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Can You Make Numerous Craigslist Accounts? - ItStillWorks

Can You Make Numerous Craigslist Accounts? – ItStillWorks

i Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images If you’re drowning in usernames and passwords for website accounts, you’ll find a change of pace on Craigslist. You can post in its forums and advertise on your localized version of the Craigslist website with nothing more than an email address through which to finalize your ads. Accounts make it easier to pay fees for ads that require them and to manage listings on a unified activity page. You can use Craiglist without an account, but you’re limited to one per person. Community MonitoringCraigslist considers itself a community resource and structures many of its policies and practices accordingly. Although listings for therapeutic services undergo manual ad-by-ad pre-posting approval by Craigslist staff, most of the ads you read on the site go through volunteer monitoring by site visitors. If an ad or advertiser breaks the Craigslist rules, any visitor can click on an ad page link to report the infraction through a practice that Craigslist calls flagging. An ad that accrues too many flags faces automatic deletion. The flagging standards constitute proprietary information, so you won’t find posted statistics about how many flags add up to too many. The totals vary depending on factors that include the community site on which the ad appears and the ad category in question. Along with fraud, miscategorization and other infractions, flaggers look for any other signs of rules violation. If you post in the Craigslist help forums, mentioning the use of multiple posting accounts will draw a swift citation of the terms of use. Terms of UseThe Craigslist Terms of Use govern your conduct on the site and in the ads you post. They explicitly forbid any subscriber from opening more than one account and from listing ads on anyone else’s behalf. Just because you know someone who claims to have two separate Craigslist accounts or find a blog post that discusses how to sign up multiple times doesn’t make the practice viable or acceptable under the Craigslist rules and regulations. If the content of your ads somehow betrays a shared source between listings associated with different accounts, you face flagging or worse. Liquidated DamagesAlong with the potential loss of posting privileges and involuntary closure of Craigslist accounts, people who violate the terms of use also face the prospect of liquidated damages. The rules that spell out these monetary penalties enable Craigslist to impose fines that range from $25 up to $25, 000 for a wide variety of infringements. Maintaining more than one account can carry a $100 penalty for each account and each instance in which you use it to post. Other ConsiderationsIf you’re considering opening more than one account to separate your personal from your business activity on Craigslist, don’t risk losing your posting privileges. You can accomplish your objectives and still follow the rules. To keep your identity confidential, take advantage of Craigslist’s anonymization feature. When you use it, Craigslist generates a randomized email address to which prospective buyers reply and forward messages to you, keeping your real email address private until you reply. To minimize or even eliminate the consequences of that disclosure, open a throwaway address through a free email provider. References Writer Bio Elizabeth Mott has been a writer since 1983. Mott has extensive experience writing advertising copy for everything from kitchen appliances and financial services to education and tourism. She holds a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in English from Indiana State University.
How to Post on Craigslist Without an Account - Azcentral

How to Post on Craigslist Without an Account – Azcentral

Your business benefits from a Craigslist post by receiving increased exposure to potential customers. These ads are typically free, although some categories or cities charge a listing fee. A Craigslist account makes it easier to confirm, edit or renew your post, but Craigslist does not require an account to publish free listings. However, some paid listings, such as those offering therapeutic services, do require an account. Step 1Navigate to the website and select the appropriate city. If your browser automatically directs you to a local city page, you can navigate to another city using the links in the right panel. Step 2Click “Post to Classifieds” and choose an appropriate category and sub-category. As an example, to post a computer repair ad, click “Service Offered” and then “Computer Services. ” Step 3Enter a title that describes the item or service you’re offering, but avoid using all caps or excessive punctuation, which give the appearance of spam. Step 4Enter the item location or service area in the “Specific Location” field. Contrary to what the field’s title implies, you do not need a specific address. Choosing a general area is sufficient. Step 5Enter your email address twice in the fields provided. This email address serves as your primary contact between Craigslist and potential customers. Keep “Anonymize” selected to prevent spammers from getting your real email address. Step 6Enter a concise description in the “Posting Description” field. Craigslist permits HTML coding in this section. Step 7Click “Show on Maps” and enter your location details to automatically place a map in your post. You can supply an exact address or use the closest cross streets. This step is optional. Step 9Click “Browse” and select an image for your post. Repeat to add up to eight images. This step is optional, but recommended. Images offer further details and provide a “pic” notation by your title on the listing page. This notation encourages customers to view your post. Step 10Click “Done With Images. ” Step 11Review your post and click “Continue. ” Step 12Check your email for a message from Craigslist. Step 13Click the confirmation link in the email and select “Publish” from the resulting page. Your post becomes live within 15 minutes of publishing. References Resources Tips Refresh your browser after 15 minutes to see your post on the listing page. If your post does not appear, try clearing your browser’s cache or using a different browser. Be sure to save the email from Craigslist confirming your posting, so you can manage the post is important when posting without an account. Writer Bio C. Taylor embarked on a professional writing career in 2009 and frequently writes about technology, science, business, finance, martial arts and the great outdoors. He writes for both online and offline publications, including the Journal of Asian Martial Arts, Samsung, Radio Shack, Motley Fool, Chron, Synonym and more. He received a Master of Science degree in wildlife biology from Clemson University and a Bachelor of Arts in biological sciences at College of Charleston. He also holds minors in statistics, physics and visual arts. Image Credit Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images
How to Log Into Craigslist - Azcentral

How to Log Into Craigslist – Azcentral

Some online scammers create fake Craigslist login pages that do nothing but steal account information from anybody that fills up the fake log in form. These login pages resemble the original Craigslist website, so it is easy to get fooled if you do not look at your browser’s address bar. If you use your Craigslist account for business purposes, you should prevent others from potentially using your business’s name to post fraudulent ads by always accessing the Craigslist login page directly from the main Craigslist site. Step 1Visit the Craigslist homepage (see link in Resources). Step 2Click the “my account” link to proceed to the login page. Step 3Enter the email address and password associated with your Craigslist account. Click the “Log In” button to see your Craiglist account. References Resources Tips Click the “forgot password? ” link on the Craigslist login page if you do not remember your password. From there, you can enter your email address so Craigslist can email you a unique link that lets you set a new password for your account. Writer Bio John Ruiz began his writing career in 2008 as a freelancer writing for eHow and various technology, software and hardware blogs. He has been designing websites since 2002. Ruiz earned a Bachelor of Science in information technology and web design from AMA Computer University.

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Can you have more than one Craigslist account?

The Craigslist Terms of Use govern your conduct on the site and in the ads you post. They explicitly forbid any subscriber from opening more than one account and from listing ads on anyone else’s behalf.

How do you create a Craigslist account?

How to sign up for a Craigslist ProfileFrom a web browser, go to Craigslist.Select the My Account link in the upper left of the screen.A login screen will appear.From the screen, choose the Create an account option.More items…

Is Craigslist requiring an account now?

A Craigslist account makes it easier to confirm, edit or renew your post, but Craigslist does not require an account to publish free listings. However, some paid listings, such as those offering therapeutic services, do require an account.

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