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Top MapleStory Private Servers Singapore – GTop100

Top 100 Singapore Maplestory Private Servers
MapleStory private servers
Singapore Maplestory Private Servers
MapleSaga v62 – x8 EXP – No HP Washing, Nerfed Leeching, Mac Compatible
Want to relive the old days, but don’t have time to HP wash? TRY MapleSaga (8x EXP), the old school private server with a UNIQUE twist! NEVER HP wash again! YOU’LL LOVE our rebalanced skills, Monster Carnival PQ, Pink Bean boss and more. Get FREE access to thousands of haircuts and NX!
Nerfed Leeching
No HP Washing
MAC Compatible
Friendly Community
Class Rebalancing
GM-Hosted Events
Helpful Staff
Old School
MythicMS – 2x Exp and Drop Event!
Miss the nostalgia moments when MapleStory was fun yet finding a balance between levelling and hunting? Join MythicMS where quality of life improvement are constantly being implemented. With tripled spawn rate on specific maps, nx being obtainable from monster, exchanging maple weapons with maple le…
Custom Dungeon
Meso Gacha
Quest Stats
Custom Rates
Link Stats
HD Client
Progressive EXP Rate
Skill Balance Changes
HP Washing Optional
Are you looking for the best Maplestory experience? Give us a shot! MaplePixels strives to bring you the most stable and rewarding gameplay realistically achievable. While other Maplestory servers stagnate in mundanity, we desire to evolve beyond boundaries with every update!
Custom Content
Low Rate
MapleRoyals is a private server of Maplestory where they aim to bring back the old Maplestory to the players – invoking a sense of nostalgia.
We are currently in Closed Alpha. You can join our discord server for now.
Progressive Rates
Last Ark [ GMS v176]
Server is not officially released yet |
Server heavily under development |
Visit our discord and join the closed alpha testing by clicking the server link |
CrypticMS is a classic MapleStory experience like we all knew and loved back then.
However, we also try to add interesting custom contents based on player feedback so we can build an ideal MapleStory experience.
Come join our friendly community filled with experienced veterans who are here to guide…
Old School MapleStory
MapleStory low rate
Tespia is a v111 server that is in alpha made by incompetent dev so do not have much expectations and enjoy your stay!
Dual Blader
Custom SpawnRate
Demon Slayers
hi im looking for a leave dev to development a server please do add me
Positive Community
GMS Like
Daily Events
Active Development
Damage Skins
A v83 GMS-like private server with low rates of 5x/5x/5x and exclusive maps from older version to mid version such as Shanghai, Ulu City and theme dungeon like Chryse!!
[All Quests Working To Keep Yourself Occupied As You Level] [Monster Carnival] [PQs] [Unbiased Daily Reward] [Real-t…
Daily Login Rewards
All Quests Working
Try OurMS! A New server started officially on 14 February 2019!
Progressive Rates for EXP from 4x to 12x, MESOS 1x and DROPS 3x!!
Global monster\’s drops includes premium currency, maple leaves, chaos scrolls, 1%/3%/5%/20% clean slate scrolls, white scrolls, smegas, flaming feathers and perfect pitc…
Mid Rate
SeaMS – v83 Maplestory Server – LowMid Rate Server – x8, x1, x2
SeaMS aims to be a community based server. Establishing GMS-like and high convenient gameplays. Our server provides low latency & high performance gaming experience. No p2w. Customized PQ with lower players requirement. Come experience the nostalgic moments of maplestory with us!
Gms-Like Leech
No Pay2Win
Party Quests
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Maplestory private server is illegal, Tricks to avoid penalty - Webnews21

