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Link Gopher – Get this Extension for Firefox (en-US) - Add-ons ...

Link Gopher – Get this Extension for Firefox (en-US) – Add-ons …

Extracts all links from web page, sorts them, removes duplicates, and displays them in a new tab for copy and paste into other systems. Also extracts embedded, referrer-type links in the format. Also displays a distilled list of unique domain names used in the working with Firefox Quantum (version 57) or later? Use Link Gopher 2. 0beta1 or instructions see (not updated for Link Gopher 2. 0)Donate to support new are you enjoying Link Gopher? If you think this add-on violates Mozilla’s add-on policies or has security or privacy issues, please report these issues to Mozilla using this don’t use this form to report bugs or request add-on features; this report will be sent to Mozilla and not to the add-on add-on needs to:Access browser tabsAccess your data for all websitesRevert “keyboard shortcuts” feature causing the extension to stop working for some Firefox users
Link Gopher is a Firefox add-on that can extract links from ...

Link Gopher is a Firefox add-on that can extract links from …

Most websites have tons of links in their pages. Some of these may be used as internal links to pages within the same website while others are outbound links to other you want to find out how many links a page has or even extract links from a webpage, it could be a difficult job to handle this manually. There could be hundreds of URLs. The Firefox add-on Link Gopher can do this for you as it was written specifically for extracting links from add-on adds an icon to the Firefox toolbar when you install it that displays a light interface that consists of just 3 buttons. Extract all LinksExtract all Links by FiltersAbout Link Gopher (links to the official website). Extract all LinksGo to any web page and click on the “Extract all Links” option and Link Gopher will open a new tab in Firefox that contains all the links that were found on the web page. All of these links are clickable so you can use them directly from the ternal links and links to other resources are displayed under Links. Scroll down to the end of the page to see “Domains”, i. e., links to the top-level domain of other websites. The list of the links follows the browser’s color policy to distinguish visited URLs. You can also save the links to a document manually if required. This can be useful for webmasters or if you’re on a web page with several download links. It was handy during my tests as it could pull all the direct download links from web pages and saved me a few extra clicks now and then. Another example when I found the add-on to be particularly helpful was when I used it to find the “source link” in articles on other websites. Many writers and admins make it a practice nowadays to hide outbound links within words used in the article. It is good for SEO but the reader may find it difficult to spot the link, especially if it is of the same color as the rest of the text. Extract all Links by FiltersThis option may appear quite similar to the normal extractor, but it’s quite different. When you click on this option (from a source web page), you will see a search box that accepts keywords, e. g. If you only want to see links from gHacks, type “ghacks” and click on the ok Gopher will filter the links from the page, and you will only see the links which have the word “ghacks” in the, Link Gopher does not offer any customization whatsoever. I’d have preferred to have an option to open links in a new tab by default, well nothing a control + click (or middle-click) won’t do. That being said, the add-on is meant to do one job and it excels at what it Gopher is open source, but I couldn’t find the source of version 2 of the add-on. Mozilla has marked it as a recommended add-on which is a good mmary Author RatingSoftware NameLink GopherOperating SystemFirefoxSoftware CategoryInternetPrice FreeLanding Page Advertisement
Download Link Gopher for Firefox 2.4.4 - Softpedia

Download Link Gopher for Firefox 2.4.4 – Softpedia

This extension extracts all the links from a site, and it presents them in a new tab so that you can search for a specific one or copy-paste them in another tab or browser
What’s new in Link Gopher for Firefox 2. 4. 4:
Revert “keyboard shortcuts” feature causing the extension to stop working for some Firefox users
Read the full changelog
If you need to view all the links that are present on a specific site, it would be difficult to do that manually. Therefore, you will need a program to extract, sort, and display every link on a webpage. Link Gopher is a Firefox extension that does precisely that.
More about this add-on
The addon is straightforward to use, and it comes with some basic functions for an extension of its type. The app extracts all the links from a website and displays them in a new tab, sorting them alphabetically and by their primary category.
Accordingly, you’ll see standard links and domains, as well as other groups, if available. In addition, you can use specific keywords for the application to display only those particular links. Also, it can extract embedded, referrer links.
How to use Link Gopher
The add-on is straightforward to use. Once you’ve added it to your Firefox browser, it will display an icon in the toolbar. When you click it, you will see two options — Extract All Links and Extract Links by Filter. Their names are self-explanatory as regarding their functions.
Click the first one, and Link Gopher will display all the links from the target site in a new tab. Click the second option, and the extension will show only those URLs that match your search criterium.
How useful is this app?
Link Gopher is quite handy for every person who wants to view all the links on a site, directly sorted in a new tab. That’s particularly applicable for users who visit websites with dozens of download links, for example. Therefore, it might not be equally helpful for all users out there.
In conclusion, this extension does what it promises to do, and indeed works smoothly. And about its usefulness, that depends on every person’s underLink Extractor Sort Links Web Scraper Link Extract Duplicate Scraping

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