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Have questions about our products? We strive for excellence in customer service… and that starts before you ever purchase.
AIO Residential Proxies
What makes your Residental Proxies “All In One”?
We are the only provider currently to offer both “real residential” and “fast residential” proxies in the same pool. If you see providers offering two different types of resis at separate price points, then these are what we have built into one plan. With this you get the resiliency of a real residential IP and the speed of fast resis for your more courageous tasks.
What makes Notify Proxies different than other proxy companies?
Unlike other residential proxy platforms — our technology is entirely proprietary.
We built our infrastructure, data tracking, and proxy distribution from scratch.
This enables us to do things other companies simply cannot, e. g., U:P and IP Auth proxies tracked together,
the Queued Plans System, Instant IP Auth, and more. We also use a handful of parent providers
(including one entirely private to Notify Proxies users) rather than one or two.
Instead of cutting costs and corners we actively choose to spend more to ensure a better product for you.
What is the maximum number of IPs I can generate?
We urge you not to trust proxy providers who offer unlimited generation.
Residential IPs are a finite resource and no one has the ability to provide infinite addresses.
You are being sold on a lie!
We enable our users to utilize up to 1000 IPs concurrently.
Your dashboard looks different. How do I know which proxies to use?
We have created pre-filtered pools for the most demanded site types.
We have already selected the proxies / regions that work best on these sites.
Our research helps keep it as simple and fast as possible for you!
My residential proxies are not pinging. What should I do?
If your proxies are not pinging, then:
1. Unauthorize your IPV4 address in the residential dashboard
2. Clear the cache & cookies in your browser
3. Log back in (credentials are delivered via email and are permanent)
4. Reauthorize your IPV4 address
Can I authorize more than 1 IP on a single account?
You can authorize up to 5 IPs on one account.
Should I filter out the “bad” and slow IPs from my list?
It would be devastating for your chances to cop if you do this.
We know we may differ from other companies in this regard, but with Notify
please do not filter your proxy lists.
Even if some of your proxies are failing — please do not filter your proxy lists.
Can I have multiple Notify Proxies residential accounts?
Yes, you may have multiple accounts, but you may not authorize the same IP on both. If you do, then the data will be logged twice. Consider this your warning!
Why are my proxies IPs pinging from 1 – 5K? Isn’t this slow?
This is simply the speed at which real residential proxies ping. It is completely normal — and a good thing!
Resi’s biggest function is for sites with long queues where speed is irrelevant. Do not filter the slow IPs!
I have purchased a plan and want to top it up with more data. What do I do?
To top up your plan simply order with the same email address (case sensitive)!
You will see the data reflected in your dashboard as a “Queued Plan. ”
You do not have to reauthorize your IPV4 or regenerate your proxies when the plan’s switch.
We do all that for you! Cool, huh?
I’ve purchased a plan. How do I know when do my proxies expire?
Your proxies expire at 3AM EST on the expiration date listed in your dashboard.
If you ordered No Expiration proxies, then they do not expire until you use all of your data.
After 90 days of complete inactivity, then you forfeit your remaining data.
What are Residential proxies good for? Do these proxies work everywhere?
Residential proxies are extremely versatile and resilient. They work across the vast majority of sites,
but you should prioritize using residential proxies on target sites with long queues where speed is less relevant.
Residential IPs are fantastic options for Footsites, YeezySupply, DSG, and more recently Shopify. Do not use them as Captcha IPs!
Where are these proxies located? Does it matter?
Our Datacenter IPs are based in Ashburn, Virginia.
In order to maximize speed, then you would utilize a server in Virginia.
A server is not required to use the proxies.
Are these “ISP” Proxies? What’s the difference between “ISP” and “DC”?
No, they are not “ISP, ” but fundamentally DC and ISP are a false difference. They both function via BGP, which is how the internet works.
The nominal difference between them is the functional difference between them.
The sites that see them — the same way we see… with eyes — distinguish based on their apparent “names. ”
A site bans based on what it sees and what it wants to see.
Do you recommend using a server with these IPs?
Many users run local nowadays, but if you are running a server, then you should match your server location to your proxy location.
These proxies are based in Ashburn, Virginia.
What speeds should I expect from these proxies?
You should expect whatever speeds Virginia is currently peaking at.
If the best VAs are hitting 80ms, then these will hit 80ms.
If the best VAs are hitting 130ms, then these will hit 130ms or below.
Maximum speed is dynamic and changes for proxy & server locations as well as the proxy tester you are using.
Do your DC proxies require IP Authentication via dash?
No, there is no IP authentication or DC dashboard required in using our IPs. They are set-up as User:Pass authentication.
After purchase you are emailed a list and can immediately use them!
What pack sizes do you offer?
We offer 10, 25, 50, and 100 packs in any increment.
What proxy plan durations do you offer?