Maplestory private server is illegal, Tricks to avoid penalty – Webnews21

Maplestory private serverMaplestory private serverMaplestory private serverHow is Private Server like Maplestory Made? Nexon is watching everythingMesosHackingIs a Private server like Maplestory bad? Can’t you compare with a v83 Private Server into a discontinued game console like the Gamecube or even the PlayStation 1? MMORPG Private ServerHow to Produce a MapleStory Private Server [v83]Required programs:Installations:Installing WampServer:Installing the MySQL Query Browser:Files placement:SQL installation:Preference installation:Is Maplestory private server really safe? A private server like Maplestory have been around. So what is the problem? Other serversNexon is taking actionsCyber LawThere is no such thing as a Nexon-approved private contribution scamMapleStory Private Server. Is it safe? Let us know the background and exclusive contents of private plestory private serverIt helps MapleStory fans better appreciate the hard work involved with constructing successful MapleStory private servers. But what about penalty? Private Servers are somewhat illegal because they breach the TOS or Copyright claims or something. If Nexon has captured a private server, they’ll send a notification to you or sue you enjoy they did to * and which no longer reason for all private servers is either from people who talk about the leaked info. The maker of OdinMS created his private host, or they’re rebels such as The Resistance vs. The Combine in Half-Life, there’s absolutely no possible way for Nexon to stop all personal servers. They’re continuing to be more advanced from going v55, v63, v72, and so is Private Server like Maplestory Made? After all the years of unsuccessful leveling, upgrading, and recruiting of guild members, along with a destroyed Ghost Ship Exorcist badge on a three-year-old Mechanic, I chose to retire to some MapleStory Private instead, I wasted it all on daily-limited quests and trying to get Mesos to upgrade equips. Also, $600CAD to get nx and buy stuff (for instance, meso sacs and store permits) to get items across and find out things in M. S. the challenging way. Yes, I sacrificed $600CAD in considerable school lunch money to get stuff like hair coupons in M. once I could have used that money to receive a is watching everythingThe ruined GSE badge in my 3-year-old 210 mechanics. (through celebrity enhancement window) and Nexon’s shortage of equipment compensation ultimately led me to do the one thing nobody would ever invite me to do: I gave up on GMS. With no GSE badge, I can’t continue on ditionally, I wasted too much actual cash to sell things to acquire more Mesos. Instead, I have more insults than Mesos from players. Such as”Shoo. ”, “plestory Private serverMy big issue here is how do you create an MapleStory Private Server (whether it’s a v83 or the latest version)? Like, do they split into Nexon’s H. Q. and extract all the sprites, maps, sound effects, etc., off their computers and then reconstruct it such as a jigsaw puzzle? If they did, then I’ll need to pack my bags and fly to California to do that. Like, the M. files need to come from someplace. Also, it’s the only real way to get the Wizet Invincible Hat. Plus, you will find rules on other Personal Server sosThat says things like”no hacking, injecting of tools/unauthorized equips/packets, no wz document editing, etc. ”. I feel like I deserve a vacation from this match, but do not wanna spend another 1-2-3 years recollecting all the Mesos and equipping myself. I want to make up for the three years of wasted time on M. and receive my movie/animation projects finished at the same addition to this hat, the G. M. class itself is making me envious. Yes, they’re a class referred to as”SuperGM. ” So with a Private Server (a Personal Server intended for my personal use), I can see what it’s like to be a G. bypass all other private server site rules. Plus, there’s a skill known as”Super Dragon Roar” that does%1000 damage to all creatures on screen. HackingWhile we are on this topic about hacking, why are bots bad? I never uttered before, but as a fantastic player from GMS, I see the only fair use for them is to allow me to farm Mesos while doing house chores. I could call in my human friend to play M. while I create breakfast/lunch/dinner, do laundry, etc.. Why are bots taboo to MMORPG moderators such as MapleStory private server? That and having my buddy drama M. for me will make no difference (at least that’s what I presume) this post on Instagram#join #privateserver #nexon #instagarm #popularpage #iphonesia #cute #instagood #instamood #instadaily #instagramtagdotcom #Likes4followers #1000likes #100likes #instadaily #igdaily #funny #Likes4followers #picstitch #followme #follow #likes #bestoftheday #nofilter #popularpage #truthA post shared by (@privateserver) on Jun 9, 2013 at 7:22am PDTIs a Private server like Maplestory bad? A side question: why or how are Private Servers bad? Besides the fact that they permit you to play the game and get stuff free, I don’t see how Private Servers are bad. Additionally, when you produce a Personal Server, would you, as the admin, get a Wizet Invincible Hat? Also, how do I shield my P. from Nexon so that they don’t find it? ExtaliaMS got closed down when Nexon discovered their I. P. address. But I want to take extra precautions to avoid going to court to confront Nexon. )So with this, I’ll have to place my MMD project on hold for now. I have to wait until the introduction of MS2 so I can port its models to it comes to MMORPGs, it is a race against time. (this is where Time is Money. Like, E. G., construction of a condominium at a boom-town; the workers will need to build it quickly to allow more residents to move in. )Additionally, you are only permitted to do a daily occasion once a character. I have a Mechanic, an Angelic Buster, a Corsair, a Cannon Master, a