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Gumtree: The local marketplace - Apps on Google Play

Gumtree: The local marketplace – Apps on Google Play

Buy and sell, make money & save – all within Gumtree – Australia’s local marketplace. Find a range of second hand items, from cars to fitness and sports to fashion, furniture, TV and more; search among more than 2. 4 million listings to find the perfect deals. Whether you want to resell clothes, shop for the right car or you’re in the market for real estate; join the classifieds platform for those who are buying and selling locally. Discover all listings and private ads that are selling in your neighbourhood. Local shopping made simple – let’s make money! Gumtree is the local classifieds marketplace that lets you browse and buy anything you wish on the go – from workout gear, to the right car – even real estate. We’re the classifieds app for everything. Shop used cars, find a motorbike, search for jobs or grab back to school items- there’s an ad and an item that’s perfect for everyone. Make money conveniently and locally. Just create an ad and list items you want to resell in a few seconds. Fitness gear that needs a new home, used cars and vintage clothes. It’s time for you to save money and get cash reselling your second hand items. Buy and sell easily and securely with Gumtree classifieds app:Save money with online shopping deals and bargains Cars, real estate, TV, games, cameras, phones or DIY: Complete your shopping online on your phoneSell clothes or other second hand items from your mobile phone in seconds by taking photos of them on the goBuy used cars or a motorbike, rent or buy your house, flat or studio by chat, sms or emailDirect Buyer to Seller payments: Pay and be paid easily via PayPal Buy and sell securely with your favourite online marketplace app. Browse millions of listings and ads. Start shopping for trending items like vintage fashion, refurbished phones, workout & fitness gear, DIY power tools, best-selling tech or stylish furniture for your home or BIG BRANDS, GET BIGGER BARGAINSEnjoy shopping top brands as seen on TV for small prices Selling your stuff? You can make money with your second hand items, especially big brands! RESELL IN SECONDS – MAKE MONEY ON THE GOResell clothes, cars, home & garden furniture, cameras, games Get your listing online in less than a minute! BUY PHONES, TV, CAMERAS, GAMESSave money on best-selling brands in gaming consolesBuy your next TV, laptop, cameras or mobile phone in just a few tapsBUY WORKOUT & FITNESS CLOTHESShop for the perfect clothes and shoes brands for your workoutDiscover online shopping deals and savings on clothes, shoes and accessoriesHOME & GARDENSave money on home & garden furniture, home decor and kitchen appliancesShop for DIY tools and supplies for your gardenSo get shopping! Give your used items a new home or find second hand items to love; there’s something for everyone across a whole range of categories. Download Gumtree today. Australia’s local classifieds marketplace – making it simple to buy and sell, make money & save – all within your local neighbourhood.
Read Customer Service Reviews of - Trustpilot

