013 Cloud function
No need to further authentication.
My Office 2013 -> Company proxy -> Internet -> Office 2013 Cloud function
If I can acces the internet why would the Office further authentication?
Hi, Sza.
Were you able to resolve this issue finally? I work for an MSP and a few of our clients had this same annoyance. The way we fixed this was by add those 3 Microsoft domains to the Proxy exclusions list. Their proxies are administered via Group Policy. If
your proxy setup is similar, then your IT administrator would have to add those domains, then push a GPO update for the changes take effect. Usually logging off and back on again should update your user/computer’s resultant set of policy. Those domains belong
to safe, Microsoft Office media content servers, so it should not be a security risk for your admin to exclude them. Good luck!
I hope this helps.
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How to get rid of prompts for credentials connecting to proxy ...

How to get rid of prompts for credentials connecting to proxy …

As jehon already answered, you can disable the Internet connection for all MS-Office 2013 products (Word, Excel etc… ) by using the following Regedit file:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5. 00
[HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftOffice15. 0CommonInternet]
But for me it was not enough and as some other commented, there was still some more popup appearing when starting e. g. Excel.
This is probably due by the proxy I have to use at work which needs authentication.
The other answer to put that Microsoft URL in the no-proxy setting is not working if you really need the proxy to browse Internet.
Solution 1
This solution, additionally to the Registry modification (c. f. Regedit script above), is to totally disable the connection by adding the following line in the file C:windowssystem32driversetchosts like this:
127. 0. 1
I suggest to enter similar entries for all the popup you receive (as long there is a destination address like in the OP.
For me it look quiet now and no more authentication popups appears.
Solution 2
Another way to bypass these popups is to create a shortcut with:
`C:WindowsSystem32 /netonly /myusername “C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft OfficeOffice15″`

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