All of our plans expire after 30 days. They may be renewed.
Can I use these to train Gmails?
Yes, they work great for that!
Can I renew and keep the same IPs?
Yes, our renewal system is as simple as it gets! After purchase you’ll be invited to a discord,
where a channel called “Renew Your Proxies” will answer all your questions.
When are my proxies delivered?
Proxies are delivered via email within 24 hours of purchase.
Do you offer subnet services?
Yes, we do. Please start a ticket via our Discord to inquire.
/24s begin at $430/m with no longterm commitment.
Our “Guillotines” are based in Ashburn, Virginia.
Our Verizon “Vuittons” are based in New York City.
In order to maximize speed, then you would utilize a server in the corresponding city.
What makes your ISP proxies different?
We have built everything from scratch. We own the tech behind our setup. We provide only the highest quality IPs.
To put it simply: we are more hands on, we care more about your success, and we put in more manhours help you realize your potential.
Are these “DC” Proxies? What’s the difference between “ISP” and “DC”?
Yes, they are “ISP, ” but fundamentally DC and ISP are a false difference. They both function via BGP, which is how the internet works.
Match your server to the location of your proxies if you choose to utilize one.
You should expect whatever speeds ISP proxies are currently peaking at.
If the best ISPs are hitting 80ms, then these will hit 80ms.
If the best ISPs are hitting 130ms, then these will hit 130ms or below.
The minimum pack size for ISP proxies is 25.
No, we do not permit our ISPs to be used to train Gmails.
Proxies are delivered via email within 24 hours of purchase.
Notify Proxies Review - Should You Try It? Full Truth About ...

Notify Proxies Review – Should You Try It? Full Truth About …

I noticed there aren’t many honest reviews online about the Notify Proxies proxy provider.
That’s why I took the liberty of writing a comprehensive Notify Proxies review to share my experience with you folks.
I’ll cover the following topics:
What features does Notify Proxies offer? What use cases does it cover? Is it expensive? Are there any better alternatives?
Ready when you are!
Notify Proxies Review Summary
Before I go into details, here are the main ups and downs of the Notify Proxies:
Quality proxiesBasic features
They own their DC serversExpensive for what it has to offer
A limited number of geo-locations
Often sold out
No refunds
No live chat CS
Not suited for individuals and smaller companies
Top Notify Proxies Alternatives
Notify Proxies indeed provides a quality service.
They put much effort into their servers, and they’re honest with their customers.
But even so, the company has been around for quite some time and still offers only a few basic features.
Not to mention how those features are limited in so many ways, yet their prices go very high.
If you are a solopreneur or a smaller company that doesn’t want to spend a fortune on proxies, take a look at the following table below.
ProviderOur RatingPrice
Proxyland4. 7 Check Price
Luminati4. 0Check Price
Smartproxy3. 7Check Price
What Is Notify Proxies And How Does It Help You?
Notify Proxies is a trustworthy proxy provider that has been around since 2017.
They have a huge community of Notify users, both on Twitter and Reddit.
The company offers the following proxy types:
Residential Proxies
Residential proxies are IP addresses provided by Internet Service Providers (ISP).
These are the addresses of real people and are attached to an actual physical location or area.
Because of this, they are hard to block and provide the highest level of security and reliability.
The biggest flaw of residential proxies is their slow speed.
Use cases:
Social media automationData crawlingAlternative data collectionAd verificationSEO and SERP analysisPrice comparisonsRetail
Datacenter proxies
Datacenter proxies are connected to data center servers that sit in different locations around the world.
They are much faster and cheaper than residential proxies but are easier to detect and block.
Brand protectionMarket researchWeb monitoringCybersecurityTravel fare aggregationPrice and review monitoring
ISP proxies
ISP proxies are a mixture of the datacenter and residential proxies.
They have the structure of datacenter proxies and are supported by Internet Service Providers.
Because of this, they are extremely fast and undetectable.
They are the most expensive type.
Web scraping at high speedSneaker coppingShopping for limited-edition itemsPrivate browsing at high speed
Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about Notify Proxies’ proxy pool size or the number of subnets because they don’t disclose it on their website.
The company has only one data center server, and it sits in Ashburn, Virginia.
They are also compatible with the following retail sites:
ShopifyYeezySupplyFootsitesDSG, etc.
How Notify Proxies Works
To register with Notify Proxies, open a ticket in the Notify Proxies’ Discord you get your login info, you can use it to access your dashboard, which is in the upper right corner of their official website ().
Notify Proxies’ dashboard is straightforward to use, and it has a clean and simple design.
The dashboard has a few useful but basic options.
You can:
Monitor your data usageAuthorize IPsChoose a proxy typeChoose the locationChoose the number of proxies you wish to create
Notify Proxies Features
Here are the main Notify Proxies features:
Notify Proxies offers a few different locations worldwide for residential proxies:
The United KingdomThe United StatesGermanyJapanCanadaChinaAustraliaSingapore
They also suggest there are ‘many more’ locations, but they don’t say which ones exactly.