Zero, a Xenon, a Phantom, a Beast Tamer, and a Wild Hunter. That is like more children than Octomom should I consumed nearly an entire day to do daily quests on all of them due to how many negative factors in the game slowed me down as the days passed! Whether it’s terrible hackers, DCs (that is an online game term for”disconnections”) (regardless of whether I have a good or bad internet connection). Unscheduled server maintenances, or other things along those lines! Can’t you compare with a v83 Private Server into a discontinued game console like the Gamecube or even the PlayStation 1? How can we play with an old game from several decades ago without a machine that’s capable of doing so? So yeah, how can we try the old skills and senior classes of the older servers if we can not even play the older servers of Tonight Now? Please refer to this link for additional information about discontinued games and game consoles: A Major Note about Emulators for Game Private ServerAlso, can’t you compare an MMORPG Private Server to a Jailbreak (like IAP Cracker and Installous) for iPod Touches/iPhones/iPads? For games like Tiny Tower, Subway Surfers, Candy Crush, and so on, even without a Jailbreak/with the official server. I can go the distance and find these games completed 100 percent without spending a single developer(s) that created these game(s) intends to put them up to download at no cost. But I can’t waste any more time on these server-sided matches since I have other important things to sides internet service, how can a Private Server require funds to operate? Since most P. sites say in their community guidelines. “If possible, please donate as Personal Servers need funds to operate. I’ve been paying out of my pocket for months now. ” to Produce a MapleStory Private Server [v83]First, go to C:\Once you find three folders, call them all you want, but I’ll name them ‘ZenthosDev, ’ ‘Downloads, ’ and ‘MapleStoryV83’ for this tutorial. C:\ZenthosDevC:\DownloadsC:\MapleStoryV83Required programs:Download these programs/ everything in the C:\Downloads folder. (64bit)MySQL Query BrowserJCE Unlimited Power RecordsWampServerLocalHost v83ZenthosDev v83MapleStory v83W. Z. FilesMake sure you selected the appropriate version matching your Operating System (O. ) to avoid any stallations:Before we start, make sure to extract everything if it’s in a stalling MapleStory v83:Install MapleStory with the download supplied. It’s a very straight forward setup. Follow the installing, DO NOT update/run the game using the customer it the following files/folders from the C:/MapleStoryV83 folder if they pleStory. exePatcher. exeGameLauncher. exeHShield (folder)Installing WampServer:Follow the instructions and install it. C:\WampDo not be concerned about putting your email and these at the end. Just press you install it, run it, and you’ll see the Wamp icon on the bottom right it and click put Online’ left-click it again and click start All Services. ’The Wamp icon must look completely green (if it’s reddish or reddish, you have a problem). Installing the MySQL Query Browser:It is straightforward, runs the installation document, agrees to the conditions, and follow the stalling Java S. E. Development Kit (JDK):Before we do this, right-click on your computer icon and click on what system kind your computer as you may install 32bit or set up the corresponding another simple installation, follow the placement:Just take the two files in the folder (JCE Unlimited Power Records) and replicate them into these places, overwrite if prompted. (The (jdk1)/(jre7) folder variant could differ. It’s okay). 1. C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\lib\security2. C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1. 7. 0_01\jre\lib3. 0_01\jre\lib\safetyCopy all of the files and folders inside the ZenthosDev folder that we made earlier. So it seems like duplicate the W. folder within the ZenthosDev it should look like this. C:\ enthosDev\WZ\SQL installation:Server Host: localhost Port: 3306Username: rootThen click on the file’ button in the menu bar, and choose open Script…’ to C:\ enthosDev\SQL and open the document called’’After its opening, implement the eference installation:(This part is optional if running the server to get your computer only)You might also make any changes to have the server to function the way you want 10 minutes, and then your bat file must look similar to has begun:World LaunchedLogin LaunchedChannel Launched[Channel] 1 Port: 7575 is online. [Channel] two Port: 7576 is Maplestory private server really safe? I ask this question as someone who has been a part of this Maplestory personal server” community. ”(unsure if the community is the best word to explain it, but oh well) to get a good number of years now. I wouldn’t call myself a “host hopper” per se, but I’ve tried out a decent number of different servers to see what they offer. Most servers advertise towards Maplers, who prefer the old-school/pre-BB only real thing that distinguishes them will be the features they provide. Some have higher or lower EXP/Meso/Drop rates to make matters more or harder. Some make H. Washing”Optional. ” Some rebalance classes. Some offer custom content.. get the, this question popped into my head when I tried out a server known as “AvalonMS. ” I recall having some conversations with a streamer there. He was currently trying to find a server to settle down. This man had hoped that Avalon would perform well. Eventually, he left because he could not see the server becoming successful and staying alive for more than a couple of months. I don’t remember his precise words. But I think he said something along the lines of “Personal Servers need to be run with at least a small bit of professionalism, like a business nearly. ”Along with the owners of the server, as he put it, were not very professional. One of the significant issues was that they were not