Read Customer Service Reviews of – Trustpilot

As Gumtree take no responsibility or…
As Gumtree take no responsibility or bear non in respect of either the scams that some of their customers are attempting and that a lot of adverts are either misleading or just downright blatant lies then I only have one recourse of action and that is to close my account with Gumtree. A lot more people are having more sales and positive reactions and less “time wasters” than on Gumtree
I am shocked by their nasty behaviour
I am shocked by their nasty behaviour. A staff member called Nicola clearly hates her job. I was a gumtree member for about ten years and never had any problems, but then all of a sudden they stopped me from advertising. I wasn’t frequently advertising on that site, but did place quite a few ads over the years. They sent me no emails or anything of that sort, I went on the chat to see what happened with my account and nasty Nicola told me: your profile has been restricted, have a good day.. and I asked why what’s happened?? And she said ” have a great day” and left the chat. What an unhelpful horrible person she/he is? I now had to approach a lawyer to make sure my personal details are removed from their database, because it has left me kinda mortified? The site is literally full of scammers and vile people, maybe they are just trying to eliminate genuine human beings? I suppose Spareroom will have to more thing – when I searched for apartments, I would often come across scammers (I am doing a law degree and have done a lot of research on scammers so I know when I’m dealing with one- plus, they usually make it very obvious by asking for very low rates on flats in posh areas etc. ).. every time I reported a scammer, Gumtree failed to do anything, they would simply ignore all of the flaggings… and yet a normal person like myself gets their account restricted… this just makes me wonder if maybe they are in on the scams? And don’t like to see people looking into this too much, because they could then be exposed? Off to more genuine sites, I don’t mind, just don’t store my personal details, thanks Gumtree.
Evening SasaI am so sorry that you have had this kind of interaction with a Gumtree member of staff. I apologise most sincerely, and can understand your disappointment and so reach to our Help desk team here: so that we can assist you with all of the issues you have highlighted. Wishing you all the ndest regardsGumtree
Scammers & time wasters.
Too easy to create an account or multiple accounts so is a very attractive site for scammers or losers who get a kick out of wasting your latest experience was with someone who was “highly rated” & after messaging back & forth for a while agreed to meet up & purchase. He never showed & wouldn’t answer messages. He then tried to contact me on another “highly rated” account & do the exact same thing again on the same way their rating system works is you just have to have a message exchange of 3 or more messages & you can give a positive review. This means you can message yourself back & forth on multiple accounts & boom, you’re now “highly rated”. Also negative reviews don’t show up on a users account so it’s completely useless. I’ve bought up these concerns multiple times with support but you just get the same copy & paste for all it’s faults is still a much better & safer option.
Hey Jay, we’re sorry to hear ammers are a relentless, industry-wide problem & we’re doing all we can behind the scenes to stop these people from using the report the user to our Help desk team here: ‘ll take appropriate action. Take care and stay, Gumtree
Used Belfast Gumtree to search for a…
Used Belfast Gumtree to search for a writing desk. I found a few advertised and sent an email to the seller of the desk that I was interested in. On exchanging a few messages with the seller we arranged a time and date to view – I subsequently purchased the desk and was pleased with the transaction. I believe that Gumtree is an excellent way to find items that are not available in the shops.
Lots of people inquire about products…
Lots of people inquire about products I’m selling asking if available say yes but that’s it!! One inquired said he wanted product asked for bank details to pay which I gave changed his mind but didn’t bother to inform me makes you feel as if it’s a scam I find people are not genuine when inquiring so many time wasters
Hi there ChristineSo sorry to hear that you have had this experience on Gumtree. Please do reach out to our to our Help desk team here: to report any suspicious ‘ll take appropriate action. Take care and stay safe
Although first time used and only one…
Although first time used and only one post so far. It is easy to use and my luck had it sold within 24 hours. Hope the rest will go as quickly. Easy to post and maintain
excellent idea, but many timewasters reply.
I think overall gumtree is an excellent format inwhich to sell items, however have found majority of people replying to my ads with the, is this item still available’ are complete timewasters, and after replying never hear from even take it further, telling you they will behere within an hour or two or next day, and neverturn up, so they waste a seller like myself valuable time, many times having got the item all ready for course some are genuine and collect, butam afraid in my case that only amounts to around 10%, so not ‘s always been a bit like that, butmuch worse of late with the option Hi etc added.
Hi there RaymondSo sorry to hear that you have had this experience on Gumtree. Please do reach out to our to our Help desk team here: to report any suspicious many thanks for your feedback. All input is valued and will be taken into consideration. Take care and stay safe
Only the latest review will count in the company’s TrustScore
First Time pressed!
First time user and I found it very easy to use. Post was up in minutes and a sale conluded within hours. Will definitely use again.
There are loads of scammers on here…
There are loads of scammers on here advertising properties that don’t exist or don’t belong to them. Last year I got scammed out of £250 by someone replying to an advert I had on here (I was looking for somewhere to live), luckily my bank got my money back and this person was investigated by the police. This year there was someone who was advertising the same house they had available last year and asked me to view the house through the windows downstairs and pay them a deposit and they would send me the keys from Spain as they lived there now (seriously what a con).
Hey Tom, we’re sorry to hear this. Scammers are a relentless, industry-wide problem & we’re doing all we can behind the scenes to stop these people from using the report the user to our Help desk team here: ‘ll take appropriate action. Take care and stay, Gumtree
Advert deleting
Hi I’m not very happy about the fact that can’t delete an advert that l told edit. I would appreciate some advice on how to delete it, having tried many regards Brian Benson.
Hi there Brian, thanks for reaching out! We’re sorry to hear about contact our support team, and they’ll gladly assist you with this: a great evening and thanks for your patience!
Very cooperative
Very cooperativeMet for collection in heavy rainCommunicated well through Gumtree and by phone
Gumtree is a great site for selling and…
Gumtree is a great site for selling and buying, but for individuals who sell regularly there should be a facility to automatically renew or relist an ad instead of starting afresh.
Only the latest review will count in the company’s TrustScore
Gumtree Embraced What People Really Thought of Its Re ...

Gumtree Embraced What People Really Thought of Its Re …

Every brand needs a platform that sets it apart from competition, but how do existing brands break new ground? Wieden+Kennedy and re-commerce-site Gumtree share how they harnessed the power of creativity and YouTube targeting to create the campaign “Good Finds” and stake a new claim in the online marketplace space. Here are some lessons they learned along the what your audience really thinksIt’s hard to persuade your audience to see your product in a new light if you don’t understand how they see it now. “When we talked to the audience, we realized they would be like ‘sometimes you have to sift through a lot of things to find the thing you’re looking for’… but they took a lot of pride in that. ” said Brain Ritter, planning director at Wieden+Kennedy. Understanding the nuances in audience perception meant the team could challenge negatives and champion positives, while anchoring back to real the truth to your advantageWhen you understand what’s true about your brand, you can unlock powerful creative ideas. Hannah Rouch, CMO at Gumtree explains: “Because we’re people-powered, there are typos on listings … or a selfie when someone’s selling a mirror, but that’s the beauty of Gumtree—and ‘Good Finds’ embraces that. ”Harnessing a truth that’s unique to the brand provides a launchpad for interesting creative ideas, which are hard for competitors to mplicity supercharges targetingThe simplicity of an idea adds to its impact, and targeting the right audience ensures its success. “These ‘sales tropes’ … these annoying things invade normality, and then they’re banished—all in 20 seconds. We hit everyone with the 20s, and then surprised them with the 6s, ” explains Freddy Taylor, senior creative at adds, “We break down the audience based on what they are looking for, and then we can marry up their interests to the right Gumtree ads for them. ”Creating brand platforms that are uniquely ownable and provide solid foundations for creative work is a perennial challenge for creative teams. But, as Wieden+Kennedy and Gumtree demonstrate, by leveraging the targeting capability of YouTube, and creating ideas based on audience insights, you might just land yourself a good perspective originally appeared on Think With Google. For more videos like this visit Create with Google.

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