As for ISP proxies, besides Ashburn, Virginia, they also offer New York City.
Proxy Generating
With Notify Proxies, you can’t generate as many IP addresses as you wish.
You can generate up to 1000 IPs.
Authentication methods
The authentication method depends on the type of proxy you use.
If you’re using datacenter proxies, then you’ll have only user/password authentication.
At the same time, residential plans provide only IP whitelisting.
With datacenter plans, you’ll have unlimited bandwidth as you’re paying per number of proxies in the package.
Also, your data expires after 30 days. The same goes for residential packages.
However, you can also choose the ‘No expiration’ residential package, and your data won’t expire until you use all of it.
Customer Support
Notify Proxies doesn’t have a live chat, which would undoubtedly improve user experience.
But you can contact them via email form, Twitter direct message, or Discord.
Instant Delivery
After you purchase a package, the company will deliver the IPs via email.
The best of all is that you can use them right away.
For residential proxies, they offer both sticky and rotating sessions.
Sticky sessions are better for sneaker copping since you need the same IP address for the checkout process.
In contrast, rotating sessions are better for use cases that require a higher security level, such as SEO monitoring, web scraping, or market research.
Notify Proxies Costs And Pricing Plans
Let’s make something clear:
Notify Proxies isn’t an affordable proxy provider.
Prices per proxy for the datacenter plan are $1, 4, and almost $5 for ISP plans.
What’s more, prices for residential proxies start at $20 and go twice as high for each additional GB of data.
That means that the maximum amount of data per package, which is 10GB, will cost you $200.
Take a look at their plans:
Sadly, not everyone can afford Notify Proxies’ services.
For a solopreneur like myself, these prices are way over my budget for proxies.
That’s why I found an affordable alternative – Proxyland.
Proxyland provides a wide range of features and 10+ million residential IPs.
What’s more, you can use their proxies for whichever use case you need.
Proxyland provides:
10 GB for $29 (1GB for $2, 9)Fast and secure proxiesQuick setupIntuitive dashboardAlmost 100% uptimeUnlimited concurrent connections24/7 customer supportDiscounts for bulkNo big monthly commitmentsPay as you go option
Is Notify Proxies Legit?
Yes, Notify Proxies is a legit and trustworthy company.
Their website is HTTPS secure as well as their payment gateways.
Also, their customer support is available around the clock and responds in no time.
Since Notify Proxies has very steep prices, you may want to find another provider.
I tested many services, and the best one so far is definitely Proxyland.
With Proxyland, you can target over 100 countries worldwide, and they don’t require your credit card!
You also don’t have to worry about big monthly commitments – you can easily pay as you go and cancel anytime you like.
Proxyland offers:
$1GB of data for $2, 9Custom packagesA broad range of featuresAlmost any use caseAbility to monitor your dataSticky and rotating sessionsBoth types of authenticationAbility to monitor error logsFriendly and helpful customer support, and many more
Notify Proxies Pros and Cons
It’s time to wrap up all of the things above:
A trustworthy serviceOverpriced
They offer fast residential proxiesFeatures are limited
They lack many features
Only one DC server
No refund
Often out of stock
Huge monthly commitments
No custom packages
Notify Proxies: Final Verdict
So, what’s the deal with Notify Proxies? Should you try it?
I’d say no.
The company charges too much for features that you can basically find anywhere else for far less money.
The formula I try to follow is – quality service at an affordable price, and that’s where Proxyland fits in!