transparent enough with all the neighborhood concerning what kind of content/updates they’d do with their game. I tried looking around for their host just a minute before. And they seemed to have vanished off the face of the internet. No big surprise there. A private server like Maplestory have been around. So what is the problem? That got me wondering how many private servers have been around for a while to remain successful. When I say successful, I generally indicate they can maintain a decently-sized active player base for an extended period. Which, if you think about it, is already hard enough as it is. In any form, Maplestory, whether it be the official match or the private servers, isn’t a super popular official game is nowhere near as popular as it had been during its prime. And thus, you would believe the subset of gamers/Maplers that favor old-school private servers within the official game is most likely a pretty small have SOME powerful servers like Royals, Legends, Saga, etc., which have existed for a couple of decades. And these”effective” servers hold a reasonably large percentage of private server gamers. I mean hell, even as soon as you go past the 6th or 7th rated server on gtop100, you start getting into the servers which have less than 100 active players. And of course, the private server community is most likely are just so many people who have played pre-BB they would prefer it over the contemporary versions. Eventually, those individuals will likely proceed with their own lives and stop playing Maplestory entirely because nostalgia can keep a player around for so long. I have to wonder how a many more years we’ve before Maplestory Private Servers die off completely. I hope we have a little bit with this information in mind, how do you men think a private server becomes long-lasting and successful like Royals, Legends, Saga, etc.? Is it the features? How frequently the developers release upgrades? I’d love to get a discussion about serversJust for the record, I’m asking this question on other forums to get more varied opinions. Therefore, if you play many servers (which I doubt many folks do) and realize this discussion on another forum, that is probably a related note, I would like it if this discussion did not devolve into a “which server is better” fight. I know many individuals are faithful to their host of choice. Might some people be inclined to say things like “Royals/Legends/some other host is successful? I am aware there are individual “contentious” servers on the market, like Royals, which aren’t very well-liked outside of the player base. I am not saying I disagree with you about that. It’s just that it’s not the purpose of the is taking actionsWithin the last couple of months, Nexon has taken several actions to enforce its rights against private servers. It includes Maplestory private server as well. For the community to understand what this means, we will briefly explain our position and LawPrivate servers–it doesn’t matter what sport it’s; it doesn’t matter what the justifications are; the main point is that all private servers are illegal. The content which appears on Nexon’s website and in its matches is Nexon’s secure intellectual tellectual property rights are legal land rights, both commercial and artistic, in tangible form (instead of notions). So it is better to be careful with Maplestory private laws of all nations recognize it globally. There are severe penalties for those who violate these rights, whether through expensive statutory fines or criminal prison time. Using intellectual substance such as Nexon’s requires the consent and consent from its owner. Utilizing unauthorized intellectual property for personal gain without permission is both prohibited and is no such thing as a Nexon-approved private significant problem with private servers is they bypass the creative process of designers and developers. They make copies of the first game using the creative assets they don’t have any legal right to be aware that intellectual property has over a monetary value; personal server founders violate the intellectual property rights games by using it for personal interest. It is because of this that we take legal action against any private servers operating Nexon games. There is no such thing as a Nexon-approved private server. Another threat private servers pose concerns the security of information. When you register to perform on a private server, you’re blindly surrendering your confidential information to non-professionals. They do not have any legal responsibility to keep your data protected. There’s no telling what they can do with your info! We have heard some claims that private servers do not make money or ask for donations (some do). It’s technically not illegal. That is wrong. First of all, collecting donations doesn’t automatically make a website a charity or a nonprofit contribution scamStrict guidelines are there. And government acceptance needs to be met. We doubt some of the personal host sites would collapse under those guidelines. Therefore, a private server website like Maplestory accepts donations. It is a commercial undertaking that performs illegal activities. Do not be a fool by the “contribution” might have a complaint about Nexon’s games that you feel about private servers. Remember that we’re continuing to enhance our games daily, challenging since we are on a considerable scale about a player base. It may not be overly tricky keeping 5, 20, or maybe even 100 gamers are happy. But we appeal to the thousands that log onto our servers daily and the millions that play our games will continue to pursue any activity required, whether lawful or otherwise, to stop those who continue to use our intellectual property illegally. If you’re currently running an unauthorized server, we suggest that you control your service immediately.
Maplestory Private Servers?: MMORPG - Reddit

