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Quoorex/minecraft-server-eu-bot: A voting bot for ... - GitHub

Quoorex/minecraft-server-eu-bot: A voting bot for … – GitHub

A voting bot for Supports proxies and multiple servers and usernames to vote for.
Python 3. 6 or higher
Poetry (pip install poetry)
Mozilla Firefox
does IP ban after around 4-5 votes (not exactly sure) so it’s advised to use proxies (that are not banned by Google or else the captchas won’t work)
poetry install
this will setup a virtual environment for the project
poetry shell
activates the environment
runs the program
All settings can be edited in
username_file: file to load the username to vote for from
vote_url_file: file to load the vote urls from
example url
headless: whether to run display the browser windows (True) or not (False)
fake_useragent: should the browser useragent be faked for every vote attempt
Note: this option is not recommended, as this can lead to ReCaptchas not working anymore
enabled: use proxies or not
type: proxy type; supported options: HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, SOCKS5
file: file to load the proxies from; proxy format: host:port
use_timer: enabling this lets the program vote periodically (every 24h)
Note: Using this is not recommended, as the program stops when a error comes up. You should rather use something like cron to start the program on a regular basis.
Integrate Captcha Solving API from Antigate
2 Modes:
Botting only votes
Botting rewards (typing usernames in)
Implement a proxy scraper
Ip ban check
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Finished voting 14
/ 14
View logs
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send to toplists
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