Smartproxy3. 7Check Price
Notify Proxies Review - Is It a Scam? Learn Here Quickly

Notify Proxies Review – Is It a Scam? Learn Here Quickly

Our Notify Proxies review dives deep into every aspect of this proxy provider’s it be your go-to choice for proxies? What kind of proxies can you get, and how can they be useful for you? You’ll find all of the main takeaways in the summary section below; and if you’re hungry for more information, check out the whole Proxies Summary:Is Notify Proxies a legit company: Yes, Notify Proxies is a legit proxy provider. ✅Is Notify Proxies safe to use: Notify Proxies’ IPs are safe and won’t jeopardize your privacy or data. ✅How good is Notify Proxies’ service: The features are alright, but I do wish they had more to offer in some aspects. ✅What’s the price like: The price of both datacenter and residential proxies is too high. ❌Is Notify Proxies worth the money: It isn’t. Notify Proxies does not justify a rather steep price with its basic features. ❌Are there any better alternatives to Notify Proxies: Yes, there are! Based on our tests, we found that Proxyland is the best Notify Proxies alternative. It is more than 7 times cheaper. (Check out more info below)What Is Notify Proxies? Notify Proxies is a relatively popular proxy provider that offers three kinds of proxies:DatacenterResidentialISP datacenterAs a rule of thumb, datacenter proxies are not connected to an Internet Service Provider and don’t belong to real consequence of this is that they are quickly blacklisted and banned by various Proxies offers an enhanced type of datacenter proxies – ISP DC type of proxies is backed by an ISP server in order to mimic residential proxies – those that come from real to choose which type do you need? Well, datacenter proxies are good mostly for the elementary use cases and nothing more. You should use them for:Browsing anonymityBrand protectionCybersecurityWith ISP DC proxies, you’ll gain a few more use cases in addition to the aforementioned ones. For example, you can use them for travel fare aggregation and ad verification or affiliate link, they will probably get banned – or may not work at all – for some other websites and purposes, including:Ecommerce researchSEO & SERP analysesSocial media botsSneaker coppingShopping botsSocial media platform automationIn these cases, you’ll be much better off with residential proxies. That’s why we would always suggest getting this type. Key Notify Proxies FeaturesProxy poolNotify Proxies does not specify the size of its proxy pool, which hints at the fact that it’s not too large. However, we can only, there’s a limit of 1000 IPs on concurrent sessions. LocationsWe weren’t impressed by Notify Proxies’ location residential proxies, they mention the following countries:The United KingdomThe United StatesCanadaJapanChinaGermanySingaporeAustraliaAnd then they say “and more. ”While it’s good that they offer support from multiple continents, the locations are not as diverse and numerous as we’d like them to datacenter IPs come from a single location: Ashburn, ISP datacenter proxies, they add another one: New York thenticationNotify Proxies supports only username/password fact that they don’t have IP authentication is OK since username/password is more stomer supportThere’s no live chat customer support on the website. You can contact them via Twitter, with the promise that they’ll respond within 24 ’s also the email address, but they say they “prefer Twitter for support. ”BandwidthAs for Notify Proxies’ datacenter plans, you get unlimited bandwidth, but it expires after a residential proxies, you’ll get to use the bandwidth you purchased. You can either opt for plans with data that expires after 30 days or for no-expiration ones. Of course, the latter are more proxies will be delivered – that is, they’ll send them via email – within 24 hours of your Much Does Notify Proxies Cost? Notify Proxies has multiple packages for different kinds of a look at them:The datacenter packages are very expensive and yet limited in many ways, and ISP ones were not available at the moment we were trying out Notify what shocked us, even more, was the price of GB for their residential plans. It starts at $ is ridiculously high when other companies offer the same features for 7 times less instance, Proxyland is more than 7 times cheaper, and:The price of GB is $2. 9Pay-as-you go, no monthly commitmentsThe data doesn’t expireReliable residential proxiesOver 100 countries99% uptimeLarge proxy poolEasy-to-use dashboardResponsive CSNotify Proxies vs. CompetitorsProxy provderRatingPriceProxyland4. 9Check priceOxylabs4. 2Check priceLuminati4. 0Check priceSmartproxy3. 9Check priceGeosurf3. 2Check priceIs Notify Proxies Safe, Legit, Or a Scam? Notify Proxies is a legit company, albeit their service has flaws. But they won’t scam in any Proxies Pros and ConsHere are Notify Proxies’ advantages and disadvantages:PROSCONSLegitBasic featuresGood uptimeDoesn’t specify pool sizeExpensive datacenter plansExorbitant price of dataNo possibility for refundsLimited geotargetingUnsuitable for solopreneursBetter Notify Proxies AlternativesThere’s no going around the fact that Notify Proxies is overpriced for what it ’s why we found the best Notify Proxies alternative, oxyland has:High-quality residential proxiesMore than 7 times cheaper – at 2. 9 dollars per GB compared to Notify Proxies’ 22 dollarsGreat for individuals and small companiesAll use casesFastYou get 99% uptimeUnlimited concurrent sessions (unlike with Notify Proxies)Should You Try Notify Proxies or Not? We wanted to help you decide, so we’ve made a brief shortlist:Notify Proxies is for you if:You are a large corporationYou have thousands of dollars to spend on proxiesYou don’t mind huge monthly commitmentsYou are not fussed about the location of your IPsNotify Proxies is not for you if:You are a solopreneurYou are a medium-sized companyYou want to go down the affordable laneYour budget for proxies is limitedYou want long-term solutionsYou want proxies for multiple use casesMore affordable alternative: Proxyland10GB is just $29Great for both individuals and companiesYou can use it for all use casesNo monthly commitmentsReliableFastMore than 100 countriesMonitoring dataLarge proxy poolQuick setupIf your budget is substantial, you could technically use Notify Proxies for a longer period, even though their features are not the best. But it could do the, there’s no need to pay a premium price for proxies, especially when there are better ’s why we suggest going for a much more affordable alternative, Proxyland, that yields the same results.

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