Maplestory Private Servers?: MMORPG – Reddit

Hey mate, not sure if still relevant but I just started playing Old School Maple ()Old school progressive exp and patches – meaning they’re releasing content as you go just like how maple would have done it going back in time from 2005 onwards. Spoke to some peeps and they’ve collectively agreed that you see around around 100 active players on Maple Island at any time during peak, around 200-250 in Victoria Island and 100 around El Nath/Ludi which are some pretty sweet “active” numbers. I play off peak being in Australia and I’m still seeing a good amount of people taking a look. It’s a new-ish server so theres no level 200’s yet, so economy is growing and the top players are all online chasing the top spots you do decide to join – use my cheeky referral link: – It will give us both 1000 maple points. (cosmetic NX)

Frequently Asked Questions about maple private server sea

Is Maple private server legal?

Private Servers are somewhat illegal because they breach the TOS or Copyright claims or something. … If Nexon has captured a private server, they’ll send a notification to you or sue you enjoy they did to * and which no longer exist.Oct 24, 2020

What is a MapleStory private server?

It is a server dedicated to the original 5 classses including pirates and it has some things form the newer versions of maple such as the party quests and maps and enemies but it is all on the classic client. The community there is fantastic and the server usually has like 300-200 players online at all times.

What is the most popular MapleStory private server?

Amherst is the ultimate MapleStory private server.

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